The Examination – Part 3

By Slavebladeboi

I had my fingers hovering over the buttons that would cause yet another howl from behind the gag but as I was concentrating so hard on the boy strapped in the chair I missed several times when I should have pressed them. Now the room was filled with several different but similar sounds. There was the sound track from the video. The Master’s deep bellowing laugh, the virtual slave’s screaming “please Sir, No NOOO, arrrghhh, please, please no more Sir aaaaaaahhhgggh, I’m sorry Sir, Pleaaaaarrrrrrrrhh” every time the cattle prod hovered menacingly over his torso, playing with the boy, dancing up and down his abs and stopping over his vulnerable cock tied as it was to the top bars of the cage. Every time the sound track screamed,

Zero gabbled and made screaming noises that echoed the virtual replay. He appeared to be totally taken up with what he saw, his arms flailing, his head shaking more than that collar should allow. His gloves on the screen were trying to box away the cattle prod from the slave’s body instead of pushing the red or green areas. I shocked him for not recognising that the slave should not plead with a Master but should take what he was given however it didn’t seem to have any effect other than make him grimace, howl and flex his body.

By this time I was in a state of desperation. My pulsing cock was achingly heavy and pushing hard between the tight leather of my jeans and the inside of my thigh. It was warm, wet and oh so close to pumping spunk down my leg that I daren’t touch the mound it was creating under the surface of the leather. The inside of my head resonated with the sound of virtual pain, real pain and my own heavy breathing. I knew the motor under the torpedo was slowly fucking Zero in and out as it also screwed itself round and round never allowing his ass a moment to relax, I could also see he was as erect as he was during the preliminary video and was oozing juice out over the sound which was still securely clamped in place down to the base of his balls. He continued to babble incoherently.

I took a chance and leant forward, grabbed at the lock on his gag and pulled it out of his mouth. The drool escaped down his chest in thin silvery lines, running down between his well formed pecs and making him look even more sexy than I already thought. “Leave him fucker, LEAVE HIM. IT WAS ME YOU SHITHEAD, STOP, FUUUUUUUUUUCK…..” His yelling overlaid the sound track, which I had coming out of several speakers around the room, and had no bearing on his task. He seemed totally wrapped in the scene and was fighting the virtual Master in a continued effort to protect the slave who was still hanging from his wrists inside the cage and doing all he could to evade that evil prod as it still went on teasing, probing and shocking him to the background laughing and admonishing voice of the tormenter. If I didn’t know that the scene he was “inside” was generated by a program I had devised I’d have said he was living through events he had actually witnessed.

Whilst debating in my head whether to continue to the next scene, where the slave is hauled out of the cage and given tasks to complete, or satisfy my own curiosity and find out exactly what Zero thought was going on, I found my hand rubbing my leathers over my hard on and turned off the headset. My cock was hot, my balls full and my lower gut was churning in that erotic way it always did just before I let rip and pumped my juice out with the power of a fire hose. Zero had either passed out or was simply limply upright in his bondage, head hanging slightly to one side, as far as it could in the tight collar, arms now still, his breathing slow and deep. I could now easily just turn the device to retract from his ass and, bending slightly, fill him with my own throbbing torpedo.

The thought was just one step too far. I reached for my tits between the straps of the harness and tweaking them I arched my back and let go my load, howls of delight and roars of excitement now filling the otherwise silent room. Gasping, I sat and felt the experience subside into me as I slowly reached down and helped drain the last drops from my now satisfied cock. My leg was warm and wet almost down to my ankle, the leather of the jeans sticking to me where the cum had forced its way through and then held pooled as my boots tried to stop the trickle. The thought of Zero licking everything clean flashed through my head. The day was brightening.

I left him where he was. I took the headset off him and put it back on my bench. I then returned the fuck machine to the side of the room and noticed that his eyes were closed, he appeared to be out of it completely. No hurry, I’d go back into my office and viewing room for some coffee, maybe clean up my leg…. or maybe not, and keep my eye on Zero. I thought about the last 15 minutes. There was something that simply wasn’t right. All the paperwork I had been given seemed to show that here was a typical teenage tearaway who had been caught, warned, caught again and finally been given the sentence the courts deemed the only one applicable. He could instead spend his energy serving someone who had the time, and of course the money, to ensure he did no further harm to society and perhaps came to see the error of his ways. But all I’d seen so far was a young guy getting angry, defensive and overwrought about what he saw as unfair treatment of someone in his own position. He didn’t do anything to help himself, to stop those sudden pulsing charges of electricity burning through his cock and his ass. It appeared he had a deep sense of justice rather than a challenging insolence. I needed to get to the root of this, even if it was for my own benefit. I told myself that the fact that I now more than slightly fancied the little shit and wanted the chance to keep him longer than might be ordinarily necessary had nothing to do with it.

