Sneakers, socks, then barefoot and naked: Johnny V Gets Tickled!

At My Friends Feet, gorgeous blond hunk Johnny V has taken a real shine to foot fun and when a stud like him hangs around for long enough it isn’t too far a stretch for him to be tied up and tickle tortured. Ricky Larkin and Joey helped out in tormenting Johnny’s fantastic body and feet. He’s SO ticklish, and being a big muscle guy there were lots of areas on his body for all three to tickle! Six hands and 30 fingers all over his soles, armpits and the rest of him drove him to hysterics!

johnny_v_tickled_02 johnny_v_tickled_03 johnny_v_tickled_04 johnny_v_tickled_05 johnny_v_tickled_06 johnny_v_tickled_07 johnny_v_tickled_08 johnny_v_tickled_09 johnny_v_tickled_10


If you love muscular men, then you will love Johnny V and his sexy size 12 feet. His friendly demeanor and dazzling smile are the first things you’ll notice about Johnny.

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