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New chastity story for Locktober 2023: ‘Promises’ by Eirzirn

Hey prisoners, I know many of you are locked up for Locktober! Which is great, because a gaymer, kinkster, and friendly dude named Eirzirn has written a really hot bondage and chastity story just for the occasion! It’s called ‘Promises’ and you can read it on the LockedMEN.net site, in the forums under Chastity Fantasies.

lockedMEN male chastity stories


LockedMEN requires registering, but it is free and well worth it, if you ask me!

The author is also on X (formerly Twitter)

Male BDSM fiction: Locktober 2019

The author POW has a fantastic story about how two guys celebrated Locktober a few years back. Click to read:

Locktober 2019


POW recently migrated his story site to a new host. His main page is here. Be forewarned, though, that many of his stories feature extreme themes so proceed at your own risk!

He’s also featured with several stories right here in the Metalbond Prison Library

‘The Choice’ by Aeres Baldur is updated … on Eckie’s site

I know that many readers enjoyed the male BDSM story The Choice by Aeres Baldur that appeared in the Metalbond Prison Library recently. This story has themes of full-body rubber encasement, body mods, and permanent slavery, and it got me and many others very excited. Now, the author has written a totally new part, which he has posted to Eckie’s excellent website site … along with the first part that I copy edited : )

To read the next part — titled “The choice – start training Ares!” — you will therefore have to go to Eckie aka Bondagefan and read it there.

eckie male bondage stories

Eckie requires you to sign up, but it is free and totally worth it if you ask me. As a subscriber you can read many dozens of very hot bondage stories, many by Eckie himself. One of the most recent stories posted to Eckie’s site is called “Only a Meeting” by RUBBERLICKER. I beat off twice to that one!

Another site with plenty of rubber bondage stories is RubberZone, which is also not to be missed.

Newly updated male erotic fetish fiction by RotherhamMan

RotherhamMan has a number of published works at Archive of Our Own, including “Embracing His Love” with two newly added chapters. This story is about superheroes, muscle growth, abduction, and bondage, among other themes. Here’s some artwork that accompanies the story, which was sent to me by the author:


Click for Embracing His Love

(Note that this author’s work includes extreme themes, so proceed at your own discretion.)

You can also find him on X

And on Amazon under his alias, Mark R Cromwell

Waiting for Ross – A Master Key to the Complete Series

NOTE: This post is being updated in August 2023 with new information — and a link to a “long lost” chapter of this popular story as discovered by Sir BnT.

If you have never had the opportunity to read the complete “Waiting for Ross” series, I highly recommend it. Before I lost touch with him, the author allowed me to post the last four parts (the “End Game” section), to Metalbond. The other parts were posted to other sites, including Rubberzone, and if you are a member of RubberZone I would start here:

Click to read Waiting For Ross on the RubberZone site

If you are NOT a subscriber to RubberZone, I would highly recommend you join!

Or you can try clicking below for links to the whole series on other sites:

Waiting for Ross Parts 1 – 5

Conversion Part 1

Conversion Part 2

Conversion Part 3

Conversion Part 4 (this is a newly added link in August 2023!)

Waiting for Ross Parts 6 – 9

Waiting for Ross Parts 10 – 14

Waiting for Ross Parts 15 – 18

Waiting for Ross Parts 19 – 22

My Rubberpig’s Hog Blog

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 1

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 2

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 3

Waiting for Ross – End Game Part 4


Some of the chapters also appeared on the Eckie site.

In addition, this same author wrote several other stories, which he posted to various other sites over the years. One of this author’s other stories was a series called “Slave to Two Masters,” posted to Bob Wingate’s blog:

Slave to Two Masters – 1

Slave to Two Masters – 2

And yet another one was called “Encasement Pig Wanted:”

Encasement Pig Wanted

Sadly, after the author completed End Game Part 4, we lost touch with each other and as far as I can tell, I believe he stopped writing. I do hope the author is doing well and having fun, wherever he may be today.

—Metal (August 2023)

New issue of Drummer magazine

With great pleasure, I received a brand-new issue of Drummer magazine in the mail this week! The publication is 100 perfect-bound pages and includes articles, photographs, and lots of erotic male BDSM artwork. Even the ads are hot. There’s a report on the Old Guard leather scene that existed back in the 1950s and 60s. The theme is “The Superhero Issue,” and there’s a stylized rope bondage photo essay by Bruce LaBruce that rounds out the issue. My favorite section is the “Tough Customers” photo profiles.

Drummer magazine superheroes issue

Congratulations to editor Drew Kramer and publisher Jack MacCullum for bringing Drummer back!

You can get a digital subscription or a digital-and-print combo by visiting the official Drummer website, drummermen.com. I have the latter. There’s also an archive of vintage issues of Drummer.