The Altar

By Catdude

Part 1

Ah, university, for most our first taste of freedom and a chance to explore, down the track some knowledge apparently is passed along, I was at uni and loving it. I was staying on campus, but (thankfully) not in one of the party colleges, oh don’t get me wrong, there was a buttload of partying going on but thankfully I was in one of the cookie cutter colleges on campus, they were a large 5 story building, nice and simple.

Best thing was no ruling student council or anything so no lame initiation thing, some people find it hot, the truth is it is lame as hell.  Had a buddy at a party college, theirs was had to crawl around in a circle wearing baby underwear on their heads while other guys and gals tipped cask wine on them, super lame.

catdudeI had been in boarding school for the past 6 years so I was no stranger to living away from home, but when you’re a young horny lad developing your kinkier side, boarding school is not the place to be. The number of close calls I had nearly being caught checking out kinky sites, I look back now and shake my head at how lucky I was not to get caught.

However now that I was free I was indulging in my kinkier side in a big way, my first step had been to set up a Recon profile. The second step had been a little more personal and permanent. I had known that something was different for me and when I realized it was the fact that I liked other boys I had been happy that the missing piece was now found, tho again I had felt that something was different still, then I had discovered bdsm and another piece clicked into place. It’s funny but I look back now and think of the times some friends and I had played Houdini by getting one of my friend’s dad’s old wool jumpers and stretching the arms around and tying them in a knot behind ourselves and stuff. It had given me a funny feeling in my tummy and the smell of my friend’s dad on the jumper had also caused some odd feelings and stuff. Now both of those made sense.  Anyway the point is I had always been gay and kinky, so I figured there was no point denying it and that I might as well just get on with it and enjoy myself. So the second thing I did was to get a tattoo of a barcode on the base of my neck, using the number issued from good old Then I had found Josh, or Sir Josh. He was also at the uni, though he lived off campus, but he often made use of my room on campus for when he had longer breaks between lectures or had early lectures, of course during the time he slept over I spent the night on a rug at the end of my bed collar and leash attached to one of the legs of the bed. The best part about our relationship however was the altar.

It wasn’t so much an altar as a dedication to master Josh, it had been a simple side table that I had drabbed with a rubber sheet (local rubber pool supplies store, helpful people) two frames hung on the wall just above it, inside the frames were symbols, one was my barcode in the lower photo frame, in the one above it was Josh’s symbol, sitting on top of the rubber covered table was a leather bound journal, it was actually more of a scrap book, in it was photos and written accounts of scenes. A sort of timeline of what Josh and I had done to date, just below the journal was my ‘inside’ collar. And then the crowning glory resting on the floor in front of the altar. My boots!

Black leather harness boots, that came about halfway up my thigh, the black leather was still newish so the leather was still a little stiff, but the boots had that new sheen to them, that gleam from the black leather that draws you to these sorts of boots in stores, the metal ring on the harness glinting like a beacon, though one that drew you into the darkness more then it saved you from it. I loved these boots, I had used my ‘congratulations on getting into university’ money from my grandparents on these boots. (although I had told them I brought text books) they had a place at the altar because they represented my transformation. At home there was no way I could get away with wearing boots like this, my friends and family knew that I was mostly a sneaker wearer, here on campus though, no one knew me, so I could get away with it easily. I loved my boots, I liked to wear them with a old pair of jeans I had, they were a tad long in the leg so the bottoms were frayed and wrecked, and the shreds of denim looked great as they rested against the gleaming black leather of my boots, I liked to sit in lectures and casually hitch my jeans a little as if to make them sit a little more comfortably, but in reality I was making sure that the glint of the harness ring was visible. That’s what I loved about harness boots, they were just a nice average boot until that little ring of metal catches your eye.

I knelt down before my altar stroking the boots, technically I should have swapped my outside collar for my inside collar, Josh wanted me collared at all time, it is phenomenal how much something around your neck that you don’t choose to have there can mess with you. Don’t believe me? Try it sometime. My outside collar was a dog chocker chain, the two circular ends had a padlock threaded through them to hold it closed, the key was always in my room, Josh had looped a chain around one of the slats of my bed and then used wood glue to permanently attach that slat to the bed frame so I couldn’t lift it up and slide the chain off. He had used a soldering iron to solder the keyring sealed. He would bring dirty socks and sometimes dirty jocks around (it may sound hot in theory but even the biggest scent pig would not like the smell of rank jocks after 4 weeks) and would keep them under my bed and I was not allowed to move them, to unlock my padlock I had to crawl under my bed amongst his stinking socks and jocks to reach the key, yes it was hell humiliating!

This meant that once I was outside my room I couldn’t take the collar off, the first week I had noticed it the most, then it had sort of become normal. However at the oddest times out of the blue it would suddenly prey on my mind. Sometimes the collar felt heavier, sometimes it felt tighter, those times were the worst I had to resist reaching up and tugging the collar, just had to focus on breathing deep and even until the sensation stopped. Once I was inside I was supposed to swap the chain for my inside collar, currently laying on the altar it was thick leather, three d rings were evenly spaced around it, providing a number of options for tops. It was lockable, but since I may need to remove it quickly on the event that someone knocked on my door I did not have to keep it locked. Usually the first thing Josh did when he came into my room was lock my collar on. I had come in quickly to change and hit the gym so I didn’t have to swap my collar out, however I quickly changed, I had to be at the gym in ten minutes, Josh would be checking up on me, I sighed as I got changed, I enjoyed working out at the gym, I like that ache afterwards that tells you that you have done a nice hard session and your body feel it, however I did not enjoy what I had to wear at the gym. Josh dictated that I had to wear a singlet and short shorts, the singlet had a really low back so that my slave tat was clearly visible, that didn’t phase me since no one would know what it was, the only problem was that the lock was also visible with the neckline, and that bothered me a hell of a lot, it wasn’t a massive obscene lock, but it was like with the boots, anyone who knew me would instantly ask what the hell I was doing with a chain locked around my neck, it was more of a massive mind fuck than anything else, you always suspect that everyone knows when your doing something that isn’t your natural behaviour, even though the truth is that strangers don’t know you and most of the time they don’t give a shit about you. The shorts were another thing that added to my general discomfort, they were not indecently short, hell there were guys at the gym who wore waaaaaay shorter ones (boy did I like that!) however they were short enough and the legs wide enough that my usual habit of not wearing underwear would result in my tackle being pretty visible whenever I laid back to do a bench press or a number of other work out positions. Thus I had to wear underwear, however Josh had decided on THAT as well. Teeny silky black bikini briefs, they would be classed as unisex however it would be a close thing that stopped them being listed in victorias secrets, it was that reason that Josh made me wear them, I had to admit wearing just them and my gym singlet covered in sweat and the chain I looked sexy as hell and not even slightly feminine, however by themselves sitting in a drawer they looked like your girlfriend might have left some undies behind. Because they were black and the pant legs were not THAT wide, someone would have to be pretty damn close to me to be able to tell any of this, however again, it was the mindset that I had to overcome, not a physical issue, the fact that I didn’t wear underwear made me always very aware of them when they were on. I pulled on the damn things and then the cursed shorts and raced out the door to the gym, I would be cutting it close.


