Skinny Dipping

By Rob Allie

This story is fiction, a figment of my warped imagination.  Should the characters in this story even remotely bare similarities to any real person, living or dead, it was purely accidental and any such similarities are strictly coincidences.

This story deals with mature subject matter and involves intimate gay sex.  If it is illegal for you to read such material, due to your age or location, then please don’t. If you are offended by acts of homosexuality between consenting and non-consenting adults, then Do Not Read this story.

The author does not necessarily condone or subscribe to the behavior discussed in this story.  It was written strictly as a form of entertainment.  Acts described are pure fantasy on my part and should not be attempted by anyone that does not know what the hell they are doing.

Story codes:  M/M/Anal/Oral/Bond/NC/Spank/Hum/cbt

This story © by Rob Allie 2001, all rights reserved.

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Part 1

Ralph lay on his bed.  His huge, 7½-inch, uncut cock, standing at attention and waving back and forth in the early morning sunlight that beamed through his bedroom window.

The fingers of his right hand idly played with his morning woody while his left hand rubbed gently over the empty, black latex body suit stretched out on the bed beside him.

The fantasy of Jim filling that suit and what he wanted to do with him once he was, was wearing thin, he needed the real thing.  The time had come to get what he wanted.


Jim McDougal was a scrawny 20-year old. He wasn’t into sports or any other activity that could raise a sweat.   I suppose Jim felt it was unhealthy to sweat.

He stood 5’9” in his stocking feet and if he cheated and ate before weighing in, he might top off at around 150 pounds.  He was so skinny his bones were outlined on the skin of his chest.  But Jim didn’t mind, hell he felt great.

Jim had no interest in women; he was gay.  He could get an erection in a second just being in the presence of a big, well-muscled man.

His favorite sport was looking at photos of muscle men he found on the web.   He would wank, blow his load and then get back to computer programming, his only true love.

Jim just wasn’t good with people, and he didn’t think there would be a hunk anywhere that would be interested in a scrawny kid like him.    So he led a fairly quite, routine life.   Until that Friday evening Ralph showed up at his door.


As usual Jim was working away on his computer when a loud knocking at his front door startled him.  It startled him simply because he had never had anyone knock before.   His house was a good mile from his nearest neighbor, he had no friends to speak of, at least none that knew where he lived and he had never met any of the few folks that lived on this back woods road.

He saved what he was working on, force of habit, and went to answer the door.  He didn’t have a peephole in the door, hell he was a man living alone, what did he need a peephole for.   Well he was certainly about to find out.

He opened the door, which wasn’t even locked.   Before he could do or say anything a big iron fist locked around his neck and began to squeeze.

“Hi there Jimmy boy, your lover is here.” A voice spoke out of the darkness.

Jim pissed himself right there on the spot.   The face of his attacker was still out in the dark shadows of the porch.   All he could see was a black, latex-clad arm that disappeared into those very same shadows.

The fist locked around Jim’s neck had a tight hold, not enough to choke, but firm none-the-less.    He tried to speak but nothing came out but some gurgling.

The arm started to push him back into the house.    From the shadows a big man, totally encased in black latex emerged into the light caste by the living room lamp.

Jim began to shake and his bladder felt like it was going to let go again.   Ralph was wearing a hood over his head.   He always did that on first contact.  He liked the way it scared the piss out of his victims.   It had holes from which sparkled two dark brown eyes.    An opening at the mouth showed off Ralph’s perfect, sparkling white teeth.

As soon as Ralph was inside he kicked the door closed behind him.   He pulled Jim forward, put his free arm around Jim’s shoulders and pulled him close.

“We gonna have ourselves one hell of a good time, Jimmy boy.”  He said, bringing his lips to Jim’s and began a deep, passionate kiss.

Jim was still in utter and total confusion.   He felt a hot tongue trying to push into his mouth.   He had never kissed anyone before and resisted, keeping his jaw firmly closed.

Ralph pulled away slightly and growled,  “You little cunt, you had better cooperate or I am gonna break every fucking bone in your skinny little fucking body, now open that fucking mouth.”

He pressed his lips back to Jim’s.  Jim didn’t resist this time, shit he was now too fucking scared to resist.   He felt that hot tongue invade his mouth, it seemed to be searching frantically for something.  It was the strangest feeling Jim had ever experienced.     He wasn’t quite sure if he liked it or not.    His cock, however, was in no doubt at all.

Jim could feel himself getting turned on. This man that had burst into his home was very muscular with a better build then most of the men he looked at in the photos on the web.    Although the body was covered in a black latex suit, Jim could see and feel every one of the huge, firm muscles.

Jim felt his arms involuntarily going around this big man and the next thing he knew his tongue joined the search.  His breathing became very shallow; he was turned on more than he had ever been before.

To Jim, the kiss seemed to last forever.   His cock was fighting to get out of his piss soaked pants and he was sure he was going to blow his load any second.    He didn’t know what the hell was going on, other than the fact that he was enjoying it.

Ralph loved to take his victims right to the edge on first contact, then stop cold.   It was then that he could start to enjoy the encounter himself.

When he was sure he had Jim right on the edge of emptying his nuts.   He released Jim’s neck from his vice like grip and broke contact.

“Strip, boy.” He ordered.

Jim was about to blow when Ralph pulled away.    He wanted to protest but Ralph was ordering him to strip.    Believing that Ralph only wanted him naked so they could continue, Jim quickly divested himself of his clothing.  In a way it was a relief to doff the piss soaked pants and underwear.

“Into the living room and lay down on the floor, on your back.”  Ralph ordered, as soon as Jim was naked.

Jim eager to get his nuts off complied.

Ralph knelt down at Jim’s feet and quickly fastened a set of leather ankle cuffs, with a, “D” ring attached, to each of Jim’s ankles.

“Place your arms above your head.” Ralph ordered.

Jim was now beginning to get a little nervous again.    He thought the guy was going to continue making love to him.   Instead he had fastened something to his ankles.     However, too scared to argue, he raised his arms and put them on the floor behind and above his head.

