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Video: Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Check out what happens to Matthew in this bondage fantasy at Dream Boy Bondage. Matthew has fantasized about being dominated, whipped and fucked like a slave. Today his fantasy comes true; tomorrow it turns into a nightmare.

Grindr bondage date turns from fantasy to nightmare

Blond super-twink Matthew Connor has fantasized about being a slave. He wants to be bound and helpless, feel the sting of a whip then fucked by an older, stronger man. He even has a tattoo of a roped, submissive muscle-boy on his thigh. So, today, he heads over to Anthony Martin’s dungeon. Anthony promises “to go slow” and “be respectful” when he contacts him on Grindr. “Hey,” Anthony says with a smile when Matthew knocks on his door. Matthew takes of his pants, revealing a plump, firm ass. Soon he’s bent over a fuck-bench, wrists and ankles cuffed, the perfect twink-slave: lean and beautiful, innocent and compliant. He’s stripped naked. His ass is beat red as he moans and yelps. He’s terrified but totally turned on. He won’t realize that things have gone way too far and there’s no turning back until his virgin ass is ripped open by his new master’s giant cock. Be careful what you wish for!

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Title of this shoot: Matthew Connor – From Fantasy To Nightmare – Chapter 1

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Video: Casper gets his hole wrecked on the torture bench

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With Casper now on the torture bench, Titus gets his whip out to start whipping the captive’s ass, stroking it harder every time. With his ass now warmed up, it’s now time for the big toys — in this case a thick blue dildo, which goes in rather easily with the minimum amount of lube possible! As if this wasn’t enough, Titus now gets a bigger ribbed dildo to start wrecking his hole even further. But if this ass fucking toy-fest wasn’t enough, now Titus gets out the fuck-machine, which wrecks his hole till he eventually cums! Keep your eye out for a humiliating finale.


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fucked up the ass in bondage

Trapped by a strange plant

At Growlboys, Matthew is still struggling to find balance with his new life in Midsemester Night’s Dream. These changes are unpredictable, but he doesn’t want them to stop him from doing what he loves. A simple evening out with Charlie should have been the stuff of dreams, but devolves quickly into a nightmare scenario.

In “Chapter 5: Peculiar Traditions”, Charlie tries to help Matthew through an unexpected shape shift by running into the forest to seek out answers and help. Even though he’d been told several times that such a trip would be dangerous, Charlie will do whatever it takes to bring his young lover peace of mind. When Matthew chases after him, he finds Charlie caught in the grip of a strange plant scylla, enticing him and luring him deeper into its trap.

Matthew watches as Charlie is stripped and teased, surprisingly turned on by the unexpected discovery, eager to see how Matthew responds to this otherworldly creature.

trapped at growlboys

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Marcus is tortured on an inversion gurney

Meanwhile at Dream Boy Bondage, a lean, blond twink flails on the inversion gurney, stretched out, abs sucked in hard. His body is flogged and cropped, then he’s ordered to cum for the third time.

Marcus at Dream Boy Bondage

Blond muscle twink Marcus hangs upside-down on the inversion gurney. “Please, Sir,” he begs as his master periodically beats his chest and abs with the flogger. The young prisoner looks so delicious, stretched out, naked, totally helpless, struggling against his chains, ribs showing under his skin, his stomach sucked in hard, so lean you could pinch it between your finger and thumb. Then his master whips his nipples and navel with a riding crop, making the captive flail about and scream, even more so when his fresh wounds are soaked with alcohol. Young Marcus is finally taken down and chained to a wall. He’s ordered to cum for the third time in as many hours. “Please, Sir. I’ll cum for you if you let me go,” he begs. He busts a huge load of cum, again, but he is going nowhere. He’ll spend the night chained against a concrete wall, naked and alone. Tomorrow he will be sold to the highest bidder.

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Title of this shoot: Marcus Rivers – Young Cock Torture – Chapter 7

Marcus gets chained to the wall


Bound discipline with a flogger

When the Master tires of the whip, he shows the prisoner the sensual side of playing with sharp and pointy things. The sensations certainly elicit a reaction! After giving the captive a rest, or maybe just the opportunity to ponder his future, the Master takes him down and leashing his pet leads him across the dungeon to whatever his mind dreams up next.

he shows the prisoner the sensual side of playing with sharp and pointy things

Title of this shoot: Get Hard for Me, Part 7

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the Master takes him down and leashing his pet leads him across the dungeon


Video: Tied up and dominated by Silas

Check out what happens at MyDirtiestFantasy.com — and scroll down for a free video clip!

Silas is that kind of master

Silas is that kind of master that no matter what, he never has enough, and Pan is going to soon discover this. After all the abuse suffered, Pan is gagged and tied with ropes to a wooden platform with his legs up. Silas doesn’t doubt to whip his naked and exposed body as a soft preliminary to the real torment that’s yet to come. The pinwheel around his body, the fuck machine whilst he’s whipped and stepped on, his master isn’t merciful! And when he is bored of that, he ties his slave’s balls to his toes, leaving his cock exposed to make him cum with some different dildos. His moans don’t leave you indifferent when Pan reaches the orgasm with the Silas’ hand still on his wet cock.

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Title of this shoot: Lost Fate – Part 2 – Silas Rise, Pan Bash

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