Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 10

By boyinacage

Part 10 – Solitary Confinement

The bastards left me out there all night. At some stage during the night the tail was removed and I became the casual sex tool again. At a later stage a urinal hood was placed over the weird hood I was already wearing. It seemed my fate with these guys was to drink an inordinate amount of piss. Needless to say that positioned as I was, with these random acts, I got no sleep.

At some stage during the night I had to take a leak. This was no mean feat as the sheath covering my cock had no outlet, and as the built in cock ring was quite tight, it took some concentration to empty my bladder. Most of which dribbled into the rubber ball sack with some pooling around my stomach.

In the morning I could begin to feel the warmth of the sun on my back and I was finally detached to the point where I could stand. Stiff as I was it was good to be standing. Mind you, as I stood I got that delicious feeling of sweat running down in rivulets between the rubber and my skin. The sensation is one I find slightly ticklish and slightly exhilarating for the first few seconds. It was only later that I realised it was probably the piss rather than sweat.

Today was the day we were all heading back to Sydney. New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour is one of the world’s must do activities and appears on countless bucket lists and for the Masters’ friends from Berlin it was a must do event. As this was an eight hour drive back to the city most of the guys were getting ready to go. As a farewell gesture I was taken – completely blind – to the front yard and made to kneel down and take the last loads of piss before the departing drone of motorcycles took off down the driveway.

Once these guys had left I was forced onto my hands and knees and a plug was inserted into my anal condom. Once done the urinal hood was removed, once again giving me the shadow world of the birds. I was then led to the van. I don’t know why but I had assumed that I would be making the trip back again in the sleep sack but this wasn’t to be the case. Instead there was a large metal box, about seven foot long, two feet wide and two feet high. It was full of those small pellets used for packing boxes. Indeed once I had climbed in the melded around me quite comfortably.

Once in the box my wrists were attached to fixed restraints in the side of the box. My feet were locked into slots at the end of the box and straps were wrapped across my torso, thereby preventing any movement. The guys then, as you can probably guess by now, emptied their own bladders before a moment of fear passed through me when I heard the metal lid close and locks being pushed into place. Total Isolation!

Well, not really as I discovered. The plug and the ball stretcher had been connected to a remote electro-stim device. This had been tuned to the vehicle (probably sound based) so that when the vehicle accelerated, braked or made some other change in speed they both went off. A bit of a surprise there I must say. The vehicle indicators were the worst as they set up a stimulatory pattern that made my dick start to harden and throb. Unfortunately the indicators were never on long enough to get me to a point of ejaculation. A point I desperately wanted to reach after all this time but one that was also hampered by the tight rubber confines of the sheath. Other than that the trip was uneventful although the smell of piss from that last covering was with me the whole time.

It was now over a week that I had been in servitude. All my thoughts were now concentrated on what further humiliations I would be subjected to and those I’d already been through. Very few thoughts remained around other activities such as work, family, friends and social activities. Was this usual for people in such a short space of time? I don’t know. Usually in a scene that lasted a couple of hours my thoughts would start wandering all over the place, now it was about arse, mouth, piss and electro. Not to forget to mention my desperate need to blow my load.

When we got back to their house I was released from the box. For an hour or so I was subjected to electro play. I was given orders that if I didn’t obey led to me being subjected to sharp shots of pain to my arse and/or balls. When I was rewarded I’d get a rhythmic stimulation that always brought me to the brink but never to release. After they tired of this game I gave a few blow jobs took some piss, had my hand cuffed behind my back and put into the cage. Finally, a chance to get some sleep? No. The ball stretcher was attached to the top of the cage just a wee bit short of me being able to sit on the ground. This meant that I had to keep myself elevated at least three inches higher – difficult at the best of times, the confined space preventing me from kneeling properly without my head getting in the way of the suspension ropes.

It was much later that alpha came to clean me down. Again I was taken to the concrete basement. The suit was stripped off me – I smelt like stale piss. “Aren’t you the lucky one” he said as he stripped off the suit.”The ointment in this suit is very expensive, worth it though, it’ll prevent your body hair growing for the next six months.” I was horrified, I love my body hair, not to have it would take away some of my manhood, not to mention the fact that it was sure to be remarked upon at the gym. ”My Master’s must really like you.” With that he back handed my stiff cock, painfully enough for me to bend over in shock. “Pity they won’t be needing you tonight, so you better get some sleep as you’ll be out on the harbour all day tomorrow before the fireworks.”

With that comment he zapped the electric dog collar. I’d forgotten all about it. I fell to my knees and he pushed me all the way down with his boot. He then kicked me forward with his boots to a plate of dried dog kibble. “Eat” he demanded. I tried but it was dry.”Eh, some piss to help boy?” Really, I was sick of this guy, and I went to get up to confront him but was instantly back down on my knees due to the collar. I ate the piss sodden kibble. When I finished a bit gag was wrapped around my head. Comfortable enough not to irritate, but tight enough to prevent me talking.

He then used his boot again to drive me towards one wall. Ordered to stand I thought I’d resist again only to find myself on my knees again in pain. “Up boy and open that door”. I did as I was told. Behind the door was a narrow closet with a drain in the floor. The first thing that struck me was that it smelt of stale urine. The second thing was that there were four parallel beams of wood horizontally slotted into the side walls.

After a bit more trouble I was positioned against the four planks. The ones at the base were at ankle height and when alpha slipped another in front I realised they were like stocks. My legs were spread about two feet apart. The next set was similar and set about my thighs. Another set around my stomach and another set for my wrists and neck. Each was slotted in and locked into place with bolts and padlocks. Once these were all in position a small Mr S seed pod was placed over my genitals. Back to chastity it would seem. To finish off his work he slipped a pole through a hole in the base of the closet. At the top was an oversized dildo which seemed to fit comfortably into my stretched arse. He then extended the pole so that I was fully impaled to the point of minor discomfort. However, the pushing against the prostate made my cock attempt to harden. That was painful, the bloody pod had spikes in it.

To finish things off weights were added to my nipple rings. As a last touch he used a light electro wand to zap me. No matter what I did I couldn’t avoid it and he obviously got a lot of entertainment out of it. At least my cock and balls were safe from it. Once he’d finished playing he asked me: “Do you remember your first day here? Remember the small room with the red bucket? Guess where the drain hole for that finishes, hahaha? I know you can’t look up, but its right above you.” With that he laughed and closed the door. In the pitch darkness I could hear the bolts being put into position and I somehow knew there would be padlocks. Five minutes later, obviously to prove a point, I felt the first of many golden showers.


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