Part 2


No, Josh did not wait for me at the gym or anything, he didn’t need to, technology has so many uses. Again with the use of soldering iron josh had attached a GPS tracker to my keyring, something that I had to take with me all the time. It was called a trackstick, and it made sure I kept to the schedule that Josh wrote up for me, I had to attend all my lectures and pracs, I had to spend a designated hour and a half at the gym each day, I was not allowed to leave uni grounds without first receiving permission from him. The last one was a kicker, boarding school had been the same, had to fill out like 6 forms 24 hours in advance if you wanted to leave the school grounds. Of course the university campus was massive. But of course there is nothing like being told you can’t go somewhere that makes you want to go there all the more. The stick wasn’t live update or anything like that, each night I plugged it into my computer and uploaded the maps it stored to a password protected blogsite were Josh could check them at his leisure. For all I know he never checked them, however I was not about to test that theory.

I arrived home after my work out to find Josh in my room, he was taking some pics of the altar, again I suspected this was a checking method he used to make sure I wasn’t moving it around or anything, I had looked around to see if he had placed marks on the floor to show where it was sitting but I had been unable to see any, anyway about every 2-3 weeks he would come in and photograph my altar. He nodded to me when I came in and then placed the camera on the bed and told me to take off my shorts and stand with my hands behind my head. I did as he ordered and then waited, I stood there with the front of my gym singlet drenched in sweat from my workout, the silky black briefs peeked out from under the end of the singlet, and of course I was still in my sneakers, Josh moved around me, touching me lightly, a hand brushing across my ass or my inner thigh, a light kiss on the back of the neck or maybe a hard bite on my neck. Soon my cock was making a very noticeable bulge in my silky undies, and I was panting in a way that had nothing to do with my recent work out, Josh laughed at me and told me to take of my shoes and go for a shower, I unlaced my sneakers and placed them neatly in the designated area. Josh was big on footwear, my gym runners went to the left of my drawers and my social sneaks when to the right of it, the boots of course lived in front of the altar, the laces of the sneakers neatly tucked inside the shoe, I had learned very quickly that kicking sneakers off and leaving them around the room was very unacceptable. Josh grabbed two towels and then motioned me to go out the door in front of him with a grin, I groaned on the inside, I was going to have to walk down the hall to the communal bathrooms in my singlet and undies, again this was more of a mental fuck for me since people had worn way less to and from the showers many times, this was a university dorm, not a convent.

Once back in my room freshly cleaned Josh walked over to my drawers and got some clothes out, he dropped laundry around every now and again, I had to clean it, iron it, and then neatly fold it and place it in the top drawer encase he needed clothes. He pulled out some jeans and a polo shirt, he was obviously going out, and would probably come back here to spend the night after the party.

While he dressed he told me to dry off and change to my inside collar, of course he made sure I was nice and clean before making me crawl around in his dirty sock and jocks, soon I had the collar unlocked and went over and neatly placed the padlock and chain on the altar, the chain was laid out in a line and the padlock was locked shut and placed just under it (you guessed it, this meant when it was time to change back to my outside collar I would have to crawl under the bed again to unlock it). Once I had my inside collar on Josh came over and locked it, he told me to put my ball weights and boots on, then he went over to my desk and put his laptop on the desk next to my computer screen, I knew what was coming next when he did that. I quickly grabbed my ball weights, they were metal and the two halves were held together by a screw that you needed a allan key to undo, two o-ring screwed in either side of it. Once it was on I focused on my boots, I sat on the floor and pulled them near me, my cock sprang up when they brushed against the inside of my legs, the cold touch of leather and metal making me shiver with lust, I reached into the boots and pulled out a pair of sock and quickly pulled them on. Then I pulled the boots on, my cock getting harder as I looked down at the leather boots now hugging the calves of my legs. I quickly got up and went over to my computer desk and sat down in my chair with my arms on the armrests. First Josh too two lengths of chain, he padlocked one end of each of the chains around the arms of my chair and then used the free ends and two more padlocks to restrain my wrists to the arms of the chair. Then he knelt down and I scooted my chair forward.

The desk had come with the room and as with all dorm furniture it was big ugly and would probably survive a head on collision with a freight train and come out the victor. 30 people with a crane and a flatbed could probably steal it from the room but why the hell would you want to? Josh had made some slight modifications to my desk, he had placed o rings on either side of the desk on the inside, and one in the middle of the desk on the underneath. He took two more lengths of chain and attached one end of each to the o rings on the side and then looped the other end around my boots, I had to spread my legs slightly for this to be possible, once the chain was around my boots I tried to stay as still as possible, it was my greatest fear that my boots would get scuffed from the chains. Josh took the last piece of chain, he padlocked the chain to the o ring on the underside of the desk using one of the chain links in the middle and then had me scoot further forward so that I was nearly touching my desk and then padlocked the ends of the chain to the two o-rings on my ball weights. I was now anchored to the prehistoric desk by my balls and boots, and my arms were chained to the arms of my chair. Josh reached forward and clicked his laptop onto screen saver and immediately the screen started to fill with pictures of hot guys, guys tied up, guys in boots, guys in leather, guys in rubber and basically any other pictures of guys that would get my tool hard, he ruffled my still damp hair and told me not to go anywhere and then left, locking the door behind him. I had between now and when he returned to write a bondage story for him, he had found out he liked my stories early on, but that I sometimes needed a little inspiration to write, so he provided that inspiration. I would be pretty much overstimulated from now until he returned, I knew from experience there was no point jerking off since its more fun to be like this and horny then chained to a desk by your balls when you not horny and covered in drying cum. I sighed and started typing, gotta love uni life.