Ralph knelt down again and fastened a pair of leather cuffs to each wrist.

“Roll over, tits down.  Keep your arms above your head.”  Ralph ordered.

Again Jim complied.  As he rolled over his big, stiff-dick pushed onto the floor and up against his abs.

Ralph then placed a thick dog collar around Jim’s neck.   A slightly elongated, “D”, ring attached to one end, passed through a metal opening on the other end of the collar.  A padlock or other locking device could then be used to lock the collar into position.

Before adding the padlock, Ralph grasped Jim’s left arm pulled it back and bent it up.   He passed one end of the padlock through the, “D” ring on the collar and the other through the, “D” ring on the wrist cuff.    He then did the same with Jim’s right arm and snapped the lock closed.    Jim’s arms were now locked to his neck, behind his back.

“Roll over and raise your legs, boy.   Keep them wide apart and don’t lower or close them without permission.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim was scared again; he hadn’t been expecting this.   What the hell did the guy want from him?   Was he going to hurt him?    Would he kill him?    All of these things were running through Jim’s mind and he began to panic.

He rolled over but it was awkward and very uncomfortable with his arms shackled in this manner.  Raising his legs placed even more pressure on his arms and they were now well beyond uncomfortable, it was painful.

“What do yo…” a smack from an open palm cut Jim’s words off in mid-sentence.

“Keep your fucking mouth shut unless I give you permission to speak, boy.”  Ralph growled.

Jim was stunned and began to lower his legs, however they didn’t lower very far.  A big meaty had grasped Jim’s nuts and began to squeeze.

“Ayiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee.” Jim squealed.

“I told you to keep your fucking legs up and spread, you little prick.   Now do it or I’ll mash these little eggs into mush.”  Ralph growled out a warning.

Jim raised his legs back up and kept them spread.     He felt the man’s leather gloved hands begin to play around with his cock and balls.   His dick had started to go flaccid because of his fear. Ralph’s manipulations felt good and in a very few seconds his cock was fully erect again.

“You like this, don’t ‘cha, boy?”   Ralph stated.

“Yes, it feels good.”  Jim replied.

“Aiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee.”  Jim cried out in pain.

Ralph had grasped Jim’s balls and squeezed hard, again.

“You little prick, you say, Sir, when you talk to me.    Now do you like me fucking around with your dick?”  Ralph almost screamed at the now crying young man.

“Yes, Sir, I like it, Sir.”   Jim cried out through his agony.

Ralph released Jim’s nuts and began to play gently with the still hard cock.   It wasn’t any prize-winning dick by any means.   Cut, it was 6 inches fully erect and about an inch and a quarter in diameter.   About average, Ralph figured.

The big purple glans was covered with precum and the light reflected from it as Ralph played.     He was slowly moving his thumb and index finger up and down the shaft.

“For a skinny kid you sure got a mess of pubic hair.”  Ralph commented.

“Ain’t seen a pair of nuts with so much hair before.”

Ralph let go of Jim’s throbbing dick and looked Jim in the eye.

“Ever had a broken arm or leg, Jimmy boy?”  He asked with a smirk.

“No Sir.” Jim replied the fear obvious in his voice.

“Well Jimmy boy, if you don’t do exactly what I tell you, I am going to introduce you to the pain of broken bones.   Understand, asshole?”   He growled, his dark eyes cutting right into Jim’s soul.

“Yes, Sir.  I understand.   I won’t do anything stupid, Sir.”   Jim replied quickly.

Ralph then grabbed Jim’s right ankle and pulled him over to the door.   He removed a pair of handcuffs from the black pouch attached to his black leather belt.   He slipped one cuff through the, “D”, ring on Jim’s right ankle and the other end he locked on the door handle.

“That should keep you still until I get back.”   Ralph said as he headed for the door.

Ralph went out to his truck; a full sized black cargo van.    It was specially equipped for moments such as these.   He opened the back door and entered the vehicle.    From a built in cupboard on the right side he pulled a piece of cast iron rod, exactly 24 inches long.   Solid rings had been placed through holes drilled at each end.

He took the rod back to the house.    Unlocking Jim’s ankle from the handcuff attached to the door, he bent down and padlocked the right ankle cuff “D” ring to the ring on one end of the rod.  Then he padlocked the left ankle cuff to the other end of the rod.   Jim was very effectively hobbled.

From around his waist, Ralph pulled a long, braided, black leather leash.   He bent over and attached it to a small “D” ring, on the front of Jim’s collar.

“Time to get up, Jimmy boy.   We are going for a little trip.”  Ralph smiled.

Jim was terrified now, but his cock was still throbbing between his scrawny legs.

“Please, don’t hurt me.”  Jim cried out.

The smile dropped from Ralph’s face.   He lashed out with one of his big black boots.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeee.”  Jim cried out in pain.

The big boot had caught Jim on the fleshy part of his right thigh.

“Next fucking time you open your yap without permission I am going to do that to your fucking nuts.    Now keep fucking quiet.”  Ralph screamed at the terrified young man.

Ralph then yanked viciously at the leash.

“On your fucking feet, Jimmy boy.”  Ralph ordered.

That, it turned out, was a lot easier said then done.    Ralph always got a big charge out of this part.   Trying to get to your feet when your legs were locked apart on a spreader bar and your wrists were locked to a collar at the back of your neck is a near impossible task.  However with the right incentive even the dumbest of his victims managed to get up.

Jim was struggling so Ralph decided he needed a little of that incentive.   He removed his leather belt, grasped the buckle and wrapped the belt around his right hand a couple of times.   The belt went up over his head and came down full force against Jim’s unprotected back.

“Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii.”  Jim screamed in agony.

“I told you to get up, now fucking do it, boy.”  Ralph screamed.

Jim was terrorized.   He had been trying to get up but was finding the task impossible.   How the fuck could he get up bound like this?

