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Bondage sex amongst two insatiable twinks

Insatiably horny twink Tyler Tanner has a raging hard-on that won’t go away, no matter how many times he fucks submissive bottom Myott Hunter. Myott is hanging by his wrists and ankles in a swing, and his moist, pulsating hole quivers at the mere thought of Tyler’s gigantic, bobbing fuckrod. Myott’s eyes widen as Tyler’s dick has somehow impossibly gotten even thicker and harder!

Even though Myott, the little twink slave, has currently already been fucked and fucked hard several times by twink master Tyler, neither sex craving horndog even thinks about stopping. And as far as Tyler is concerned, a moment’s rest is a moment too long. Seeing his own personal twink fucktoy hanging in the swing, unable to get away or escape, turns Tyler on like nothing else.

Tyler plunges his cock the entire length of Myott’s well-used fucktunnel in one swift motion. Myott cries out with a simultaneous mixture of both exquisite pain and exquisite pleasure! The pain/pleasure-delirious bottom doesn’t know whether to beg his dominator to stop or continue, go faster or slower. And as Tyler plows into Myott’s perfect twink ass, he is delighted by the fact that even though he has fucked the captive multiple times and delivered multiple loads, Myott’s hole is still fabulously tight!

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Title: Tyler Tanner & Myott Hunter Encounter 3

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Dominating a twink

Handsome and hunky jock daddy Tucker likes to take charge. He’s been into the kinky side of things ever since his frat boy days. Captive twink Austin doesn’t seem to mind, even when his bare butt is being spanked and turned red! With a taste of the handsome hunk’s meat, the prisoner is soon ready for a good stuffing, heading to the bedroom where Tucker can fuck the cream out of him and splash his own big spurting load in an impressive finish!

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Scene Title: Austin Tyler & Tucker McKline

Scene Short Description: A Kinky Time With Cute Austin

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Orgasm denial torture

Though Hiroya has the perfect build and handsome face of a storybook prince, don’t be fooled! He has his playfully wicked side as well. Here in a dark and foreboding Tokyo sex playroom, he plays dungeon master to chained Ryu. But far from inflicting discomfort, Hiroya uses the available gear and sex toys to keep horny Ryu on the very edge of exploding with pleasure. First nipping and nibbling Ryu’s nipples and sucking his cock till it aches for release, he turns to a blue-liquid filled masturbator sleeve straight out of a mad scientist’s lab to maintain Ryu’s unbridled pleasure at its peak. Nobody would mind this exquisite torment, as long as they finally got to splatter with satisfaction in the end.

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Site: Japan Boyz

Title of this video: Wet Hot Hiroya Summer: Tease and Torment Ryu

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Wesley is roped to the red bondage chair, ass out

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Wesley Ryder is back with his long, lean body, curly hair, creamy skin, and juicy ass. Watching him squirm, arch, twist and turn is a beautiful sight. Not long after Rope Man J.J. arrives to play with that ass! J.J. fucks his captive senseless, while jerking that rock hard cock until it blows a load of cum onto the chair below. Wow. Wesley is a stud.

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The pleasure of torture

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Imagine the devious fun you could have with sexy and slim young Jesse! Xavier gets his first shot at playing with the gorgeous captive, and he’s not going to waste a moment of it. He’s soon got his captive standing on the pallets, his cock floppy and his balls roped up tight just like his hands and ankles. Tugged down to keep him in a stress position, the prisoner can’t move without causing pain, but it only gets worse when the nipple clamps and pegs are applied to his tender flesh. He knows what’s coming, but he still can’t seem to stop his uncut cock from swelling as the pain washes through him. He seems to like it.

the prisoner can't move without causing pain

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Title: Xavier Meets Slim Boy Jesse – Part 1

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Cock-Caged at Military School – Part 04

By AlphaMetal

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It was the last Friday of the month again and Trey knew he had to report to the medical office for “The Procedure”: His cock cage would be removed and an electric butt-plug inserted in his anus to force him to ejaculate, perhaps several times, and then the cage would be locked back on again.

The first two times were pretty awful. The first session was totally humiliating, and the second session was both humiliating and painful. But after his encounter with the Assistant Coach at the gym a few weeks ago, Trey was not really nervous, even though he knew the medic would still be an asshole.

Over the past two months he had thought again and again about the procedure, and how it felt to have the electric butt-plug deep inside him, pulsing until he had an uncontrollable orgasm. He had to admit to felt good. Sure, it was humiliating to be restrained to the medical table, but he even understood that part: He had to admit that if they did not restrain him, once the cage was removed he would totally grab his cock and start stroking. If he was being honest, he knew the restraints did serve a purpose.

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Strapped to the bench and fucked by a dildo machine

Blond twink Noah has cause to be a little nervous, but the fit and smooth young guy hides it well. After a little inspection the twink is put to use, bent over the bench with his long cock hanging and his smooth arse up for Sean to enjoy. He’s really not holding back. With the captive’s hole licked and fingered, his own big dick is soon fucking the twink’s mouth. Noah can’t seem to hide his glee when Sean starts up the fucking machine to pump a dildo in and out of his pucker!

Strapped to the bench and fucked by a dildo machine

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Title: Having Fun With A New Boy – Part 1

Sean starts up the fucking machine