The (Bike) Test


Part 1

Sandro awoke with a start. He opened his eyes but all was black; he could not see anything and for a moment he wondered where he was. But the sound of a motor engine and the feeling of motion soon brought him to his senses. He was seated on a metal chair, wearing his motorcycle leathers with his wrists strapped tightly to the chair’s arms, his ankles to its legs and his chest strapped firmly to its back. His hands were locked into tight leather mitts and his head was covered in a tight spandex hood obscuring his vision. Try as he might, he could not move as the restraints kept him firmly secured.

As the security van transporting him to his destination drove along at a steady 80 kph, the events of the past few days came flooding back into his mind

One month previously, Sandro had qualified for a full driving licence and had taken delivery of a new 750cc motorbike. He spent the next few weeks familiarising himself with this powerful machine which had quickly become his pride and joy. Once he was happy that he could handle it safely he decided to spend a weekend touring the countryside, which, he hoped, would also give him the chance of testing the performance limits of the bike on the open road. He was soon to discover, the bike’s limits were not the only limits that would be tested over the coming days.

Having spent the Saturday enjoying himself riding around parts of the country he had not visited before, he decided to return home on the Sunday by taking a route, which his map indicated, would take him on a long straight section of road that was perfect for riding at high speed. As Sandro thundered along at in excess of 160kph, he did not notice the police radar “speed trap” partially obscured behind some trees. Slowing down as he approached a small town, he noticed a police roadblock ahead manned by several officers. He brought his bike to a halt and two of the officers approached him. One of them asked him to get off his bike, remove his crash helmet and produce his driving licence. As the first officer examined his licence, the second one asked him if knew what the speed limit was in this area. Sandro replied that he was a stranger in the area but that he assumed, that like much of the surrounding area outside of towns and villages, there was no speed limit.

“Your bike was clocked doing in excess 150kph a few kilometres back down this road which is well in excess of the limit, sir,” said the officer. Sandro’s heart sank as he realised that he was likely to have to pay a fine of, maybe, several hundred Euro but also have his newly acquired licence endorsed. “We have been plagued by motorcyclists ignoring the speed limit in this area”, continued the officer, “so the local bye-laws have been changed to provide for stricter penalties to deal with this. I shall have to arrest you and you will have to appear before the courts, tomorrow morning. You will be detained overnight at the local police station.”

Sandro was somewhat shocked as his new motorcycle, his “pride and joy”, was secured to a low loader and driven away as he, too, was driven away in a car to the local police station where he was charged formally with the speeding offence and detained in the cells. That night he had little sleep as he thought about the events of the day. He decided that there was no point in denying the speed he was travelling at, as the police radar had, no doubt, registered it as he sped by. But he intended to use the fact that he was a stranger in the area as a mitigating fact and hoped that his fine would not be too high and that, as a first offence, he might avoid having his licence endorsed.

The following morning, Sandro was driven to the local court where he sat for several hours waiting for his case to be heard, as there were other cases ahead of him. These all seemed more serious and none concerned road traffic offences. Indeed, in Sandro’s view, several seemed to concern “real” criminals charged with assault or similar offences involving violence.

At last, it was his turn. Sandro nervously answered to his name when it was called out and formally pleaded guilty to the charge. The police officers gave their evidence; the magistrate turned to Sandro and asked him if he had anything to say. Sandro confirmed that he had been speeding but explained that he was a visitor to the area and was not aware that such strict limits had been imposed. He also drew attention to the fact that this was a first offence.

The magistrate said that the local authorities had taken draconian measures to deal with what they regarded as an increasing menace in the area and consequently had instituted severe new penalties, which they called “a short sharp shock.” Consequently, in accordance with the new byelaws, he had no alternative but to sentence him to ten days in a detention centre. For a moment, Sandro thought he had misunderstood but as he was led away by two policemen, he realised he had heard the magistrate correctly.

Minutes later, he found himself in the basement of the courthouse where his hands were immediately strapped and then locked into leather mitts and cuffed in front of him. While a police officer completed some paperwork concerning Sandro and his sentence, another explained to him that he would be taken to a nearby detention centre to serve his sentence. Just as he was about to be taken to a waiting car, another police officer approached and said that they had heard that the centre nearby was full and not taking any new inmates.

For a brief moment, Sandro thought he would probably have to pay a fine and possibly have his licence endorsed instead of being detained for ten days. But his hopes were dashed. Following consultation with the court officials, it was agreed that he could be sent to a privately run detention centre, which, while high security and used to detain more serious offenders, had room available for additional inmates.

Within minutes two guys dressed in the uniform of a private security firm approached him and led him outside into a yard where he saw a prison van. The driver told the security officers that all inmates were secured and he was ready to go. As Sandro was led to the van a spandex hood was pulled over his head. He objected loudly and tried to get it off but as his hands were cuffed and locked in mitts there was nothing he could do about it. He stumbled as he was manhandled up the steps into the van and seconds later was pushed backwards into a narrow compartment and forced to sit down. His cuffs were quickly removed but his wrists and ankles were secured to the chair. As he struggled to try and free himself his chest was strapped tightly to the back of the chair. He heard a metal door banging shut and the sound of a bolt being shot home. Moments later, an engine started and he felt the van beginning to move. Sandro knew that wherever he was going it was not home.

