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True Life Part 2: The Next Day

By ty dehner

After an exciting and long night, i woke around 10am. Sir was gone, i remember he had to be to work by 7.30. i slept right through his morning. Now I was feeling selfish. i should’ve been up to make his coffee (after i learned how he likes it), to put on his shoes and to take my assignments. And i would’ve given him a goodbye hug and kiss for the wonderful things he introduced me to last night.

Last night was great. Sir taught me so many things that i know i will use repeatedly to make myself better. when Sir got home he rested a bit and we talked about his day, family and working out. i removed his shoes and gave them a working over by massaging them. He then had me try on sweats he found and wanted me to wear and I cooked dinner. He let me eat off a plate this time, but i was on the floor at his feet. This was a good moment. i did things correctly, didn’t start eating until Sir did. i enjoyed my position of looking up at him. His conversations were interesting and continues to inspire me to continued growth and change. After dinner we had a moment of affection, hugging and kissing. Sir really makes a boi feel appreciated and loved. He makes me want to more to prove my desire to serve him further.

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Boy Made Master

By ty dehner

Deep in my heart I knew it could happen, but when it did I lost my breath for a moment. Across the room he entered, in his skin kit. He always took pride in his camo pants, Fred Perry shirt with braces and his 20-hole boots. I remember the day I gave him those boots and how much he was surprised. I remember the look in his eyes and the smile on his face as he put it on. Everything had to fit just right and it did on him. It was a year ago that I presented him with those boots, and now he was wearing them without me around.

Part of me expected him to be with his new boy, but he was alone. Heads turned as he wandered the aisles of the leather gathering. I don’t know if he saw me or not. If he didn’t, I’m sure he and everyone else heard my heart beating. My buddy asked me a question and I was snapped back to the reality around me. He was purchasing a leather jacket and wanted to know how it looked on him. I smiled, letting him know that it fit very well and that it was a good price. He modeled in the mirror a bit more and I put the boots and the Man in them out of my mind.

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The Examination – Part 2

By Slavebladeboi

“According to my notes your Master calls you Zero, is that correct?”

“That and other things.”


“Zilch, nada, zip, nix, shit head, … anything meaning nothing really.”

“We’ll stick to Zero here then. OK Zero. You’re here for a bit of re education. It can take as long as I want it to. I fill in the forms so if I don’t think you’ve reached your goal then you haven’t. I can make it as short or as long a process as I like. Let’s see how we get on.”

He looked in front of him without any expression.

“Mind you, it’s not all thumb screws and whips. It could be of course” I laughed quietly to myself remembering an incident last week, “but not necessarily. With you I‘ve decided to start somewhere else.”

I unlocked the base of his chair and swivelled it round 180 degrees so he was facing my work bench rather than the mirror wall.

“You see I have a range of items, whips, floggers, hoods, gags, irons to fit all manner of places on your body, clamps, chains, ropes, just to name the first shelf. However, with you perhaps we should try and find the problem you have with your position as slave.”

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Twinks in trouble

At Boynapped. This one is called “A Feast of Cock for Mickey”


Ross has been prepped already, stripped and secured with meters of rope, left hanging with his uncut cock dangling. Mickey wastes little time getting what he wants, asserting his authority with some hot wax over his back and buttocks and wanking him off. Milking his cock beneath him isn’t enough for Mickey, though. He wants to suck that dick until Ross is spewing his semen out!



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