Part 3


I stomped into my room and slammed the door behind me, it made a satisfyingly loud bang. I took a few deep breaths and resisted the urge to kick something. I was only wearing joggers so it would no doubt hurt like heck, had I been in my harness boots something would have definitely copped a good booting. Josh was being a royal pain in the ass, he had put a blanket ban on all off campus activities. I was on strict orders to come from pracs and lectures straight home, and then only to go to gym, rest of the time I was to stay in dorm. I was getting major cabin fever, I wanted to head out and have some fun on town, I wanted to go to the movies! Instead I was stuck inside my room except for gym and lectures. I grumbled as I crawled under the bed, angrily shoving josh’s damn socks and jocks out of the way to get to the key, the other thing was that Josh was spending a LOT of time here, sometimes just quickly popping in, other times spending the night, keeping me in bondage and stuff. He was acting really weird, like he was nervous or something.

Once I had undone my outside collar I laid it on the altar and strapped on my inside collar, the only good thing that had happened in the past few weeks was that a cute guy at the gym had come up and talked to me. I usually tried to avoid that, working out with my ipod usually dissuaded people from making conversation, however I had been so shitty that I had not been able to head out with some of my study group to see a movie that I had left my pod at home, I had been in the gym and using the yoga mats in the corner to do my warm down stretches when a dude had dropped onto the mats next to me and nodded and said he liked my tatt. I had been a little shocked since I had been in my own little world still sulking, so I had um’d and ah’d a bit like a moron. His name was Trent, he was in most days around the same time as me, I had thought he was flirting with me at first, but turns out that he was looking for someone to spot him, that worked out for me, my work out had been hampered a little by the fact that I was unable to use some of the free weights cause I didn’t have a spotter, and I wasn’t able to use the heavier weights on the free weight exercises I did for the same reason (ever heard of a horizontal curl? Also known as a skull crusher, you lay on a bench hold a barbell above your head and bend it back till it touches your forehead keeping your arm from the shoulder to the elbow straight, you do not want to do that with a heavy weight alone) anyway since then Trent had been my work out buddy which had helped me push myself a bit hard which was always a good thing.

Thinking about Trent made my cock bone up, he was sooo damn hot!! I had to admit that I sometimes got a little distracted when I was laying on the bench and he was standing above me looking down, another reason for my shittiness with Josh at the moment was that Trent had asked if I wanted to head out to a cardio kick boxing class a few days a week, the answer was a big fat YES but it was off campus and thus vetoed. Many jerk off session had featured Trent smacking away at me in boxing gloves.

I shook my head and pulled on my jeans and then went over to my altar and grabbed my boots, of course holding my black leather harness boots in my hands while the strong smell of polish and leather flooded my nose was not really helping to do anything for my horniness. Once my boots were on and the comforting weight of them caused me to change the way I walked, I was calmed a little, yes it was frickin annoying that Josh was being such a hard ass on me, but hell, from nearly day one in uni I had a sexual playmate who was hot as heck, and dominant, the blanket ban on outside activities wouldn’t last, and if it did, then it would be time to have a serious chat, however I was not going to blow a good thing so that I could go to a damn kickboxing class with a straight guy, no matter how hot he was. I sat down at my comp to kill some time on recon and gaydar before I had to head to my next lecture.

Once I had changed back to my outside collar (damn I was going to have to wash some of these socks soon, the smell was getting a little damn strong!) I grabbed my notebook and headed down the stairs to go to my next lecture, I was still not 100% used to stairs wearing boots, and thus I tended to look down and watch my step a lot, and that was probably the only reason I saw the key, near the bottom of the stairs it had fallen in a one in a million way and dropped straight down a crack, only the smallest part of it still stuck up at ground level and the shadow of the step stopped light from hitting it and glinting off. I reached down and pried it out of the crack and held it up to look at it. If it was one of the ground floor rooms I would go and just slide it under their door, the building manager could let them back into their room with his master key, if it was one of the higher floors I would wait till I got back from my lecture. However instead of a room number there was just a letter, C, I was a little puzzled for a second then it hit me like a ton of bricks, THIS WAS A MASTER KEY!! There had been a dorm wide email from the admin staff last week!! It basically said that if the key didn’t turn up we would all have to pay a fee to get the new locks installed on the building, there had been a major fuss with everyone posting notices all over the place telling whoever had taken it to not be a tool and to hand it back into the office. I tucked it in my pocket and headed to my lecture, I would put it in a envelope when I got back from my lecture and drop it at the office mail slot later when the office was closed.

While I was waiting for my lecture to begin I was playing with my keychain thinking about what I would spend the 150 bucks I had put aside to pay the damn key refitting fee when suddenly it hit me, I looked down at the trackstick on my keyring, this was what Josh was using to keep tabs on my movements, I couldn’t leave my keys in my room with my door unlocked since that was just asking for trouble, but with a master key, I could lock my room and still get back in but not have my movement tracked by Josh. Our dorm keys were all do not duplicates, I had used up my one spare to give Josh a key so that he had access (you could lose one key and get a replacement, however if you lost that you had to pay for a new lock on your door) I had to plan this just right, there was 2 weeks before the deadline for the master key to be returned so I could head to some kickboxing classes with Trent while still appearing to obey orders, then hand it back before we all got fined, and if Josh hadn’t lifted the ban on leaving campus by then it would be time for a little chat, it was perfect.

I waited outside my dorm, I had told Trent I would be able to make kickboxing class that night, I knew Josh had back to back lectures and a assignment that evening so there would be no chance of him popping in to check on me. Trent had told me he would pick me up since I still didn’t know my way around town all that well (being banned from leaving campus will put a bit of a crimp on getting to know your new hometown) I was wondering how much longer Trent was going to be when the truck roared to a stop in front of me, It was massive, the passenger side window slid down and Trent grinned out at me, I had to reframe from rolling my eyes, damn str8 lads and their toys. Tho I had to admit the truck was hot as hell! I climbed in and Trent grinned at me, “I see you got some longer shorts.” He was always teasing me about my short shorts, and since tonight I was breaking the rules I had figured I might as well go all out and break them all, so I was wearing shorts that fell to just above my knees tonight. Plus for kicking I did not want to be in teeny shorts. For a reply I gave him the finger and he laughed and kicked the truck into gear and we roared off.