He was still somewhat shocked by the events of the previous 24 hours and apprehensive about what lay ahead but as he sat there in darkness he realised that his cock was stiffening underneath his bike leathers. As he continued to try and loosen his bonds, his erection grew. For Sandro this was a new and strange experience. While he had known for sometime that the male body sexually aroused him, he had never experienced such feelings when tightly restrained, but then, this was hardly surprising as he had never been in such a situation before.

Unable to touch his groin area he found there was little he could do to pleasure himself. As the van drove on, he drifted off to sleep.


Part 2


At the detention centre, the staff were preparing for the arrival of the latest intake of inmates. In an average week they received up to two vanloads of offenders whom the courts had sentenced to varying terms of imprisonment. Because it was a high security establishment, they only received serious offenders who were likely to be detained for periods in excess of three years.

The routine was the same every time. The paperwork issued by the courts was checked and the newly arrived prisoners were processed according to the practices established when the detention centre first opened.

Sitting at his desk in his office, the director of the centre cast his eye down the list of the new detainees who were expected that afternoon. “Nothing out of the ordinary here”, he thought, “the usual serious offenders, some of whom have been here before”.  The he noticed one name added to the typed list by hand. It was, of course, that of Sandro and the period of detention was given as ten days. Thinking it was a mistake, as his centre only dealt with those offenders sentenced to long periods of detention, the director made a phone call to the court office to check this out. On being informed of the circumstances, which resulted in Sandro being sent to this centre, the director left his office and headed to the prisoner processing area.

Addressing the staff on duty he said, “ detainee number six on today’s list has been sent here under the new  ‘short, sharp shock’ law. He will only be here ten days so he is to be placed in the special treatment wing and not in the main prison with the long- term inmates. On arrival, he is to be processed like any other new inmate. As we have no details of what this ‘short, sharp shock’ treatment consists of, he will be under my personal control and I will decide what is to be done with him. Let me know once he has been processed”.

Sandro awoke to the sound of loud voices and he realised the van had come to a halt. He heard bolts being unlocked and realised that the adjoining cells in the van were being emptied of their occupants. Still tightly secured, unable to see anything he listened intently as he waited to be released. He wondered what lay ahead and felt somewhat apprehensive. The earlier feeling of sexual arousal had passed as he thought about his dilemma. “After all”, he reasoned, “how unfair is this to end up with serious offenders while all I did was exceed a speed limit!”  Suddenly he heard the bolt on the door being drawn back and he felt somebody releasing the restraints on his arms and legs. He was pulled to his feet, his hands, still locked in mitts, were cuffed in front of him and he was led out of the cell, down the steps of the van and into an adjoining building.

After a short walk, he was ordered to stop and turn around. His hands were uncuffed and the leather mitts removed. His hood was pulled off and, as his eyes adjusted to the light, he looked around him. He was standing in a large barred area, like a big cage, which was to one side of a windowless room. Standing beside were five other guys whom, he assumed, had been in the van with him. Outside the cage area there was a long counter, behind which sat two guards dressed in the uniform of the private security company, which ran the detention centre. Several other similarly dressed guards stood around the room closely watching the new arrivals. A guard approached the cage and handed each detainee a large plastic bag. “Strip off and place your clothes in the bag”, he said. The other guys immediately began to undress but Sandro hesitated. He was not happy to strip off in public and he said so. The guard repeated his order adding that, if Sandro refused, one or more of the guards standing nearby would forcibly strip him.

The others were now naked and had put their clothes into the bag as directed. One by one they were led to the counter where they gave their name and handed over the bag, which was labelled with their details and locked away. Each guy was then searched by two guards who checked out every orifice in their body before leading them through a door behind the counter.

As Sandro, rather hesitantly, took off his boots and began to unzip his bike leathers, he watched this with a mixture of slight horror and at the same time some excitement. To his embarrassment he felt his cock beginning to swell; he was now standing clad only in his tight black briefs and he knew it would be obvious to the watching guards that he was having an erection. As he packed his bike gear in the bag, a guard shouted, “Get those briefs off otherwise they will be cut off!” As Sandro pulled the briefs down his cock sprang out like a coiled spring. “Hey, guys”, shouted the guard, “look at this…..seems we have some sort of deviant here, some sort of pervert!” Before he had time to react to this comment, Sandro was dragged out of the cage and found himself subjected to an intimate body search. While all the guards laughed and made comments, two of them proceeded to check all over his body with their latex gloved hands; Sandro’s cock remained hard in spite of his feelings of acute embarrassment.