Ralph didn’t give a shit how impossible it might be, he just wanted it done.    He was prepared to beat the fuck out of Jim if he didn’t comply.

Jim frantically tried again to get up, but lost his balance and fell back to the floor.   His forehead hit with a hell of a thud on the old hardwood floor.    The sound of that thud caused a great stirring between Ralph’s legs.    He loved this sort of thing.

He decided now would be a great time to give Jim a little more incentive.   The belt lifted and came down again on Jim’s back.

Jim was still dazed from banging his head on the floor and was trying to get himself back in focus when the belt hit.    He let out another scream and fell back to the floor again.

Ralph’s big cock was now demanding release from the tight black latex pouch that just barely contained it when it was flaccid.    He dropped his left hand to the pouch and rubbed.

“Not yet.” he told himself silently, “Not yet.”

Jim was beside himself with fear and pain.    He had to get up or this guy was going to beat him to death.    Through strength and will power he never knew he had he finally managed to get himself up onto his feet.    Balancing was a bit of a problem but at least he had gotten himself up.

“Not bad, Jimmy boy, not bad at all.   I got’ta beat the fuck out of some guys before they can get to their feet.”  Ralph said with a smile.

“Let’s go.” He invited, as he tugged on the leash and headed for the door.

Jim quickly realized his troubles were not over.    He was going to have to walk bound up like this.   He could see the belt still firmly held in his attackers grip.   He didn’t want another kiss from that thing so he did his best to follow.

Ralph was surprised that Jim had managed to get to his feet so quickly.   Well he would see just how versatile Jim was when it came to the steps out front.  He decided that he would not give Jim any lea-way.    If the kid fell down the steps, well too fucking bad for the kid.   His dick gave a sudden surge at the thought.

He opened the door and walked out.   He did take his time because he knew someone hobbled like that just could not make much progress.      However when he got to the steps he just went right down them, continuing at the same pace.

Jim saw Ralph head down the steps with out slowing down.    Panic again raced through his mind.   He could never walk down those steps at this speed.   Hell he didn’t think he would even be able to get down them if he was almost stopped.

But Ralph kept on going.    Jim’s feet were getting closer and closer to that first step.    Panic had almost completely taken over when an idea of how to get down in one piece popped into his head.

Just as his feet reached the top step he gave a little jump forward and went down to the step below.   He did this all the way down.    Ralph turned when Jim was at the bottom.

“I got me a smart guy.” Ralph sneered and then began to laugh uncontrollably.

Jim just breathed a sigh of relief that he was able to get down those steps without falling.

Jim was forced to climb into the back of the van on his own.   That turned out to be quite simple as well.   He sat on the floor and lifted his legs and wiggled himself in.    His bare ass rubbing against the carpeted floor was not all that pleasant.  The carpet was rather rough, not made for bare asses.

There was a seat against the left wall and Ralph told Jim to sit in it.    That also looked to Jim like a major challenge.  However the seat was not as high off the floor as a normal chair would be.   Jim found that all he had to do was get on his knees and swing his ass over and onto the seat.  Once he was seated Ralph connected the seat belt.

Opening a small cupboard, Ralph pulled out something black.    He moved back over to Jim.

“Open your mouth, boy.”  He ordered.

Jim complied and felt something long and rubbery enter his mouth and cover the outside.    A hood was then pulled down, completely covering his head.   It did not have eyeholes so Jim was now sightless.   It did have a couple of holes for his nostrils so he could breathe.

Ralph was doing something with the thing that he had pushed into Jim’s mouth, but Jim had no idea what it was.   However, he soon found out.

The thing in his mouth began to expand and elongate.    It filled his mouth and began to push into his throat.    Jim felt his gag reflex begin and he thought he was choking.    Ralph eased up for a moment to let the reflex settle down.   Then it began to expand some more.

Jim could feel something being forced down his throat.    His big fear now was that he would not be able to breath, but that fear was ungrounded.    He found he could breath with no problem through his nose.

The thing finally stopped expanding, but it was firmly lodge in Jim’s mouth and throat.

He heard the back door of the van close.    Then the gentle rocking as someone climbed in up front.   He heard the engine start and then the vibrations told him the van was moving.    But where was he being taken and why, he wondered.

To Jim it seemed the trip took forever, but in reality only took an hour and twenty minutes.   Ralph also lived outside the city but on the west side.

Ralph pulled the van into his garage and the door began to close as soon as the van was in.    He got out and went around to get Jim.   Before releasing the seatbelt that held Jim firmly in his seat, Ralph removed the spreader bar from Jim’s ankles.

“We won’t need this for a while, you try fucking running and I’ll bust you up good, boy.”  Ralph warned.

Jim couldn’t figure out how his attacker could even imagine him running with his eyes blinded like this.   Hell he couldn’t even walk slowly without banging into something or worse.

Ralph released the seat belt and then got out of the van.

“Ok, Jimmy boy, out you get.”  He ordered.

Jim carefully got himself out of the chair and headed towards what he thought was the back door.   He had to be careful, he didn’t want to fall out of the damned thing.   When his foot found the edge he carefully stepped down with his right leg.    He found solid ground and his other leg followed.

Ralph smiled and reconnected the leash.

He gave a tug and began walking at a rapid rate.   He knew this would totally freak the temporarily blinded Jim.    Jim for his part stumbled along behind.   He was freaked; man this was the scariest thing that had ever happened to him in his whole life.

He was practically running, being pulled by his attacker, but he was totally blind to what was around him.   The adrenalin was pumping in the gallons through his emancipated body.  He was so freaked he was close to passing out.

There was a single step up from the garage into the house.    Ralph decided not to warn Jim, he wanted to watch him trip and fall.   He climbed the step quickly opened the door and went right in.    Jim still trusting that Ralph would get him wherever it is they were going followed along.

His right foot hit the bottom of the step and before he could correct and balance himself he started to fall forward.    He had no idea where he was falling or what would be at the other end.    Ralph stood there and watched in rapture.   His big cock was throbbing again.