The kickboxing class was not actual combat style, it was just work out stuff, one person held the bag while the other person preformed a variety of kicks and punches and then you swopped over, the class sometimes had spare people who could be paired up but the best bet was to bring a partner.

At the end of the class I was sweating, but happy, it had been a great cardio workout, the weather was cooling down a bit too much for running and I hated exercise bikes and treadmills (all that work and you go nowhere!) I was glad to have a good cardio program to balance out my weights. We were walking towards Trent’s truck when suddenly someone touched my ass and I nearly jumped out of my skin, I spun around and Trent laughed, I suddenly realized that he had done it, I opened my mouth to chew him out, but he gently pushed me back against the back of his truck and started to kiss me. I was so shocked I froze, however my mouth reacted, my lips parted and his tongue slid between them, and met mine travelling in the other direction, he lightly flicked his against mine and then turned his head slightly and opened his mouth wider. I finally managed to unfreeze enough to reach out and touch him, as soon as my hands made contact with his hips he groaned into my mouth and a shiver ran up and down his body. He stepped forward and I felt his body radiating heat as he pushed against me, and the cool metal of the truck pushed into my sweat soaked back making me shiver. He pulled me away from the truck slightly and I felt his hands on my shoulders and then run down my arms, he pushed my arms back behind me slightly, I wasn’t paying attention really, his mouth was so hot, and he seemed nearly frantic to get as much of mine as he could.

When a second set of hands grabbed my wrists and they were suddenly pinched as a pair of cuffs was slapped on them, and I do mean literally cop slapped on, I am not ashamed to say that I actually pissed myself. If you think you could have that happen to you and not have an extreme reaction I would love to see it put to the test. I pulled away in shock and tried to twist to see what the hell was going on but suddenly Trent’s hands were back on my shoulders holding me steady, I opened my mouth to yell and suddenly a ball gag filled my mouth. And then arm was around my neck and squeezing, Trent’s face was all twisted up, he looked miserable, he leaned in as I gasped for breath, ‘I’m sorry dude, I am so so sorry.’ I was still managing to get some air, but the thing about headlocks is that they don’t stop your air, they stop the bloodflow to your brain, also, you don’t feel yourself pass out.


Part 4


I dunno if you have ever hear or read about kidnap victims counting the corners and listening for landmarks and crap while they are in the boots of cars and stuff, well I will tell you now it’s a load of crap. There is no way you can remain calm enough to do that, and even then do you know how many corners and stuff are in even a short car ride? Time yourself next time you go fro a drive, count how many corners you go round and stuff in 10 mins. Now try and remember that in reverse order. No chance.

I later found out that the drive was 20 mins long. I can’t remember how long it felt, anywhere between 2 minutes and 2 years. Eventually the rumble of the engine stopped and then the thought popped into my head that this was probably going to be the most pleasant part of the whole evening, talk about setting the bar low.

The box was jerked, this time it was the actual box being moved, there was a jolt as it was set on a floor, and then a moment’s silence, well not so silent for me since my breathing and heart rate were through the roof. Suddenly the top of the box was pulled open, glaring bright lights caused me to close my eyes out of reflex, many hands were laid on me (don’t ask how many, I was drowning in sensory overload) and I was suddenly airborne again, my hands were suddenly free, and I managed to open my eyes a little, they immediately teared up, and I couldn’t make out anything except light and moving blurs, suddenly a voice I didn’t recognize growled startlingly close to my ear, ‘welcome to underworld little man’ and then I felt my feet rest against a sloped surface and the hands let me go, my elbow banged painfully against the side of something and then I was sliding with no way of stopping.

When the movement ceased I realized I was lying on a mat of some sort and that I was in a lot of pain, I rolled over and groaned as this caused a whole new bunch of hurt spots to respond, I just lay there for a few seconds, no one seemed to be grabbing me, choking me, pinching my wrists with cuffs or stuffing me into or pulling me out of boxes, so I was happy to just lay there like that for a while. Eventually I sat up and looked around, plus I wanted to rub my shin, at some stage in all the fun and games it had copped a good whack. I sat there looking around rubbing my shin, behind me halfway up the wall was the hole I had come out of, obviously some sort of chute, I thought about trying to climb back up and then realized that would take me back to all the people who had stuffed me into the metal chest. No thanks. I was lying on some sort of gym mat, though one that had seen better days, flying out of a chute and landing on it naked had been marginally better then landing straight on the cement floor but only just, I had a few grazes but nothing was actually bleeding so that was a start. I reached up and found the ballgag had not been locked on or anything so I pulled it off. Ballgags are comfy if they are slightly squishy, this was not, and my jaw was aching from me smacking it against something and from the gag. I sat there and wiggled my jaw, I didn’t yell out because I had no desire to bring attention to myself while naked and barely able to move.

There was a heavy metal door on one of the walls, in fact a wooden door would have looked very out of place, everything around me was heavy duty metal, massive rivets all over the place, I half felt like I was in the hull of a ship but a distinct lack of bobbing around made me suspect this was not the case. I got up and tried the door, cause it’s just what you do. And to my surprise it opened, wow major fail on the bad guy’s part. I quickly opened it fully and peered out, walking straight into a guard or something would not be fun. The room outside was empty, a little larger than the one I had just been in, another door on the other side of it, I went to the door and noticed a sign on the wall, it was grim covered and old, but still readable, ‘warning hazardous gases, breathing apparatus required.’ Yea well I would just have to hold my breath and see how I managed, I opened the door and almost instantly slammed it shut again. I took a step back and coughed and choked while mucus poured out my nose and my eyes teared up. One whiff of the gas in the next room and I was nearly on the floor gasping for air. Ok so maybe the sign was valid, as I knelt on all fours gasping for air I noticed a hook on the wall across from me, and a gasmask hanging from it, if your wondering why I didn’t notice it before it’s because when your trying to get the hell out of somewhere and you see a door, you head for it and ignore everything else. The gasmask was a little weird, it was a Russian gasmask, but there was an extra piece of rubber attached. When my lungs started to work again I got up off the floor and went to investigate.