After what, to Sandro, seemed like an hour, but was only a couple of minutes, he was led through the door into the next room. “Ok, this will not take long assuming you co-operate”, said one of the guards, adding very quickly, “if not, we will have to do it the hard way, and judging from your cock, you might enjoy that”. At this stage, Sandro’s cock had softened a little as he considered the reality of his situation. His mind was racing as, while he was still somewhat shocked about the events of the past few days, he was discovering something new about his sexual interests, perhaps at first a little strange, and not anything he had thought about before, but not at all unwelcome.

His head and wrists were secured in a set of stocks and before he could work out what this was for, one the guards switched on an electric razor and quickly and expertly shaved Sandro’s head. As his hair fell to the ground, he found this arousing and once more it was impossible to prevent his the guard noticing. He was moved to a long table where, once strapped down, his cock and balls were shaved and his entire body was shorn of what body hair there was.

Unknown to Sandro, his processing had been watched, with increasing interest by the director on CCTV.  Indeed, on seeing the reaction of Sandro’s cock, to what was happening, the director had smiled to himself. “At last”, he thought, “perhaps the coming days will provide me with some personal entertainment which will be a change from the boring routine of my work”. He picked up the internal phone and called through to the room where Sandro was. “I noticed that that young guy who is here for ten days has certain tendencies that we do not encourage in this place. So fit him with a cock cage before he is taken to the special treatment wing”.

The guard, who had taken the phone call, left the room but returned a few minutes later carrying a small bag and a plastic bottle. Sandro, still secured to the table, watched as the guard approached him. The guard opened the bottle and poured a little of the contents on Sandro’s ball and cock. He spread the lube evenly and quickly and forced Sandro’s cock and balls into a silicone chastity device. This had an immediate effect on Sandro’s cock, but as it swelled he felt discomfort as the device acted to prevent his erection. “Ok, that’s it”, said the guard, “you will now be taken to your cell”. Sandro was released from the table and led out of another door and down a long flight of stairs to the floor below.

As he was led along a corridor he saw a number of barred cells, which lined one side of the corridor. Many were empty but in one or two, he noticed oblong objects suspended from the ceiling. As far as he could see they seemed be made of a heavy cotton material. He thought, for a moment, that he heard a groan as he passed one, but decided he must have imagined it. He had no idea what these things were, but did not dwell on it, as he was more concerned about the increasing discomfort he felt as his cock tried unsuccessfully to erect while caged in his chastity device.

One of the guards unlocked a barred gate at the end of the corridor and Sandro was led in. His hands were grabbed immediately and tight fitting mitts were pulled over them and locked in place. Another guard entered the cell carrying a large white object, laid it on the floor and spread it out. Sandro was pushed down told to lie on it; as he did so it was pulled up about his ankles and thighs and his arms were pushed into internal sleeves, thus rendering him helpless. As he started to ask what was happening, a gag was pushed into his open mouth and secured with a padlock at the back. Sandro was being secured in a heavy-duty cotton body bag. As the laces tightened around his torso and straps were buckled tight, a hood was pulled tight around his shaven head and all went dark. He tried to say something but the gag filling his mouth ensured his silence.

As he lay there he felt (and heard) chains being attached to “D” rings across the shoulder area of the bag. He heard the sound of an electric motor starting and very quickly felt himself being lifted of the ground. Within seconds his helpless body was swing gently in the air several metres above the floor. His cock reacted very quickly and he found himself suffering severe discomfort as it stiffened in its cage. For a moment all was quiet, but then he heard the sound of a metal grate, (or something similar), being opened. The motor, once more sprang into life, and the cocooned form of Sandro was lowered slowly into a deep hole below the floor of the cell; it was in fact an oubliette. The grating was closed around the chains, below which swung the hooded, silent object that only two day’s before had been the carefree motorcyclist enjoying a biking weekend.

Sandro tried to move a little, but all he could manage was to cause a slight movement from side to side. His raging hard-on did not abate, whatever he tried to do or think of, in the hope of relieving the discomfort. Attempts at any other more pleasurable relief were futile……..the chastity device ensured that! He was alone, the silence only broken by the sound of his breathing and the beating of his heart.


Part 3


Two hours passed, although in his cocooned form, denied sight and speech, Sandro had no idea how long he was left in the oubliette. As he turned things over in his mind it seemed to him that it had been a long time since he was the carefree motorcyclist enjoying testing his new bike to its limits. He did, however, think that his punishment for a mere speeding offence was rather severe even for the conservative authorities who made the by-laws in the area he was visiting. But whether or not that was true would have to wait for another time. Right then, he was having to deal with his current dilemma.

Although he knew he was utterly helpless, from to time he made futile attempts to escape from his bondage. His struggles only resulted in his body bag swinging gently on its chains and his cock stiffening in its silicone prison. He was realising that, regardless of his apprehensions about his punishment, the strict form of restraint to which he had been subjected was causing him to be sexually aroused in a way he had not before experienced. Although, initially, he dismissed such thoughts from his mind, his rock hard cock was evidence to him that he was really turned on by all of this. He tried desperately to cum but the combination of the silicone chastity device and the tight body bag made this impossible.

