The End Justifies the Means

Author unknown

The end justifies the means. That’s all I can say in my defense. I know some of you will judge me as a traitor, but I got that land for the settlers with no bloodshed, and the railroad tracks laid.

So the end justifies the means … and what an end it was.

Jake Cooper was framed in that second skin of dusty tan britches the day the plan was hatched.  He was cleaning of a layer of sweat off in the trough outside the bunkhouse.  The soapy dew nuzzled into the stubble that coated his rugged jaw line. He had peeled off what was left of his shirt and water was running in rivulets over the granite plains of his pectoral shelf, the droplets lovingly counting the clearly defined abdominals as they were absorbed into the light dusting of hair that made up the treasure trail.

The water had soaked the thin fabric of his trousers to near transparency, an opaque second skin that flowed over every muscle, until it cascaded into his leather boots.

If anyone of you could have seen the sun glistening off of those heroic muscles, or the transparent fabric hugging that rock solid bubble butt, and not done the exactly the same, then go ahead and judge me.

Like I said, that end more than justified my means.

The poor stud never knew it until it was too late.

I hated Jake Cooper.

I hated his tousled hair which fell softly over the perfection of his chiseled face.

I hated that he out rode, out shot, out drank, out charmed, and out-womanized every man in the territory, all with the shit eatin, humble, “aww shucks” grin on his full lips.

I hated his fine, if distressed, leather boots.

I hated the way people instinctively followed his lead.

I hated the friendly way he slapped me on the back, after he had bested and beat me at every turn, and called me “pardner.”

Most of all I hated his meaty round perfect ass, which tormented me day and night from the confines of the impossibly tight breeches.  It burned into my dreams, every long feverish night, and he knew it. For all of his supposed innocence, he flexed and swaggered in front of me at every chance, and without a hint of guile, rebuffed every subtle bunk house advance, without letting on he’d noticed.  I was so transfixed by the vision of his flawless glistening form, I burned my hand on the campfire I had just started.

I heard Jake guffaw, and nearly jumped out of my skin as his massive arm encircle my shoulders, his big paw mussled my hair.  The sheer power of the man’s presence alone was overpowering, but his actual touch was almost more than I could stand.  I felt my face grow read hot, at the electricity of his touch, and my breath grow short as my shoulder met the hard curve of his broad chest. How could he, or anyone else in the county, not hear the pounding of my lustful heart?

“You dreamin’ again little buddy?”  His voice was like rich dark chocolate at the bottom of a deep well and vibrated through the soles of my feet.

“You gotta keep on your toes. We gotta big job tomorrow. Gotta pay a visit to ol Chief Bear Paw.”

I stared into steel blue eyes trying to understand. The chief had been an obstacle to claiming this land for years. Raiding settlements and attacking work crews, he had slowed the vital construction of the railroad to a near halt, and kept terrorized settlers from developing land.  The only progress made at all was because of Jake, the only man able to keep the chief and his braves at bay. A merry little war had existed between them for years. The idea of Jake meeting with him without bloodshed was absurd.

“Governor’s got a new plan,” Jake explained. “He wants the settlers in this year without any more bloodshed. To ‘nee-go-she -ate,’ find out ole Bear Pappies price, see if we can coax him off the land. He reckons, I’m the only man can go talk to him and come back scalp and all. I need you to come along, and keep me from losin’ my temper. ‘member to keep your eye on him. He’s got a bag o’ tricks, watch the corners, and DON’T eat or drink anything he offers without he takes it first.”

The friendly pat on my back almost left me face down in the dust.  From somewhere above that ass I was watchin’ walk away I heard him growl, “We ride out at dawn.”

I had to admit, it was an honor he picked me to ride along with him. But I was plenty scared. Even with Jake around there was no tellin’ what the ol’ Injun was capable of.  This new tactic was a bit of a surprise. I had a bigger surprise, when I opened the door that night and saw the moonlight glinting off of a burly figure sitting on my bunk.  There was an Injun in my cabin… and he had a plan.


Part 2


It was a three-day ride to the wilderness Bear Paw had chosen for the parlay. Jake remained stoic and good humored throughout, and I was mesmerized by the way his tight muscles stretched and settled into the saddle, as he rocked gently with the motion of the animal. With a dry mouth I imagined the same motion in the throes of passion. I licked my lips and rode on.  Something whizzed past my head. Before I knew it, Jake, rifle in hand, had pulled me off my horse, behind the cover of a rock against which a hail of arrows clattered and fell harmlessly. Jake had already picked off 6 or 7 of our attackers before I even knew that we were under assault, and had rushed out to meet the remaining three in hand to hand combat.

The battle was fierce and lightning fast. The casualties numbered the three assailants, and Jake’s shirt. His jeans were torn open exposing his hip and right thigh, and his nice boots spattered in blood.  It was thrilling to watch this fighting machine in action, every muscle straining at peak performance, with precision, accuracy, and grace, as one by one, his opponents fell before him.  He knelt among the fallen, ripping his trousers up a bit more. A teasing glimpse of gluteal curve promised my hungry eyes that Jake had not bothered with underwear. Heedless of his tantalizing near naked state, brows furrowed, his steel blue eyes narrowed in concentration.