I stood there turning the mask over in my hands, the extra piece of rubber turned out to be an open face rubber hood, the back of it was glued to the gasmask, I didn’t want to risk tearing it off and possibly ripping the mask, but I didn’t feel entirely comfy about this, I felt like I was in the remake of rocky horror as directed by the guys who made ‘saw.’ The mask was kinky, there was no denying it, even if the rubber was pretty thick there was no mistaking it for anything industrial, but these surroundings were playing for keeps, I had no idea if there would be someone coming for me anytime soon so I didn’t want to stand around with my finger up my ass, I quickly pulled the first hood on, there was a zip at the back, it was a little tricky since the top of the zip sat just below where the hood had been glued to the inside of the gasmask but I managed to snag it pull it down feeling the mask hug my face as I did so, I smoothed it down and then pulled the gasmask on over the top of that hood, I ran my finger around the neck of the gasmask to get it to sit a little more comfortably and my finger came away covered in something tacky, I wiped my hand on my thigh, I was already filthy from rolling around on the floor and shit, so a little bit of lube or grease did not faze me. I took a deep breath listening to it rattle in the mask and then opened the door again. Instinctively I held my breath, but eventually had to breathe, and of course nothing bad happened. The air tasted a little weird, I didn’t know if that was some of the gas making it in, or just the result of the filter but when it didn’t set my lungs on fire or make my eyes water I proceeded into the next room.

The next room was actually a corridor, I walked down it, there was a number of vents along walls near where they met with the wall, I could feel the rumbling of machinery on the other side of the walls although what sort exactly I had no idea. There was very little lighting and it was scary as all hell, the nearby rumbling, the fact that I had no idea where I was, what I was heading toward or what the hell was going to happen to me. Scenes from horror movies kept flashing through my mind, I was twisting my head to look behind me so much I was starting to get a crink in my neck, you have shit all peripheral vision in a Russian gasmask, and everyone knows the monsters always grab you from behind, and when all you can hear is the sound of your own breathing and the rumble of machinery you feel a little nervous. The concrete floor was hard under my bare feet, the air of the room was moving and this made me shiver, I was naked and filthy, I was in some place probably run my maniacs who got thrills out of sneaking up behind guys and chopping them up with axes. No one knew I was here, no one knew who I was with. I would never be found, my dead body would be just left in some locked room to slowly rot until dumped somewhere.

With all this going through my mind I hesitated when I reached the door at the end of the corridor, I really didn’t want to go through and face whatever bunch of militant armed skinhead murder pact group was on the other side, but I opened it anyway and stepped through, cause I will tell you this now, there is no such thing as a horror worse then standing naked with your back to a long dark hallway when you can’t hear.

The next room was empty, except for another door, there was some sort of suit hanging on the wall beside it, but this was something I noticed about third on the list, I was alone but this did nothing for my confidence, mostly because of the walls, there was writing on them, I don’t mean signs I mean graffiti, it was everywhere and it all said the same thing, ‘underworld’ all over the walls, some in smaller writing that had been drawn with like pens, other areas paint splattered letters the size of my hands, in one instance massive meter tall letters spelt it out in red spray can, it was written diagonally, up and down, floor to ceiling and some overlapped each other, it was chaotic and scary as fuck, this was very very bad. The room was empty like I said but the whole ‘here’s Johnny’ vibe from the walls was very not cool. I was really close to freaking out, I could hear myself panting in fear and I felt a sob building in the back of my throat, I crept across the room not looking at the walls with their psych ward style decoration, I was very scared of that door, the reason is I had seen doors like it before, it was heavy and the handle was not a knob but a actual handle you had to pull toward yourself, I had seen it before at home on the cattle station I grew up on, where you may ask? On the door of the massive walk-in freezer units.


Part 5


I pulled the door open and sure enough cold air hit my naked body, I looked into the brightly lit room, it was huge, and hanging on hooks at regular intervals was raw bloody meat. The room swam before my eyes for a few seconds and I think I was close to passing out, but then I noticed all the carcasses were pig carcasses. Trust me when I say that even in your most paranoid freaking out moment, it is very hard to mistake a human body with a pig’s body, the hooves for a start.

I closed the door, I was shivering violently, partly from the cold and also from the adrenaline that had surged through me at the sight off all those dead bodies hanging from hooks. Someone was playing a very sick and twisted game here. I looked at the suit next to the door, my glimpse in the other room had shown that there was a door at the far end of the freezer, but it was a BIG room. Those few seconds in front of the door and I was shivering. The suit was a rubber catsuit, I still wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or not, trust me, if I had a choice between a messed up kink scene or a horror homicide scenario I was gonna go with kinky scene, but this still felt like it could be both, or maybe some sick mix of the two. The meat in the next room meant that clearly this room was not filled with gas, since you couldn’t risk exposing raw meat to a sort of gas that caused the violent reaction it had. I decided I would lift the edge of the mask a little and take a sniff, at the most it would make my eyes water a little, but shouldn’t reduce me to the coughing snot spewing wreck it had before. I lifted my hand and held my breath ready to take a quick breath and then let go, but the mask wouldn’t lift. I reached up my other hand and tried to tug the rubber of the mask away from the rubber of the hood, but they were firmly sealed together, I remembered the tacky stuff that had been on the inside of the mask. I must have been some sort of damn glue. I couldn’t pull the hood off without unzipping it first and I couldn’t fully unzip it with the gas mask on over the top. The rubber of the masks was to thick to tear, and for all I knew there was another gas filled room ahead, so ripping my mask to shreds was not a good idea. On a hunch I ran my finger around the inside of catsuit’s neck, sure enough it came away with the same tacky stuff. The neck of the suit would overlap with the bottom of the hood, meaning that they would glue together as well. I started to pull the suit on. It may seem a little strange that I was just doing what was expected of me but I was in a room that looked like something out of a crackhead’s worst trip, behind it was a corridor of darkness filled with deadly gas, behind THAT was a room that I had arrived in. Forward it was, if I got out of here alive I could cut this damn stuff off, till then I had bigger things to worry about.

The rubber didn’t do much against the cold of the room, but it helped. I had noticed the floor was metal, and I didn’t want to leave behind three layers of skin by walking across a frozen metal floor barefoot, the suit had built in gloves and feet so that was fine by me. I reached up to try and tug the neck away from the mask’s neck but it was to late they had already sealed together. This glue stuff was strong. I tried not to look at the carcasses as I passed them, ever seen blade? Dude is in a meatworks not knowing he is heading to a vampire lair and a dude pushes a plastic covered carcass past but you notice it’s actually human? I really did not want to look around and suddenly notice that one of the pieces of meat hanging from one of the hooks did not have two little trotters on the end of it.