With his arms pinioned behind his back Jim could not use them to break his fall.   He tried to protect his face and head by twisting to the left.   His knee made contact with the top of the step and his shoulder hit the floor hard, just inside the door.

He cried out in pain and shock, but all Ralph could hear was a muffled sigh.   The gag was very, very effective.

Not being one to let a good opportunity to keep his quarry off guard and scared.  He raised his belt and let Jim have a lash across his arm.

Jim still hurting from the fall was not expecting to get hit by the belt again.   He tried to scream when it landed across his arm but again nothing much escaped the gag.    He knew he had to get to his feet quickly or he would get lashed again.

At least this time his feet were not hobbled so he was able to get up quickly.   He was now inside the house, his left shoulder, knee and right arm were all hurting.    What was going to happen next, he wondered.

Ralph could see a bright red mark on Jim’s left shoulder.   A souvenir of the fall, the mark would bruise up nicely by tonight.

“Stop fucking wasting my time, boy.” He screamed and gave a hard yank on the leash as he headed down the hall.

Jim’s knee had taken the brunt of the fall and was really hurting.   He limped along in pain, still blind and having to trust a man that had just proved he could not be trusted.

Ralph was heading for the stairs that would take them down into the basement and the beautiful little dungeon he had built for just such occasions.   Jimmy boy, was about to experience a whole new way to have sex.

“Listen you clumsy dork.”  Ralph growled.

“You are going to be going down a flight of steps.   If you fall you most likely will never get up, so don’t fall.”  Ralph warned.

Now Jim was really scared.   A whole flight of steps; he prayed that the guy was not going to push him down them.   He began to tremble and shake.

Ralph pulled on the leash gently.

“Ok, you are at the top of the steps.   Your next step will be down.”  He instructed.

Jim lifted his right leg up into nothingness and carefully lowered it.   He prayed that there would actually be a step there.    He let out a little sigh of relief when his foot landed on solid wood.  The rest of the steps were a breeze.

Ralph led Jim into a large cell; it had bars on three sides and a cement wall at the back.   The cell was fairly large, it had to be because Ralph used it to play games with his conquests.

Ralph led Jim to the center of the cell where a chain dangled from the ceiling.

“Stand very still, Jimmy boy.   You move and you get your first broken arm.” Ralph warned.

He unlocked the padlock that secured Jim’s arms to the collar.  He pulled the lock out and Jim’s arms fell down to his sides.   Ralph placed the lock back through the “D” ring in the collar, pulled down on the chain hanging from the ceiling and padlocked Jim to the chain.

He unfastened the clips that kept Jim’s hood in place and pulled the hood off his head.    The sudden burst of light was a bit like looking into the flash of a camera.   It took a few minutes for his eyes to adjust.

When he saw the cell, he really became scared.    What the hell was this?    Was this guy a serial killer that preyed on men?   Was he ever going to leave this cell alive?   His shaking became even worse and tears began to form in his eyes.

He still could not make a sound; the gag was firmly anchored in his mouth and throat.

“Bet you’d like to have that cock gag taken out, huh Jimmy boy?”  Ralph smiled.

Jim gave the universal nod for yes.

“Too fucking bad, boy.   It stays in for now.   I know how uncomfortable it is and that is the only reason I am going to leave it in.”  Ralph grinned.

“Now I know you’re scared to death.   You don’t know if I am a murderer or a white slaver or what, right?”  Ralph asked.

Jim nodded his head yes, again.

“Well boy, let me set your mind at rest, I ain’t either.   On Sunday night at approximately 8 PM, I will release you about a mile from your house.   But until then you are my fuck toy, cum dump and personal slave.    You will do exactly what you are told when you are told or be punished severely.  Is that clear?”  Ralph asked.

Jim nodded.   He was slightly relieved, because he believed what the guy was saying.   He knew his life was not in danger, but he wasn’t so sure about his body.   By the sound of it this guy liked rough sex.    He had read stories at Yahoo Groups about rough sex.    He wasn’t so sure he could handle it.

“Now before we do anything else, you have to be punished.    You were a very bad boy back at your house.    You really ought to be ashamed of yourself.  A grown man pissing his pants when he opens the door to a stranger, how fucking disgusting.”  Ralph said in mock disgust and shaking his head.

Jim turned a bright shade of red.   He never felt so ashamed in his life before.   Imagine being such a sissy that you piss yourself, when you open the door to a stranger.

“Well, Jimmy boy, that happens because you have no self-discipline.  But I am a good Master; it is my job to teach my slaves to always do things right.  Therefore I am going to give you your very first self-discipline lesson.”  Ralph explained with a slight grin on his face.

“Discipline involves choices, Jimmy boy.  I am going to punish you for pissing yourself, but you must choose the punishment.”  Ralph said.

He then walked over to the wall and lifted a strap that was hanging there.  It was about 18 inches long and a quarter inch thick.   It was made of layered leather and rubber.   In point of fact it was a strap that once was used in schools to punish naughty children.

He walked back to Jim, slapping the strap playfully in his hand.    Jim didn’t like the look of that strap at all and he knew he was going to feel its bite.

Ralph held the strap up close to Jim’s eyes so he could get a good look at the horrible instrument.

“Doesn’t look very pleasant does it Jimmy boy.    It looks like it would really hurt, huh.”  He taunted.

“Well Jimmy boy, it does hurt.   It hurts something fierce but what will it hurt, Jimmy boy?”  Ralph asked.

“Mmmm… your ass!  Your back!   Perhaps the soles of your feet!   I think I would like to use it on your balls.”  Ralph smiled.

Jim’s head jerked up.

“His balls, oh fuck no.   That thing would destroy his nuts if it were ever used.” He thought in panic.

“Ah, I see that got your attention, Jimmy boy.  Don’t want to have me womp those little puny nuts with the nasty old belt, huh?”  Ralph laughed out loud.