Meanwhile, in the floors above Sandro, the daily routine of the detention centre was carrying on as normal. The evening meal was being prepared for the inmates and would be served as was normal in the centre’s canteen. In his office, the director was thinking about what to do with Sandro. He had no idea what the “short, sharp, shock” law set down as to the treatment or punishment of those offenders subjected to it and the court office had provided no details. But he knew that he had custody of Sandro for ten days so he happily concluded that it was up to him to decide how to deal with his young detainee. Having observed Sandro’s reactions to his treatment so far, the director was not short of ideas. He made a couple of phone calls to members of his staff and then walked out of his office and headed in the direction of the canteen.

Having accepted that there was nothing he could do to help himself, Sandro had resigned himself to waiting until somebody came to release him from the oubliette. Unable to see anything because of the tight hood covering his shaved head and gagged mouth, he hung there listening intently in the hope of hearing somebody entering the cell above. Eventually the silence was broken by the sound of approaching footsteps. He heard voices and the sound of the metal grate being opened. As the motor sprang into life and he felt himself being pulled upwards towards the surface, his caged cock stiffened and his heart began to beat more rapidly as he wondered what lay in store for him. As his bound body was pulled clear of the oubliette he was lowered gently onto the floor of the cell. As the laces securing him in the body bag were undone he felt the cooling effect of air on his sweating body. He was pulled out of the body bag onto his feet and as the hood was removed his eyes adjusted to his surroundings and he caught a glimpse of the two guards in attendance. From what he saw, they were of a tall athletic build, and were dressed in the uniform of the private company that ran the detention centre. Before he had a chance to notice anything else, his gag was unlocked but immediately replaced by a ball gag, which was locked in place, and a spandex hood was pulled over his head and, once more, he was unable to see. His ankles were shackled and his hands, still locked in leather mitts, were cuffed in front of him and he was led out of the cell and back towards the stairs leading to the upper floors.

Meanwhile upstairs, the other inmates were gathering in the canteen for their evening meal. The canteen was a large rectangular room with long tables running the length of the room where the inmates sat when eating their meal. As they queued up to collect their trays of food, they noticed that a pillory had been set up at one end of the room. This became a talking point as it was not a normal fixture in the canteen and they all wondered why it was there that evening. They did not have to wait long to find out.

As he struggled in his shackles to walk up the stairs, Sandro knew that wherever he was being taken, at least it was at ground level. He could smell food, which made him realise that he was hungry, as he had not eaten since the morning. In addition, as he shuffled along in the company of the guards, he could hear the sound of voices, many voices, just like one hears when entering a bar or café full of people. His guards stopped for a moment and, as the sound, more accurately the noise of voices grew louder, Sandro realised that a door had been opened and he was entering a room full of people.

While the inmates sat around the tables eating their evening meal, talking, arguing and generally acting as they did on any evening, a door opened at the end of the room where the pillory was situated. The buzz of conversation ceased as they watched in amazement as two guards entered escorting a naked, hooded, shackled figure and led him towards the pillory. Very quickly they noticed that, although wearing no clothes, his cock was caged and what was more, it was very obviously trying to erect. As quickly as the buzz of conversation had ceased, the noise level rose again as inmates began to shout and jeer at the hooded, chained figure being led to the pillory.

As it dawned on Sandro that he was being led stark naked into a room full of people, he tried to resist but his guards held him tight as they dragged him forward. Although unable to see anything, his feelings of acute embarrassment were not at all diminished, as he realised that he was being put on show in front of a group of men, that on a normal day he would never like to meet. Although his stomach was churning, his cock relentlessly hardened and as it strained to free itself of its silicone cage, there was nothing he could do to stop it. As it twitched he knew that the eyes of the assembled company would be focussed on his manhood, once they had spotted the device locked in place. As if to confirm what he already knew, as he entered, the room fell silent, only to erupt in shouts, laughter and lewd remarks as he was led towards the pillory.

Standing behind the pillory, Sandro’s cuffs were removed from his wrists, his neck was forced down and forward and his head and his leather-mitted hands were locked in the pillory. Now forced to face forward and unable to move, Sandro’s cock hardened yet again. Although feeling very embarrassed by his current situation, the more he thought about it, the harder he got. As for the inmates, all thought of eating was soon forgotten, as they shouted and jeered at the hooded and naked figure in the pillory. Shouts of “pervert” and “faggot” reached Sandro’s ears as the inmates noticed his obvious hard-on quickly followed by “get his hood off”.

As if in deference to the crowd, Sandro’s hood was pulled off and, his eyes having adjusted to the light, he saw a room full of men, all of whom it seemed, were staring at him. As his eyes met theirs, he felt further humiliated and his cock grew harder. It was now causing him extreme discomfort as it tried to escape from its cage. In an effort to relieve the discomfort, Sandro tried thrusting forward, which resulted in his caged cock twitching in its bondage and loud cheers of derision from the assembled inmates. The ball gag pressing relentlessly into his mouth resulted in dribbles of saliva falling to the floor, which provided further entertainment for the inmates. There was nothing he could do. His humiliation was complete as hundreds of eyes stared at his naked bound body with his twitching caged manhood straining to get free.

