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The Puppeteer

At My Dirtiest Fantasy, The Puppeteer is still horny and tired of using Davey. It’s now time Liam to please the Master. After embracing the fact that he’s going to be a dog, and playing like a newly born puppy who’s not very obedient, he’s given the choice to ask to be tied and whipped, which after a lot of verbal abuse he manages to ask his Master for. The Puppeteer isn’t going to make the captive’s wishes come true that quickly, and soon after he has the prisoner arranging his rope on a chair, and he’s getting hit by a big bouncy ball, imitating playing fetch! After his Master’s inspection and approval, he commences to tie the captive ready for the upside down, tying action that is yet to come!

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Site: MyDirtiestFantasy.com

Title: Suspended Sc.1 Pt.2 – Puppy Davey, The Puppeteer, Liam Butler

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Bound to a pole outdoors

At Bad Boy Bondage, Damien Rage is bound by lust! His new buddies want to satisfy their fetish for helpless sexy young men. After a night of heavy drinking, Damien finds himself in the most uncompromising position, bound to a light pole in a vacant park, He is more than freaked out…

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Bound for hot wax torment


When the wax gets hot, so does Calvin’s need to use it. Jakobe feels the burn of the wax and the flogger. This is another vintage shoot from Bad Boy Bondage

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_twinks_02 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_twinks_03

For video of this shoot at Bad Boy Bondage, click here.

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Hot wax torture in the back yard

At Bad Boy Bondage. Preston Lee breaks out the hot wax and gives slave Dean Daniels a good painful coating of it.

MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_full_04 MetalbondNYC_gay_male_bondage_full_05

Then the master drags him up and face fucks him before they both are spurting with cum!

For the video of this shoot at Bad Boy Bondage, click here.

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Metalbond gay bondage

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