“Well I am going to give you a choice Jimmy boy your nuts or the palms of your hands.   50 lashes.”   Ralph said and the smile dropped from his face and his eye became hard.

“Twenty-five lashes to the palm of each hand and you must hold your hand up for me to give the lash.   Or, fifty lashes to your little nuts.   Fifty lashes should just about mash them to a pulp, don’t ya think.”

Jim certainly didn’t want his balls mashed by that fucking belt.   He would just have to endure the lashes to his hands.   He didn’t much like that idea either but what other choice did he have?

“Well boy tell me right now which will it be, the balls or the hands.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim wanted to tell him the palms, but how was he to do it?   He couldn’t speak; the fucking gag was still filling his mouth and throat.  The only thing he could think to do was lift his hands and turn them palms up.

Ralph, just to be nasty ignored the hands.

“Well asshole hurry up and answer or I will choose for you and you know what I will choose.”   Ralph said in the nastiest voice he could muster.

Jim went into panic mode again.   He began to shiver and shake.   He started waving his hands all over, showing Ralph the palms, but Ralph continued to feign ignorance.

“I am fucking waiting, Boy.”  He snapped.

He was enjoying the look of shear terror that had spread across Jim’s face.   He really got off scaring hell out of little shits like Jim.    His cock was really pounding now, down there in that warm latex pouch.

“Ok, boy.   Times up.   You had your chance to make a choice.”  He said pausing for effect.

Jim was trying to scream through the gag that he wanted his hands lashed.  Begging to have his hands lashed.  Big tears of frustration rolling down his cheeks.  His whole body was shaking in terror.   He knew he was about to loose his balls.   Balls he had never got to use other than through wanking.

“And have chosen to get it on the palms, is that correct.”  Ralph finally continued.

Jim cried out in agony, but of course almost no sound escaped from the gag except a low moan.   Ralph’s words had not registered right away.

When they did about 15 seconds after the fact, Jim let out a big sigh of relief and quickly nodded assent.

“Don’t look so relieved puke face.   You ain’t going to like this very much.   The rules are very simple; you will keep each hand held out from your body.   You will not pull away at any time no matter how much it hurts.   If you break this rule we will start the count back at one.  Understand?”  He asked.

Jim nodded assent and prepared for the new pain that he knew he was about to endure.   However how do you prepare for pain inflicted just to satisfy another persons sexual desires?   Jim now knew that Ralph was getting off on hurting him and would continue to do so until he was released.

He held his hands out, palms up as instructed.   Ralph raised the belt high over his head.   Jim couldn’t watch, he closed his eyes and near fell to the floor from the force of the blow that struck the palm of his right hand.   Only the chain attached to his collar kept him from falling.

The pain was indescribable.   It was a hundred times worse than anything he could have imagined.    His hand felt like it had been placed in a hot fire.   He was screaming, but almost no sound at all escaped from the gag.

Ralph stood there and watched as Jim tried to recover from the blow.   It had really hurt that was for sure.    He could see the terror in Jim’s eyes and his cock throbbed even more.  He was leaking precum by the gallon inside the pouch, his dick and balls were soaking wet.

“Gawd this is fun.”  Ralph thought to himself.

“You pulled your fucking hand away asshole.   We will have to start over.   Put that palm back up.”  He ordered the crying Jim.

Jim didn’t want another lash of that strap but had no choice in the matter.    He knew for sure now that he could not take a lashing like that to his balls.

Quaking in fear he raised his right hand again and held it as steady as he could.

Ralph smiled at Jim’s fear, feeling it, smelling it, tasting it, and enjoying it to the fullest measure possible.    His cock was throbbing unmercifully in its pouch.   He would soon need release, but for the moment he was enjoying the foreplay much too much.

He raised the strap again and brought it down onto Jim’s unsteady hand with all the force he could muster.   Jim’s hand fell way from the force of the blow, but this time Jim remained on his feet.

This second lash, landing on his already tender palm, hurt worse than the first one.    Tears of pain and frustration poured down his cheeks.

“One.”  Ralph called out.

He then proceeded to lash the left hand.   Back and forth between hands he went getting hotter and hotter with each blow.

By the fifteenth blow to each hand, Jim was past the point of pain.   He just stood there, his palms held out, not feeling a thing.    The nerves in his hands had become numb and could no longer feel anything.

Jim also noticed that they were beginning to swell.   He figured they would hurt enough later on to make up for the pain he wasn’t feeling at the moment.

“Twenty-five!”  Ralph called out.

“That should do it Jimmy boy.   Your first lesson in discipline!   I don’t believe you will ever piss your pants when answering the door again, will you?”

Jim shook his head, no.

“That’s a good boy.”  Ralph laughed.

Ralph went to Jim and released the gag’s valve.    Air began to escape and Jim could feel that cursed gag begin to pull out of his throat.

“Press your tongue up against it, helps to get the air out faster.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim complied and a few moments later Ralph pulled the gag out.    Jim had a nasty taste of rubber in his mouth.   He would have given anything for a glass of clear, cold water right now.

“Bet you would like a drink, huh?”  Ralph asked.

“Yes please, Sir.”  Jim said politely.

“Tough!  The only fucking drink you are going to get is when you suck the cum from my fucking nuts.”   Ralph sneered.

Ralph walked to the wall, inserted a key in a lock and turned it.   The chain that was attached to Jim’s collar began to descend from the ceiling.

“Get down on your hands and knees, Jimmy boy.”  Ralph ordered as he continued to let down more chain.

Jim got down right away.   He had learned not to fuck around with this guy.   He was liable to do anything.    He placed his palms onto the floor but could feel nothing.   His fingers were swollen to about twice their normal size and still seemed to be swelling.

Ralph let Jim have just enough chain that he could get on all fours, but no lower.   He grabbed a chair that was against the bars and brought it to the center of the cell and placed it right in front of Jim.  He then sat down.

“Have you ever sucked cock before, Jimmy boy?”  He asked.

“No Sir.” Jim replied.

“But your’re gay aren’t you?”  Ralph shot back in surprise.