My role here enabled me to do what I wanted more or less. Whilst looking through the one way glass I put my feet up on the stool. My leather jeans stuck to my leg where the jizz had dried and I found my thoughts returning to his beautifully shaped ass. I had that warm comfortable awareness that you get around the groin, when you’re not totally conscious of any particular thought but your cock takes over. Jeez, he did that to me by just sitting there.

First time for everything. Now, what to do about it?

I opened the door of my viewing room and walked over to the restrained boy. He still appeared to be out of it and didn’t attempt to move of his own accord whilst I took his arms one at a time and re-strapped them to the uprights on each side of his chair. I wasn’t quite sure why but I then unlocked his collar and retracted it so he could move his head. I found him now staring at me through long wet lashes as he raised his head. No sound from either of us.

“Not done too well on that last one dude.”

Just a long exhale.

“There are things I gotta know, and you have to tell me, one way or the other. I told you, I’ll enjoy it all, you not so much. Your choice.”

“Won’t make a fuck load of difference will it.”

“Oh! He speaks!”


I grabbed him by the hair and forced him to look straight into my face which wasn’t difficult as I was now only inches from his.

“Listen crap for brains…….”

I let go and turned swiftly round so he could no longer see my expression. I did not want him to see how much sympathy I had for him in my eyes, I was surprising myself, I didn’t want to surprise him too.” Turning back I decided we both need some time, at least I did.

“You’re going back to the cell. Think about things. I want to know about all that shit you gave while in that headset, and I want to know what the fuck you think a slave should be doing. You’re here because you seem to have so far resisted any attempts at making you a bit tamer and able to live in society without fucking up.”

He looked away, that insolent look creeping back over his gorgeous face. Did I just think that? He was work, a contract, get with it man.

I knelt down in from of him and unlocked the base of his balls from the sound. His cock twitched as I touched it and I ran my fingers along it from the root to the tip. I needed him as hard as possible to get that metal out of him cleanly. So I told myself, conveniently forgetting I hadn’t bothered in the past.

He had closed his eyes and was obviously enjoying this bit, relaxing and settling into a deeper regular breathing. Gently and slowly I applied pressure around the top of his ball sack with one hand and pulled the sound with the other. It slid smoothly out followed by a gentle flow of precum and lube. No movement from above, eyes still closed.

It seemed so natural to lean forward and take his cock head into my mouth slowly swinging the ball weights which were still attached so that they matched my rhythm. He made small mewing sounds which gradually became words. Very quietly, almost under his breath he was pleading for me to continue and thanking me over and over.

“Please Sir, please this time, please…..”

I stopped, reached up and put a finger on his lips.

“Please Sir. Please. I’ll tell you anything.”

I bent down again and, after releasing my own cock from my leathers, continued, taking his length between my lips, churning my tongue around the girth and teasing the piss slit, doing everything I knew to bring this kid to the edge. His words became louder the closer he got. The closer he got the more I wanked myself, sucking, gagging until I sensed he was about to spurt. I threw my head back. He opened his mouth and yelled “Please Sir noooooowwwwww.”

I was pumping my cock hard as I regained his and sucked at the same speed. His cock grew suddenly harder and he screamed as he pumped into my throat and I spurted ropes of jizz over his legs and the floor.

I sat back panting, eyes closed, sweat running into my eyes. Zero was crying quietly into his chest and trying to get his breath back. He was one mixed up kid, and I was trying to understand what had just happened. Not sure if it was him or me who was losing it.

I got up, stuck my cock back and retreated to my room, took a cup of ice water and poured the bit I didn’t drink over my head. Jeezus! Get a grip!

He had to go. Back to his cell for now, but later for good. This was fast turning into something more than just work. It suddenly struck me that once he was out of here and back in the holding cells the goons that brought him in would probably take a chance, as they often did, and fuck the kid themselves. No one asked, no one thought about it. Somehow this made me feel queasy. I thought he’d had enough fucking for one day. There was one way of stopping it, he’d have to get used to it although he’d probably not thank me for it. I walked over to my bench and got the heavy, shiny ass lock out of its case. It didn’t get a lot of use and looked new.

“Look David” I’d somehow forgotten Zero, “Look David, you may not like this idea but it’s for your own good. I’m going to plug your ass. It’s a precaution not a punishment but…

“Fuck that, I’m still sore and aching from…”

“Take it from me. It’s the best way tonight. Better than four or five cocks taking their turns to rape you from here to Mexico.”


“Hold still.” I lubed it as much as I could and slowly pushed it into him. There wasn’t anything he could do anyway strapped in as he was but I tried not to hurt him. He yelled, I pushed and finally there was that plop as his ass closed over the waist. I inserted the key and twisted it until it had opened the internal arms and locked them in position. No one was fucking him now, the plug was all that would be inside him until I released it.

I pressed the bell, unlocked the door and let the attendants enter, release him from my chair and, after being handcuffed, one on each arm pulled him out of the room.

I relocked the door and went to sit down. I had to get my head round this. Things were definitely not what they seemed.

slavebladeboi 17


To be continued …

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  1. I like. There’s a mystery here that is yet to come out. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

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