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Leather restraint of the day: Bicep Binder

This simple locking device has a very strong impact on a bondage position. An adjustable strap pulls the upper arms together at the back, pinning the biceps to the upper torso. Tie the wrists together in the front, and you have him in a tight, immobile position:

gay leather bondage

Click for Bicep Binder

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5-digit padlock around his nuts

Here are a few more pictures from a while back, from slave Mike:


slave Mike writes:

“I have bought a 5-digit lock. It’s a great feeling to wear it. 100 000 combinations! It’s hardened steel and impossible to escape from without the code. I really have tried but no way! I want this very serious with strict discipline, no mercy! The only way for me to get free is to try all the combinations. If I try as much as 300 combinations every day, it will take me a year to get free! And if I try all combinations and don’t get free, I have obviously missed some code, and I have to start from the beginning again!! It would be the ultimate hell to be forced to start again, but no mercy! If I had to start from the beginning after almost a year, it would make me completely mad and insane. But no mercy, just start from the beginning again!”

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