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The Vacation – Part 02

By Rubrpig

Marc was led into the training centre by his four armed guards.  They stopped at a solid steel door and one of the motorcycle officers pressed a button on an intercom.  He stated his name and that they had a prisoner for processing into the facility.  There was a buzzing sound and the officer pulled the heavy door open and they entered the building.  They walked up to a counter with a heavy steel grill covering the opening above the counter.  Behind the counter were 4 men dressed in black swat gear.  One of the swat officers who had control of Marc unlocked the cuffs of Marc’s wrists.

The processing officer told Marc to empty his pockets and turn them out to show that there was nothing in them.  Marc quickly obeyed and placed his keys, wallet and phone on the counter.  The processing officer picked up the phone and turned it off and dropped it along with the keys and his wallet into a heavy brown envelope and then wrote Marc’s name and a 4 digit number on the envelope.  He dropped the envelope in a bin.  He then told Marc to strip and place everything on the counter.  Marc pulled his t-shirt off over his head and put it on the counter.  He leaned down and unzipped his boots and pulled them off along with his socks.

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Up against the wall

Oliver is freed from the mask he was made to wear while his bare body and long cock were tormented in Part 1, but the fun is nowhere near over. Master gets to work with the pegs, roping the captive up against the wall and pinching his flesh from his armpits to his balls. With the string in place and the pain building, Master plays with his long uncut cock, jerking him off and making his dick glisten. The agony and relief of the pegs being ripped from his skin is son replaced by the discomfort of the flogger, but the prisoner’s cock seems insistent. Check out Part 3 to see him finally getting the release he needs.

jerking him off and making his dick glisten

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Title of this video: Educating Sporty Twink Boy Oliver – Part 2

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Roped up against the metal wall

Galiel is about to get the experience of a lifetime with British chav Xavier, and he’s not gonna walk away from it without a limp. The blindfolded twink has been prepared, stripped naked and roped up against the metal wall with his leg up and his arse there for the taking. Xavier starts out playing with the prisoner’s cock, wanking him to hardness, but it’s the series of toys he packs into that snug pucker while he works that hard meat that really get the roped stud throbbing. His cock is gorgeous and his arse is so tight, it’s no wonder Xavier wants to take his time with him.

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Scene Short Description: Used By A Chav Brit Boy – Part 1

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A captive’s nut sack is tied down to the floor

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The blindfold heightens the pleasure, but it’s also heightens the pain as Sean ropes up the prisoner’s nut sack and ties it down to the floor. Every movement will tug on those nads, just as Sean likes it. Soon he’s sucking and wanking the prisoner, slurping his delicious dick with skill, making Alex dribble precum while he moans and cries out. The lube makes it even more intense, his rough hands gliding over the glossy wet tip to make Alex shudder and shiver.

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Title of this video: His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 3

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Stripped naked and roped into a standing position

Alex isn’t ready for what’s coming, but the naked twink doesn’t have much choice. He’s been prepared, stripped naked and roped into a standing position, bent over with a bar above and a rope around his neck, his arse right there to be used and taken. Of course chav lad Sean is gonna make the most of it, fingering his hole, eating him out and stuffing big toys into his pucker. All of that is just prep for what the big-dicked dom really wants, which is to use the captive to get himself off.

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Title of this video: His Well-Used Hole Is Wet – Part 1

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Master Kane loves it when he has a new prisoner to educate, especially one as fit and sexy as Oliver. The captive has no idea what he’s in store for, but it soon becomes apparent he’s excited about it when his long uncut cock starts to throb. With a mask over his face and his naked body roped into a stress position, his long cock and big balls bound tight, the captive is subjected to the pain of the pinwheel and a cold metal hook tugging up his arse. Even the electro zapper can’t stop his long dick from bouncing and swelling, a sight too temping for Master to ignore as he sucks on the leaking member. There’s more torment to come for young Oliver, stick around for part 2!

New bondage meat is taken prisoner

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Title of this video: Educating Sporty Twink Boy Oliver – Part 1

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