By rts

Today my ultimate bondage fantasy will be realized. I am standing in the workshop of this custom body armor fabricator. Laid out on his workbench are the pieces of my new suit of steel armor that he has made to measure for me. It has been designed so that my entire body will be fully encased in the heavy steel, which will be bolted and locked on me, impossible for me to remove. He will keep control of the keys.

I am wearing a thick neoprene wet suit, gloved booted and hooded, my cock and balls hanging outside the suit thru an opening, there is another opening centered over my butt hole. The suit is already quite warm on me. He begins the process of enclosing me in the pieces of the steel suit. First he places the lower leg pieces on with attached steel feet, snapping them closed and bolting them together. then the upper legs and knee cups are attached and secured around my thighs snug up to my crotch. He then picks up the largest and heaviest pieces designed to cover me from my crotch to my head. This piece consists of a breast plate and front crotch/chastity part hinged in the crotch to a butt enclosing back plate that forms into a helmet covering the back of the head. There is a hole left in the butt piece that will align with the butt opening in my wetsuit. The front and back half’s to be joined together at the shoulders and down each side.

Holding this open for me I step into it as he lifts it up my body, the cold steel pressing snugly against my exposed cock as he closes it around me. The back of my head fitting tightly into the half helmet. The weight of the steel begins to feel ponderous on me. I am really heating up now. He slowly bolts the torso pieces together, locking them on. I am now ready for the final coverings, the arms with attached mitts and shoulder caps. These pieces I slide my arms into, my hands now confined in flexible steel mitts. The shoulder caps are bolted and locked to the torso breast/back plate so that now I am entirely covered and locked in the heavy steel suit. The last item remaining is the front half of the helmet/head covering. He takes this and placing it over my face joins it to the back half bolting it closed. The only openings in it are several small eye holes and a mouth hole.

I am now helplessly locked into this very heavy suit at least 75 lbs, now very hot, and difficult to move in. The now one-piece torso, crotch, head covering prevents me from rotating my upper body or bending at the waist, I can’t turn or move my head. I can slowly walk around, but movement is restricted by the crotch to thigh joint, and while I have some movement of my arms the shoulder caps are preventing me from lifting them high enough to reach my mouth opening or rotating them much. As a test of my movement, he helps me to kneel down then orders me to stand back up. I am really struggling and almost fall over but I manage to do it but I am now breathing heavily and sweating, the weight of the suit is very oppressive.

He now shoves a hose in my mouth and water begins to flow as I eagerly swallow it. Removing the hose, he shoves a rubber gag into my mouth somehow fastened to the helmet preventing me from spitting it out. He asks me if I am ok but all I can do is grunt.

“I’ll be back in 24 hours to see how you are doing and you will get some water then, but you are going to have to get use to that suit as you will be in it for a long time.” I am frantically grunting and I try to grab him as he starts to leave, he angrily gives me a shove and I stumble backward and fall heavily to the ground. I am thrashing around helplessly trying to get back on my feet as the door slams behind him and I hear the lock click closed.


8 thoughts on “Steel”

  1. Thanks a lot for this, rts. A really nice story.

    I do like suits of stell armour, especially the idea to be helplessly locked inside one. Unfortunately, ths fetish seems to be quite uncommon – or do people just don’t talk about it as they feel they are the only ones with this kind of weird fetish?

    Whatever – it would be hot to read a sequel of this!

    1. I’ve had this fantasy of being bolted and lock in to a full suit of steel armor ever since I was a kid, the idea of being helplessly contained in one, enduring the restrictiveness, the weight and the heat as I endure the hours trapped in it, both protected and yet vunerable in the difficulty of free movement and the weight of it. I would like to come up with some ideas to continue this story

  2. You are CERTAINLY not alone in wanting this, in fact a guy called Rubcop on Recon is getting a suit of armour built for himself now in the mode of King Henry the 8ths “Cloth of Gold ” suit,the one with the all encasement and codpiece.
    I would relish the idea of being bolted into such a suit.

  3. Years back I rode with a motorcycle “club”. The president of it was wealthy and had many kinky toys. He put all of us in the group through “training”. You never knew what you’d end up in. He was also good at torture, psychological as well as physical. One day he asked me out to his property, said he wanted to show me something. He had two complete suits of armour. He had me put him in his suit over full leather bike gear and use the leather straps to buckle him in. then he blindfolded me and proceeded to put “my” suit on over my leathers. He said blindfolded it was more “interesting” . Once everything was on but the helmet, he took the blindfold off and rapidly placed the helmet on. A few clicks and I was stuck. Everywhere that was a leather strap on his suit was steel and padlock on mine. I knew he wouldn’t kill me on purpose, but he had pushed things before. He told me the suit weighed 96 pounds and with all the padlocks was over 100. There was no way out but him. I was broiling in the suit and my leathers. the afternoon temperature was 115 degrees. We had put the suits on outside on the patio, he told me to sit down in the wrought iron chair. I did and seconds later he’d padlocked the back of the suit to the chair . I was in direct sunlight and cooking. I told him if he didn’t want to kill me off, he’d have to do something to cool me down. He proceeded to soak me with the garden hose, which did cool me off, for about 15 minutes. Then I was just as hot with 100 per cent humidity. He was proceeding to unbuckle his armour. Somewhere later I must have passed out. I woke up in the guest room on the bed. He didn’t do anything else to me and in the air conditioned house I was surviving. Laying down in armour is not good, your body shifts in the armour and everything pinches or hurts. I was there a day and a half total before he unlocked me. It was an interesting experience (he provided lot’s of “interesting experiences” . He didn’t do them for sexual reasons, (although my little friend stood at attention a bit during the time I was stuck) He was a kinky bastard that loved putting people in situations. The steel encasement was a one time thing, but as a writer an experience I could draw on. That wasn’t the worst thing he came up with, the worst was sealing several of the club members in total coverage NBC hazmat suits for 15 days stuck at his desert compound. We all lived through it but there were a few seriously fucked up guys mentally.

  4. I love all the comments and stories. I love steel and have a stainless steel torso cage that was custom made for me. I love it but I want more.

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