Size Doesn’t Matter

By pennagwm

There are a lot of fantasies out there about being enslaved, having a hot, demanding master who can physically dominate you. But there’s reality to consider. If you’re locked up 24/7, unless your master is wealthy and somewhat obsessed, it’s not always viable in reality. What about health insurance? How do you stay fit? When do you get to go to the bathroom? How do you pay the bills? Reality intrudes on our fantasies.

My situation, on the other hand, combines fantasy and reality pretty effectively, and inescapably.

I should start by saying that I never had any interest in bondage, chastity or kink in general. I’m 51, 6’0 even, and 180 pounds. Definitely solid, definitely not body builder material. I’m considered reasonably nice looking, and can usually find some companionship on some of the online hookup sites. So you could do worse, but you could probably also do better.

A few months ago, I was looking for some companionship and got pinged by a 27 year-old a few miles away. He was short, about 5’4, and 140 pounds, and cute, although in a geeky sort of way. I was a little surprised, as I’m technically old enough to be his father, but I agreed to meet him for coffee.

His name was Thomas, and when we met in person, he looked similar to his picture – like a really adorable video-game addict. Hair slightly too long, glasses, and a t-shirt with a logo from an online gaming site. He looked like he could stand a little time in the sunlight too. He was a mechanical engineer for a local manufacturing company, so he was gainfully employed and clearly very intelligent. That said, he had a happy, upbeat personality, and he was definitely very into me.

We talked for a while, and eventually went back to my place, where we had a very hot, and very vanilla night. This was the start of our relationship, and over the next several weeks we got to know each other better, both in and out of bed. But while I would often pick him up or drop him off at his place, and occasionally spend time there, overnight visits were always at my apartment. He had a small house in a decent neighborhood.

Things were about to change though. July 4th was on a Thursday, and both he and I had a 4-day weekend because of it. He said, with a sheepish grin, that he finally wanted me to come over Wednesday night and stay through Sunday. I happily agreed.

Wednesday evening started out conventionally enough. I got there after work, we caught up on each other’s news, and Thomas made dinner for us with wine and candles. After dinner, he got surprisingly aggressive, for him, and we moved to the couch where we got each other’s shirts off. Things were going great, and he stood up, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom.

I had briefly seen his bedroom before, when I had spent time with him, but by now it was dark, and this would be the first time we had had sex at his place. His energy belied his small size, and he pushed me back onto the bed (not that I was resisting – yet) and laid on top of me, pinning my hands to the mattress and probing my mouth, chest, and armpits with his tongue. I was pretty into it, but each time I tried to touch or caress him, he pushed my hand back down on the bed.

Finally, he said “I want to take care of you tonight. Would you be up for something a little different?” I was feeling both relaxed and very turned on. I completely adored this guy. “Sure”, I said, “What do you have in mind?”

“I’d like to tie you to the bed and make you my sex slave” he replied with a playful/evil grin. “Up for it?”

My cock was pretty much answering the question. I agreed, and then he pulled a couple of leather restraints out of the nightstand and put them on my wrists. What I didn’t expect was how prepared he was, since the next thing he did was pull a short length of chain from around each side of the headboard and clip the restraints to them.

Next, he pulled my pants and underwear off, but his attitude had changed, and he seemed much more business-like. He stood at the foot of the bed and pulled my ankle out to the corner, which also pulled my arms further over my head. He then sat on my leg and attached a waiting restraint to my ankle. I wasn’t entirely comfortable with where this seemed to be going, but he sat on my other leg and had that secured within a minute as well. Then, he once again laid on top of me, face to face, and asked “How do you like it so far?”

I was going to tell him it was a little different than usual, but as soon as I opened my mouth, he stuck a plug gag in. I yelled, or tried to yell, in protest, but it was just getting him more turned on.

Next out of the nightstand were nipple clamps and clothes pins, which he started applying to my nipples, my balls, and anywhere else he could find loose skin. I was yelling and pleading through the gag, but even in the dim light I could see his full erection. Mine, on the other hand had gone completely soft out of pain and fear. I had thought I knew this guy!

