The Examination – Part 2

By Slavebladeboi

“According to my notes your Master calls you Zero, is that correct?”

“That and other things.”


“Zilch, nada, zip, nix, shit head, … anything meaning nothing really.”

“We’ll stick to Zero here then. OK Zero. You’re here for a bit of re education. It can take as long as I want it to. I fill in the forms so if I don’t think you’ve reached your goal then you haven’t. I can make it as short or as long a process as I like. Let’s see how we get on.”

He looked in front of him without any expression.

“Mind you, it’s not all thumb screws and whips. It could be of course” I laughed quietly to myself remembering an incident last week, “but not necessarily. With you I‘ve decided to start somewhere else.”

I unlocked the base of his chair and swivelled it round 180 degrees so he was facing my work bench rather than the mirror wall.

“You see I have a range of items, whips, floggers, hoods, gags, irons to fit all manner of places on your body, clamps, chains, ropes, just to name the first shelf. However, with you perhaps we should try and find the problem you have with your position as slave.”

I opened the cupboard and took out a VR headset.

“Here we are, one of my newer acquisitions. Now this is what’s going to happen. I’m going to strap this on your head and lock it on, so no good trying to remove it even if you could. Once it’s on I’ll plug each of your bondage mitts into the connecting cables. This will enable you to use them like VR gloves without the fingers. You’ll see them on the screen a bit like boxing gloves. Then I’ll release your arms so you can move your hands where you want them to go. On the screen you’ll see a shortened “day in the life of a slave” with certain things wrong. There will be a red button on one side of the screen and a green one on the other. All you have to do is punch the red one when the screen slave does something wrong and the green one when you agree with his actions. OK?”

He looked at me as though I was stupid enough to think he didn’t know how to operate a VR headset.

“With a couple of differences” I added. “If you miss a “red button” item you’ll get a punishment. If you press green when it’s not necessary the same will happen.”

“What sort of punishment?”

“You’ll see, or at least feel.”

Smiling, I went about the configuring of the headset and, after releasing the side wings of the collar, got it seated exactly right. I left his arms strapped in.

“OK, before we start, a short B film for your pleasure.”

I turned on the playback and waited. On my monitor I could see everything he could. I watched his reactions as two young naked oiled guys entered a dungeon and started trying to get the other to submit, wrestling, laughing and falling on each other, kissing, wanking and sucking. Finally, the dark haired one fucking the blonde into oblivion, pulled out and let ropes of cream spunk slowly glide down his smooth, tanned, oiled sides. The sound track alone was enough to make anyone cum in their pants.

While watching this, Zero was hard, oozing juice and almost panting. The correct outcome for me. I took what I needed from my bench and grabbed his cock. After lubing it I started to slowly insert a sound into his urethra, letting it glide down his channel until it reached the point where the ridged end allowed it to rest on the tip of his piss hole. I attached the securing ring behind his balls and tightened it so it would not slip out even if he lost his erection. I could see by his body movements his brain was trying to process what was real and what virtual. Then the download ended.

“Enjoyed that I see.”

He swallowed hard and said “obviously” to which I gave him a swift kick in the balls again.

When he finally shut up yelling and moaning I told him to forget the tough guy replies and remain respectful, something I could see was a problem with him.

“Now I’ve filled your cock I’m going to fill your ass.”

He opened his mouth, took a second then shut it again.

“Well done Zero. I see you can learn. Good boy.”

I dragged over the item I used for ass work. It looked and acted a bit like a small electric car jack but was far more interesting. On the top of the short arm was a circular plate, attached to this was a bolt with a screw thread. I selected a steel butt plug, one I called my torpedo, and screwed it to this bolt. After lubing it I positioned it beneath his open ass and started the motor. It slowly raised the plug and made it revolve until it touched his ass where I stopped it and made sure it was exactly right.

“OK Zero boy, deep breath!”