“These are disguised as Blackfoot, but it’s pretty clear they are from Bear paw’s clan. It’s pretty clear he’s up to something. You best stay close and follow my lead if you want out of this game alive.”

We met the burly chief in the searing heat of midday. I had to admit, he cut an imposing figure, his body almost completely inked with aboriginal markings, and adorned with tribal talismans of fur, feather, and bone.  In spite of the midday heat, he was seated in front of a campfire with a boiling pot dangling above.  Jake flashed is pearly whites as if meeting his best friend

“Howdy Bear Pappy! Thanks for sending out that welcoming party”

“Chief not know what you speak of Jake Cooper. Sit with me and we will speak of terms”

We sat cautiously across from the inscrutable, stone faced figure.  Jake began “I hear tell you finally named your price for that piece of land”

Bear paw raised his hand to indicate silence.  “First we drink together to show good faith. I have brewed te.a”

“Ahhh now Bear Pappy, You really think we’re gonna fall for that?  Let’s just name terms and be on our merry”

“Chief will drink first”

Jake watched carefully as Bear paw filled the cup from the cauldron and drank deeply. Whatever was in the cup, he wasn’t bothered to drink it. He handed the cup to me.  I could hear my heart pounding in my own ears, but I knew this was no time to betray my emotions.  Trying to hang on to my poker face I took the cup from the shrewd injun’, I met Jake’s gaze. He looked concerned but nodded. He hadn’t cause to pull back yet.  I took a strong swig. It was bitter, with a bit of bark, and whiskey, but tasted alright.  Jake searched into the chiefs eyes, as I covered the cup with my hand and handed it to our hero.  He locked eyes with his adversary, and downed the remaining liquid in one shot.  I watched his adam’s apple dance within the thick muscles of his neck as he consumed the tea.  He wiped his lips on the fur of his forearm.

“There. We done what you asked and drunk the tea. Now I’m needin’ your terms.  What do you want in exchange for that land?”

For the first time smile spread across the impassive face.  “You.”

Jake had already begun to sink backwards. His heavy lids sought the answer he already knew in my face

His head landed in the soft sand, and rolled slightly back and forth “wha… whhy?”

Bear Paw was full out grinning now. He nodded at me. I was first that was the deal.  I advanced on the fallen figure. Shirtless, with ripped trousers, he was almost unwrapped for me already. I stroked his soft hair and let my hands explore every inch of the exposed flesh.  Struggling to wake from this unexpected nightmare, Jake’ muscled body undulated feebly, like waves moving up and down under my curious palms.  I grabbed his meat. I could barely get my fingers around it. Whatever the chief had cooked up, it sure was making him hard. I smiled to notice, though, that it still wasn’t bigger than mine, as he would soon find out. I grabbed his jaw in my hand, and licked his face as I looked into his drug addled eyes.

“Why do you think?”

I stuffed my tongue down his throat, and kissed hard and long Jake moaned softly and tried to raise his arms to push me away Bear paw’s tea had made this hard ass cowboy as feeble as a baby.  The chief’s men had done a good job getting me started. It didn’t take much effort to rip away what was left of his clothes, leaving his boots alone, fondling and licking every new inch of exposed rock hard flesh as I went. He shuddered as I nuzzled into the vulnerable musk warmth of his armpits, and moaned as I suckled, and bit his tender brown nipples. Moans turned to shuddering short breathes as I kissed down the treasure trail that lay deep in the valley between heaving pectorals and rippling abs. While I played with his upper body, I noticed Bear doing something to his cock.  At first I was angry that he was cutting in but realized he was tying a bit of leather tightly around the base, and balls.  Jakes dick now pointed rigid at the sky and his balls began to change color.

I took him fully in my mouth. After these ministrations, it didn’t take long to enjoy my first taste of his sweet seed. Jake exploded into my mouth and fell completely limp.  Bear paw’s shadow fell ominously over the naked figure lying helpless in the dirt and His eyes wandered over every flawless detail. He grunted with satisfaction, grabbed a handful of the soft hair matted against the ranger’s sweaty brow and pulled our prey into a sitting position.  He leaned down, and I heard Jake utter an almost inaudible sigh as he shifted the weight of the unconscious muscle man over one shoulder, and stood up “Come we have not much time until drug wear off”

What had my jealousy and lust driven me to?  Did I feel regret at this moment? Did I experience even a twinge of guilt at my betrayal? I stared at the best man among us. The only one strong and capable enough to protect the settlers from this ruthless chief and his fierce warriors, hanging naked and helpless like a piece of meat over the shoulder of his enemy.  That round dimpled ass, I had coveted for so long finally exposed, and held high like a trophy in the lascivious clutches of the adversary he had defeated so many times.  Whatever thinking or feeling I had at that moment was being done my leaking dick and it had no regrets.  Only one overpowering need.

