The Club

By slavebladeboi

I could feel the weight of the door as I pushed it open, far heavier than it looked. It slowly swung silently behind me and, turning, I could see the reason why. Thick padded soundproofing covered this side, black and shiny.

It took several seconds for my sight to register anything in the low-level lighting of the room, anything that is, apart from the beam of bright light shining vertically onto the naked figure in the centre.

I paused to look around. The room was, as far as I could tell, about 30 feet square and black. Walls, floor and ceiling. That ceiling was high, perhaps 12 feet but slightly below it, again black, was a grid of metal beams. The spotlight shone between these onto the body of the kneeling prisoner. I’d estimate 19 or 20 years old. He was at least 18. If they took them younger than that the paperwork, compensation and fuss created wasn’t worth the hassle. So, 19 perhaps?

He was kneeling on a thick cushion, raising him up some 4 or 5 inches. His arms were tied behind him, elbows almost touching. I could feel the strain on his shoulders from where I stood. His wrists were tied palms outwards and joined by a length of chain to the spreader bar that was attached to his ankles. The steel rings on the heavy leather collar he wore shone under the powerful beam.

“You must be Zero.”  The voice sounded out of the darkness the other side of the captive, and a naked man stepped forward, the spotlight reflecting off his muscled body. His dick was at full mast, at least 9 inches and thicker than mine. Precum oozed gently out of the piss slit but it was quite evident that he wasn’t in the habit of using that veined muscle gently at all. He held it in his left hand like a fleshy dagger.

“Yes,” I replied. “First timer,” trying hard not to stare.

“I’m Kore, welcome to The Club.”

I stepped forward so my nakedness was also slightly illuminated by the single down light.

“Good to see you keep fit,” Kore added, “too many members don’t seem to give a shit these days. Pay their subs, have their fun and leave without any personal pride in their appearance.”

“Thanks,” I said, not knowing what else to add.

Now that I was closer to the tied subject, I could see he was wearing a leather blindfold and one of those dental gags that was forcing his mouth open, painfully wide. His spit was dribbling in strands down his chin, dropping onto his hairless chest where it made silvery paths down across his abs and pooled between his knees. There were signs of a fresh whipping too, red bands across his shoulders and across his chest still painfully evident.

“What’s that?” I asked pointing to the black rubber ball that covered his cock and balls.

“That’s its pleasure pack,” Kore answered. “They all have one. Serves as a chastity device. It’s locked on, but inside it can vibrate at various levels to keep them horny, make them cum, edge them endlessly or, if you want, you can set it to shock it enough to knock it sideways. Sort of all the goodies in one parcel. The remote control’s down here.” He pointed to a small box by the side of the cushion.

With that he grabbed his cock in both hands.

“As it’s your first time I’ll go first, shall I?”

“Sure,” I answered.

“This one is pretty simple as you would have noticed when you signed up. Always good for a first time. Some newbies think they can … sorry. No offence. I call them all newbies.”

“None taken,” I said, thinking “know your place, Zero. Don’t lose any friends before you start.”

“It’s just that they rush in, whips, electro, any amount of bondage and torture, you name it, and the fun is over before you have time to cum, leaves the object in a state where he can’t be used again for days sometimes.”

“I’ll follow your lead,” I said. “Always like to learn as I go.”

Kore smiled. “I’ve set it up so it’s the right height, for me at least. When you have a turn you might, um, no you’ll probably be OK. Same height as me almost. Shouldn’t take long either. Not had a decent orgasm for a whole day now. Too much bloody work to do. After this I’m going back to eat and then hit my bed.”

He then stood, legs apart, in front of the drooling, kneeling figure.

I waited.

“Grab it by the hair. They don’t leave much on, just enough to grab if and when. I’ll shove myself down its throat. As I’m fucking it you just need to keep its head as still as you can. Shove your knee in its back if you have to. I like to get as far down the gullet as I can. There’s something special about that feeling. This one’s quite new too so it may be a first for it.”

I felt my heart start beating a bit faster. I needed to make a decent impression, first time “newbie” as I was.

“There’ll be a load of yelling, at least until I fill its throat, then it’s the phlegm and the choking, but just hold it as still as you can. It gets punished if it resists too much, but I do like a good fight. Can’t stand those ones who sit and take it without protesting. Half the fun is hearing the pleas for mercy.” He laughed out loud at this.

“Yeah, me too,” I added as my own cock stuck out in front of me. I really wanted to make a good impression.

