The Examination – Part 4

By Slavebladeboi

The gates opened automatically as I drove up to them and then proceeded slowly down the drive. I knew this was the good end of the city but I had never bothered to come here before. The house looked like a small Hollywood style mansion, ornate and sitting in a decent sized plot hidden by hedges and trees. It oozed money.

By the time I got to the top step the front door opened, again automatically as I thought until I saw the boy standing next to it. I stared at him, he was a David lookalike, same colouring, same tight firm body, just a bit taller and possibly older. He kept his face towards the floor but I saw the same glorious eye lashes as I had seen the day before at “my office.”

“Ah, Mr Saunders” a voice sounded from the depths of the dark hallway, “welcome.”

“Mr De Zaphei……?”

“No no no. You must call me Dimitri. And I will call you Robert.” The small, rotund man in front of me smiled with teeth like a crocodile as he pushed his dark glossy hair back off his forehead. I disliked him already. Someone had done their homework on me since I made the phone call yesterday. “Welcome to my modest home.”

He clicked his fingers twice, the door closed and the boy disappeared silently into the depths of the house.

“I see you are admiring Delta, Robert.”


“Yes, I have two slaves, Delta who is now trained quite well and Zero the useless one you have at the moment. I name them after my own initials, makes them seem more mine if you see what I mean. Now, please, let me take you into the garden room, I have coffee ready”

We walked down the passageway. The walls were lined either with black leather or a very good imitation, the floors were shiny black marble and there were fussy ornaments everywhere. The room, however, was brilliant white. The sun shone in through large floor to ceiling windows giving a view of the lawns to the rear of the house. Delta brought in a tray of coffee and stood to attention by the door waiting, I presumed, for orders. I noticed his dress. Black leather open sandals with ankle restraints where the ankle strap would have been, tight black leather shorts, leather wrist restraints and a collar to match.

“I am so sorry my useless one is giving you trouble Robert. You must do everything you need to get him back on the right path.”

“Right path?”

“Indeed, Robert. I see my job as a sort of father to these boys. I give them a home to be envied and a life that is worlds better than a reformatory or prison. They keep my house clean, tend to the gardens and generally help me in day to day living”

“You have no servants Mr…Dimitri”

“I have a cook, Robert. I would not trust that to any criminal, but other servants, no. They are such a bother, I would have to pay them every week, then there’s insurance and they would want holidays. No, the boys I have are much better value. The initial price is high but then they are mine and over the course of ten years it pays off, quite well in fact.”

He grinned again, I now began to loath him.

“Perhaps you would like to see over the house now? I think you will find it interesting.”

Intrigued I got up and followed him. Two more clicks and Delta opened the door and followed behind us.

We toured several rooms similar to the last, all big and well furnished. Upstairs were bedrooms bigger than my whole apartment, and a maze of corridors. Suddenly what sounded like a far away orchestra sounded and Dimitri reached into his pocket for his phone.

“Please excuse me Robert, I have to take this. Delta!”

The last word was sounded in a completely different tone and the boy froze.

“Escort Mr Saunders back to the hallway.”

He walked off. Delta raised his eyes to me, the same deep dark brown eyes that Zero had. He indicated me to follow him. No words were spoken. Halfway along the corridor he stopped and pushed a door ajar, then took a few paces further on. He turned and looked at me again. I stepped forward and looked inside the room. It was small and bare, apart that is from a couple of cages fixed to the wall. They were solid steel and looked the business, about four feet high, four feet long and I suppose about two feet six wide. Not big enough to stand or lie comfortably. Inside each one was a dog water bowl. Also inside, but this time fixed to the bars, were shackles where wrists, ankles and by the look of it necks could be chained. Delta coughed. I turned to hear Dimitri approach. I quickly closed the door.

“Still here? What is that stupid boy thinking, apologies Robert. More training required I think.”

I took a shot at it, “Are these bedrooms too, Dimitri?”

“Ah, no, nothing more than storage space Robert. Totally uninteresting. But now something that I think will interest you.”

We walked down the stairs and to another door, behind which was a further staircase, down again. In front of us were two large black coloured doors. One push and Dimitri opened both of them to reveal his surprise. And it was indeed. A room about forty or fifty feet square that was a mixture of dungeon, night club and play room. It was filled with the most expensive looking equipment any kinky guy or bondage fan could wish for. I stood and stared not being able to take it all in.

“You see Robert. My surprises always surprise. As you probably know, I run an extremely successful chain of gay bars and nightclubs. All the equipment we use in them is tested here first. My paying guests must not be let down by shoddy goods. So I invite certain customers who I know appreciate the best to visit here to try out and enjoy. I include you in them now.” Grin as wide as before. “Now before you say –but I’ve seen a vac rack before, or that’s just a St Andrews – there are a few modifications you will not have seen. I am especially fond of the vac rack which can be raised to waist height . Designed to my specifications.”

Two clicks of the fingers and Delta had stripped off the shorts and stood hands behind his back. “Now I demonstrate for you.” He opened the top rubber sheet like a door, no zips or seals, just a frame on a hinge. Delta climbed in and spread eagled himself. “You see the width is like a large bed, Robert, any position is catered for. But to make the most of it we need to just make sure the vict.. or shall we say volunteer, is absolutely on target as I like to think.”