The next room was also brightly lit, probably for a good reason, so you didn’t accidently step on the glass. It was everywhere. You could see that someone had poured cement over the original floor and then scattered glass everywhere while the cement was still wet. Oh yea, a few pieces of jagged metal stuck up here and there. Yes it was like a scene straight of saw, except for the boots. They were next to the door, which had a clear semicircle area in front of it, free of anything sharp and nasty. They were 14-hole rangers, nice boots! In any other circumstances I would have been rock hard just looking at them, two major differences from normal 14-hole rangers would have also made my cock twitch, the fact that instead of laces it had zipties and the set of shackles already fastened around ankle height on the boots. Now they just made me wonder what sort of deviant mind I was up against. There was no way I could cross the room with the glass without the boots. However the only way to do the boots up properly was to tighten the zipties, basically once they were on I wasn’t taking them off, and of course the shackles around them would hobble me. There was no option of not doing the boots up, faced with the prospect of being trapped in a pair of boots, or accidently tripping and falling face first onto a floor covered in jagged pieces of glass, it was a no brainer. I sat down and pulled the boots up, each ziptie made that unique zzzzzp noise as I tightened them, I read somewhere that it was possible to pick a ziptie and undo them but I have never succeeded and you needed a key or something to do it, well I had plenty of pieces of glass around, but I didn’t feel like trying it funnily enough.

I made my way across the room slowly, and carefully, I was breathing heavily in the mask and was now sweating like crazy, funny considering about 3 mins ago I had been freezing my nips off. I set a foot down gently, arms held out wide, I felt some of the glass crunch and break under my boots as I rested my weight on the boot, I waited till all movement under the boot had stopped before lifting my other foot and repeating the procedure. Sweat was pouring down my body by the time I made it to the other side of the room, and I was panting heavily. I finally reached the other semi circle clear of glass in front of the door, oh well, time to find out what fun awaited me next.

I pushed the door open again, there was a corridor, lit this time, after a short distance it twisted hard to the right, so I couldn’t see what was ahead of me, I stepped through the door and it swung shut behind me, a click that hadn’t been made by any of the other doors made me turn and grab the handle, locked. I stood there, which room did I actually want to go back to? That lovely little room with its floor of glass? Where if I fell I would have to push myself up by putting my hands on glass and pushing? The freezing locker with what I could only pray was filled with pig carcasses? Perhaps that nice room that had been decorated by mentally unstable tag artists? And lets not forget my all time favourite, the dark long hallway filled with poisoned gas. I turned back and walked down the hallway and turned the sharp corner, the corridor continued a short way and then there was a room, the wall that faced the corridor had more writing on it, but neat lettering this time, I squinted at it as I walked towards the room, in large even block letters the writing on the wall read ‘Hades rules the underworld.’ Great, nothing says deranged quite like references to the god of the dead.

I actually screamed when the hands grabbed me, the terror that had been building burst out of me in a thrashing screaming panic as two sets of hands clamped onto me. The guys had been waiting either side of the corridor and since I was looking at the writing and had little peripheral vision thanks to the mask I didn’t see them. This was it, the part where I was brutally murdered. My eyes were squeezed shot and I was trying to thrash and kick and scream as I was dragged across the room, I couldn’t kick out with my shackled legs, and the guys had a firm hold on me, they dragged me to a room and I fell back slammed against it hard enough to wind me which stopped me screaming for a second, my arms were wrenched above my head and manacles snapped around them. I drew in a deep breath trying to fill my lungs with air so I could start screaming again but the filter had been unscrewed off the mask and the air that filled my lungs was also filled with amyl fumes thanks to a rag soaked in it over the inlet, I coughed and gasped which of course drew more in, I slumped in the chains, head spinning. Amyl always hit me hard, I felt the world tilt and everything was fuzzy I felt my knees buckle and I was being held up by my wrists, I managed to stagger back up a bit and lift my head which felt like it weighed a ton and was filled with cotton wool.

A figure was approaching, he was masked, I couldn’t really focus and look at him properly, he as suddenly in front of me. He lifted my head up more. I heard a deep voice echo in my head.

‘Welcome to the underworld. I am Hades.’


Part 6


I slowly opened my eyes, my head was spinning, I lay there for a few minutes, not thinking anything in particular, my head was a sort of empty echoing void, simple thoughts filtered through my brain, I didn’t recognize the roof, I was laying on something hard, my nose itched. I remembered I had hands and managed the massive task of raising them to scratch my nose, I managed to get them to my chin but something stopped them, looking down I saw that my hands were cuffed and around my waist was another chain, and the cuffs were attached to that via a short length of chain that aloud me to raise my hands to my chin but no further.

“That’s nice,” I thought and lowered my head to scratch my tingling nose and then laid back. About then my brain decided that it would suddenly use all 6 cylinders and with horrible gut wrenching sensation all thought faculties suddenly switched on. I jerked in the air and looked at my hands in horror, I was naked except for the chains, from the waist another chain ran down to a pair of ankle shackles I noticed a chain running from the shackle and followed it to another set of shackles locked around the ankles of … TRENT!!

He was also naked and shackled like me, he gave me a nod, a “howdy” and my eyes went really wide then really narrow and I lunged for him with my cuffed hands, ready to strangle the life out of him, another set of hands grabbed me before I made it and looking around I saw a massive dude holding me and laughing, some part of my mind not lost in the red haze of anger noted that he was also shackled like me and Trent and that another chain connected the three of us together!

I opened my mouth to tell this dude precisely what he could do with his cuffed hands and Trent leapt forward and quickly clapped a hand over my mouth, since his hands were cuffed the cuff chain dug into the side of my head. “Shhhh, it would be a really, really bad idea to make a whole lot of noise. You really wouldn’t enjoy the attention it would attract.” I glared at him but his eyes were wide and full of fear, this alone caused me to snap out of my anger, if the guy who kidnapped me was scared, I was in trouble. Other facts were beginning to register in my mind, we were in a large open area, but I could make out other groups of guys around the area. Also a throbbing pain in the back of my neck was becoming more and more apparent. I raised my hands to touch the area but the chain stopped me, the guy behind me had let go of my arms, he spoke up as he watched me reaching for my neck ‘you don’t wanna touch it too much, it will be tender for a little while, takes a few days for the chip to settle in.’ I was stunned and opened and closed my mouth but nothing came out, what was he talking about? Where was I? Why was I chained to one of my kidnappers?