“Ok then.”

I grabbed the prisoner’s hair, just enough left on his head to get a grip. It felt soft and warm in my fist. I swallowed.

Kore’s initial lunge forward caught me off guard somehow. I thought I was ready. I had the captive’s head in my grasp, both hands round to his ears almost, but still, I was taken aback by the power of the man’s plunge. Christ knows how he felt with that ploughing his throat. I was still thinking in terms of “him” and “his,” not “it.” I bent my right leg and shoved my knee into the naked body that was straining to reverse back into me. My feet were firmly planted, and I held that position as still as I could against the piston action in front of me.

There was no yelling as such. Gurgling, throaty, raw, choking, spitting, unidentifiable animal sounds that came and went as the throat being stuffed with 9 inches of man meat was grabbing each breath it could. But Kore was correct. It must have taken him less than about 3 minutes to finally erupt down the open throat, now full of pulsating cock spewing hot salty cream straight into the captive’s stomach.

I kept hold of the head. Sweating, Kore withdrew followed by a mouthful of plegmy vomit which splattered over the gag and onto the black rubberised floor. He took a couple of steps backwards and looked at “it.”

“Fuck! This one’s got a gift,” he said almost in admiration. “If this one’s your first you’ll be spoilt for anything else. Right. Swap places?”

I hesitated. “Give it a few. I need to get my head round this. You know, first night nerves and all.”

“Naaah, you’ll be fine. Just do what I did.”

I laughed, a sort of polite “not really laughing here” laugh.

“No really. I’ll be fine if you want to take off and get that food you said you were after. I’ll get on here at my own pace and see how things go from there. No need to rush. They say you always remember your first time. Well, first time here anyway,” I laughed again. “Honestly, I’m really grateful for your advice and I’ll do my best, but I just, well maybe, just feel I’d be better by myself this time round.”

Kore looked at me for a moment without moving. I stared back at him waiting for him to object or perhaps even get angry. But he then smiled in a “we’re all guys together here” way, took a few paces forward and slapped me on the shoulder as he walked past me. When he reached the door he looked back and just said, “You’re right. No pressure. I think I’d do the same in your place. Do it your way, enjoy it and you’ll remember it for years.” With that he pulled the heavy padded door open and let it close silently behind him.

I was alone in room, which I now saw was equipped with about as much kit as I could ever possibly imagine for BDSM play and more. Alone, that is, apart from a tied, kneeling figure still panting and drooling out the odd watery gob of whatever he was regurgitating.

I stood. My mind was a blank at this point. I was still horny, I so wanted to feel his warm throat close round my throbbing dick but, I dunno. I couldn’t make that initial step. Instead I knelt down in front of him, our heads at the same height.

I reached down for the remote. The small icons showed what each setting was for, I set it to vibrate gently. His face changed. Surprise? Anxiety? Reaching forward I slowly took off his eye mask. He blinked. Long dark lashes were wet with tears. God, I could see why he was taken. He’d bring in the customers, no mistake. I unlatched the gag and pulled it out of his mouth which very slowly closed, obviously painfully.

Without thinking about it, I don’t know why or what I was doing, I simply leaned forward and kissed him, deeply, for what seemed minutes on end. I pulled away and turned up the vibrator. His faced changed again. This was turning into a love affair rather than the session I’d paid good money for. But something. Just something. I had no words. Maybe I was sorry for him, maybe I wanted to take him home with me and use his body all for myself. Maybe I wasn’t cut out for The Club after all.

I stood. He opened his mouth, looking up at me and then down at my rigid member. I slowly leaned in and he took it, willingly. Deeper and deeper, he allowed me to push myself into him. And Kore was right. This one had a ferocious talent. As I felt my balls churning, that last minute or so before you feel there’s the point of no return, I turned his chastity ball up to maximum and felt his throat close over the length of my cock as we both came at the same time. No spitting. No gobbing up phlegm. My yells of ecstasy were thudding at the deeply padded walls.

I sat exhausted.

Getting my breath, I reached over and turned the ball off.

“I’ll be back in the next few days. I’ll tell them we’re finished here when I leave.”

© 2023 by slavebladeboi. Posted here with permission

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4 thoughts on “The Club”

  1. Love the setup here. Well done! I volunteer to be part of the acquisition team, the group that identifies the subjects, brings them in, and preps them for the club members!

  2. Great story, Slavebladeboi. I would certainly love to have been that boy, taking cock like that, then for a final treat, taking the electro chastity device!

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