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Muscled Master and His Toy

Twink male bondage

At Bad Boy Bondage, the Master drags his toy to the table and ties him to it. Stroking his body and using a whip, he starts to warm the captive up to his attentions. The electro toys come out, and soon end up attached to his nipples and balls.

tied up men

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Title of this shoot: Muscled Master and His Toy Part 3

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Metalbond gay bondage

Felix Frost tortures a prisoner

Dream Boy Bondage

There’s a new top working over the prisoners at Dream Boy Bondage! Felix Frost alternates between torturing and sucking his slave’s cock. College stud Leo whimpers and moans, from the pleasure of Felix’s mouth and the pain of tight rope, biting pins and a razor-sharp pinwheel. Felix finally removes the pins and unties the rope. “Turn around!” he barks, keeping Leo up on his toes as he forces him to face the whipping post. Leo can’t believe his eyes when he sees the long, red single-tail whip. “Agggggg!” the captive screams when the first lash lands. Felix makes Leo smell the rubbing alcohol before misting it on his back. And, if that weren’t bad enough, he attacks Leo’s fresh wounds with his pinwheel. The look of pain and terror on Leo’s angelic face is almost as hot as watching his fine, naked body writhe in pain.

Felix Frost

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 3

gay bondage and whipping

Hot pain pig Micky Mackenzie pushes his limits to the max

I am a longtime admirer of Micky Mackenzie. In this vintage shoot from 30 Minutes of Torment, Van Darkholme pushes Micky to his limits and gets him to blow a load all over the place:


Micky Mackenzie is no stranger to BDSM, but he admits that his pain tolerance is pretty low, nevertheless he’s still a pain pig. The Wall – Micky begins his session with the wall. Van works him over with his bare hands. Micky grits his teeth as he’s punched and smacked. Van brings out the flogger and mercilessly beats him before taking him off to his second challenge. – The Pit – Van uses the cane on Micky, leaving beautiful red welts on his ass. With a row of clips across Micky’s chest, he is caned on his ass and thighs. A round of hot wax takes Micky to his limit, and then Van flogs it all off. The Water Station – Micky is now determined to make it through, but first he must endure clothespins and the heavy blast of the cold water on his raw skin. Having made it through the challenges, Micky launches a huge load.

36094_3 36094_8

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A bondage twink has his ass played with and his cock teased during his first edging session

gay bondage

Andrew Collins is a hot little stud with a cute southern accent and he’s at MEN ON EDGE for his first edging session. With his eyes blindfolded, Andrew’s cock begins to grow in his underwear from all the excitement. Suspended in the air, Andrew opens his holes as they fuck him with dildos and play with his cock. They have some more fun with Andrew as he’s tied down to the table with a vibrating dildo up his ass

gay bondage 30140_10 30140_13

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Metalbond gay bondage

No escape for this prisoner

gay bondage

At DaddysBondageBoys.com, Tye just gets louder and continues his prisoner’s torment on the cross. When the captive tries to run, he gets dragged back and the whipping continues. Eventually he unties the prisoner and makes him crawl to the winch. He is tied and lifted up by the winch. He gets stretched out as his feet are lifted off the ground.

male gay bondage discipline BDSM

Title of this shoot: Don’t Look At Me Boy – Part 2

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Metalbond gay bondage

Tied up outdoors

Meanwhile in the backyard over at BadBoyBondage.com, Master Jaiden puts Chase through his paces. The punishments come hard and fast as Chase gets stripped and tied to the posts. Despite his tears and protestations, the punishments continue until the Master is happy.

gay male bondage outdoors

Video of “I’m Sorry Master Part 1” available here

Keywords: outdoors, rope restraints, crop, flogging

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