Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 09

By Boyinacage

Part 9 – The morning after

My legs were still bound spread when I woke up. My chest was covered in wax. All I could smell was stale piss. My balls hurt like hell and my arse could feel something stretching it. For once I was hooded without a gag – probably a safety thing. I tried to stretch my legs but all that achieved was lifting my body and for some unknown reason stretched my balls.

A vague recollection of them being chained to the floor flitted across my mind. Another vague memory surfaced, a half kilo metal butt plug being inserted. It had taken two guys a long time to stretch me to take it. It was still obviously there, although the guys who inserted it were gone.

The silence was scary. How long would I be stuck here? How long had I slept? Where was everybody? Had they gone back to Sydney and left me here? My guess was that the party went quite late and that there would be a few hangovers this morning. The upside of course was that for over 48 hours this was the first time I wasn’t being humiliated, battered, fucked or pissed on. I luxuriated in the silence.

In fact I must have drifted off to sleep – I was that exhausted. A door banging woke me. As I drifted into consciousness I could hear boots walking across the concrete floor. They paused. Silence. Then a pain shot through my balls. “Morning boy, how are they hanging?” The question was obviously not for answering as he broke up with laughter. It was alpha and he had just given my stretched balls an almighty whack with the back of his hand. I heard the boots pace deliberately to the wooden steps and ascend them.

It was then that I learnt it wasn’t a hood but another of those gas masks that I was wearing. It turned out that the gas mask was sealed completely across my face and that all my breathing had been through some short tubing. As the piss started to flow I realised that there was no way to breathe without drinking because my nose was inside the seal. Struggling to not drown, but to drink, I heard alpha laugh “oh boy, nothing like taking that first morning piss”. Turns out that alpha was the first by about an hour and the when the other guys woke up their first port of call was yours truly.

At some time during the morning the steel butt plug was removed. Several of the guys (obviously from the winning team) had a go at fucking me. Truth be told I probably wasn’t a good fuck any more. My famously tight arse wasn’t having its sides touched any more. I began to crave something larger to stimulate me. I was still soft, was that normal? For me, no.

Later that day, mid-afternoon, I was released. Well, I use that in the loosest terms. I was allowed to stretch my limbs before having my arms cuffed behind me. Food was offered – from a dog bowl but with fresh water for a change – which is difficult when your arms are cuffed behind you. Ended up having to lie on my stomach and eat what appealingly looked like dog food straight from the tin – I swear I ended up with more on my face than in my mouth. From there it was a walk to the outhouse and an enema to clean me out. Again, I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’ve been stretched and plugged I’m unable to use my rear end for its original purpose.

Once done it was back out to the shed for a good hose down.  Tied spread-eagled between two poles I was scrubbed from head to foot – there was no wax left at the end of that clean! Then the ultimate humiliation – a total shave from the neck down. First the electric clippers and then a complete lather up. It was a tough job for them as I screamed my lungs out. Never had I been hairless before – that was for the scene queens and the Nancy boys. Real men have chest hair, hair on their arse and balls – and god damn it I was a real man, wasn’t I? I was somehow beginning to doubt it. Several times I was given a flogging on my arse to quieten me down. Ultimately, however, I was as smooth as a baby’s bottom from neck to the tips of my toes, fingers and cock. No sun-bathing at Obelisk Beach – my favourite harbour nude, mostly gay, beach for the foreseeable future.

Once completed an electric collar was put on me, obviously to regain my cooperation. This was followed by a head to toe application of pujr bodyglide, a silicon lubricant. I was then released and directed to put on the most amazing rubber suit I have ever seen. Sliding into the legs I discovered that the feet actually had toes in them. The legs were tight but flattering with rough, tough, padding at the knees.

The trickiest part on putting on shoulder entry catsuit is getting the suit over the arse and sitting comfortably. This was made more difficult because it had a very small inbuilt cockring that I needed to get my cock and balls through. The balls had to end up in a small rubber sack whilst my cock had to be forced into a rubber sheath. One of the biggest difficulties that I have with these sorts of set ups is the same one I have with chastity devices – my tendency to start getting a hard on at the point where being flaccid would be more useful. The more that I try to shrink the more I grow, and this sheath wasn’t designed for somebody who expanded as much as I do.

The second interesting conundrum was that this suit came with an inbuilt anal condom and if it wasn’t for some rough help from alpha I don’t think I would have got it positioned properly. Once in alpha inserted a butt plug dog tail. And once the accoutrements were fully in position, the suit also had a second layer that zipped up over it, with special clips to keep the tail in position.

My arms slid down into built in ball mitts that forced my fingers to form a fist, which essentially meant that at that point I could no longer complete putting on the suit myself. Alpha then diligently zipped up the shoulder zips. Reinforced small holes, no more than half a centimetre in diameter, were positioned for my nipples and alpha used my nipple rings to painfully pull them through. Two small disks of rubber, one side covered in Velcro, were then snapped into position over them – not with the standard press studs, but with the Velcro.

To top the whole thing off was the hood, which was an integral part of the suit. It was first zipped, and then laced (and remember I was still wearing an electric remote control collar under the suit). The mouth was a bit like the anal condom but firmer and open ended, intruding about two inches into my mouth making it impossible to talk and holding my tongue firmly (but not harshly) into place. Two tubes were then positioned into my nostrils and curled via clips to the back of my head.  The first sets of clips were next to protruding, heavily tinted, lenses. From the outside these looked a bit odd but from the inside they were even more bizarre as they allowed me to see out sideways in much the same way as birds do. The deep tint only allowed me to see outlines rather than actual figures – making everything look like a kind of eerie 2-dimensional shadow world. The hood was then locked into place with a three pillar lock that brought a strap around the neck, the shoulder zips and the hood zip through a single lock.

Just above the ankles were some rubber belt loops that enabled some firm metal cuffs to be placed over the rubber without the chance of ripping it. The same were applied at the thighs, biceps, wrists and balls (not like a cockring but above the ball sack like a ball stretcher). All these points were then locked together – ankles to the back of the thighs, side of the thighs to the balls, wrists to the balls, front of the thighs to the biceps. Indeed I was forced into a position on my hands and knees.

Once done, a leash was attached and I was led out to the swimming pool. The guys were relaxing by the pool and barely paid any attention as I was made to climb onto a sun lounge. After about an hour one of the guys went for a swim, climbed out, wandered over, stuck his cock in my mouth a relieved himself.  A little later somebody else decided to mouth fuck me.

As the afternoon progressed various guys made use of me in various ways – not with any real interest in me but in the more humiliating way of “oh, if it’s there and I need it, it’ll do” sort of way. However, as the afternoon moved into twilight a new game eventuated. Somebody came up behind me and pushed me off the lounge. As I regained my hands and knees I became like a soccer ball with different people prodding me with their feet or slapping me with their hands. A slap on the arse would force me in one direction and a push on the shoulders in another.

This sort of sport was exhausting, particularly with the verbal bullying that went with it. On top of that the Velcro over the nipples rubbed like sand paper and my balls pulled in all directions from the chains attaching them to my various appendages. When they tired of the game I was shackled into a position and left as they went in for dinner.


To be continued …



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