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Mounted Cops – Part 2

Three Mounted Police Stories

Three Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage And Fucked

2 – Trooper Greg’s Story

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All rights reserved

A line of sleek horses passed by, their riders’ firm, tight-breeched asses rising and falling at the trot as I crouched behind the hedge, secretly watching. At the rear was a large black stallion, mounted by a tall, broad-shouldered officer in sharply creased uniform shirt and tie, tight breeches with a thin red stripe and gleaming tall black Dehner boots and spurs – the man I hungered to serve.

It was becoming an obsession. Here I was, a member of the Hunterville Police Department for three years, spying on this powerful Master Sergeant. I was desperate to join his Mounted Unit, to worship and lick the leather of those shining boots, to perform whatever sexual services he might demand. I’d found out what was needed to join the small, mounted troop. I’d had some experience with horses from my summers on my uncle’s farm as a teenager, but I knew my cowboy ways wouldn’t pass muster.

So I’d been taking riding lessons twice a week, punishing my butt on an English saddle and achieving a hard-on, just thinking about getting between Master Sergeant Alex Brand’s strong thighs.

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A cocksucker is held prisoner with chains and a wooden rod

Casper can’t refuse the big length of uncut cock slapping him in the face, but you can see he might not want to refuse it anyway, he loves cock and he loves gagging on it. He gets his wish, as Xavier stuffs his greedy gob, face fucking his captive and making him drink every drop of precum leaking from his tool, taking a break only to secure the prisoner more with chains and a wooden rod. With a blindfold over his eyes his captive is made to worship it, swallowing his tool, milking pre out of it and sucking obediently until Xavier is ready to pull out and splash his hot cum all over Casper’s face! The cum-covered meat is soon back in his gob, he likes the taste of a hot load.

cocksucker is held prisoner

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Title of this video: The Boy Is Just A Sex Toy – Part 2

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Mummified twink

Sean sucks and licks, making his captive moan with pleasure. It doesn’t take long, the prisoner has a big thick mess to pump from his meat after all the pain and pleasure he’s endured. Even when he’s got what he wants, Sean’s sadistic nature won’t let him stop, he loves rubbing a spent dick and making the captive squirm and plead!

making the captive squirm and plead

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Title of this video: Punishing The Little Twink Boy – Part 3

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Captured by The Cavalry — Part 03

By Rubrpig

I woke up when I heard my new roommate moving around in our shared room. I sat up and swung my legs out of the bed and looked at my roommate. I spoke and told him my name and rank. He turned at looked at me and nodded. I stared as well as wearing a solid band of stainless steel around his neck, his cock and balls were locked up in a steel chastity device. I realized that it was a steelwerks necromancer device.

The polished steel tube holding his cock was plugged with a special screw and his balls were incased in a specially shaped steel casing to resemble his balls and sac. He saw the expression on my face and nodded. He said that his Officers had just equipped him with the chastity device a week ago. I nodded and told him that I was Trooper William Rhodes. He stuck out his hand and introduced himself as Trooper Iain Mackenzie. I shook his hand and got aroused as I have always had a thing for gingers.

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Island Master UK – Part 13

By Wakeysub

Master Green stood up and walked over to the large, panelled wall. He pressed a button and the panel slid back smoothly and silently. Inside was a toy cupboard that would put most speciality gay kink stores to shame. Even from where I was lying, I could see toys and devices to cover just about every known kink and fetish I could think about, and then some that I just couldn’t imagine what they would be used for. He leant into the racking and retrieved a thick leather strap. He doubled it over and smacked it down on his open hand. He seemed to delight in the loud smack it made as it struck his hand.

He smiled down at me as he walked back towards the bed. I couldn’t stop myself staring at his gorgeous body and his bulging jock. I was aching to see what was inside the jock. I needed to pleasure him again. Every part of my body existed solely to give this god of a man pleasure. He stood next to the bed and looked down at my stretched, exposed, vulnerable body lying there.

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Cain gets tied in place on a pallet while blindfolded

Meanwhile at Boynapped, Cain is tied in place on a pallet while blindfolded, entirely at the mercy of devious Master Kane. With his arse up and his body glistening with oil, the metal hook slides into his tight pucker, soon to be secured in place by ropes. Cain has never experienced anything like it before, but his long and uncut cock enjoys it. He enjoys it even more when Master starts milking him, rubbing his sensitive dick with slippery hands.

Sebastian Kane is the kinky master of the warehouse and loves to abuse young men

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Title of this video: Nervous New Blond Boy Cain Part 3

Bound butt play

At Boynapped, Maxxie can take a lot of punishment with a good dom, but this is the first time he’s come up against Ashton. He’s been prepared, stripped and left hooded for the dom’s arrival, and with a brief introduction Ashton soon has his new plaything up on the bench. With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place, our chav top gets to work, fingering the captive’s slightly hairy hole, easing a toy inside, then moving to a bigger one. Maxxie’s cock hangs heavy, he’s clearly loving it, but can he take some fisting from the mean master?

With some straps tightly secured and ropes to hold him in place


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Scene Title: Maxxie Rivers & Ashton Bradley

Scene Short Description: Owned By The Most Devious Of Doms – Part 1

male bdsm

Sean puts Casper in suspension bondage and plays with his hard dick

In this update from Boynapped, Sean has pleased his own big meat but he’s not gonna be happy until he’s got the cream from his captive.

Casper Ellis and Sean Taylor

With a few rope changes, Casper can be hoisted up above, the drooling cock at the perfect height for an intense sucking and wanking. Casper can’t do anything while Sean enjoys that cock, not that he’d want it to end before be blasted his hot cream out over Sean’s chest. Finally drained of his built-up cum wad, the young man can relax, or at least that’s what he thinks. Sean likes making his captives squirm with their hyper-sensitive cock heads after they’ve splashed their juices!

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Models in this shoot: Casper Ellis and Sean Taylor

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