Trent interpreted my looks and gently laid his hand on my leg, ‘ok, calm down, what do you remember from your time with Hades?’ as soon as he said that I had a mental flash to being strung up and the guy approaching me telling me he was Hades, I remembered a few thing, a lot of discomfort, (I absently touched my balls and winced slightly they were still tender) the guy holding up one of the biggest needles I had ever seen in my life then a really bad smell in the mask, then nothing. The guy behind me was talking again so I managed to focus on his words. ‘Yea, you’re lucky they gas you for the implantation, can’t even imagine what that would be like awake. OK, will start with your neck. You have an ID chip in your neck, it can be read with RF scanners, they are similar to the ones they put in pets, except these ones can hold a bit of information, instead of just a number sequence. Currently yours will say that Hades is your god and there will also be an ID number on there.’

I looked at the guy, I had understood most of that, except for one thing. ‘What do you mean my god?’ The guy looked over at Trent and Trent gave a little shrug, the guy gave a half grimace and then spoke again. ‘The guy we stole you from Josh was a not a power player, you got mixed up in one of the biggest and most secret bondage groups in the world, the Church of Bondage. Essentially you create an altar and dedicate it to a top, when that top gets enough ‘worshipers’ he becomes a demigod. It takes 10 guys to be a demi, 50 to become a god, the top has to produce regular photographic proof of his altars but not the worshipers, that’s because if another god captures your worshiper he can force him to convert his altar, your altar will soon have to be dedicated to Hades.’

I sat there with my mouth hanging open in disbelief, I didn’t know what the hell these guys were on but it would have to be seriously illegal. I squinted at the guy, ‘why the hell haven’t I heard about this, and who the hell are you anyway?’ he chuckled at this, ‘sorry I am Shane, you haven’t heard about this because of the Council, I don’t know the exact number of demigods and gods in this city but I know the major players are Hades, Dracula and Seth. Each of them have something in the number of 200 worshipers, now some of these guys are like you me and Trent, we got mixed up in all this and are pretty much trapped, but some guys are zealots dude, they REALLY get into this, they would do anything for their gods and there are people everywhere, you start mouthing off about this online and suddenly a few of these zealots may rock up on your doorstep, and they will find you, it’s not confined to homo’s either, there is plenty of straight ‘Gods’ out there as well. Go to the cops? Same deal, I don’t know who but I am pretty some high up guys in politics are gods, and they sure as hell don’t need the lid blown off this. You hear stories, I dunno if they are true or just shit they make up to keep us scared, but shit like cut brake lines and stuff.’ As he said this, my eyes went really wide, this was getting a little scary.

I took a few deep breaths, this was probably all a load of shit, I looked over at Trent, ‘how the hell did you even know I had an altar?’ Trent shrugged, ‘I recognized your tattoo as the symbol on the altar, like Shane said, there is photos of the altars on the wall of the church, I was there the other week and recognized the photo, Josh is just starting at this, he only has about 5 altars, 4 now, but I think he is playing it smart, if you’re all uni students then he can keep a eye on you all and keep you on campus and stuff, then when you graduate he can start the tithing and then start some serious recruitment.’

I looked a little puzzled at this, ‘Tithing? You mean we have to pay for this shit!?’ Trent nodded, ‘yup, you will eventually, best if you just do as your told, in Josh’s case he would probably have blackmailed you eventually, I know some of the guys here are being blackmailed because they refused to pay, it’s all done differently, as a piss poor uni student you probably won’t be charged, you may have to put in some hours at one of the businesses or something, some slave labour. But I know a lost soul who is a doctor, he has to shell out about 200 a week, he can afford it though.’ I raised an eyebrow, ‘is that what we are? Lost souls?’ Trent gave me a tired smile, ‘no, that’s why I asked permission for me and Shane to be the ones to grab you, you really don’t want to be a lost soul, Shane and I have been for the last 2 years so we were really keen to find a third, we are all a Cerberus.’

I groaned, a three-headed dog, how lame. Trent grinned, ‘yea yea I know, a lot of this sort of shit happens but the point is, if you’re a lost soul in Hades, you’re tormented, and that fuckin sucks, as a Cerberus we have each other, only Generals and Hades can use us, there are about 15 Generals. Life is a lot better as a Cerberus, trust me, Shane and I paired up when we were lost souls, we got roped into this by a Hercules, that’s what they call guys who escape, if you gather 15 souls for Hades or pay something along the lines of 10 000 bucks you can leave. Either way it works for the god since they either end up with 14 altars to replace the ones they lost or a buttload of cash. You can pair up as souls but you need to recruit or steal your third member. Again more altars for the Gods, the worse they treat the lowest ladder of their group the more incentive those people have to recruit more, now I am tired as hell, and I am guessing you are to so let’s get some sleep.’

He stood and him and Shane helped me get to my feet, I was still a little shaky, and they wandered over to where most of the groups were, I noticed the floor was covered in more old gym mats, there was a number of clean but thread worn blankets around. Trent and Shane knelt down on the mat and I was between them, Shane pulled me around till I was laying on his stomach, his very tight flat stomach I couldn’t help but notice, Trent curled up next to me, resting his head on Shane’s thigh, and placing a arm over my chest, I knew I should be pissed as hell at these guys, but I was all alone except for them, and I had to admit, they were both fucking hot. I felt Shane’s breathing deepen, and I was surprised at how fast I slipped into blissful sleep, physical and mental exhaustion catching up with me.


Part 7


The alarm chirped near my ear and I opened an eye and squinted at it, however giving it a dirty look didn’t stop it from going off. There was a loud grunt from up further and a big hand wacked the alarm. I closed my eye, and snuggled against the warm body I was laying on, Shane was not a small dude so Trent and I didn’t seem to cause him any discomfort by sleeping on him, he actually insisted on it. There were no pillows on the bed, and on one or two occasions I remember waking up after having rolled off him to find myself being gently but firmly pulled back on top of him. I felt Trent stir next to me and heard him mutter as he got out of bed and went to the bathroom, he had a early shift at the factory today, since him and I were uni students we had to put some ‘salve labour’ in at various businesses owned by Hades. In return we had subsidized rent at one of the Hades-approved houses, the fact that it only had one bedroom was not really that big of an issue. Whether the house was owned by Hades or just belonged to a lost soul and we were currently in it I didn’t know and didn’t care to speculate on.