One hour was allowed for the evening meal and recreation after which the inmates were locked in their cells for the night. Having either finished their food or abandoned eating because of the “entertainment”, the inmates started to leave the canteen. Many chose to leave using the doors at the opposite end to the pillory, but others walked up towards Sandro and shouted abuse and ran their hands over his caged cock squeezing and pinching it hard. Several passed behind him and pressed hard against his naked ass while pinching his exposed nipples. Some of this caused Sandro to cry out in pain, which resulted in further dribbles of saliva dropping to the floor. The gag muffled the sound of any cries and in spite of embarrassment, humiliation and pain, Sandro’s cock remained rock hard.

When all the inmates had left, the guards released Sandro from the pillory and led him to a table where he sat down. His gag was removed, but not before he was warned, that if he said anything, it would be replaced immediately. The leather mitts were removed and he was given something to eat, which he gobbled up in minutes, as he had not eaten since early that morning.

Just as he was finishing his food the director entered the canteen and walked up to Sandro and said, “No doubt you are wondering what is going on here this evening. You are not here because, like the other inmates, you have committed serious offences against society. Indeed up to now, you seem to have led a blameless life. Unfortunately for you, you have fallen foul of the new byelaws in this area brought in to deal with the menace of those bikers, who think they can ignore road traffic regulations and ride around in our local areas in a reckless manner at high speed with no regard for the safety of other road users. Those byelaws provide for what our rulers like to call a “short, sharp, shock”.

“As this centre is for serious offenders only and, as such, has no provision for dealing with individuals sentenced to a “short, sharp, shock”, I shall be personally overseeing your stay here and deciding on how best to provide this “short, sharp, shock”. You will be confined to the “special treatment wing” which is segregated from the main part of the detention centre. And I might say that, from what I’ve observed of you, it is just as well you will be segregated. In places like this, inmates don’t take kindly to guys like you who, how shall I put this, have certain tendencies, regarded by many as perverted. I, however, take a broader view of such tendencies, as do these two guards here, who have looked after you since you arrived. They will take you to your overnight accommodation. There is one other detainee held there as well; he has been segregated for the same reasons as you although he is a serious offender. However, you have no need to worry about that, as he is not in a position to cause you any problems”.

The director left and Sandro was taken back down the stairs to the floor below. The guards first brought him to a washroom where he was allowed shower and use the toilet. He was then led along the corridor past the cells he had seen earlier on his way to the oubliette.

The guards stopped by one of them and one of them unlocked the barred gate on the front of the cell while the other one flicked a switch outside which caused a light to go on in the cell. Sandro immediately noticed a large black sack hanging from the ceiling. For a moment, his heart sank as he thought he might end up, yet again, suspended, as he had been earlier. He was about to say something when he heard a low moan and detected a slight movement in the sack. He realised that there was someone in the sack! “This is the detainee that the director referred to earlier”, said one of the guards. “As you can see, he will not be bothering you”, he added with a broad grin.

Meanwhile the other guard was at the back of the cell unfolding what seemed to be a one-piece biker suit. He then reached into a pocket in his uniform and pulled out a small bottle of lube and also a rubber butt plug. Sandro was forced to bend over while his exposed hole was lubed by the gloved hand of one of the guards while the other one pushed the plug firmly into Sandro’s ass. Sandro let out a low cry as the plug pushed pass his sphincter and settled in place.

He was then told to put on the leather suit. Although it resembled a biker suit, it had been adapted and was, in fact, a heavy-duty bondage suit. The arms were extra long making the top part a form of straitjacket and the legs had straps attached which, when buckled together, would prevent any serious movement by the wearer. A head harness was then strapped on Sandro’s shaven head; a gag pushed firmly into his mouth and a heavy-duty leather hood was pulled over his head obscuring all vision. Once more, Sandro was plunged into a world of darkness. The arms were then pulled tight and buckled behind him as in a straitjacket. Padlocks were then applied to the buckles.

He was then pushed to the floor and, as he lay there, his leather covered legs were strapped together starting at the ankles and moving up as far as his muscled thighs. All straps were secured in place using a series of padlocks which Sandro could hear as they were snapped shut. Further straps were pulled under his crotch, which pressed against the plug causing it, in turn, to press against his prostate. Sandro’s caged cock was now going wild as it stiffened rapidly and tried, to no avail, to escape its restraints. He grunted into his gag as he was carried to the back of the cell and lowered into long narrow steel cage. The top of the cage was then closed and padlocked.

