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More bullies and victims

In “Bullies & Victims, Volume 2,” now available as an eBook from Bob Wingate, Brad has beaten and humiliated Bobby’s cousin Tony in an attempt to turn him into his second slave. He has forced Bobby to participate, and even intimated to Tony that the whole thing was Bobby’s plan. There’s no question that Tony will seek revenge, or that he’ll bring along his own best buddy, a scary scrapper named Kyle, to carry it out. Everything comes to a head at a BDSM Christmas party to end all BDSM Christmas parties. Or seems to. Because things get much worse for Bobby after that.

eBook from Bob Wingate

Bullies & Victims, Volume 2 is available here

Bullies & Victims, Volume 1 available here

Note that these are Kindle Edition books, but you don’t have to have a Kindle to read them.

For more frequent updates from Bob Wingate, visit his website, Bobwingate.com.

AND, Bound & Gagged videos are available as bonus content at Kink.com

Bound & Gagged videos

The kinky erotic fiction of RotherhamMan

One of the more prolific authors of kinky erotic fiction goes by the name of RotherhamMan, and he has been featured a few times here on the Metalbond site in the Breaking Boys series. For those who just can’t get enough of this guy, he’s also got dozens of other stories posted to other sites, including Archive of Our Own and Gay Spiral Stories:

bondage stories by RotherhamMan

RotherhamMan even accepts commissions. One of his latest stories, which he was kind enough to let me read today, is called “Milking Men: Chief Taylor,” which is about a hunky — straight — fireman who gets ensnared as a sperm donor! You can read the first part of this story at Archive of Our Own by clicking here. This is a commissioned work that RotherhamMan is sharing.

Metal would like to thank RotherhamMan for reaching out, and to encourage all kinksters who are so inclined to delve into his devilish imagination by reading his stories!

Naughty Boy Stories

A writer named Zac Loughty has an extensive collection of male BDSM themed stories, which are about “naughty boys (over 18) and their Sirs”

Check him out:

male bondage stories on the internet

He just posted a story called “A Writer CONTROLLED,” which is inspired by the recent story called House Arrest here on the Metalbond site.

Click for Naughty Boy Stories

NOTE: This site is on the bdsmlr platform (launched after the Tumblr fiasco), and you might need to register but it’s free.

Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 3

By RotherhamMan

Don was left with eighteen hours on the bidding clock after the slave had been left for the six hours he thought long enough to reinforce his new rules. He no longer thought of the meat as Colin, that person was no longer of any significance and he would not be telling the buyers the name either. The only way they would know was if they went and found out for themselves, unlikely, or if the slave broke the rules and told them —something Don would be told about and he had a guarantee that if that ever happened with one of his products he would come out and punish them for tarring his reputation. It hadn’t happened yet.

Six hours had been a long time and despite having sat down to plan the slave’s training he was interrupted by the arrival of a friend who wanted to hang out. He hated people dropping in on him unplanned but he had a social life to maintain as part of his cover as a normal person. He had formed a comfortable social circle of people he found mildly interesting to be around and hung with them enough to appear normal, he might even enjoy himself some times. He felt quite the thrill of entertaining a guest while, unknown to them, he had a person kept in his basement against their will. He had a hard time hiding his rock solid erection and when it was noticed by the friend he played it off as having a day where he just felt horny. The friend laughed with him and departed, assuming Don was going to make a random hook-up to get off. Before he left he used Don’s toilet for a piss, not surprised by the novelty of a waterless toilet, having used it before. He would be surprised to learn it didn’t lead to the sewer but to a tank for the slaves to drink when being punished or trained for such things.

Continue reading Breaking Boys: Colin – Chapter 3

New story on the internet: ‘Escape Room Challenge’ by POW

The author known as POW has posted a new story to his Gay S&M Stories home page. It’s called “Escape Room Challenge,” and it’s definitely hot and exciting if you ask me! Be forewarned, though, that it is very long, and it also contains some messy play in the second part. It gets even more edgy — and hot — in the third part.

To read “Escape Room Challenge,” click here

Also check out POW’s author section in the Prison Library by clicking here

Bob Wingate returns with a new e-book

There’s a new eBook available from Bob Wingate, featuring some of the hottest stories from the New York Bondage Club newsletter and Bob’s popular vintage print magazine Bound & Gagged. The eBook is called “Spreadeagle Tales” and is available from Amazon:

Bob Wingate


“Spreadeagle Tales includes 18 tales from the newsletter I put out for the New York Bondage Club, which I founded in 1984, plus eight more great stories from the magazine — readers’ favorites and my own. It also includes an introduction by me about how the club and the magazine came into being,” Bob said in an email announcement. “A second eBook, ‘Natural Slave,’ will be coming out in the next month.”

You can get on Bob’s mailing list by writing him at bob@boundandgagged.com with the words “Put me on your mailing list” on the subject line. You can also write Bob at that address with any questions.

Also check out Bob’s blog, Bobwingate.com. After a hiatus of several years, he has recently started posting on it again!

Bound and Gagged magazine