The Examination – Part 7

By Slavebladeboi

I sat back in the bondage chair and watched. David was all but making love to his brother. The leather restraints that held Brandon to the cross squeaked as his wrists put pressure on them, twisting them in his ecstasy, his brothers hands massaging his nipples and reaching down to gently stroke him to a point of no return. I could see them whispering. David stopped and turned.


Why what?

Why would you do this?


You fucking know what! You playing with us so when you’ve finished you’ll chuck us back to that greasy, sadistic perv!

I stared at him. It’s certainly not what I had intended but then I wasn’t sure what exactly I had intended.

Is that what you think?

We don’t know what to think. Bran thinks he trusts you. Me, I know better, as does my ass.

Yeah well, let’s not forget that’s only one side of me and let’s also not forget you were bloody hard for most of that time.

He looked down and seemed to blush slightly.

Look. I try and uphold the law as it stands. I don’t go poncing around trying to make it all better and equal. And yeah. I do enjoy the sadist bit, most of those who come in here deserve it. It’s just you two are different, somehow.


So? You mean what now I suppose.

Well we’ve got nowhere to go, we’ll be on the run and from what I can see you’ll get your ass kicked if we don’t get returned.

Except you do know, that, in your case something went wrong don’t you? Your records don’t add up and your brothers are non existent.

They both looked at me frowning. I went on.

So you could just as easily disappear from here and there would be no record of where you were supposed to be. I can’t see the authorities looking for a couple of boys who hadn’t been processed. Waste of time.


So some of it depends on you. I think I can get you out of here, bit risky but possible. You’d have to want to.

Of course we bloody want to.

But you’ve nowhere to go.

We’d find somewhere, we can both work.

Nice. Without papers. Without any background checks. Yeah, you’ll work but only for some seedy guy who will probably want to give you more than a few bucks up your ass.


So you could both come with me.

They stared at each other for a few seconds. Then Brandon spoke.

Please Sir, may you get me down.

I nodded to David and he released his brother, supporting his arms as he slowly lowered them to his sides and leaning against him as he unbuckled the leathers around his ankles.

So I am standing in a locked room with two naked, hot as fuck nearly twenty somethings in front of me and nothing coherent in my head. My mouth simply opened and I said:

Come with me.


Come with me. I’ve got a cabin I use for my leisure times, cellar fully kitted out as a dungeon. No one knows about it apart from a couple of guys I’m close to. I can’t see me explaining this mess to anyone’s satisfaction so my prospects ain’t that good. It’ll give you some thinking time, and me.

What’s in it for you?

Brandon pulled his brother back.

Thank you Sir. I should very much like that, in fact I don’t think I’d like anything more.

David looked at him.

Look David, he knows what I like and I expect he knows pretty damned near all you like too. What choice is there?

There was no more discussion. David and I got Brandon back into the canvas sleep sack, buckled each strap tightly, which I noticed was giving both boys more pleasure than really necessary at that point, before noticing my own cock straining inside my pants. Taking my time I strapped David back into the bondage chair, smiling as I edged him and gagged him. I told him I’d be as quick as I could but that was to convince any guards that I hadn’t finished with him, in case any should try and get into the room. The distrust shone out of his eyes, but he’d get over that.

After a reverse journey with Brandon and putting him into the trunk of my car I went back for his brother.

You’ll have to be chained, cuffed, hooded and gagged. I do sometimes return cases to their owners so it’s OK. No one will be any the wiser until tomorrow when I expect old whatsisname will be calling to ask where you are.

I called the guards to carry the chained and cuffed naked figure to my car where they shoved him across the back seat.

You sure you’re safe with that?

Yeah, thanks. He’s going nowhere, cuffed, legs chained to wrists, hood with no eyes and gagged. Don’t think I’ll get mugged.

They snorted and I drove.

That was a few weeks ago. Since then the cabin has been home for all three of us, two of whom stay in the cellar for some periods of time enjoying not only each other but the third guy who gets his kicks knowing that what he’s doing is fine by the other two. David is a switch and so sometimes he’s as hard on his brother as I am. No one’s asked any questions yet.

We have to plan for the future. But for this evening I have a six-foot wide bed with restraint points at each corner, a winch over it and two young hot naked guys waiting for me to get in it with them.



Metal would like to thank the author, Slavebladeboi, for this story!

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