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SFDom puts Mr Kristofer in storage

Many of you have seen SFDom in his classic Top role, dishing it out to helpless guys in bondage. This video is no different. SFDom loves to top and edge guys, and he could do it all day long and never get tired. He’s played with Mr Kristofer many times before, and they have a smooth interaction and play style.

SFDom puts Mr Kristofer in storage

Mr Kristofer is a big strong guy, so ultra-heavy wrist and ankle shackles are needed to keep him in his place.

Mr Kristofer is a big strong guy

See the VIDEO at Serious Male Bondage

Title of this video: Slave Storage

Mr Kristofer male bdsm video Steve Landess

A space that is perfect for a prisoner

POW passed along this picture, as well as some information. See below:

outdoor vertical cage


POW writes,

Hey, Metal, I thought you might enjoy this.

I was out for a bike ride on the Delaware and Lehigh (D&L) trail recently. Near milepost 87.5, a bit north of Allentown, PA, I came across this “phone booth.”

The plaque next to it describes how from 1905 until the 1980s the phone booth was used by workers on the railroad that once ran where the D&L trail is today. It fell into disrepair after that, but was later restored as an Eagle scout project.

You can see that the entrance now has a barred door across it, secured with two combination padlocks. Presumably this is to keep people out, but any door that keeps someone out can also keep someone in!

The phone booth cell could hold one captive comfortably, maybe three or four less comfortably. The only drawback is that it’s very close to the trail — you can see the gravel path running by on the right side. The inmate might need to be gagged to prevent him from calling out to passing joggers and hikers for help. Or locked in on a day with miserable weather when no one else will be out. He’ll stay dry inside — mostly.

The name of the Eagle scout who did the restoration is given on the nearby plaque … I wonder if he’d be willing to share the combinations for the locks?

All the best,



Thanks, POW, for the picture and for the information!

NOTE: POW’s author page on the Metaldond site is here

His own BDSM fiction page (which is ‘view your own risk’!) is here

Ice locks for bondage play

I am VERY excited about the ICE LOCKS from Mr S. In fact, I usually have two “on ice” in my freezer at any moment!


The concept is simple yet effective: There is a cylinder that you fill with water, then freeze in the freezer. You then use padlocks to secure yourself or another guy, and the captive has to wait for the ice to melt before the ice lock opens and he gets out. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for using these, please let me know.

image002 image003

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