A low hum and the plug started to invade his hole. He winced, then gritted his teeth, then howled as the thin end became thicker the further it penetrated him, finally ending in an all out cry for mercy as I stopped it. There was no waist on this baby, it opened his hole and kept it wide, stretching him probably further than he’d been before, although I had no knowledge of what his Master might have used on him. He was mouthing words and gasping for breath as I pushed the gag back and locked it on. That came as a surprise but as it didn’t quite silence his moaning I twisted the small knob just a bit. Silence.

“Now we’re almost ready. But first a quick demo for your delectation.” Again I sniggered wondering if he even knew what that meant. I loved my job.

I picked up a small remote and pressed the right hand button. His scream filled the room, and some slightly blood stained drool dripped from the corner of his mouth.

“I can, of course leave the spikes where they are or retract them. Up to you. “


I twisted the knob. “That was the cock punishment, the electro sound. This is the ass one.” I pressed the other button. His scream wasn’t quite so loud as his ass wasn’t quite so tender but it was still impressive.

“Now you know more or less what those punishments are separately but this is what you’ll get for wrong stabs at the reds and greens. “ I pressed both buttons simultaneously. That got him to reverberate around the room like an F15 on take off.

“So now we know that, I hope you’ll be careful about your decision making. “

He half breathed half sobbed in reply.

I released his arms and pressed the start control. I could see I would need ear plugs soon.

My fingers hovered above the trigger buttons. My cock rubbed around in a wet patch of precum inside my leather jeans. I found I suddenly wanted it to be exactly where that steel plug was right now. I let my hand rub gently over the top of the mound I was making down the inside of my left leg.

“Concentrate man! All good things cum to those who wait!” Smiling I turned back to my monitor.

I had several programs for different scenarios depending upon the previous record of the individual I was dealing with. David was one of those caught up in the machinery of state with little or no recourse for defence. He was, at 19, an habitual offender. Small time gang member, graffiti, public nuisance, burglary, always caught out and a bit too honest to give up on his so called mates. The system as it was allowed the courts to deal with him and those like him under 25 years old in a novel way. As the prisons were full to overflowing and the defendant had no one to speak up for him and no means of support he was enrolled into the official slave market for a certain number of years instead of jail. The state prepared him, implanted a small GPS capsule in his side, welded the proscribed chain collar round his neck, tattooed his ID number and release date below his left arm pit and took him to one of the various auctions around the country. The state kept the money, the new owner kept the slave, usually for 10 years. It was well known that the official procedure meant that the slave was used for labour, house boi and general low level work but it was also well known that unofficially they were often sex slaves and hired out as toys for any kink going so that the owners could get some of their money back. No one asked questions, it was easier that way.

My file told me quite a few things about this boy but was rather thin on the details of his slavery. He’d only been in it for 4 months so I was interested in why his Master had been keen to spend more money on this private route to “educate” him. I therefore loaded the generic “slave day” video that was a mixture of CGI and real life footage based on the legal use of him. It started with the cage being automatically unlocked at the start of the day and then offering various paths for the slave to select as to his actions. One allowed the preparation of the Master’s breakfast, one his bathroom, another for the slave to attend the Master in his bedroom. David, or Zero as I thought of him at this point, got totally confused from the start. I was pressing both button, he was screaming into the gag and after only a few minutes I could see him sag in the chair, as far as it was possible being strapped as he was, his breathing getting forced and his arm actions becoming quite erratic. He actually had no notion of what he should do and was pressing his virtual buttons at random.

I admit I was rather enjoying things at this point but instinct made me stop. I changed the program to another I had made a month or so before. This one was based on a much darker scenario. The choices the slave made didn’t so much save his suffering as simply alter it a little. It started with the cage opening again but this time the only thing you saw was the slave, chained in a stress position where he’d presumably been all night looking at his sweat covered body, and a dark leather covered hand holding a cattle prod. The noise coming from Zero’s gag was a howl of fear. I think I’d discovered a bit more about his new life.

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