The next item out of the nightstand was a chastity device. Given how soft I had gotten, he was able to get it secured in just a few minutes, although some of the pulling and pushing he had to do resulted in a few more pointless shouts into the gag.

Finally, mercifully, he took the clamps and clothespins off, enjoying my muffled yelps as he went. He laid on top of me again, and explained very coolly what just happened.

“You’re a prize,” he said. “I decided I deserved one, and you’re it. The thing you feel on your cock is a chastity device. It’s locked on, and you won’t be able to get it off, or get a hard on, or cum, unless I say so. So I’d recommend that you work toward keeping me happy.”

Thomas released my ankles and re-secured them to the headboard, exposing my ass. He then fucked me with an evil grin on his face, maintaining eye contact with me the entire time. He came explosively, and then gently pulled out. He lowered my legs, but my wrists were still chained to the headboard, and I was still gagged. I was scared, and pissed, and I planned to make the little shit pay for the painful predicament he’d put me in. That changed, however, with the addition of the collar.

“This is what mechanical engineers do in their spare time.” he explained, as he locked a lightweight metal collar around my neck, and then pressed a button on a small remote. A searing pain went through me. “I can set that off myself, or it will go off automatically if you get within five feet of the front or back door. I’m going to put the remote next to the front door, and then I’m going to let you up. I have a fun weekend planned for us.”




Thomas left me alone for a few minutes, and I thought about what to do once he let me up. The pain from the electrodes in the collar was still fresh, and I realized I probably couldn’t get past the triggers at either of the two doors. I was tempted to give him a good pounding, but as long as I was trapped there, not to mention with my cock locked down, that didn’t seem viable either. I figured I’d have to make it through to Sunday when he’d have to let me go, and I’d deal with him then.

He came back into the bedroom, but before ungagging me, he pulled on shorts and a t-shirt. Then, he removed the gag and I worked my jaw, trying to loosen it up. Finally, I looked at him and asked “What the fuck?”

He smirked. It was not a side of him I’d ever seen before. “I’m short, thin and nerdy, or at least, that’s what people see. But I’m also a dom who’s been searching for a slave for a while. The guys I’ve talked with are all looking for a bigger guy who can physically dominate them, and they had no interest in me. So I figured it was time for me to try something different. So far, I think it’s going pretty well.” He released each of my wrists as he spoke, massaging my shoulder as he moved my hands down to my waist. The leather restraints were still locked on my wrists and ankles, but I was now free to stand up.

“I’m going to change your life. You’ll still have options, but they’re not the ones you used to have. They’ll basically boil down to ‘make me happy, and you get to cum, once in a while, or make me unhappy and you won’t’. For example, it would make me really happy if you were to start worshipping my feet while thanking me for the privilege of doing that.” His words hung in the air. “Or would you like another demo of what that collar can do?”

With that, I realized how screwed I was. He laid back on the bed and I dropped to my knees and began licking his feet.

“Thank you for letting me lick your feet” I mumbled, completely humiliated.

He responded, “Nice start, but you’ll address me as ‘Sir’. Try it again and speak up. It had better sound like you mean it.” Feeling the collar on my neck, I complied. How was I going to get out of this?

I worked on his feet and rimmed his ass, all on his command before he fed me another load. It was now around 11:00 p.m., and he looked at me and said in a normal tone of voice, “Ready to call it a night?”

“Yeah. Are you going to let me out of this stuff?”

The smirk again. He clipped a leash to the front of the collar and led me through the house, grabbing the remote for the collar as we went through the living room, and down into the basement. I’d seen the basement before, it was ordinary, unfinished, with exposed beams and a cement floor. The newest addition, however, was a cage that looked like it would hold a medium- to large-sized dog. “This is my guest room. You’ll be sleeping here when you’re serving me.” The cage had a rubber mat on the inner floor. I was staring at him in disbelief. “In you go” he said, showing me the remote. I crawled in. Once inside, I had to sit with my knees up in a semi-fetal position. It was bearable, but just. Thomas handed me a plastic urinal bottle like you see in hospitals. Then, he locked the cage door and said “have a good night.”




