See You Then …

By BigMouthfla

We had been chatting for a while and definitely wanted to get together. We both had an interest in bondage, and he was quite fascinated by my chastity belts. He knew it was a big turn-on of mine. He did say that it was his goal to get me under his lock and key! Ah, those thoughts would get me so turned on.

He couldn’t wait to get me tied up. It was definitely his thing. We had spent the day together just exploring different parts of the town. During the day I had locked myself in one of my belts. It was the MySteel belt. It fits well and is extremely secure. He knew I had it on. In fact, he suggested I wear that particular one that day. Didn’t “have” to, but just a suggestion. I have probably a dozen different cages and so forth, but figured I’d go heavy duty for the day. It fits great. Although tightly, it’s not uncomfortable. It’s incredibly secure but doesn’t stop any functions from cleaning or bathroom duties.

We finally ended up back at my place. He got his bag out of the car. I knew he had rope and probably handcuffs and of course at least a gag or two. That was also a big thing he liked. We were both so turned on that we straight into the bedroom. This man was super cute. A little on the slim side, but very nice. Great beard as well. I have a weakness for beards.

We started kissing. Ah, he’s a great kisser. I think I am too, and he was enjoying it. Didn’t take long before he started ripping my clothes off. He was pleasantly surprised to see my nipple rings. Had them for years. Don’t do much for me, but they are there for decoration I guess.

He undid my pants, and I saw a big smile come across his face. He said, “So THAT’S what a MySteel looks like in person. Couldn’t wait to see it!” He inspected and asked about its comfort. He could see that this was the real deal and the security was impenetrable. He reached into his bag and grabbed the cuffs and grabbed my arms and turned me around, and in less than a second I was cuffed. Ah, damn, I started getting hard. Well, as hard as possible in the MySteel, anyway.

Barely a second goes by and there is a gag in my mouth and it’s pulled tightly around my head. This dude was quick!

“Ah, that’s better now…” he said. “Just the way I like my men. Now for that belt. That’s a nice belt. I like it a lot! So you remember when I said I’d keep you locked up most all of the time?” I nodded. “Good. So tell me where the keys are to this lock on your belt.” How could I talk?? I gestured to the dresser and he saw them so he went to gather them. He unlocked it, but didn’t take it off. He reached into his bag and pulled out another lock.

“I’ve researched the MySteel belt. You said this is one you like and can wear for a while. I know it uses a specially made padlock, so I bought one from them. You see? So I am going to put this one on your belt as I know for a fact that you have not copied the keys on this one. I was serious when I said I’d keep you locked.”

My heart was racing at the thought! Not that I had made any copies or anything. Heck I wasn’t even sure you could with those type of keys. But he wasn’t taking any chances. The thought was turning me on so much and I had already been a few weeks w/o an orgasm as it was. He undid my lock, taking care not to allow the belt to fall off and rapidly replaced it with his.

He looked at me and said, “All I have to do is shut this lock and you will have exactly what you wanted — to be locked by someone else, in person, while you were tied up. With a grin on his face he shut the lock. Hearing that “click” drove me over the edge and I started to shoot like crazy! I couldn’t help it. I was so turned on that it just overtook me. I started panting, and oodles upon oodles of jizz was streaming out the bottom of my belt.

He said, “Ok that was unexpected. I didn’t realize you could do that. Hmm.” I just gave him sad eyes as if saying that I was sorry. “You probably want it off now don’t you?” I shruggued my shoulders a bit. “Yeah. Uh No.”

“Ok so you can orgasm while in the belt. That’s ok. I think we can use that to our advantage. I have a pair of dice. I say we roll the dice and whatever number comes up is the amount of times you’ll need to orgasm before being unlocked. Yeah lets do that.” How could I object anyway? So he rolled the dice and it came up with 7. Holy hell … seven more times I’d need orgasm in this belt before getting released? It takes weeks for me to build up enough before I can do just one.

“OK, so seven more times before I unlock that belt. Great. Now let’s go watch a movie.” I was a bit confused, but he cleaned me up some then led me to my living room. He said, “Go ahead and sit down. Get comfy. Let’s enjoy some TV.” I was a bit confused and he could see that. “I told you, I wanted you tied up. I am so turned on by seeing you tied up. I love it. So I am going to leave you like that for a while.” OK, so I went along with it.