“I think I am gay, yes Sir.”   Jim replied.

“Have you ever had any kind of sex with a woman?”  Ralph asked.

“No, Sir.”  Jim replied turning pink.

“Well then have you ever had any kind of sex with another guy?”  He asked.

“No, Sir.”  Jim replied his face turning an even brighter pink.

“That would make you a total virgin, right?”  Ralph demanded.

“Yes Sir.”   Jim replied embarrassed by this line of questioning.

“Why are you blushing boy.  Is it because you are such a fucking wimp no one would want to bed you?   Huh, is that it, wimp?”  Ralph taunted.

“Yes Sir.”   Jim replied tears of embarrassment and frustrations dripped from his eyes.

“Well wimp it is time you learned to service a real man.   One rule, boy!   You fucking bite and I’ll pull out all your fucking teeth, one at a time.   Then I will stick my thumbs in behind your eyeballs and pop them out too.   Understand?”  Ralph warned.

“Yes, Sir.   I understand, Sir.   I will not bite, Sir.”   Jim answered.

“Ok take my pouch off and lick all the slime out from inside it, NOW.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim had never worn a pouch or any other latex items for that matter.    He wasn’t sure how it attached.   As well, he had never been this close to another man’s crotch before.    He was extremely nervous and turned on.

He tried to find a means of removing it, using his hands, but his fingers had become totally useless.

“I don’t know how to get it off, Sir.”   Jim said still red faced.

“See that little tab hanging down at the bottom.”  Ralph instructed.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Well grasp it with your teeth and pull.   The pouch will then pull right off.”

Jim did as instructed and the pouch pulled off with no problem.   The huge cock that popped out of the pouch mesmerized Jim.    He stared at it in fascination.   The big purple glans was glistening from the precum that was smeared all over and dripping from it.  The shaft was moving up and down, almost like it was waving or dancing, in time to Ralph’s heart beat.

“What the fuck are you waiting for, Christmas?”  Ralph growled.

“Lick the fucking pouch, asshole.”

Jim was still holding the tab of the pouch between his teeth.   He brought a hand up and took hold of the pouch.   It wasn’t easy; his fingers didn’t want to cooperate.    He finally had to use both hands and ended up cupping the pouch between them.

He looked down at the slime-covered interior.    He then looked up and into Ralph’s dark, unforgiving eyes.

“Start fucking cleaning it up.” He almost yelled.

Jim was feeling sick to his stomach.   How could he lick that mess from inside the pouch?   It looked positively revolting.    But he was terrified of Ralph so he lowered his head and placed the pouch over his mouth.

The first thing that struck him was the odor.    It was wonderful, how could anything so revolting smell so good, he wondered.

He stuck out his tongue and tentatively stuck it against the pouch.    The taste was kind of sweet.   Braver now, he gave it a lick, then another.    The fucking slime tasted great, it was also very sexy, he thought.   His dick was throbbing.

It didn’t take him long to suck out all that wonderful man juice.   He was kind of sad when he couldn’t find anymore to lick up.

“It is clean, Sir.”  He said, looking up at Ralph and then raising the pouch for his inspection.

“Did you enjoy licking up my slop, Jimmy boy?”  He sneered.

“Yes, Sir.   It was the sweetest thing I have ever tasted, Sir.”   Jim replied.

“Well there is more on my cock and balls, get busy.   Make sure you clean them good.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim looked down at the huge, seven and a half inch cock, dancing before him like one of those snakes the snake charmers have in baskets.    He found that his mouth was watering just from the thought of taking it in his mouth.

He leaned forward and began to lick the glans.   The same sweet taste washed across his taste buds.    It was so good that he couldn’t lick that cock fast enough.

He licked the head clean, even catching a fresh load that formed a silver bead at the piss slit.    He worked his way down the shaft getting every drop of the slimy substance.    Quite a bit had tangled in the mass of rich black hair that covered Ralph’s pubic bone.    Jim greedily sucked it all out and then went down to the hairy balls.

All the while Ralph sat back in the chair enjoying the feeling of that hot virgin mouth sucking his crotch clean of the build up of precum.  The boy was good, much better than he had expected.   Perhaps he would keep this one as a permanent slave.

Once he had cleaned off all the precum, Jim was uncertain how to proceed.   Jim was one of those that never had any fear of asking a question if he didn’t know what to do.   So he asked, Ralph.

“Sir, what do I do now?”  He asked.

“Idiot, you take the fucking cock head in your mouth and masturbate it with your fucking pussy lips, what the fuck do you think.”   Ralph spit out.

He had been lost in the pleasure and was pissed that Jim had intruded.

Jim opened his mouth and placed it over the pulsing cockhead.   The head was so velvety and smooth as it entered Jim’s hot mouth.    He closed his lips around it and began to work his head back and forth.

It was everything he ever imagined and more.   He couldn’t even begin to remember how long it had been that he had been dreaming of a moment like this.   These days he could only get off when looking at the photos of the hunks and imagining he was sucking their big, hard cocks.

Jim worked the cockhead carefully, he was very careful not to bite.   He didn’t want to lose his teeth and eyes.  Every few seconds, he was rewarded for his efforts by another small stream of precum.

Ralph let Jim do the job by himself for quite awhile.   It was obvious though that Jim really didn’t know how to give pleasure to a cock.  Well he would learn pretty damned quick.

Ralph placed his hands on the back of Jim’s head then pulled forward.   His big cock slid down Jim’s throat before Jim even had a clue that it would.

The gag reflex only lasted for a fraction of a second as the huge head of Ralph’s phallus drove down into that hot, moist virgin throat.

Jim had not had a chance to take a breath before Ralph forced his cock down his throat.    Ralph had purposely timed his entry for when Jim was exhaling.   He pulled Jim’s face tight into his pubs cutting off any chance for Jim to breath through his nostrils.

The boy was going to learn to hold his Master’s cock deep in his throat for as long as his Master wanted it there.   Whether he could breath or not was not of immediate importance as far as Ralph was concerned.