The next morning, I heard Thomas moving around upstairs as he showered and got dressed. I had used the urinal bottle he’d left with me in the cage, and was hoping he was going to let me out soon so I could clean up. I was exhausted and really wanted to go home, but I was pretty sure he was going to keep me until Sunday.

Shortly after I heard the shower stop upstairs, Thomas came down and let me out of the cage. He had me empty the bottle in the toilet, and he unlocked the wrist and ankle restraints and removed them. The chastity device and the collar still stayed locked in place.

“Go ahead and jump in the shower. The electronics in that collar are water tight. Then we’ll get on with our day. Oh, and don’t get dressed when you’re done showering, you’ll be naked whenever you’re here.”

I jumped in the shower, where I tried to use the soap to see if I could at least get the chastity device off, but to no avail. When I was finished, I walked out into the kitchen naked, where Thomas was putting together a big breakfast for both of us. He grinned broadly, when he saw me standing there in just the collar and chastity device.

“Put a towel on the chair and sit down” he directed. “Breakfast is almost ready.”

I sat down and waited. Thomas made two platters of eggs and bacon and joined me at the table. He was grinning from ear to ear. “You look so hot like that, I can’t believe I finally captured you!”

“Why did you need to capture me? I was really enjoying our time together, I wasn’t going anywhere.”

“Like I said last night, it’s more fun for me when the other guy is under my thumb, like you are now. You’re an intelligent guy, you’ll get used to it.”

“You can’t keep me here indefinitely. I have a job, friends, who you’ve met, and a life. I can’t just disappear without someone looking for me.

Thomas was unphased. “You’re not going to stay here indefinitely. Your life is going to look completely normal and ordinary to anyone who knows us. But one of the reasons I chose you is because of your high sex drive. That chastity device is designed for long-term wear, and you’re now completely dependent on me for everything cock-related. So here’s how it’s going to work.

“You’ll be spending weekends here now, Friday to Sunday, and probably a few weekday evenings as well. If you please me, you’ll get to shoot a load once in a while. If not, you’ll be both sexually denied and in pain. As you’ve seen, I’m not afraid to use it to get what I want.

“You look a little skeptical. Let’s try an experiment.” He went into the bedroom and returned with the leather wrist and ankle restraints and four padlocks. He set them on the kitchen table in front of me, then slid my chair back from the table, faced me, straddled my legs and sat on my lap. His tongue went in my mouth and he starting massaging one of my nipples. Once the initial surprise wore off, I started enjoying it until I suddenly got a sharp pain from my trapped cock.

I yelped in surprise and frustration and abruptly stood up, forcing Thomas to stand as well. He grinned, and stepped to the side, so I could see the equipment he had just put on the kitchen table.

“If you would like to eventually get to completion, put on those restraints, and lock them. I’ll check, and if you can get them off, you’ll be sorry.”

The pain in my cock was subsiding, and I glumly buckled and locked the restraints. Thomas sat me back down in the kitchen chair and clipped my wrists together behind the backrest. He then straddled me again and resumed where he had left off.

I felt my trapped cock start to harden again, as he continued aggressively kissing and caressing me. But this time I couldn’t get away. I tried to think about something else to make my throbbing cock calm down, but the pain was getting unbearable. “Mmph” I grunted around his tongue in my mouth. “Please, ah, stop, come on, ahh” I was crying in pain and frustration, while Thomas’ hard cock was rubbing against my stomach through his shorts.

Thomas stood up, unclipped my hands, and said “if you can get me to shoot in your mouth in the next five minutes, I might let you cum today.” I dropped to my knees in desperation and gave him the most energetic blow job of my life. He shot in about 3 minutes.

“That was good.” he said, tousling my hair. He stood behind me while I was still on my knees and massaged my shoulders, his cock dripping the last few drops of cum onto my back.

“So do I get to shoot now?” I asked anxiously. Thomas bent down behind me, gently moved his hands down my chest to my nipples and abruptly squeezed as hard as he could. I yelled in surprise and went to knock his hands away.