He tried to test his restraints but soon found he had little room to move and anyway, such movement as he had, was severely restricted by his bondage. In addition to this, any movement caused him discomfort as the plug pressed inexorably in his ass causing his cock to react eve more. As Sandro lay there bound, hooded, gagged, plugged with his swollen manhood caged, he could hear the muffled grunts of his cellmate as he struggled hopelessly in his suspended prison high above the boy racer.

As the guards withdrew and locked the barred gate, they left the light on for a few moments as they looked back into the cell. Above them, the black leather sack swung slightly as its bound and gagged occupant grunted unintelligibly as he tried to escape. Meanwhile below in a steel cage lay a tightly bound, hooded and padlocked, silent leather object. The only clue that it contained a live person was the gentle movement of chest area up and down as its occupant breathed in and out.


Part 4


As Sandro heard the barred gate being locked and the sound of retreating footsteps, as the guards left, he tried to wriggle a little in his tight restraints but only succeeded in causing his cock to stiffen yet again. The slight throbbing feeling in his nether regions reminded him of the ever-present plug in his ass. After several minutes the grunting sound coming from the sack suspended above Sandro’s cage ceased. Clearly the unhappy occupant had given up his futile struggle and was resigned to spending the night in his leather prison. Sandro realised that he had no alternative but to do the same and as he lay there, a helpless leather object, he drifted off to sleep.

He woke several times during the night as he tried to turn as if at home in his own bed. After a brief moment of confusion, because all was black, and he was unable to see anything, he remembered where he was. The smell of the leather hood tightly covering his head, the gag filling his mouth and feeling of the plug pressing against his prostate brought the events of the last few days flooding back into his mind. Each time he tried to listen for any sound that might tell him what time of day or night it was. All he could hear was the sound of his own breathing and that of another coming from inside the suspended sack. Exhausted, he fell asleep again.

The sound of locks being undone and voices woke him with a start and he realised that it must be morning. Like many times at home, he was sporting a morning hard-on. But this time of course, his stiff cock was tightly encased in the chastity device causing him considerable discomfort, not to say frustration, as there was no way he could achieve any relief by bringing himself to orgasm. He lay in the cage listening, hoping to hear the sound of it being unlocked; he was thirsty and wanted to get the gag out of his mouth and to expel the intrusive plug from his aching ass.

The guards, however, were more interested in the inhabitant of the sack who was once more grunting as loudly as he could, as it was lowered slowly to the floor. The sack was opened revealing a figure clad from head to toe in a heavy-duty rubber body suit, his hands bound in rubber fist mitts in front of him, his ankles also bound together and wearing a rubber muzzle gag. As he was helped to his feet and his ankles were untied, he caught sight of the leather-encased object that was Sandro still locked in his cage.

Sandro, being hooded, could not see anything of this and could only listen as the guards stripped this prisoner of his rubber suit revealing his heavily perspiring body which was evidence of a very hot, sweaty and uncomfortable night of punishment in the sack. As they removed his muzzle gag, the prisoner said, “that’s that pervert we saw last night in the canteen, isn’t it? Just make sure you keep him here away from the rest of us otherwise there will be trouble for him!” The guards told him to shut up otherwise he would have to serve another period of solitary confinement and led him out of the cell, locking the gate behind them, and towards the stairs leading to the upper floors.

Sandro shuddered in his bondage. “Solitary confinement in this place must mean being confined in a suspended sack”, he thought. He was puzzled by his reaction. On the one hand he was horrified that such punishment existed in a detention centre such as this; on the other hand he found the thought strangely arousing and would probably have been even more aroused had he seen the hooded and bound victim as he was helped out of the sack. That said, having heard the comments the prisoner made, he was relieved that he was confined to the special unit away from the serious offenders.

But now, he was thirsty, hungry and increasingly uncomfortable and he desperately wanted to be released from his cage and to be freed from his restraints.

About an hour later, Sandro was to be found standing in the director’s office with his hands cuffed behind his back wearing nothing but the ever-present chastity device and a head harness, which kept a large leather, gag in his mouth. Earlier the guards had released him from his cage, removed his bondage suit, hood, the head harness and, to his great relief, pulled the butt plug out of his throbbing ass. He was escorted to a bathroom where he was allowed several minutes to carry out his ablutions. While doing this his chastity device was removed by one of the guards who forced his balls through a metal cock ring before, to Sandro’s disappointment, replacing the chastity device. He was then brought to a small room where he had something to eat and drink.

The director was seated behind his desk in his office. This was the first time Sandro had had a chance to take a good look at the director. He had seen him briefly the evening before in the canteen but there was so much happening then, he had not paid a great deal of attention to the director’s looks. He was quite a young looking man, who although he was 45 on his next birthday, looked somewhat younger. He looked very fit, something Sandro noticed at once, even though the director was dressed in a business suit, which did not display his athletic build to its best degree.

For his part, the director was running his eyes over his newest arrival and he liked what he saw. As Sandro was naked, the director noticed everything about his body particularly his muscled thighs and arms and as his eyes lit on Sandro’s caged cock, he felt a slight stiffening of his cock in his briefs. Sandro was following the movement of his eyes, and realising that they were focussed on his cock, he felt it beginning to stiffen in its cage. He thought he noticed a slight smile appear on the director’s face as the cage twitched slightly reacting to his stiffening cock.

