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The Dungeon Hotel

By BondageChallengeGames

Ah, young, gay, and broke. It’s a shame how expensive travel is, especially when the best times in your life for travel coincide with when you have the least money to do so. Well, I cannot promise to solve all your travel cost woes, but listen to my pitch young man, because I may be able to lessen the load.

You see I run a chain of “hotels” in many very big (often expensive) cities in America. I use “hotel” loosely, because they do not look like your traditional hotel – no fancy lobbies, unnecessary “perks”, or cushy rooms. No… my hotels are jails. Some quite literally prisons we purchased and modified for use by free citizens, others warehouses renovated with bars and bunks.

Now I’m sure you have questions. It’s natural to be cautious of an offer to go to jail. But the fact that you’re still listening shows me that you haven’t written off the experience completely. Which is good, because curious and adventurous men like yourself always make the most of a stay with me. Let me tell you what you can expect from a stay at one of my Dungeon Hotels, and then we’ll book you a cell.

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Copdar – Ride Along with the Deputy

By Cuffsandcops

Continued from “Side Job Deputy”

The plan was for me to meet the deputy at the station he works out of at 0900. I woke up early to get ready and received a text message from him pushing our meet up back until 1000. The station is about a 15-minute drive from my house. I put on a blue polo shirt, gray pants, and my tactical boots to meet the dress code as described by the deputy. I grabbed two GShock watches, my water bottle, wallet, and just my house and truck keys. I didn’t want to have the cuff key that’s always on my key ring with me.

I texted the deputy that I was on my way to the station and left my house at 0945. I had driven past the station the previous week to know where it was, so I knew where I was going. I pulled into the parking lot behind the station where there were many marked units and other vehicles and found an empty spot. I texted the deputy there I had arrived, grabbed the items from my truck, and walked towards the station. I didn’t know if the deputy was inside or in a vehicle. All the doors required authorized entry, so I stopped on the sidewalk next to the building.

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 16

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 16: Establishing Your True Worth

There were bets about how quick Yash would go, and the ones that bet on his thirty-first day in the Coop were right.  I took longer.  Lots longer.  By the time I went to the Room, I was the longest-running slap in the Coop.  But just when I thought I was lost in the system, the boss grabbed me out of the line leaving the chow hall and told me to “stand aside.”  “Aside” was a collection of three slappies–me, a 20-something named Kristian that had been vacationing from Sweden and had suddenly discovered that coke was not allowed on St. Bevons Island, and a young local named Marco, a “rude boy” that had got himself “sent down thee road” to Slappieville.   Marco was a kid, 18 or 19, whose eyes kept roving back and forth like he expected someone to kill him.  Kristian was tall and his stubble was blond, but he was skinny and somehow professorial.  Even after his weeks in Slaptown, he was still looking around him in a bewildered way, like he’d lost his glasses or his cellphone.

The Boss led us to the Intake shack, where Jojo and Malcolm gave us a shower and a new set of browns and boots.  “Lookin you best for thee Man” was Jojo’s comment.  “No haircut?” I said.  “No mon, that stubble you got is you best feature mon.”  When they were finished, they shackled our legs and cuffed our hands in front of us.  Then they locked our cuffs to a chain.  An officer came by, grunted something at the trusties, gripped the end of the chain, and gave it a tug.  We shuffled forward.  “You’re on your way to the Show Room,” he said.  Like we wouldn’t have guessed.  But that was that.  No long goodbyes.

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Master Eb’s Spirit

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorThis is a Metalbond exclusive excerpt from ty dehner’s all new holiday novel, Master Eb’s Spirit. This story is set in our current day leather community, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. After having spent a portion of Christmas Eve in his local pub, The Regents’ Boot, Master Eb is returning home to spend the remainder of the holiday night alone. Well, at least that is what he had planned…

The Warning

Master Eb exits The Regents’ Boot.

Zipping up his leather jacket, the Master steps into the air that has cooled with the waning night. He pauses as his breath floats before his face before lifting up to the low clouds that cover London town. Putting his gloved hands deep in his jacket pockets, Eb notices a lightness to the surroundings as the snow has covered the cobblestones completely, reflecting the city lights to the low clouds creating a blue glow to the city on this Christmas Eve.

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Jail Closed for Winter

By Officer Doppels

There are a lot of things that can be experienced, or things can that just happen, at the Hampton Jail. As any good guard will know, it is the anticipation of not knowing what may occur, which keeps the inmates on their toes and focused. As a guard at the jail, I am committed to making it a good experience for all the inmates. We are awake and ready to go before the inmates are rousted in the morning, and we are there when we switch the lights out for the night and securely slam the steel doors of control.

However, regardless of what may happen in the jail, everyone starts out from the outside with an arrest and properly taken into custody. I was reflecting on a recent arrestee whose wide-eyed expression sticks with me and always brings a smile to my face.

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