“No.” he responded calmly. “Now clean up the dishes and come see me when you’re done.”




He had made his point. As I cleaned up the breakfast dishes, I was starting to panic. I really couldn’t see a way out of this. He was right about my sex drive. I had never pursued guys as young as Thomas, I didn’t want to be one of those older guys preying on younger ones. But Thomas had come after me, and I had totally been able to keep up with his high sexual appetite. I hadn’t realized that he was assessing me as a cock slave, but given the events of last night, he clearly had put a lot of thought and planning into my capture.

I went and found Thomas in the living room. He ordered me onto all fours in front of him and rested his feet on my back while he read the paper. He told me a couple of times to hold still, but after a while, I needed to shift my weight a bit. I was rewarded with a zap from the collar, which caused me both to collapse and yell in pain.

Thomas stood over my curled up figure. “Maybe you should ask me to please have mercy and not use the collar again” he suggested. I responded as fast as I could, “please Sir, have mercy and don’t use the collar again!”. He pressed the button on the remote again, sending another shot of searing pain through my neck. I started crying in fear.

Thomas planted his foot on my chest and looked right into my eyes. “So what did you just learn about the chance of getting mercy from me?”

“I shouldn’t expect mercy Sir! I’m sorry Sir!” I would have said or done anything to keep him from pressing that button again.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” He smiled, but I was getting close to terrified. He didn’t seem to want to harm me, but he also had no compunctions about causing pain. I suddenly felt very obedient.




The next few days passed similarly. I paid close attention to what Thomas said, and obeyed instantly. He didn’t use the remote on the collar again, although I did get zapped once when I got too close to the front door. I spent the weekend naked, and, except for when I showered, with the leather restraints locked onto my wrists and ankles. Activities involved Thomas’ cock, either in my mouth or in my ass. When he wasn’t satisfying his sexual needs, he had me do cleaning and household chores, or he’d lock me in the cage for a while if he didn’t have something in mind to occupy or humiliate me.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, Thomas once again chained me spread-eagled to the bed. He removed the chastity device that had been there for the past four days, and gently started massaging my cock, which immediately sprang to life.

He spent the next hour playing with my cock. He used his hands, his mouth and a vibrator to repeatedly bring me close to shooting before he would stop in the nick of time. Finally, at the end of the hour, I shot one of the biggest loads of my life, practically crying with pleasure and relief. As I laid there chained down, trembling and exhausted, Thomas cleaned me up with a warm wash cloth.

What happened next, at this point, wasn’t surprising. My cock started responding to the warmth and moisture of the wash cloth, which amused Thomas. He had just washed the chastity device in the bathroom sink, and came back to the bedroom. He looked at my semi-erect cock and said “You have one minute to get that limp, or I’ll do it for you.” I had to think of anything gross and non-sexual in the hope of going soft and avoiding a shock from the collar. Fortunately, it calmed down, and with some pushing and pulling, he once again locked my cock into the device.

“I’m going to let you go now” Thomas said as he removed the collar and restraints. “I’ll expect you back here next Friday at 6:00. So you now have a choice to make.

“If you don’t come back here as ordered, at the very minimum, you stay locked in that device. I’m sure you’ll take a look at it over the coming week, but I did my research. The only way out of that without a key is probably going to draw blood and be painful. I imagine you’ll do some research yourself, I’m not too worried about what you’ll find.

“If you show up late, there will be repercussions. I don’t know what they are yet, but you know I can be creative. But honestly, I’m completely confident that you’ll be here on time as ordered. You’ve seen my dom side now, and you’re smart enough to know not to cross it.”

He was right, and we both knew it. I was still trying to get my head around the fact that I had been turned into a cock slave. I had never been even remotely interested in a dom/sub relationship, and now I was trapped in one. I sighed, and looked at my new Master. “I’ll be here to serve you, Sir.”



Metal would like to thank pennagwm for this story!

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  1. Very hot fantasy! Must confess, though, that the nonconsensuality bothered me. Would have preferred if there had been at least a suggestion that the narrator likes being a slave to this short but uber-dominant gamer.

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