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Video: Emerson is tortured by Jared

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, super-sadist Jared continues to bullwhip his supine slave, then shoves a steel butt plug up his ass and shocks him with jumper cables – sometimes while whipping him.


Beautiful young Emerson remains spread-eagled, facedown on the torture table. Jared whips his slave’s back a few more times, then rubs the fresh wounds, sending Emerson into spasms of pain, his lean, naked body confusing seductively. Jared loves the captive’s long, lean body and his perfect, bulbous ass; it is so rare for such a lean guy to have such a juicy ass. Emerson’s beauty drives Jared to hurt him even more, delivering punishing lash after punishing lash, even as Emerson looks up at him, his moist eyes begging for mercy. But Jared is just getting started. He shoves a massive, steel butt-plug up the prisoner’s ass, sending him into more convulsions, then attaches jumper-cables to the butt plug and Emerson’s wrist. The shocks are unbelievable, lifting Emerson off the table as he screams and whimpers. His body has never looked better. Jared is such a sadist he even whips the captive while the current is flowing.

Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this shoot: Emerson Palmer – Smooth As Silk – Part 4

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gay bondage buttplay

Video: Outdoor spread-eagle bondage and torture


At Bay Boy Bondage — a site where Metalbond readers get 40 percent off for the life of their subscription — it’s outdoor bondage and electro torture for these adventurous young men. When Dean Daniels sees the electrodes come out, he starts to beg before it even starts. Undaunted, Preston Lee, lights up his nipples, cock, and asshole. In between whimperings, he back is forced up from the current.

Title of this shoot: Whipping Post And More part 3

Keywords: BDSM, twinks, bondage, electrode, whipping

Features: Preston Lee, Dean Daniels

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Pictures: Outdoor bondage sex

At Bad Boy Bondage, Preston Lee just can’t help himself as he ties up and works over his captive, Dean Daniels. Preston pumps him like a well-oiled engine.

Title of this shoot: Whipping Post And More Part 2

Keywords: Twinks, Bondage, Whipping, Gag, Anal Sex, Leather, Outdoors, BDSM

Features: Preston Lee, Dean Daniels

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Check out this video from the new Dominic Pacifico site

Many readers of the Metalbond site will recognize porn star Dominic Pacifico — who has been featured at the KinkMen sites and many others. Now, Dominic has his own site, DominicPacifico.com, and some of his content features leather and bondage. I also happen to think that Dominic is hot as fuck.

See below for a free video clip from one of his shoots, this one called Bareback Bondage Breeders. But first a few pics:

Two muscle daddies — Dominic Pacifico and Pierce Paris — breed Dominic’s kinky son Casey Everett. Dominic anchors Casey to a Saint Andrew’s Cross and leaves to bring Pierce back and show him his playroom and his breeding boy toy Casey. Excited and feeling raunchy, both muscle pigs start eating Casey’s ass right before they switch barebacking his hungry hole. They use him till his hole is wide open, then make him clean their cocks off. They switch back and forth until Dominic shoots his massive load deep in his ass. Pierce follows with a deep pounding, using Dominic’s cum as lube. Dominic demands he pull out to cum so he can eat his load off Casey’s hole when he shoots.

Here’s that free video preview:


Title of this shoot: Bareback Bondage Breeders

Models in this shoot: Dominic Pacifico, Casey Everett, Pierce Paris

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