He pulled the boy about slightly and slowly lowered the lid. There was a looser area for his cock and balls that allowed for certain movement and Dimitri got them in this, then made sure that the breathing tube that fitted into his mouth allowed the boy to breathe easily. “That’s the important bit Robert, we don’t want any more mistakes with the breathing.”

Any more???

The mouth tube, or gag, was wide and circular, rubber covered metal I thought as it kept the boys mouth open whilst holding down his tongue. There were also two small tubes which inserted just into his nostrils.

“You see my friend, the boy can breathe easily through both his nose and his mouth but this design allows someone to put anything else into his mouth too, liquid or solid. “ He laughed as he grinned this time.” The internal ribs on the gag give much pleasure if you wanted to fuck his face.”

And I did. I wanted to. His firm muscled body enclosed in rubber was so tempting I had no chance of not feeling my erection growing fast against my stomach. Dimitri pressed a button on the side of the rack. A soft sucking noise and the vacuum was complete. The boy was there, a rubberised, erotic, fit body just waiting to be abused for someone’s pleasure.

“Don’t worry Robert, he enjoys it too. You see we haven’t finished yet. Each of those small discs you see under the rubber is an electro contact, all connected to a computer. We can play tunes on the body of anyone under the rubber to make them feel anything we want to. Then there is this.

He pulled out a rubber belt from below the racks legs. In the middle of it was what looked like a large bean tin that had been sliced vertically and lined with rubber. He fitted it over where the boys cock was and strapped it tightly both sides.

“The computer also controls this. We take bets on whoever volunteers to get in , the volunteer says how long it will be before they cum, the punters try and make him before the time is up. What they don’t know is that the micro chips controlling the vibrator inside this tube also monitor the heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and even some signals in the brain through tiny sensors in the rubber, which is why it is thicker than you may have seen on other racks. We also have those who try and break the record for not ejaculating but the computer knows best. It can keep you on edge for hours and hours, 14 hours is the record here so far, 14 hours of moaning through that tube whilst several men tried all they could to make it happen. They play with nipples, the cock head, fuck his face, piss or cum into the gag, whatever they think will tip the balance. But the computer tips it, and only when I let it. And the little extra here.” He pointed to the looser bag the boys cock was enclosed in, “we can inject lube into this area with what I think is the modern equivalent of itching powder. As he gets an erection he pushes the mixture into his piss slit and round his shaft which makes him want to tear away the rubber and scratch and scratch at it. It is so entertaining, and of course makes me a profit.”

He pressed another button and the machine got to work. A humming from the “tin” and the boys cock grew suddenly harder and his breathing became deeper.

“Have a go Robert. If I may say so, your pants already give you away. I have set the timer for just 45 minutes. If you can make him cum before that you shall have a free entry to my best club. I have to see to some business that that phone call was all about. I’ll leave you two together.”

He walked off closing the doors behind him. I struggled with myself. My cock was straining to get out of my pants, I felt it dripping precum against my stomach. I desperately wanted to fill that gag tube with it. The boy was moaning quietly, he was as hard and oozing precum under the rubber as I was outside it.

“Does it hurt?” I put my mouth to his ears and spoke.

He answered in a muffled voice that through the gag I took for no. He appeared to be in ecstacy. I buried my conscience and found that the angle of the bed was easily positioned so that my cock would slip straight into the rubber mouth piece. It felt so fucking good. Dimitri was right. The rubber ridges played against my cock head that I could feel myself cumming with just a few thrusts. I slowed. I wanted the boy to cum as well. I reached over his body and played with his cock head that was sticking out of the end of the tube. He moaned louder and I felt him heaving against the pressure of the rubber holding him down. Oh please let this happen, I said to myself as a sort of conscience breaker. It got close, I slowed, close again, I felt my juices rising, there was that ultimate hardening through the length of my cock and then it happened. I pumped wads of creamy spunk into the tube, down his throat and over the rubber face. He answered this with garbled calls for release, for me to make him cum too. He heaved against the vacuum, his cock jumped as he tried to force himself, but then it was all over. The air returned, the vacuum seal was broken and the whole machine turned off.

And Dimitri returned. I rather quickly pulled up my pants but he made no comment, simply smiled that wide, lizard like grin. He opened the lid and the boy sat up, climbed out and once again stood to attention, just like his cock did.

Click. He pulled on the leather shorts again. “One day I might let him cum if he’s good enough, one day. But never mind Robert, I knew you wouldn’t succeed. However I shall indeed invite you to one of my clubs to try out more of my toys.”

“That’s very kind of you Dimitri, but I was wondering….” I thought fast. “As I am trying to solve your problem boy trouble, I wondered if I might borrow Delta too, you know as an example of how Zero should behave. Maybe try a few training techniques on both of them.”

He narrowed his eyes. “Hmmm, you think it would work?”

“We can but try Dimitri, I have had no success so far” I lied.

“Very well then, but only for a couple of days. There is much to do here and I shall have to get some staff from my nearest club to fill in for them.”

I saw Delta’s face as we spoke. Fear, surprise, hope almost. I owed him something for the last half hour at least.

Slavebladeboi 17


To be continued …

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