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The adventures of Barron and Cody

Eater of Soles, aka @Sidetrakcbr on Twitter, has just published a book that explores various kinks, including puppy play, chastity, fetish gear and more. The story, which is 13 chapters in all, is about Barron and Cody, who are partners. Together, they begin to explore some of their fantasies.

Discovery book by Derrick Andrew Richter


It took me several days to read the whole story — mostly because I had to stop and beat off several times — but it was well worth it! The author might let me post some or all on the Metalbond site at some point, but meanwhile you can order now on Amazon!

It’s available for kindle or in paperback!

The cover artwork is by Conor Sathre.

‘Folsom Party’ by Robert Payne is now available as an audiobook

Book 2 of the Robert Payne collection — ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ — is now available as an audiobook.

See below for a special offer for Metalbond readers!

Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine

Robert Payne was the creator of Drummer magazine, a publication that brought gay leather culture to a new level of prominence in the 1970s. The Robert Payne collection is bringing many of his erotic BDSM stories back in audiobook form. ‘Folsom Party & Other Stories’ is the second book in the series, and it includes the following stories:

  • The Ultimate Sport — A group of hunters are tracking down escaped convicts, and the stakes are winner take all.
  • Folsom Party — At an exclusive leather party, a dominant alpha gets more than he bargained for.
  • The Program — A new fish joins a special rehabilitation program in prison and finds his place in the testosterone-drenched pecking order.
  • Birthday Boy — A dominant receives a new slave for his birthday. It’s the perfect way to blow out the candles and make a wish.

For the ‘Folsom Party’ audio book, click here.

For the ‘Folsom Party’ eBook, click here.

For ‘The Exchange’ as an eBook, click here.

For “The Exchange as an audio book, click here


BONUS give-away for Metalbond readers:

The publisher of the Robert Payne collection, Capricorn Literary, is offering a limited number of FREE downloads of the ‘Folsom Party’ audio book (a $6.95 value), available exclusively to Metalbond readers.

The fine print … To be eligible, you must:

1) be located in the United States,

2) you must be of legal age to receive sexually explicit material, and

3) you must have or be willing to create an account with Audible.com.

The first FIVE (5) Metalbond readers who send me an email will receive a special code to unlock the free download. The offer will last as long as this notice appears.

A second Robert Payne Collection eBook has been released

Capricorn Literary has just released its second collection of classic gay BDSM fiction by Drummer magazine founder Robert Payne (of blessed memory).

The newest collection is called Folsom Party & Other Stories.

Check out the cover art:

Robert Payne Collection

To order Folsom Party & Other Stories (Robert Payne Collection Book 2), click here.

Also check out The Exchange & Other Stories (with an introduction by Metalbond!), available here.

Metalbond mail about a popular gay cuckolding story

Some recent emails from Metalbond readers:

Hi Metal,

Hope all is well. Thanks for your awesome site.

I have a question regarding “Roger.” Is there a longer version of this incredible story with a very provocative end? I love the stories you post, but “Roger” is my favourite.

—s tom


Dear Metal,

Hi! I’m a big fan of the “Roger” series on Metalbond and was wondering if anyone could continue the story? It was definitely left open ended. Can you find an author to continue that? Do you have any more cuckold-themed stories you can post on the site?

—Chicago Leatherman


Metal responds:

Dear s tom and Chicago Leatherman,

Oh fuck yeah, I agree with you guys that “Roger” is a really hot story! I’m afraid the author has not promised any new updates for that one, but he has teased me with a brand new story at some point.

In case you have not already read them, there are two other gay cuckold stories in the Prison Library: Gay Male Cuckold: A True Story and How My Cuckolding Fantasy Came True.

But I don’t have any new gay cuckold stories to share at this time. I sure wish I did!

There are (were) a whole bunch of gay cuckolding pages on Tumblr, including cucktales69, cancuck and fuck-yeah-gay-cuckolds (plus many others). These pages had lots of content before Tumblr banned porn, and I am not sure if you can even see their content anymore. There are also several eBooks on Amazon, including Cuckolded: How My Husband Found His Boyfriend. And if you are on FetLife, there are at least two gay cuckold groups there (Gay Cuckold Personals and Gay Cuckolds & Cuckolding) that I am aware of.

Meanwhile, if you yourself — or anyone reading this — would like to write a gay cuckold story, especially one involving bondage and/or chastity, please feel free!


The Exchange is now available as an audiobook

“The Exchange & Other Stories,” an anthology of bondage, slavery and domination fiction from the creator of Drummer Magazine, Robert Payne, is now available on audiobook. These erotic tales are the perfect way to excite your submissive while he is bound, gagged and locked in chastity!

introduction by MetalbondNYC

Click for The Exchange on audiobook

It’s also available as an eBook