Lost souls lived at the factory, the fact that they were finally out of there and in a house with their own wardrobe and stuff was something both Trent and Shane relished, the fact that I had 2 hunky roommates and slept in a massive puppy pile each night was something I enjoyed a fair bit myself.

I drifted back off to sleep, I didn’t have class till the afternoon and this was one of Shane’s days off, he was a bricklayer, which only helped add to his massive build, long hours at the gym did the rest, I was starting to bulk up a little myself, my flatmates did not let me skip gym session and pushed me hard. This was not out of cruelty but out of necessity, our Cerberus group had been designated as a guard group, since both Trent and Shane were pumped dudes, this meant I had to beef up myself or I would end up getting splattered in a fight. I was also enrolled in tae kwon do classes. Our group was often used for guard duty, this meant we were part of the escort that went to ‘church’ each fortnight.

The ‘gods’ had to deliver their altar proofs there each week, they had to bring 2 generals, 2 of the middle levels (Cerberus in the case of Hades ) ,  and 8 of their lowest rungs (lost souls in our case) since the lowest rungs were the ones who were the ones who were most often ‘poached’ we had to keep a eye on them, since under the church law they were to be shackled at all times.

The church itself was a scary, scary place, a massive building in the business district, bouncers at the doors with RF scanners making sure that the only people getting inside were approved cult members. The lowest rung members were used for entertainment at these events, on one occasion a ‘god’ from another city visited ours and was given the guest of honour’s seat, made entirely out of naked members of the lowest rungs. The more I saw of the treatment of these guys the happier I was that I had entered pretty much straight at the middle rung. It was at the end of church service that the trouble started, when the lowest members were returning to their ‘gods’ someone would ‘accidently’ grab the wrong slave. This also occurred in the parking lots, the generals and middle rung members were there to ensure that all slaves (and possibly a few others) made it back to their God. Most times there was no trouble, one very memorable church service however had been all out pandemonium, Shane had gotten a bloody nose, Trent had been kept overnight at hospital with a concussion and I had a massive black eye after it. Thankfully we hadn’t lost any altars else there would no doubt have been further punishment.

Eventually Shane decided to get up, when he did so he simply picked me up and carried me into the bathroom, He was big on doing stuff like that, it wasn’t a domination thing, it was sorta tender, it was like with the sleeping thing, he just seemed to enjoy body contact, he did it with me more since I wasn’t as buff as Trent it was easier for him to pick me up and stuff, he also steered me more towards toning exercises at the gym, so that I didn’t put on as much muscle mass. After he dumped me in the shower and washed me down we had breakfast then hit the gym. When we got back there was a message from underwold in the mail, the church as a whole keeps a very low internet profile, preferring to use actual paper messaging etc. Shane opened it and read its contents and a massive grin lit up his face. I waited patiently while he punched the air and whooped in excitement and then told him if he didn’t tell me what was going on I would wait till he was fast asleep and then whack him in the balls. He grinned and handed me the letter, underneath the greek letterhead was a simple line.


Cerberus, you will attend the hunt this weekend.


To say it was a tad cryptic was a slight understatement but Shane soon filled me in on the details and more he spoke the harder I got.

Friday afternoon the three of us reported to the main factory for the hunt. As soon as we arrived we were handed rubber catsuits, with hands and socks built into them. We lubed each other up and helped each other into the suits, I let my hands wander over Shane’s rubbery body for a little while, each muscle group being hugged tightly by the shiny black rubber made me fill the crotch of my own rubber suit nicely. As soon as we were fitted into these we were handed black gloves, then black overalls, the material was pretty heavy duty, and not that tight, but narrowed around the waist a bit so that we were given some body shape, the waist and neck had leather belt and collar attached we clinched the belts up and one of the guys supervising us locked the belt on. Once this was done they stepped forward and strapped gags onto us all, I bit down on the gag, it was reasonably pliable and soft, meant for long-term wear. I could feel the guy tightening it and then locking it on. Then each of us was handed a serious looking dog hood, it was made of rubber and was streamlined and wolfish, the eyes were tinted black lenses, the things looked hell intimidating, Shane had his on first, it had a zip and laces at the back and then the collar on the overalls threaded through it and then locked in place, keeping the hood on, seeing him standing there in his hood and overalls with gloves he looked every bit like something you would find guarding the gates of hell, or heaven, depending how you felt about that sorta thing.

Trent and I soon had our hoods on too. Once they were locked on we were led over to a bench and given some heavy black leather combat boots. We all sat on the bench and laced these on, the occasional grunt from Trent and Shane was sexy as hell. As soon as the boots were on we were told to stand and handed some suspension harnesses, we fitted ourselves into them and then stood obediently as our hands were restrained behind us to the harnesses and then we were led to a nearby metal rack, it looked like a beefed-up version of those racks they hang clothes from on wheels, the bar was at about shoulder height, I ducked down under it and squatted uncomfortably under it while someone fiddled around, then the guy grabbed my leg and bent it back and secured it to the back of my suspension harness, I relaxed my leg muscles so they wouldn’t cramp and then the same was done with the other leg, I was held up by leather straps over the bar above my head, so I hung off the bar with my knees swinging above the floor, Shane and Trent were then attached to the bar in a similar method, though Shane’s knees were very nearly touching the floor. The frame was then wheeled over to a corner where three other frames with Cerberus sets dressed exactly as we were waited. I hung there in the air listening to the grunts coming from the other gagged and hooded guys all around. I have no idea how long it was but another frame of bound dog-hooded guys was brought in. And then after that a large metal cage on wheels was pushed into the loading area as well, the cage was stuffed full and I do mean stuffed, as in there was no room whatsoever of lost souls, each of them was gagged and their hands cuffed behind them but aside from that they were totally naked, and probably veeeeeery uncomfortable.

I guessed there were about 9 guys stuffed in the cage when it looked like about 4 would fit in there comfortably. Soon after that a large roller door near us slid up to reveal a truck already backed up to the loading area, we were pushed forward and straight into the back of the truck, I wiggled in excitement and heard one of the guys behind me either Shane or Trent grunt happily as I brushed up against his crotch. We were heading to the hunt!


End of Part 7



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