The Examination – Part 5

By Slavebladeboi

The gates closed behind me as I drove onto the road. What the fuck had I just done? The obvious answer was spinning round inside my head, I’d just about broken every protocol of my job. I’d ignored the rules about admissions, invoices, data, official forms, getting personal with clients and especially getting personal with subjects. But who couldn’t get personal with this subject? I looked into the rear view mirror and saw those two luscious brown eyes looking back at me. Yeah, I know. I’m a sucker for eyes, delicious young boy eyes with long dark lashes that I just want to put my tongue round and kiss.

Of course, what I should have done is arrange for the official van to collect him like any other admission. Then two thugs would arrive in their solid, heavy, high black leather boots, full leather gear and MX style biker crash helmets with dark goggles and face protectors, night sticks in their belts and obvious muscles under it all. They would pull out the stretcher, it was really a simple steel grid the size and shape of a stretcher only more convenient for fixing someone to and more hygienic.

Usually the subject would have pissed themselves by the time they were manhandled onto the grid, been strapped down with a night stick hard up against their ass and the goons laughing and joking about what was going to happen to him when they arrived. Some of it was true but I’d really lose my licence if anyone found out that all of it was. It could easily be hosed off on arrival. Generally the loud mouthed tough guys were the easiest to scare shitless. You know the ones, in for violence against some ethnic minority or gay guy smaller than they were and who they thought ought to get a beating because they “deserved“ it. They were the cowards with whom I liked to push the boundaries as far as I could and make sure they didn’t repeat their heroics on anyone else.

Now, in the back of my car, cuffed and with ankles restrained together was, I presumed, a twenty year old I’d no information about apart from Dimitri’s “Oh you know Robert, teenage boys with too much in their pants….” which didn’t answer my question at all.

I pulled over, turned off the ignition and got out. The eyes followed me but he didn’t try to speak. I sat on the hood and thought. First problem was getting him into the complex. I’d have to think of how to solve the next 500 questions after I’d done that.

I opened the rear door. “OK. I know you want to ask me what the fuck is going on but for now just shut it.” This was a bit unnecessary as he hadn’t even tried to speak but it gave me a chance to exert some authority, the best I could do in the circumstances. “First, what’s your real name?”

“Brand Sir.”


“Well it’s actually Brandon but I never used that, sounded a bit crap where I came from.”


“Sorry, yes Sir.”

“OK Brand. What I’m doing is not usual for me but I’ve got an itch in my brain and I want to scratch it. Understand?”

“No Sir.”

“Oh fuck. Look, let’s just say I’m not at all happy with the circumstances I found you in, they’re not included in the official rules for slaves although I’m sure they are commonplace but there’s something about you and David that……

“Is he alright Sir?”

“Yeah, he’s fine at the moment. A bit sore round the ass but fine. Are you two ….. you know…have you got anything going on between you?”

“We love each other Sir. He’s the only guy who’s ever come close to helping me. And….

“And what?”

“We’re twins Sir.”

“Whoa! You mean you and David are….?”

“Yes Sir. We were thrown out because brothers shouldn’t, you know…” he looked down and started blushing wildly, “and we got into trouble with the law trying to live off the streets.”

Jeeez, now my brain was frying. Twins who were lovers? WTF? I took a deep breath then another one. Well that certainly explained the reactions to the VR. But how in hell had they ended up at the same place? It wasn’t normal procedure at all as far as I knew. Maybe things were not as clear cut as I had thought. Was I being played by the fat grinning bastard? Did anyone at the facility know what was going on? And those cages. Thinking back the only difference between my video and the cages I saw was there was no cattle prod, but just because I didn’t see it….

“Right, listen up. If you want to help David do exactly as I tell you. I’m sorry but I’m not risking freeing you yet, you’ll have to wriggle out of the seat and I’m going to get you into the trunk. It’ll be hot and uncomfortable for a while but don’t make a sound, especially when we stop. I might not be able to get you out straight away but don’t panic. I won’t have forgotten you.” Not with those eyes I thought.

I eased him round and he put his ankles, which were padlocked together by the restraints he wore 24/7, onto the ground. I pulled him forward so he didn’t hit his head on the door opening and he hopped round to the rear. As his wrists were behind his back, Dimitri thought this best and I didn’t argue, he had to rely on me to help him over the sill without grazing his abs on the metal. He was solid, not overweight at all but muscularly solid. I was equally strong but it was bloody awkward getting him in without injury. However, after some twisting and with me hugging him and rolling with him, something that made my cock dance round as it suddenly got hard, we managed. I slammed the lid, adjusted my crotch with a smile at the thought of his ass, and got back in.

