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Locked in stocks

Getting the captive into the stocks, the Master uses a variety of toys to get the prisoner’s back nice and warm. Noticing the prisoner’s mouth is at a convenient height, he makes use of his mouth by throat fucking him as he whips the captive’s back.

male bondage

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Title of this shoot: Chained for His Pleasure, Part 4

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Boung Muscle Jocks

Bound butt play

At Boynapped, Maxxie can take a lot of punishment with a good dom, but this is the first time he’s come up against Ashton. He’s been prepared, stripped and left hooded for the dom’s arrival, and with a brief introduction Ashton soon has his new plaything up on the bench. With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place, our chav top gets to work, fingering the captive’s slightly hairy hole, easing a toy inside, then moving to a bigger one. Maxxie’s cock hangs heavy, he’s clearly loving it, but can he take some fisting from the mean master?

With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place


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Scene Title: Maxxie Rivers & Ashton Bradley

Scene Short Description: Owned By The Most Devious Of Doms – Part 1

male bdsm

Muscled Master and His Toy

Twink male bondage

At Bad Boy Bondage, the Master drags his toy to the table and ties him to it. Stroking his body and using a whip, he starts to warm the captive up to his attentions. The electro toys come out, and soon end up attached to his nipples and balls.

tied up men

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Title of this shoot: Muscled Master and His Toy Part 3

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Metalbond gay bondage

Sean puts Casper in suspension bondage and plays with his hard dick

In this update from Boynapped, Sean has pleased his own big meat but he’s not gonna be happy until he’s got the cream from his captive.

Casper Ellis and Sean Taylor

With a few rope changes, Casper can be hoisted up above, the drooling cock at the perfect height for an intense sucking and wanking. Casper can’t do anything while Sean enjoys that cock, not that he’d want it to end before be blasted his hot cream out over Sean’s chest. Finally drained of his built-up cum wad, the young man can relax, or at least that’s what he thinks. Sean likes making his captives squirm with their hyper-sensitive cock heads after they’ve splashed their juices!

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Models in this shoot: Casper Ellis and Sean Taylor

male bondage

A twink dom gets oiled and tied to a pole

At BadBoyBondage.com, the tables are turned! Preston Lee is now the one tied to a pole, to be inspected, oiled up, and flogged by Dean Daniels. The former Dom’s body glistens and jumps as Dean flogs his beautiful torso!

twink dom in bondage

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Title of this Shoot: “Whipping Post and More, Part 5”

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dominant twink male bondage porn

Male BDSM: Oiled up flexing and flogging

Oiled up flexing and flogging

At BadBoyBondage.com, Master Dean Daniels requires that Preston Lee pose for him. After being oiled up, Preston gets to work pleasing his Master with flexes of his hot body. The flogger and the riding crop are used when encouragement is needed.

twinks in bondage

See the video at BadBoyBondage.com

Title of this shoot: “Whipping Post and More, Part 7”

bondage twunks

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