I followed Bear Paw and his beautiful burden further into the wood – enjoying the complicated pattern of muscles in his inverted V-shaped back, play had shift has he swayed softly with emotion of his captor’s stride.  Finally we came to a flat stone, and Bear paw gently laid his prize face down, and turned to me.

“We make deal. You take first.”

He pulled Jake’s arms above his head and bound his wrists tightly, as I began to play with the rest. I placed both hands on the soft leather covering his heels. Like a blind man reading braille, I let them wander up his boots squeezing at the calves as I went. His legs were so thick and powerful. Following my palms with my nose and tongue, I worked my way up the naked thighs until I reached my goal. Breathless, I ran both hands on those rock hard cheeks, around and around with increasing intensity, kneading into the soft cool granite muscles. I reached underneath and pulled his stiff cock out between is spread legs, I kissed the head, and licked the shaft, and I took both balls in my mouth. I spread the cheeks wide and dove in with my nose and tongue. I breathed him in deeply, and danced along the rim. My tongue darted inward. I became aware that Jake had begun to moan from somewhere deep in his dreams. Answering his moans, I pulled out and ran my face along the curves of his ass. I bit hard into one cheek. The Chief objected.

“No make mark on Bear paw property. No bite”

The light was growing dim, and the air cooler. The chief had begun to build a fire to illuminate and warm our naked captive. I reluctantly complied, and began to kiss my way up his spine, until I reached his neck, and lay fully along his massive back pressing my raging need into his deep cleft. I admired the muscled architecture of his wide shoulders, and graceful neck. And how deceptively vulnerable they looked beneath me with arms bound.  This shining hero whom I had so envied was mine. A toy defenseless against my cruelest whim.  I pushed his powerful legs further apart with my knee and pressed the head of my cock against his virgin hole. He was impossibly tight. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get in I kissed his neck. He stirred; he was beginning to come to.

“Yo….You… two faced…. traitor… I …kill you ..(gasp).. for this.

I bit into his ear, and whispered so close that I could feel my breathe tickling the hairs in his ear canal

“That just makes it sweeter”

The tight ring of defensive muscle lost the battle to my invading need, and I slid in, more quickly than I should have.  I’ve been blessed more than most have, and had to be gentle in the past.  Most men scream bloody murder when I spear them for the first time.  This should have split him in two.

But our hero wasn’t going to give me that satisfaction. He was too much of a man. He threw his head back and grimaced, a violent growl escaped between his clenched teeth, every muscle tightened. It felt so good around my cock, and then every muscle released. The pain was too much even for Jake, and he fell into a deep swoon.  I had wanted complete revenge. I had wanted to destroy him. Make him my bitch, and rob him of this manhood. But as I looked at the perfect bound body I thrust into, and the serenity of passed-out face, I saw a nobility of spirit even my cock couldn’t reach. I thrust harder and harder; my hands frantically covering his face and clawing at his tits. I wanted to hurt him, to punish him for his beauty. He had asked for this, taunting me with his tight breeches, flaunting his naked torso around the bunkhouse.  As his limp, bound, body bounced with every increasingly violent thrust, he became more, more and more the suffering hero. Captured, bit never defeated.

I exploded into him, and collapsed exhausted and un-triumphant upon his sweat slicked back. I realized it was night, and the chief was waiting his turn.  He forced a little more tea down Jake’s throat to keep the fight out of him, while he untied and re bound his victim into a variety of interesting positions.  I watched impressed. Bear Paw proved to be a creative, and surprising gentle rapist.  He entered our hero from every possible angle and used his hands and tongue to force pleasure out of his unwilling partner.  At one point he had tied jakes hands behind his own back, like a belt and entered him from behind, while playing with his nipples in a way the made the cowboy moan like an overpaid whore.

As the sun began to rise, he tied his ankles to a tree branch, and suckled his aching cock while tickling his ruined whole with a feather, and then three fingers.  Hard say if it was the drugged tea, but Jake’s eyes had rolled up into his head and he came like a geyser all night.  Finally, about midday, we cut him down. We had taken the saddle off his horse, and we threw him over it. I grabbed the giant hams of his ass muscles and pounded him goodbye.  I pulled his boots and holster off, and watched sadly as Bear Paw threw his new slave, over his horse, and jumped on. The chief gave the upturned ass a possessive slap.

I would like to have had him one last time.

I came back to the bunkhouse with the bloodied boots and a story of how our hero had fallen in battle against the Blackfoot, but I had been able to negotiate a peace with Chief Bear Paw.  After a suitable period of mourning the settlers came in and the tracks were laid. Even the Governor came out to lay the last spike, and eulogize the brave man who had given his life to settle this land, now called Cooperstown

He gave me a wink.  He had known Bear Paw’s price all along.

I’ve been top dog in the bunkhouse for some time now.  But I’ve noticed a new young buck, with bronze muscles golden hair, a dead shot and a cocky attitude been makin’ waves around here.  I might just have to send out a smoke signal to old Bear Paw.

The End

Note from Metal: This is one of many stories I had saved on my hard drive that I did not know the author for. If you are the author, or if you know who the author is, please contact me.

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