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The Trainer

By Alex Ironrod

This is a special adaptation of the opening chapters of “The Trainer” by Alex Ironrod for MetalbondNYC,com, posted here by special permission.


I owe my life to one man. my life – and much more. He saved me. He trained me. He educated me. He loved me and had to let me go. Shit, how much I regret never having told him I loved him – until it was too late.

My name is Dave Coyle. My real life started only a year ago, when I met Mike Harrow. I was a mess. I had been doing drugs, when I could find the money. When we met, I was homeless, living on the streets. One summer morning, I was desperate enough to try to hold up this convenience store. You know the kind. They sell everything from liquor to washing powder. Anyway, I stuck this thick stick under my grubby tee shirt, and picked a quiet mid-morning time, after the breakfast rush.

I was lucky, the place seemed empty. So, I marched up to the counter and growled at the clerk, “OK, this is a stick-up. Hand over your cash right now or I’ll blow you to….”

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‘The Man and the Mask’ by Alex Ironrod

Alex Ironrod, who has allowed selections of his male BDSM fiction to be shared here on the Metlbond site, has another title available, called “The Man and the Mask” which was previously published as “Stand and Deliver”

Alex Ironrod book


This novel is available as a paperback and as an e-book on both Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

About the author

Alex Ironrod grew up in Northern England and attended Oxford University. He has lived in Southern California for many years, enjoying the rich variety of lifestyles. From reviews, speeches and reports to scripts for film, theatre and television documentaries, Alex has been writing all his life. After retiring from his professional career, he finally started writing fiction and developed a particular interest in Gay BDSM relationships.

Alex Ironrod’s first novels, the successful trilogy SUBMISSION, DOMINATION & OBSESSION were finalists for the International Leather Coalition’s 2010 prize for fiction.

His current series has led two young LAPD homicide detectives through the worlds of murder, fast cars, kinky lawyers and unusual businessmen. Starting with LEATHER NIGHTS and LEATHER DAYS, the detectives find a common interest in leather and form a leather relationship.  Danger and challenges lead them to leave the department and become private investigators.  DECEPTION-PALM SPRINGS and CAGES-CATHEDRAL CITY bring the two out to the desert resort area, where they find intriguing new problems and interesting new clients.

Alex likes to vary his genres.  He has written two historical novels. RED KNIGHT RISING is the product of his interest in life during the Middle Ages. The story follows the challenges that face two young gay men, as knights under King Richard the Lionheart, when they follow him across Europe and into battle during the Third Crusade.  Ironrod’s novel, THE HIGHWAYMEN, takes readers into the bawdy and dangerous world of London during the mid-Eighteenth Century.  Two very different men meet under surprising circumstances in the book. They bond together, but are forced to flee to the American colonies, when one is sentenced to death.  Additionally, Ironrod has two volumes of short stories set in different countries and centuries – THE IRONROD CHRONICLES, Part I & Part II.

Details of all his books can be found on at www.alex-ironrod.com.

In addition to giving readings of his novels at bookstores in the Greater Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Palm Springs desert resort area, Ironrod has taught workshops and classes on various aspects of the leather lifestyle and appeared on panels related to gay and erotic fiction. Ironrod is often visible at such events as International Mr. Leather (IML-Chicago), Mid Atlantic Leather (MAL-Washington DC), Kinky College (Chicago), CLAW (Cleveland), International Leather/boy (San Francisco) and Desert Fetish Authority (Palm Springs).

Now semi-retired, the author relishes other activities, including acting and directing in theatre (Three Desert Theatre League Awards), researching projects, participating as a charity board member and mentoring aspiring young actors. He has a passion for western style horseback riding. Most important are the relationships in his life, particularly with his new partner Michael and butch, as well as enjoying the camaraderie and support of friends across the world.













[* A trilogy subtitled LEATHER MASTERS and slaves]


A book about the ‘Old Guard’ leather scene

old guard leather


Ever wonder what was it like to be a leatherman way back when?

Before Metalbond’s blog.

Before Grindr.

Before text messaging.

Before Recon.

Before Leather Navigator.

Before AOL chat rooms.

Before IML.

Before the Black Party.

Before the Internet.

Before AIDS.

Before the Village People.

Before Drummer magazine.

Before Stonewall.

Believe it or not, there really were gay Masters and slaves before all of these things — a vibrant leather scene with defined values that included things like respect, honesty, integrity, responsibility and loyalty.  You could not just walk into a shop with a credit card and emerge an hour later with leather pants and a harness — you had to EARN these things.

Are you curious about how things used to be? You can catch a good glimpse of the “Old Guard” in a book. Yes, a BOOK, it’s what you hold in your hands, turn the pages and READ.  It’s called The Slave Journals, and it is by Thom Magister.

Published by Perfectbound Press, it includes 17 erotic stories written from the perspective of different Masters from the 1950s onward to 1980. It’s also got some fantastic illustrations by the author.

It’s available at Amazon.com by clicking here

Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 2

This is an exclusive excerpt from the new leather kink novel by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorSergeant Kieran Moore is the second in command of The Jackals, a dedicated squad of law enforcement in California’s high desert that has built a dark world of leather and kink while executing their own form of legal justice. The Jackals enjoy service from the submissive men who worship their boots and conform to their powers of control and ownership.

