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Tempered By Fire: How Exploration in Leather Helped Me Thrive

In his deeply personal, true-life story of loss and redemption, author A. L. Rupp describes how exposing himself to complete submission made himself stronger.

Tempered By Fire: How Exploration in Leather Helped Me Survive Thrive is a story about how male BDSM can be a positive and empowering force.

This is a story about how male BDSM can be a positive and empowering force


This book is available on Amazon by clicking here

You can read on Kindle or order a physical copy of this book as a paperback.

I assisted the author with his project as copy editor.

Dore Bound by ty dehner

A NOVELLA – written by ty dehner


ty dehner books about male bondage“Good morning, Sir,” I said as I returned his kiss.

“You are the perfect toy to wake to in the morning.” Noted Rafael.

“I came down several times in the evening to check on you, and I was so excited to see you here, encased and helpless.  It was all I could do to go back to bed.  But you were sleeping so soundly and made me so proud yesterday.”

“I didn’t think I could ever sleep encased like this, Sir. I didn’t expect this at all.”

“I know I have taken some liberties with you, but I hope you know I only do it because I fucking enjoy having a toy to use, and you seem to need this.  You need to be used and controlled, pig, and I am sure you don’t regret anything I’ve used you for.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Speak freely, toy.”

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‘The Brig’ novel by Mason Powell

Imagine being locked up for months in a military brig by sadistic Marines who take great pleasure in torturing you and using you sexually! That’s what happens in the classic male BDSM novel “The Brig,” by Mason Powell.

The Brig by Mason Powell


You can get The Brig on Amazon as an eBook or as a paperback. It’s highly recommended!

Note that “The Brig” was previously published in book form by The Outbond Press, and prior to that it was serialized in Drummer magazine!

Also of note is Mason Powell’s non-kink compilation of short stories, Telling Lies About the Wolves, which is also quite worthwhile, in my opinion!

The second ‘Leather Life’ book by Peter Fiske

Peter Fiske has published a second book, titled “My Leather Life: Later Years,” available as a paperback purchase via Amazon. The description reads:

“At the center of leather life for 50 years, Peter Fiske whips up leather history in this delightful second volume of his memoirs, covering the years since the AIDS crisis emerged in the 1980s. He takes us through his relationship with the love of his life, Coulter Thomas, the founding of The 15 Association, and the struggle for trans acceptance. A must read for leatherfolk.”

My Leather Life: Later Years book by Peter Fiske


Click for My Leather Life: Later Years

The first book by Peter is My Leather Life: Early Years

‘Rodeo Roping’ novella is published by ty dehner

The author ty dehner has a new book available! It’s called “Rodeo Roping.” The description reads:

Traveling to Montana to visit a guy that he met online, Randy ends up in town at the same time of the rodeo. In a surprise move, Randy’s host has to leave town and turns Randy over to Austin, one of the ranch hands. It the coming day, Randy ends up a leather bull in a kinky rodeo that few ever get to witness, nevertheless actually participate in.

Rodeo Roping book by ty dehner


This novella by ty dehner has lots of cowboy leather, boots, roping and some riding! It’s available on Amazon

Among the many other books by ty dehner is Playbook, a collection of kinky short stories:

Playbook by ty dehner


The official ty dehner website is here

Male erotic fandom fiction by RotherhamMan aka Mark R Cromwell

RotherhamMan (Twitter: @RotherhamMan) has published a number of erotic male stories and short novels in the fandom category — many of which feature themes involving bondage, muscle, superheroes, and related topics. Some of the works are about copyrighted characters that he had to change the names for. His alias is Mark R Cromwell.

See the list below and follow the links to learn more about this very talented and prolific author, who is adding to his list of offerings quite regularly:


RotherhamMan at Archive of Our Own


RotherhamMan in the Metalbond Prison Library


Expressing His Love

Bane, the huge muscle-bound criminal ruler of his own country, has learned that the hero Batman is about to marry a two-bit criminal. Enraged that the man he regards as his is to marry another, Bane takes the man and hides him from the world until he can convince him that they belong together. But how will he do that? And can the Batman handle his love?


The Heptagon Herald

Ed Blake has worked for The Heptagon Herald newspaper for seven years and is not only the best journalist there but the boss’ favourite. But the paper has a dark secret behind its success, and Ed is about to be shown what it is first hand.


Kerwan the Sailor

Kerwan is the kind of man who knows how to find the best (or worst) establishments when he is on shore leave. He is the kind of man who lives for them and the pleasures other men can bring him, the star of a show of many. This particular bar on this particular night he is to cross paths with a few other men who have far more in mind for him than he could ever have guessed. Is he up to the challenge?


Milking It: For All That It’s Worth

Luis’s friends are very keen he should join them at their new gym, wanting him to be as big as they are thanks to the gym’s owner and his special muscle-building shakes. At first he thinks they are just dedicated to their new fitness regime, but as he sees them become more and more obsessed he begins to wonder if something strange is happening.


Milking It: Joining the Stable

Mark has always had a thing for military men and the new gym looks like it will meet that need. The trainers there all wear military clothes and train hard, a combination to make sure he gives his all to get big like them. Then he stays late one night and a trainer takes an interest in him. Billy offers to fast track him on a special programme to put on muscle, and Mark is powerless to resist his attentions. Time for Mark to grow like he never dreamed he would.


Nectar of the Gods

Thor’s exile to Earth took an unexpected turn when HYDRA capture him and discovered the secrets of his body. Can Captain America find a way to save him?


Standing Room Only

Having saved the world from an alien invasion, Captain America and Spider-man have to get away from the exploding spaceship in an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod was only made for one, and if they are going to both make it out alive they are going to have to make the journey in an uncomfortable position.


Photo Credit: Fogax78, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons