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Rope harness and a ballgag for a kidnapped twink

Max has certainly had an adventure, being flogged until he’s red and sore, then being sucked and wanked until his long and slender cock is exploding masses of hot semen all over the place! Master Sebastian isn’t quite done with the captive just yet though. With a ball gag in his mouth, he’s stroked a little more for this 4K session, his tender cock sending jolts of extreme pleasure through his body and making him convulse. After getting some pics of his new captive to share with other Masters, he leads him to the final stage, positioning him perfectly, blindfolding him and tightly binging his naked body in uncomfortable ropes. He looks pretty fine up on that pedestal, the kind of property we’d all like to own! He did well, now it’s time for the prisoner to go away and think about what he’s just experienced.

Rope harness and a ballgag muzzle for a kidnapped twink


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Title of this video: Tightly Bound & Displayed

With a ball gag in his mouth

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted

At Boynapped, Danny has been so obedient and compliant so far. He endured the foot play and the kinky anal action, but now it’s time for the captive to get his hot twink sub cream stolen from his throbbing cock. Wrapped up tight in plastic and blindfolded on the old dirty mattress, the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard, his cock swelling in Xavier’s hands, the masturbator on his helmet making his dick drool with the need to unload. Xavier knows how to make his subjects squirm, but the plastic is too tight to give the captive the opportunity while his cock is milked and he’s made to launch his hot goo from his bulging penis!

A mummified twink gets his nips suctioned and his cum extracted


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Title of this update: Foot Play & Cum Draining – Part 3

the prisoner is soon having his nipples sucked hard

Master gives his prisoner a happy ending

It’s been a long session of learning for new captive Jonny. He’s had some flogging, being hoisted up and had pinching clothespins swiped from his bare flesh, and now it’s time for Master Kane to give him a little reward for his obedience. Strapped in tight to the swing, the blindfolded prisoner is soon being oiled up and toyed with, his new Master ripping his underwear apart to get at the big cock beneath. Master gets to work, rubbing and tugging on the captive’s big cock, unable to stop himself from sucking on the juicy meat and spitting the precum right into his face. Master Kane gets the timing right and sucks the hot cream out of his cock, sharing it with the captive in a final act of ownership.

blindfolded prisoner is soon being oiled up


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Title of this video: Teaching A New Student Boy – Part 3

male bondage videos

The Instructions – Part 01

By Kinkytwinkboy

Kinkytwinkboy bondage storiesThe instructions was clear.

I was to find the car in the parking lot. It was not all empty, but I found the car anyway. The trunk was open as instructed. I looked around, but there was no one there. I then opened the trunk of the car. There was some things inside. It was the following items:


A backpack



A heavy lock



Letter blindfold

I was instructed to strip naked, right there on the parking spot. I was looking around many times to see if there was anyone around. I was to strip all naked, not even wearing socks.

I put them in the bag and left the bag outside the car.

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Island Paradise – Part 2: Chapter 21

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 21: How Not to Get Rejected

So where was I goin with this?  I got hard again and the story sorta got away from me.  OK, nothing unusual!  I was just saying that I didn’t dare to tell him how I felt, because—here’s the R word coming up—I didn’t want to be Rejected.  It would be really bad to get rejected when you’re, like, permanently locked in a stall with the dude that’s rejecting you!  I mean, locked in with him every day and every night!  Of course, that was good in another way, real good . . . .  But you see how I felt.

Toby did tell me enough about his life so I knew he’d been some big rich guy and he “got in trouble—sort of an accident,” and was sentenced to life in the SLP, and he hated it for a while, because they made him work in some cheap hotel downtown, and that wasn’t great, but then Mr. Sharma bought him, “and after that everything was squared away.”

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Island Paradise – Part 1: Chapter 22

By Joshua Ryan

Chapter 22: There Are Many Interesting Jobs in Food Services

Terry was the busboy who trained me to be like him.  The biggest things I had to learn were:

  1. ALWAYS keep your boots clean and your shirt buttoned all the way up. That’s how people can tell you’re a servant at the King George Hotel.
  2. Keep your eyes on the floor and your dunce cap firmly on your head.
  3. Be invisible. You are nothing, get used to it.
  4. Wait till the guest is finished with a dish, then snatch it fast.
  5. Say Sir at the start and finish of anything you need to say to a freeman.
  6. Waiters are freemen. Always obey the waiter.
  7. Speak only when spoken to. If you start talking, you will be punished.
  8. If you take a tip, you will be punished.
  9. If you violate any rule, you will be punished.
  10. If anybody thinks you violated a rule, you will be punished.
  11. Any food remaining on a plate and any liquor remaining in a glass will be reported to Ned, the boss slap in the kitchen, for recycling to the basement.

And number 12:  Be grateful that you’ve got this job.  A lot of slappies don’t have it so good.

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