A happenstance meeting while riding dirt bikes brings the Leather Cop in contact with Mateo Hernandez, a blue-collar laborer from the Coachella Valley. This chance meeting leads to both entering a leather power exchange relationship that both men have always wanted in their lives. Over time, both their lives change dramatically, causing them to question the reality they are facing and wonder if they truly can deal with the future they are racing towards.

Leather Cop Enforcement is the second leather kink novel by ty dehner. This epic story has intense BDSM experiences with leather, uniforms, and more. These two men end up finding out more about their emotions, their lust, and how important power dynamics are in their life as well as the need to have each other in their hearts.

Read the complete novel today with Amazon Kindle or order in print!


A few hours pass as the two have been lazy, never releasing their touch.  The shadows are getting longer as the sun is moving towards evening.  Cop Boss squeezes his boy’s tits, making him moan in pain.

“We gotta get ready, boy. Tonight is an important night,” the Cop whispers into Mateo’s ear as he cuddles his boy’s head in his gloved hands.

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Leather Cop Enforcement – Excerpt 1

This is an excerpt from ty dehner’s new leather kink novel, coming July 31, 2021, to Amazon Kindle and in print. This excerpt is exclusive to Metalbondnyc.com. Posted here with permission.

ty dehner book


By ty dehner

The red Dodge Ram finds a parking spot near The Barracks, the Palm Springs area premiere leather bar. There is a light drizzle falling this evening after an afternoon of thunder showers. After parking, Mateo checks that he is prepared to meet the man that has him locked in chastity, looking at his face in his rear view mirror. He smiles as his young skin is clear of any blemishes and he has freshly shaved. His black hair on his head is in a close crop that makes it cool for him when he is on the work site. Opening the door of his truck, Mateo’s boot lands in a puddle as he steps out of his truck.


He had worked hard to shine his Wesco’s just two hours ago. He steps out of the puddle, reaching behind his driver’s seat he pulls out a rag. Placing his boot up on the door rim, he wipes it down and brings back the shine he had worked so hard on. Thinking back upon their first encounter in his trailer, he knew that that KTM rider had to be a leather man. Why else did he have them meet at The Barracks. Being in leather and bondage himself, Mateo didn’t want to overdo his first meeting so he settled for his Wesco Boss boots, black leather motorcycle chaps over his black skinny Levi’s, a black t-shirt with the Mr. S logo on it and his leather vest.

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ty dehner website

Many visitors to the Metalbond site will be familiar with ty dehner, who has graciously contributed a number of very hot bondage stories to the Prison Library. Long before the Metalbond site was even around, ty had his own online bondage magazine called ROPEDWEB. Recently ty has written a book, Leather Affection, available from Amazon, and now he has also revamped his personal website.

ty dehner ropedweb


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ty dehner gay bondage

Latest Book from Bob Wingate: The Scott Chronicles

In a collection of male-on-male bondage stories called “The Scott Chronicles,” preppy Mike writes about his bondage adventures with Scott, a paid escort who has a huge cock and is amazing with rope. Mike was so enthralled that he got Scott to leave the escort agency, set him up in his own house, and worshipped him as his personal bondage Master for over ten years. It all begins with “The Corporal Performs,” in which Mike writes about his youthful bondage experiences in the Marine Corps.

There are also three stories about The Training Center/Academy, the legendary BDSM institution where Scott and Mike spent one memorable weekend.

This collection is highly recommended. But much of the action is “do not try this at home,” so please be advised and forewarned!

This is an eBook on Kindle, but you don’t need an actual Kindle device to read it.

Click for The Scott Chronicles:

male-on-male bondage stories

This is the latest — and, to date, my personal favorite! — in a whole series of eBooks by Bob Wingate, who is the editor and publisher of the legendary Bound & Gagged magazine.

The other eBooks from Bob Wingate are here

See Bob’s official website by clicking here

Leather Affection: An excerpt

By ty dehner

Saturday arrives, it is late afternoon as Sean is sitting on the sofa watching television in his apartment. He is waiting for the phone call from Lance as to where they are going to meet. Wearing his well-worn Levi’s 501 button fly in blue; he has on a plain black t-shirt under his leather jacket that he wore during their first meeting in the park, with a pair of black ranger style leather boots on his feet. His attention is not with the program on the television screen, his thoughts go to the man he met dressed in leather.

What could he want Sean to do this evening? There was something different about what has happened so far. Sure, Sean had played in the past, light bondage, some spanking and wrestling with a guy or two. Over the past few years, he’d meet a guy, get tied up and even fucked and sucked a guy off, but nothing ever seems to stick. It was more of a one-time event for them to each get their rocks off and then move on to the next scene with the next guy.

With Lance, Sean had a different feeling in his gut. That they are meeting again tonight means things are lasting longer than they normally do. Their conversation in the park was hours long and felt that Lance was seeking something long term. That is how Sean has been feeling as he has been getting older. There is time to be a kid and fuck around, then time to become an adult, getting serious about one’s life, to connect with someone and form a bond that will last.

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