Jim needed air.   His body was screaming for it, yet the guy wouldn’t let him go to take a breath.   He was getting really desperate and was thinking of biting when Ralph spoke out a warning.

“Don’t even think of biting, Jimmy boy.   Remember what will happen if you do.   You must learn to satisfy your Master’s desires and at this moment I desire feeling my cock deep in your throat, so there it stays.”

Jim heard the warning, but he needed air.   He was beginning to feel a little lightheaded from the lack of oxygen.   Still Ralph had a firm grip on his head and kept it pulled tight to his pubs.

Jim could feel the cock pulsing rapidly in his throat.    The guy was really turned on by this and didn’t give a shit about anything but enjoying his trip.

“Want some fresh air, Jimmy boy.”   Ralph asked a grin on his face.

Jim nodded ascent.

“You will owe me and must agree to do anything I want.    Do you agree?”  Ralph demanded.

Jim again gave a nod of ascent.

Ralph pulled his cock back and out of Jim’s throat.    Jim immediately took in a lung full of air.

Ralph let Jim get two good lungs full before he pulled Jim’s head back tight to his crotch.   He then grabbed Jim’s ears and using them as handles began to masturbate his cock using Jim’s mouth and throat.

Jim had never felt so used before in his life.   His face had become just a place for the guy to use to get off.   What would happen when the guy was ready to cum?    Would he blow his load in Jim’s mouth?    This thought was running through his mind when Ralph began to do just exactly that.

The first hot load of man juice that Jim had ever tasted erupted just as Ralph was about to push his cock back down Jim’s throat.    The hot juice filled Jim’s mouth with a slightly acrid taste.

“Eat my cum, boy.   Suck my fucking cock and eat my fucking cum you faggot prick.   Eat it boy, eat it and make sure you swallow every fucking drop.”  Ralph yelled out as he continued to blow his load into Jim’s virgin mouth and throat.

This was not how Jim had imagined it at all.   Ralph was being much rougher than Jim could ever have imagined, but then Ralph was always rough with his partners.    After all they were his prisoners.   They could not get away and did not have any say about how he used them.

After his nuts were empty, Ralph made Jim clean him up good.   Without saying a word he got up from the chair and went to the wall.   He inserted the key and turned.   The chain began to lift back up into the ceiling.

Jim felt the first pull and got up.    He watched the chain as it lifted.    Ralph, just to be a prick let the chain continue to lift until Jim was standing on his toes.

“Mmmmm… that should keep you out of trouble.   Don’t go away now.”   Ralph said and laughed uproariously at his little joke.

He left the cell, closed the cell door and locked it.   He walked to the room door, hit the light switch turning off the lights then closed the door and headed up stairs.

Poor Jim was left standing on his toes in the pitch black of the windowless room.   The cramping in his toes began about twenty minutes later.

Ralph left Jim in that position for an hour.   Jim tried everything he could think of to relieve the pressure on his toes.   He tried to grasp the chain attached to his collar and pull himself up to give his toes a rest, but his hands were much too swollen and sore to accomplish the task.

He tried lifting one foot and giving it a rest, but with his entire weight now on the other toes, he couldn’t hold that for long either.   He prayed and begged for the man to come back and let him down.

He also had another problem.   The man had got him turned on and had kept him that way for quite some time, but hadn’t let him cum.    His nuts were now aching and he figured he was experiencing that condition known as blue balls.

While Jim hung in the dark, Ralph made himself a sandwich.   He took his time enjoying the sandwich and a glass of milk.    While he ate he thought of all the fun he was going to have with Jim tonight.   He was horny again and his new toy was waiting.

Jim heard the door open and saw a shaft of light before Ralph turned on the cell lights.   He wouldn’t have believed he could ever be happy to see Ralph again, but at that moment he was ecstatic.

Ralph walked up and stood directly in front of Jim.

“Who is your Master, boy?”  Ralph demanded.

“You are my Master, Sir.”   Jim replied quickly, he wanted down.

“What is your role in life, boy?”  Ralph demanded again.

“To serve you, Sir.”   Jim replied.

“How?”  Ralph snapped.

“In anyway you want me to, Sir.”  Jim replied desperately.

Jim could see Ralph’s lips and mouth curl into a smile through the mouth opening in the mask that Ralph wore.

“Would you like me to lower you?”  Ralph asked quietly.

Something about the way Ralph asked the question put Jim on the alert.   He had to be very careful how he answered.  He was sure if he gave the wrong answer he would be left hanging.

“Whatever pleases you, Sir; I am your slave and live only to please you, Sir.”  Jim replied.

Without a word Ralph went to the wall and inserted the key.   He turned the key and the chain holding Jim up on his tiptoes began to lower.   Jim thought he would get relief when the chain was lowered but he was sadly mistaken.

An hour of standing on tiptoes had stretched the muscles in his feet.    When he was lowered those very same muscles decided to all cramp up at once.  Jim was in instant agony.

He could barely stand; the pain was so bad.   The chain was continuing to lower and Jim found that it was the chain that was actually keeping him on his feet.   His feet were in too much pain to be able to support him.   He tried to grasp the chain with both hands as it lowered him to the floor.   But his hands were still swollen and sore from the beating.   They were of no use at all.

In a rare show of pity and concern, Ralph came over and grasped Jim under the arms as the chain continued to lower.

Once he was completely down on the floor Ralph unlocked the padlock and removed the chain.    He went back to the wall and raised the chain up into the ceiling.

In the mean time, Jim was on the floor trying to massage life back into his aching feet, but his hands were also sore and just didn’t do much good.

“It’s not much fun being strung up like that is it, Jimmy boy?”   Ralph asked.

“No, Sir, not much fun at all.”  Jim replied tears running down his cheeks from the pain.

“Well boy that was just a small sample of what I will do to you if you don’t cooperate.    Now crawl over to that bed and get yourself up on it.   Lay on your back and I will fix your feet up.”  Ralph ordered.

