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What’s coming to the RubberZone site

RubberZone — the online home for men into rubber fetish, gay latex fetish, bondage in rubber, rubbermen — has been going strong for 26 years! The site features personals, profiles, galleries, videos, and shopping. The “Rubber Master” behind the site is Squirm (pictured) who has written a personal message about himself in which he shares information about some of the personal/life challenges he has been going through. The good news is that Squirm has big plans for the site with many new updates planned.

To read Squirm’s letter, click here.

And to visit the RubberZone site, click here

RubberZone website for men into rubber fetish

Eckie gets bound into a stainless-steel Prisoner Transport Chair

In a recent video update at Serious Male Bondage, the famous male BDSM story writer and blogger Eckie gets placed into some heavy bondage involving full rubber and a Prisoner Transport Chair!

Check him out:

Eckie gets bound into a stainless-steel Prisoner Transport Chair

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Germany In September – Part-1

Eckie’s own bondage website — highly recommended! — is here

VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Captain Jack: The Keck Outtake

Those who enjoyed the recent story “Captain Jack and the Race to Redula” in the Prison Library (if you missed it, click here) will be interested to know that the writer, POW Author, has written a spinoff story, which he has posted to his own website:

Click for Keck, the Tarachsian Uncle

See ALL of POW Author’s fiction by clicking here — but be forewarned, much of his other content includes extreme fantasies, so tread carefully!

Male erotic fandom fiction by RotherhamMan aka Mark R Cromwell

RotherhamMan (Twitter: @RotherhamMan) has published a number of erotic male stories and short novels in the fandom category — many of which feature themes involving bondage, muscle, superheroes, and related topics. Some of the works are about copyrighted characters that he had to change the names for. His alias is Mark R Cromwell.

See the list below and follow the links to learn more about this very talented and prolific author, who is adding to his list of offerings quite regularly:


RotherhamMan at Archive of Our Own


RotherhamMan in the Metalbond Prison Library


Expressing His Love

Bane, the huge muscle-bound criminal ruler of his own country, has learned that the hero Batman is about to marry a two-bit criminal. Enraged that the man he regards as his is to marry another, Bane takes the man and hides him from the world until he can convince him that they belong together. But how will he do that? And can the Batman handle his love?


The Heptagon Herald

Ed Blake has worked for The Heptagon Herald newspaper for seven years and is not only the best journalist there but the boss’ favourite. But the paper has a dark secret behind its success, and Ed is about to be shown what it is first hand.


Kerwan the Sailor

Kerwan is the kind of man who knows how to find the best (or worst) establishments when he is on shore leave. He is the kind of man who lives for them and the pleasures other men can bring him, the star of a show of many. This particular bar on this particular night he is to cross paths with a few other men who have far more in mind for him than he could ever have guessed. Is he up to the challenge?


Milking It: For All That It’s Worth

Luis’s friends are very keen he should join them at their new gym, wanting him to be as big as they are thanks to the gym’s owner and his special muscle-building shakes. At first he thinks they are just dedicated to their new fitness regime, but as he sees them become more and more obsessed he begins to wonder if something strange is happening.


Milking It: Joining the Stable

Mark has always had a thing for military men and the new gym looks like it will meet that need. The trainers there all wear military clothes and train hard, a combination to make sure he gives his all to get big like them. Then he stays late one night and a trainer takes an interest in him. Billy offers to fast track him on a special programme to put on muscle, and Mark is powerless to resist his attentions. Time for Mark to grow like he never dreamed he would.


Nectar of the Gods

Thor’s exile to Earth took an unexpected turn when HYDRA capture him and discovered the secrets of his body. Can Captain America find a way to save him?


Standing Room Only

Having saved the world from an alien invasion, Captain America and Spider-man have to get away from the exploding spaceship in an escape pod. Unfortunately, the pod was only made for one, and if they are going to both make it out alive they are going to have to make the journey in an uncomfortable position.


Photo Credit: Fogax78, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

Orgasm Denial Therapy

By TieMeEdgeMe

Note: This story originally appeared at Gay Spiral Stories, and it is posted here with permission.

gay spiral stories

Synopsis: Donny has some anger issues and loves nothing more than to posture himself as a tough guy. Unfortunately for him this can get him into some trouble. He finds himself in a rehabilitative program that might finally break him down. It will be the most frustrating and aggravating challenge of his life. It involves chastity and some skillful edging handywork!

The bartender looked at the door. His face sunk and he let out the most exhausted sigh.

“Ahhh man. Here we go. Donny is back…again.”

The patron he was speaking to turned to see who came through the door.

A tatted-up muscle bro. His crew cut, tap out tank, backwards cap, and gym shorts made him look like the biggest of tools. He appeared to already be drunk.

Donny looked around.

“What type of sissy fucking music are you playing in here?”

He marched up to the bar demanding a drink.

The bartender calmly tried to reject him.

“Sorry Donny, you know you were trespassed from here. All the fights, breaking stuff, inappropriate language…you aren’t allowed to be here. I’m going to need you to leave, or I will have to call the police again.”

Continue reading Orgasm Denial Therapy

Drummer magazine website is relaunched

And they have a new Editor-in-Chief! And they are promising a new issue coming soon! Details are available at their website:

Drummer magazine

They have some newer content available, including five complete issues as well as articles. And one of my very favorite features is a complete library of the first 100 issues! If you are a subscriber as I am, you can access this vast library.

Drummer back issues

Click for Drummer magazine