“As you know, you should be serving your punishment at another centre, rather than this place which is usually reserved for more serious offenders,” said the director, breaking the silence in the room. “That is one reason why you have been segregated from the other inmates. Another reason is that it has come to my attention that, aside from any road traffic offences of which you are guilty, you also display evidence of certain tendencies which some might regard as perverted and deviant, but which have nothing to do with the reason you have been sent here. I make no judgment on that but I am obliged to carry out the sentence as handed down by the court.

The problem is,” he went on, “that because this is a serious offenders’ centre, I have no idea what the so-called ‘short, sharp, shock’ involves. Having consulted some colleagues, we have agreed a regime for you that we will certify as meeting the terms of the sentence handed down. For the next few days you will be in our personal care after which you will be free to go and get on with your life. Should you be tempted to complain about your treatment here after you leave, the certification will be withdrawn and you will have to return to the court who will then, no doubt, send you to the other centre, probably extending the period, as you will be deemed to have absconded after your first court appearance.”

The director pressed a bell at the side of his desk and the two guards, who had been his constant companions since the night before, entered the room. To his surprise he noticed that they were dressed as if they were going to the gym. Both were wearing black “Under Armour” black skin-tight t-shirts, which emphasised their athletic, build and compression shorts, which tightly encased a somewhat prominent bulge in their groin area and both were wearing “Nike” trainers. Sandro was led out of the room and down the corridor towards a door at the end. On entering it, Sandro saw that they were in a fully equipped gym, and being a regular user of his local gym, he recognised most the equipment.

Sandro’s cuffs were removed as well as the head harness and one of the guard’s told him he would be working out there everyday while he was detained. However, lest he thought that this was an “easy option”, targets to be achieved would be set and various “encouragements” used to ensure he met those targets.

The guards immediately went to work and locked leather restraints on his wrists and ankles. A leather gag with an open tube was pushed into his mouth and locked in place. “That is to ensure you can breathe freely during your workout,” said one of the guards. The effect of the gag being pushed into his mouth caused his caged cock to stiffen once more but almost immediately he yelped in pain as a set of clamps was applied to his nipples. He was told to get down and perform twenty push-ups without pausing. As he lowered himself into position a lead weight was hung from the chain connecting the clamps causing him, once again, to cry out in pain.

“Shut up, and get on with it!” said one of the guards, “twenty to start with and we’ll see how it goes.”  Sandro did as ordered and as he lifted his body from the floor the weight pulled down on his nipple chain. In spite of the stinging pain, he felt his cock hardening and pressing against the cage. “Count out loud,” shouted one of the guards. As Sandro tried to articulate with the gag in his mouth, the guards just shouted louder saying they couldn’t understand him. As his muscles began to tire and the pain in his nipples increased, Sandro started to slow down and just as he reached sixteen he stopped unable to move his body anymore.

He was pulled to his feet and led over to a rowing machine and, as his ankle and wrist restraints were attached to the machine by one of the guards, the other one removed his clamps causing him to cry out yet again. One end of an elastic rope was then attached to his cock ring, the other end being attached to an anchoring point on the machine. The distance meter was set for five kilometres and Sandro was ordered to row. As his body moved back and forth on the seat, the rope stretched tightly pulling his balls one way as his body moved the opposite way. In spite of the pain, he had a raging hard-on. This did not go unnoticed by his guards, whose lycra clad bulges grew larger as they watched him and heard him grunt in torment through his gag.

Sandro was realising that indeed his gym workout was no easy option. He was moved from machine to machine and each involved hard exercise coupled with what his guards had called “encouragements”. Bench presses resulted in more pain as, once more, his nipples were clamped and the connecting chain attached to the weight he was pushing up above him.

Finally the guards told him that there was just one more exercise to do that day. To his relief it did not involve any machine but a pair of barbells used to do bicep curls. His relief was short-lived as he was brought over to a metal frame with a rope pulley and weights attached. The weights were also attached by rope to his cock ring pulling down on his balls. As he lifted the barbells, the pressure on his balls ceased at once, but it was only relieved for as long as he could hold the barbells up. Inevitably his arms tired and as he lowered the weights, his balls were pulled down but, as before, his raging hard-on endured.

If he had had time to look at his guards, Sandro would have noticed that both of them were sporting massive erections underneath their body-hugging shorts as they, in turn, spotted the dribble of pre-cum leaking out of Sandro’s chastity device and falling in slow motion to the floor.

At last the guards announced the end of his workout and Sandro, his body sweating all over, his nipples and balls aching, was led out of the gym and back to where he had eaten breakfast. The gag was removed and he was given an energy drink, which he gratefully drank.