I sat there thinking. It was hot in the car but it must have been hotter in that trunk behind me. My mind flitted between trying to think of how I was to proceed with the problem I had created and that taut, muscular, restrained young body sweating slowly into those tight black leather shorts three feet away from me. My hands rested in my lap and I felt the contours of my rigid cock beneath my fingers as I slowly stroked its length against my inner thigh. Two of them and so bloody perfect.

I started to imagine them naked, tied together, hanging by the wrists, feet just touching the floor, their oiled bodies rubbing up against each other, cocks dancing as they pushed together, thrusting between each other’s thighs, kissing and making soft noises in a hot darkened room. I’d walk up to them, taller and stronger, and pull them round so that first one was facing me then the other, feeling their bodies with my hands as I stroked and massaged each of them in turn. First their nipples then down their stomachs to their solid cocks, round and under their balls, pulling and stroking each as I went. I’d grasp them, throw my arms round them and rub myself slowly up and down against their oiled backs.

With one hand I would guide first one cock into the other’s ass then guide my own into his and we would both swing in unison as we penetrated those warm holes with our own throbbing, wet, hard flesh. As we swung I reached round to grasp the boy in front and wank him with the same movement his brother fucked him and I fucked his brother. Our breathing became lighter and quicker as we came nearer and nearer to the point where we would all feel that hot grip in our gut that ran round our balls and seemed to squeeze the breath out of us, catch in our throat and finally explode in three fountains of thick creamy spunk, one running down my arms and dripping onto the floor the other two firmly plugged by our pulsing cocks.

FUCK! I looked down and saw the wet stain spread rapidly across my crotch. I’d pumped enough juice out to wet the entire seat almost. There was no way I could hide that if I stood up, even sitting here in the car I’d need something to cover my lap should anyone look in at security. I undid my fly zipper and wiped as much of my jiz off my leg as I could then gave the pant leg a cursory rub, my handkerchief was already wet and didn’t do much good. Shit! My only hope was that it would dry a bit on the journey back, but that was less than an hour away, I’d be lucky if it would be enough time. I should have worn my leathers, what happened in them stayed in them!

I hit the ignition and wound down the window. My shirt was clinging to me as I sweated through that daydream, maybe a bit of fresh air would help that as well. My bloody stupid plan had already given me a problem.

The gate lifted as I swiped my security pass. Waving at the guard I drove slowly round the side of the building. I parked the car near to the “office” as I liked to call my wing. As I walked towards the door I kept thinking of the boy in the trunk. The heat was radiating off the car and there was no shade to park it under so I had to be fast. I hurried to my secure room and found the key to the store where we kept everything we might need for the day to day running of this part of the facility. I grabbed a canvas sleep sack, slung it over my shoulder and walked swiftly back down the corridor. I had reversed the car as near as I could to the wall of the building, the front would be visible on the security cameras but I took a chance that the trunk was just out of sight round the corner of the wall. I opened the lid and looked at the sweat covered body blinking in the day light. Again my cock took over my brain and jumped at the sight of his shiny muscled torso as it started to wriggle his legs in my direction.

I grabbed his ankles and pulled them up over the sill then sticking my hand into the waist of those black leather shorts I yanked him up enough to touch the ground. I also found I had reached in far enough to touch his cock, quite accidentally I told myself. Fucking hell he was gorgeous. Slapping my brain I pulled the canvas around him, he hopped into the foot end and I zipped it up. This had been too easy. Bending, I heaved him over my shoulder and into the building. Once in there I lowered him and dragged him along by the loop at the head end of the sack. Round a corner, through a door and into the security of my own little realm. Job done. Or not. Now what?

I unzipped him, sat him up and found the keys Dimitri had given me. After unlocking one cuff I gave him a beaker of water. He drank, choked, coughed and spat.

“Slowly for Christ sake. Living is a plan.”

“Sorry Sir,” he panted and sank back down flat onto the canvas.

I gauged he had got this far so was unlikely to be any trouble if I released his ankles and started to unlock them.

“Please Sir.”

I looked at his face.

“Please Sir, what happens now?”

How the fuck should I know was the answer. “One thing at a time,” was what I said.

“No one knows you’re here and it has to stay that way for both our sakes”

“Why are you putting yourself on the line Sir?”

How the fuck should I know was also the answer to that, although the thought of a couple of hours with him was a clue.

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To be continued …

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