He put on netflix and found something to watch. I wasn’t all that into it. I was still really turned on. I kept looking at him and was itching to get into his pants. Oh yeah, during this whole ordeal he remained fully clothed. It was all about me. I kept looking at his pants and he saw me starting and said, “What? Oh you want to get into my pants? You want to suck me off?” I nodded an affirmative. He said, “Hmm, OK well it’ll cost you. If you suck me off it will add one more time you have to orgasm in the belt. Your choice…” Ah … I was so horned up again. I agreed. So with that he took off the gag and stood up and took his pants down. He stood there in his underwear and brought my head toward his crotch. Ah, I love underwear. And he was wearing fantastic white briefs. I couldn’t tell if he was hard fully yet, but I was nuzzling my face in his briefs. With my teeth I pulled down his briefs. Oh yeah, my hands were still cuffed. OMG! He’s uncut!! Another big fetish of mine. I was in absolute heaven!!

Before I could get it into my mouth he said, “Oh yeah there’s one more thing — if you can’t make me cum, then it’s two more times for you. If you can’t make me cum and you want me to finish the job so you can swallow my cum, it will be three more times. Your choice…”

I didn’t care at that point. I went for it and he stopped me. He said, “Do you agree?” I said, “Yes I do.” He left me at it. Ah it was bliss. Tasted so good. Was a nice size and I was in heaven. Really I was. I sucked on him. Nibbled his foreskin. Ran my tongue under his skin. Rolled it all the way forward then with my lips pushed it back. He was liking this a lot as he was moaning quite a bit. I wanted this to last for a long while. And it did. Actually, it was taking quite a while. I was starting to get nervous that he wouldn’t cum. I guess he was wanting it to happen as well as he grabbed me by the back of my head and started fucking my mouth. I could feel his skin sliding back and forth on my tongue. I was really loving it.

He started going quicker, and before I knew it I could feel his cock throbbing and shooting massive streams of his cum right into my mouth. And it was super strong. Very intense. Just the way I like it! It kept spurting out what seemed like several minutes. It just wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t imagine anything nicer. Eventually it stopped and I was relishing the taste. I’m such a cocksucker. Just can’t get enough of it. I had a feeling he was going to use this to his advantage.

“Ok so now you’re at 8,” he said with a smile. “Of course, you can go double or nothing. If you like, I can roll the dice right now and we’ll note the number. If you can cum again right now in that belt, then we will subtract that number from 8. And that will be your new balance. Of course, if you don’t, then it will get added to it. Your choice…”

Ah! Him and his mind games!!! I agreed. What the hell. I figured I could go again after all of this work up. So I agreed. He rolled the dice. It was a 6. Hmm. Ok so after this one, it will be just two more. Ok I can handle that.

So he started massaging me and touching me. He did let me suck on his cock again. I was in heaven playing with the foreskin on his now mostly soft dick. I love soft dicks. Might sound crazy, but I do. I was rocking back and forth in my belt, trying to trigger an orgasm. Really, I don’t know how to. It just happens when it wants to. Maybe I was too busy just relishing and tasting his delicious foreskin that I just couldn’t focus on trying to orgasm. “Um, it looks like you won’t be able to orgasm. Let’s give you a few more minutes before we call it…” I got nervous. What I had thought for sure I’d be able to and now…it wasn’t going to be ‘just’ two more in this belt…but a total of [gulp] 14! I started rocking back and forth. Moving myself about as much as I could. I couldn’t cum. I tried desperately to push my cock as hard as it could go into the belt. But nothing. He could see I was getting nervous by this point.

He grabbed me by the chin and said, “Looks like 14…I’m sorry. It was your choice.” With that he pulled away and started putting his clothes back on. My heart sank into my stomach. What had I done? I’d be in this thing for an eternity! After he was fully dressed he unlocked my cuffs and asked me to take him home as it was getting late. I asked what time it was and he said it was 10:00. Oh my gosh I hadn’t realized that it was that late already.

I started putting on my clothes realizing my new fate in this belt.

He gathered his things and we headed out. He lived about 45 minutes from me so we had a nice car ride back to his place. While in the car, he said, “I know you probably haven’t completely wrapped your head around this yet, but it’s real. You’re in it for a while now and I’m not unlocking it. I’ll tell you a secret: I didn’t even bring the keys with me today. Wanted to be absolutely sure there was no way you’d get out. This is what you said turned you on. I’m happy to give this to you. I do hope you enjoy it. Because if you don’t, it will be hell. You can’t get fully hard. Can’t stroke. Can’t even see your cock. And you’re relegating to sitting every time you need to piss. No choice in the matter.” Just hearing that my cock tried to get hard again. Not like it had ever really gone down much. Oddly enough I almost felt that I could orgasm right then and there.

We eventually arrived at his place and as he got out of my car, he reached over and gave me an amazingly passionate kiss. He looked at me and said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you … I’m leaving town tomorrow. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks. See you then…”


Metal would like to thank BigMouthfla for this story!




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