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Tied to the whipping post

Here’s more from the men of Bad Boy Bondage — a site at which Metalbond readers get 40 percent off for the life of their subscription! IN this update, Preston Lee still needs to learn the meaning of respect as he is tied to the pole and flogged by Master Dean Daniels. After another round of oil, Preston strokes himself until he is rock hard, only to be flogged all the more!

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Title of this shoot: Whipping Post and More, Part 6

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A twink dom gets oiled and tied to a pole

At BadBoyBondage.com, the tables are turned! Preston Lee is now the one tied to a pole, to be inspected, oiled up, and flogged by Dean Daniels. The former Dom’s body glistens and jumps as Dean flogs his beautiful torso!

twink dom in bondage

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Title of this Shoot: Whipping Post and More, Part 5

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Sam Truitt gets tied up and relentlessly edged until he begs to cum

!35091_9Sam Truitt is started off bound near the windows as Sebastian tears away his clothes. Once his underwear is cut off they see the enormous size of his cock. They tease him with the hitachi’s vibrating on his cockhead until he’s about to blow. Next they have him bound in the chair as he’s teased even more. Sebastian swallows every inch of the stud’s cock as he continues to edge him. On the bed, Sam is bound in full body bondage while they jack him off with the fleshjack. They find out how ticklish Sam’s feet are and decide to give them some extra attention. They finally milk Sam’s fat cock until he blows a load onto his stomach.

35091_6 35091_7 35091_8

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A naked prisoner is affixed to an upright X-cross

Dream Boy Bondage

“You are going to like this in prison!” prison guard Martin Thorn says as he pushes a massive, ridged butt-plug deep into Levy Foxx’s virgin ass. The prisoner screams and buckles as he’s penetrated over and over. Martin leaves the plug in, then covers the captive’s firm ass cheeks with clothespins and leaves him overnight, fucked and in pain. The next day, Levy, still completely naked, is affixed to an upright X-cross with chains and elastic bands. The bands dig into his lean leg muscles. He’s been alone for hours when Martin returns, wearing the black uniform of a torture-guard. Martin gags the prisoner with a ball-gag then methodically flogs his muscular body, stopping briefly to stroke his body and twist his nipples.

tied up in gay bondage

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 9

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Video: Prison Bitch

Martin straps on hard-rubber punching-gloves

“Don’t you fuckin’ try anything,” prison guard Martin Thorn, naked from the waist down, tells Levy Foxx as he unbolts the nearly naked prisoner from the wall, turns him around and reattaches him, facing out. Levy is one sexy captive. Terrified, Levy can only imagine the worst as Martin straps on hard-rubber punching-gloves. “You’re about to get a taste of what happens to pretty boys like you in prison,” Martin says. He pounds Levy’s abs, chest and sides with dozens of hard blows, one after the other, making the captive gasp in agony. Levy will soon hang on that wall, naked, covered with his own cum, for hours.

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 3

he unbolts the nearly naked prisoner from the wall

Video: Handcuffed prison bitch

gag the fag handcuffs

Levy Foxx is part of a “gang” of young Asian tough guys who steal beer and candy bars from local stores. Levy – the best looking of them – is the only one held by the cops after the gang is arrested. Slender and smooth, Levy is sent not to a traditional jail but to the special facility at Dream Boy Bondage. He is cuffed by his wrists and ankles, stripped to his underwear and placed in a small cage. Levy knows something strange is happening, but he has no idea what. “Do you know why you are here?” Martin Thorn, a prison guard dressed in black, asks as he reaches into the tiny cage and caresses Levy’s body and grabs his cock. “No!” Levy says, terrified. Martin just smiles. “You know what happens to prisoners like you in prison?” he asks, as Levy shakes his head. “You are going to suck a lot of dick,” he says as he pulls Levy out of the cage, handcuffs him to it and forces him down on his knees, then removes his own pants and shoves his cock into the prisoner’s mouth. Levy cries and gasps for air as he’s forced to swallow Martin’s rock-hard cock.

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Title of this shoot: Levy Foxx – Prison Bitch – Part 1

handcuffs gag gthe fag

Pictures and video: Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo bound on the fuck bench

Leo has been bound to the fuck-bench for hours, his ass exposed and totally vulnerable. He knows he will be fucked; he just doesn’t know when or how. Then Felix Frost walks in and tests the captive’s tight ass with a spear-shaped butt plug. Leo’s asshole is as tight as a nun’s pussy, so Leo greases it up with his fingers then pushes the plug in. Leo is totally violated, naked, helpless and now fucked. Then the ass beating begins. Felix whips the stud’s plugged ass over and over, making him thrash with pain. His ass cheeks sting like hell, but the inside of his ass hurts even more as the plug throbs with each blow. Felix beats the prisoner for what seems like forever, delivering a steady series of blows with the leather paddle until Leo’s ass is covered with deep-red welts. Felix then fucks the captive with the dildo for a while then replaces it with his finger, finger-fucking while stroking his cock. Leo finally spurts a huge load of cum all over the floor

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Title of this shoot: Leo Edwards – Captive Blonde – Part 5

Dream Boy Bondage