Jim had no choice.   He didn’t want Ralph touching his feet, but he had to obey or something even worse might happen.    He crawled, but it was a painful crawl.   His feet didn’t like the idea of him moving at all.

Getting up and onto the small cot that Ralph had called a bed proved to be a very, very painful experience.    Jim just couldn’t find anyway to do it without his feet touching something, but after a couple of painful tries he finally made it.

Ralph had left the cell while Jim was making his way to the cot.   He had picked up a bottle of liniment from a cupboard that had all kinds of medications and bandages.   Accidents did sometimes occur in the cell.

He reentered and made his way to the cot.   Jim was on his back as ordered, tears still streaming down his cheeks.   He looked like a little boy that had been naughty and waiting for daddy to give him a good spanking.   Ralph licked his lips and took a deep breath at the thought.

“This might hurt a little at first but in a few minutes your feet will be feeling great.”  Ralph said.

He opened the bottle, poured a little of the contents into a palm.   After placing the bottle on a shelf beside the cot he rubbed the oil into both hands and then picked up Jim’s left foot.

He began to rub the oil gently around Jim’s aching feet.  Jim was surprised at how gentle Ralph was.   So far all he had done was hurt him, but here he was being as gently as a lamb.

Ralph loved the feel of a foot.    He was tingling inside as he rubbed the oil around.    The feel of the toes, which looked so scrumptious he wanted to take them in his mouth and suck.   But he pushed his desire aside.

He was the Master!

He didn’t suck toes!

The fucking slave would suck toes.

The fucking slave would suck the Master’s toes.

As these thoughts ran through his mind his manipulation of Jim’s feet became stronger.    Jim began to wince in pain from the manipulations.   Jim knew it was too good to last.

Ralph, just as suddenly as he had gone into it, came out of the daydream about toes.    He realized he was working Jim’s feet hard and could see the agonizing pain he was causing.

He immediately eased up.   He didn’t want to cause any more pain to these feet.   He wanted Jim to be able to walk around.   He needed Jim to cooperate in the games he wanted to play.

This time he kept his mind on what he was doing and soon the tears and pain were gone from Jim’s eyes and face.   Jim was beginning to enjoy having his feet rubbed.   The oil that Ralph was using tingled and felt very warm.   It also had a nice smell; the odor of wintergreen permeated the cell.

Ralph worked on Jim’s feet for over an hour.    He loved the feel of Jim’s feet and had to pull himself away.   His cock had been throbbing the whole time.

He returned the bottle of liniment to the cupboard outside the cell.   He also ducked into the toilet and washed his hands.

The latex body suit was folded neatly on a shelf beside the cupboard.   Ralph picked it up; the time had come to put Jim into the suit.   His breathing became shallow as he thought of Jim inside this black suit.   He had no idea why it turned him on; he only knew that it did.  He also grabbed the small can of baby powder.

He went back into the cell and handed the suit and powder to Jim.

“Get into this, Jimmy boy, and don’t take forever doing it.”   Ralph ordered.  “Rub the baby powder all over your legs, it will make getting into the suit easier.”

Jim used the powder as directed then picked the suit up.  He had never seen anything like this before.    It opened down the back with one long Velcro fastener.    He pulled it apart and opened the suit up.

He had to sit on the edge of the bed to work his skinny legs and feet into the suit.   The suit was tight and he had to force his legs in, the baby powder helped to overcome the friction of the suit against his skin.   The suit was complete, even with molded feet and toes.  He had to work each toe into the right place.

The way the suit was constructed he could not get into the upper portion of the suit alone.    Ralph had to help by pulling up on the hood and working it over Jim’s head.   At the same time Jim had to get his arms into to the sleeves, which had molded gloves for the fingers.

However he ran into a bit of a problem.  Even with the help of the baby powder Jim’s swollen fingers and hands would not slide in.  Ralph told him to hold on a minute and left the cell.

He returned a few seconds later carrying a tube that looked like a toothpaste tube.

“All you need Jimmy boy is a better lubrication and those pinky’s should slip right in.   This suit is designed to expand around the occupant.” Ralph said with a smile.

Ralph had Jim hold his hands out and he squirted a liberal amount of the clear gel onto the palms of Jim’s hands.   Jim tried to cover his hands by making the washing motion, but they were just too swollen and he was making no headway with it at all.

Ralph finally realized he might have gotten just a little to carried away with the fucking belt.   In another rare instance of gentleness, he squirted some more of the gel into his own open palm and then began to work the lubricant gently around Jim’s swollen fingers.

He wiped his hands on a rag, picked up the shoulder portion of the suit and held the arms up so Jim could work his arms into the sleeves.   He then grasped the shoulder portion on each side one at a time and pulled back, Jim’s swollen fingers slid right into the finger cups.

Ralph then grabbed the hood again, had Jim bend his head forward and worked the hood over Jim’s head.

It had taken quite a bit of time and effort by both men before Jim was finally completely inside the suit and the Velcro tab at the back closed up.

The hood had openings for Jim’s eyes, mouth and nostrils.   The only other part of his body showing was his still hard dick and nuts, which protruded seductively through an opening at the crotch.   There also was an opening for Jim’s back door, but it was not readily noticeable.

Ralph was extremely excited.   He had fantasized about this moment for the past couple of weeks.   He ran his hands gently up and down the latex covered body, his cock pounding in his pouch.

“Arms behind your back, Jimmy boy.”  He ordered.

Jim obeyed instantly.   He could see that Ralph was really turned on and didn’t want to do anything that would get him angry.   The suit felt strange, very sexy in a way and he could feel his dick bouncing up and down.

Ralph applied a set of handcuffs to Jim’s wrists.    He then picked up Jim’s collar and placed it around his neck and locked it in position.    Next he attached the leash.

“Ok, Jimmy boy, let’s go have us some fun.”  Ralph said as he headed toward the cell door.

This story © by Rob Allie, 2002, all rights reserved.

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