Sandro was feeling somewhat tired after his workout and he hoped that he might be allowed to rest a little. As if reading his thoughts, one of the guards said, “now you need a period of less activity. You failed to meet some of your targets in the gym, but we have days ahead to work on those. Some time to think about your failures in this area is required.”

As he said this, the other guard, who had been out of the room, returned carrying a leather straitjacket. Sandro was too tired to resist as this was pulled on his sweating torso and the buckles were pulled tight and the padlocks snapped shut.  Before the straps were tightened around his crotch, his ass hole was lubed and a plug was pushed slowly into ass as his ever-hard cock leaked yet more pre-cum and Sandro desperately wished for some relief. A heavy leather muzzle was strapped over his head and a large gag was pushed into his mouth, which was secured in place by a padlocked buckle at the front.

He was then led along to the corridor to a heavy steel door at the end. As the door was opened and he was pushed into the room behind it, he saw that he was in a narrow dark cell, which contained an upright cage, which was secured to the floor in the middle of the room. Opposite the front of the cage was a full-length mirror attached to wall. The guards turned him around and pushed him backwards into the cage.

Quickly and efficiently they locked a posture collar around his neck and secured his muzzled head to a bar at the top of the cage using a chain attached to a D ring on his muzzle. His upper body, already secure in a straitjacket was chained tightly to the sides of the cage using D rings on either side of the straitjacket. They kicked his ankles part and attached each one to a spreader bar, which, in turn, was secured to each side of the lower part of the cage. Unable to move, Sandro could do nothing to resist as a leather parachute was roughly pulled around his balls and a heavy lead weight was attached suspended at several centimetres above the floor. Sandro groaned loudly as the weight pulled down and the parachute tightened inexorably around his now aching balls. The guards, however, were only aware of a low moan as the gag muffled his cries of discomfort. As the front of the cage was closed and padlocked, one of the guards pulled on the suspended weight saying with a laugh, “a little more weight training is required I think”.

As the guards withdrew from the cell, Sandro found himself looking straight into the mirror on the wall in front of his cage. The posture collar prevented even the slightest move of his head and all he could do was look at the image displayed in front of him. The still form of a man muzzled and bound securely in leather, unable to move a muscle, looked back at him from the mirror. His cock stiffened yet again as he stared at the image in front of him. This was not a photograph from a bondage magazine or website. The constant trickle of pre-cum dripping to the floor that he saw in the mirror was his. He was looking at himself.

Suddenly, without warning, the image before him disappeared as the lights were switched off. He was now alone in a pitch black and silent cell. He tried to struggle a little but the manner of his bondage ensured that this was hopeless. There was nothing he could do other than endure the discomfort and humiliation, which he now knew, aroused him sexually in a manner he had not experienced before. Sandro was left alone with his thoughts. It seemed that his desire to test the limits of his bike had led to his own limits being tested in a way he had never before imagined. Deep down he wanted to explore this further and the remaining days of his detention in this place would see to it, that voluntarily or otherwise, he would do just that.




Metalbond would like to thank PrisonerX for this story. There are at least two more stories by PrisonerX — A Weekend Invitation and Extended Leave — posted at Eckie aka Bondagefan.

3 thoughts on “The (Bike) Test”

  1. There has got to be a sequel to this story. Sandro completes his prison stay, but as they release him, no one can find a key for his chastity device. fortunately the warden has one, and only lives a few miles away. He agrees to meet Sandro. He speeds there, literally, on his bike. Over a loudspeaker, the warden directs him to undress and self-restrain himself in the barn. Once he is helpless, the warden appears. Sandro’s cock is released and glady swollows a big warden load in gratitude. Then the phone rings. It’s the prison staff. it’s clear that based on the departure and arrival times, sandro must have broke the speed limit to get to the warden’s house, so clearly his prison sentence did not reform him. Fortunately the warden has nice facilities of his own and can privately extend Sandro’s stay indefinitely until he and his guard friends decide he’s learned his lesson… and blown a lot of guards and spent a lot of time in leather and rubber bondage… Well, great story, sequel or not!

    1. No, I think that each day of Sandro’s sentence should be spent in different punishment rooms within the prison being tortured by the warden and his guards, a whole day of all over electro with Sandro being relentlessly shocked on different parts of his entire body.
      Another Day consisting of Sandro being whipped flogged and cropped again to every inch of his body,
      Day three Sandro is subjected to the suck machine relentlessly for hours on end. ( but he is never allowed to cum).
      day four he is taken to the milking machine room where a suction machine is placed over his cock and he is then sacked all day (but again he is prevented from cumming).
      Torture after torture goes on for the next nine days until finally on his last day he is secured in the stocks for the prison wardens and his guards to gave their way with him, fucking him arse and throat for hours until finally as Sandro is exhausted the warden then sucks him and takes his huge ten day load in his mouth which is then fed back to Sandro as he kisses him. The next day sandro is released but the warden has him arrested for speeding away on his bike and the brought to his own special quarters within the prison, which is basically a sex du geon where Sandro is told he will now become his perminant bdsm sex slaveboy!

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