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TAPSTUDS: The Galactic Edition

Those who enjoy male erotic artwork will want to check out “TAPSTUDS: The Galactic Edition” — an oversized, 80 page, adults-only graphic novel in hardcover with script and art direction by Dale Lazarov and linework and colors by Dustin Craig. It’s published by Sticky Graphic Novels, a publisher of wordless, gay, character-based, sex-positive graphic novels.

TAPSTUDS: The Galactic Edition


TAPSTUDS adds sci-fi thrills in three stories of carnality and sweetness:

  • An Earth military envoy and a Space Elizabethan king exchange pleasantries as part of their contractual negotiations, establishing relations through courtly manners—and private ministrations — in “Sexual Diplomacy”!
  • A time-traveler who enjoys men from different cultures and time periods stops in fin de siècle Paris — and a dapper, beardy steampunk scientist shows up in his gaydar. Experimental hypotheses are tested and monocles get popped in “Chronof*c|<1ng”!
  • Two “Love Machines” must be taken to the homoerotic sexbot repairman shop. Why did they stop working? D4dd7 and QTbo7 don’t get from their owners what they really want to go with their sexuality – and can get from each other!

TAPSTUDS: The Galactic Edition


It does not appear that there is any bondage involved, but the artwork looks really cool nonetheless! To check this out, visit these links:

TAPSTUDS Kickstarter campaign is here

Official Sticky Graphic Novels website is here

The images shown above are used with permission of the publisher.


An excerpt from a collection of short stories by ty dehner

SWITCHBACK is a new collection of short stories by ty dehner. Featuring two new stories that have never appeared in print, this group of stories includes men in uniform, friendship and more. Several of these tales have plots where there is a switch in the position of those involved. These gay men explore bondage, power exchange and hot gear!

By ty dehner

The cloudless blue sky filled the horizon as the pine air was broken by the continuous whine of a high-performance Suzuki motorcycle. The rider in red and white one-piece riding leathers was enjoying the twisting road with the skinny pine trees reflecting off the face shield part of his black full-face helmet.

Dan was far from home, needing to escape the pressures of his job for the weekend. After exiting the office building when his shift was over, the banker raced home in his sports car. After parking his Corvette in the garage and climbing out, Dan saw his Suzuki. It was calling him to climb aboard and just get out of town.

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Top Down: De pisbak files deel 1

Eerste erotische SM boek by stein subman

Top Down: De pisbak files deel 1

Als Koen de kans krijgt om in het huis van zijn overleden moeder te gaan wonen is dat voor hem ook het moment om te breken met zijn partner, na een aantal minder gelukkige jaren. Koens vrienden helpen hem om zijn leven op orde te brengen en zijn nieuwe huis in te richten. Een van die vrienden heeft een wel heel speciale belangstelling voor Koen. Doortastend laat Simon hem merken dat hij niet de dominante man is die hij dacht te zijn. Soms vriendelijk, soms dwingend neemt Simon de controle over het leven van zijn nieuwe slaaf in handen. Een heel nieuw leven begint, waarin Koen zichzelf opnieuw moet leren kennen. Het acceptatieproces waar hij doorheen moet, het zichzelf aanvaarden als slaaf, masochist en liefhebber van seksuele praktijken die bepaald niet alledaags zijn, het wordt allemaal beschreven in het eerste deel van deze serie.

Deze erotische SM-roman is nu alleen in het Nederlands verkrijgbaar via Amazon. Klik hier.

Volg de auteur op Twitter door hier te klikken

Books: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

One of david stein’s books is Ask the Man Who Owns Him — The real lives of gay Masters and slaves. The book presents the real lives of long-term gay Master/slave couples and families, in their own words. It is illustrated with pictures of these men, living their lives the way they choose.

Metalbond’s Book Club: Ask the Man Who Owns Him

Thanks to david stein (of blessed memory) for sharing these men’s stories. I also have great admiration for the men who are featured in the book. Not only do they have the balls to live their lives the way they choose, but they also were willing to share their stories with the public at large.

Thanks, men — all of you — for keeping it real!

Ask the Man Who Owns Him is available on Amazon.

Excerpt From Leather Affection

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorLance is in bed, naked. The bed covers lay across the lower part of Lance’s body, leaving his chest exposed, as he listens to the rain falling on the roof. His uncovered arm moves from his side, sliding over the edge of the bed. On the floor is Sean, laying on his side facing away from the bed. The boy wears a thick two-inch leather collar, a pair of Lance’s lace-up Wesco Jobmaster boots, spiked leather codpiece and leather chest harness. His ankles are bound in leather restraints that are locked together. Leather restraints on Sean’s wrists keep his arms together before him.

The boy is a bit chilly on the floor, but he likes being captive in his Master’s bedroom. Lance reaches down, running his hand on Sean’s arm. As Lance touches the boy, Sean opens his eyes, turning his head toward the Master.

“You awake, Sir?”

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Your guide to man-on-man tickling

ERIK11 has written a book, called “The Dom’s Guide to Tickling,” which is available on Amazon as an eBook or paperback.

The description reads in part, “You will find this book to be an engaging and fascinating guide to improving your tickling talent, whether you are ticklish or a tickle Dom. You will gain new tickling techniques, resources and discover the dynamic of trust-based power exchange through ticklish vulnerability.”

Your guide to man-on-man tickling


You can find ERIK11 on Recon. He’s a longtime friend and tickle master! He tied up and tickled me a while back, and it was awesome!

Click for The Dom’s Guide to TIckling