The First Load Up

By SlickChaser

At some point, 27 and dumb, I realized dating wasn’t my thing. I didn’t care for girls, guys or both in a long term relationship in terms of life goals like buying a house, having kids or going above and beyond to look impressive to social media. I did want to experience some levels lf BDSM without the same commitments. Some dabble in one location with a munch group eventually lead to some dabbling with a bi-man (called “Gerry” for this story) after moving to a new location and job.

Gerry responded to some posted messages on a FetLife board post with my new local munch. Over time, I would visit and the order of operation was pretty simple; he would use some bondage gear and his setup mini-dungeon in the 2nd bedroom of his condo while I had to provide something everytime to help elevate the experience. Week one it was a ball gag head harness; week two a zipper PVC hood with only nostril and mouth opening; week three a collar he recommended; week four a new set of leather cuffs; week five a leather chest harness and butt plug harness with various sizes butt plugs. It was week five when the experience became a two sided affair, quite literally.

Up until that point, the process was simple. Show up at the condo, strip, Gerry would set me up in the various bondage gear in different manners; one time it was on his bench with suspension points with both hands and feet in the air; another in a strappado; another in a metal framed chair with hands and legs secure tightly.

Gerry loved a few of his things; mainly the full on mittens and his assortment of cock toys; flesh light, cock and ball separators, tens unit, nipple clamps, and more. Usually it was a pretty simple affair; he would usher me quickly to the room, show whatever new item he asked for, I would strip, he would set me up however he felt necessary, play and tease me for an extended period in various ways, then end with a hand or blow job of epic proportions. He would always joke “if I were only a woman, I would make a lot of money” for providing the mind blowing experience. We would chat briefly, come up with a new item to bring or purchase, then be on our way. No strings attached.

For week 5, he asked me to explore this particular new armbinder and a stricter posture type collar. The armbinder was all leather, with two shoulder straps and a large center ring where the straps and actual mono glove attached. I knew it would be demanding to wear, but the thought seemed enticing. The start of the session was similar to the past; he asked me this particular week to wear some shiny patent leather combat boots I had lying around, and a pair of shiny black PVC pants with a full front to back zipper I had already kept for my own pleasure.

He had positioned me on one of his special bench and rack combos; feet were chained to the front and floor, midsection and thighs were secured by several leather straps, hands locked into his favorite mitten cuffs and chained above my head at the wrists. He had me wear the new posture collar, the black hood and an additional leather blindfold that strapped through the back of my head, and came around my nose. He asked me to bring all my gags and opted for my largest 1.75” ball gag harness, which was no problem except I did like to excessively drool. For the session, he had inserted an electric stimulator torpedo, thankfully small.

The butt play thing was still new to me, though heightened the feelings and experience. He stroked and play with my cock, using a vibrator, his hand, and a flesh jacket on and off. To make it more strict than before, he had used my collar and the front d-ring to secure it firmly to the bench. It was hard to control myself, moaning through drool and bubbles as he played with me for what seemed longer than usual. As normal, he ditched everything to suck me off, resulting in a huge load ejected out. He undid my bonds, but different than usual, left my gag, hood and collar on.

“You know, so far this is a one sided deal, in my opinion. It’s been good, reallllly good, for you. But maybe we can make it realllly good for me. What say you?” Gerry as usual sounded incredibly friendly, though somewhat more serious than usual. I couldn’t really think of any response, though as he removed my ball gag, taking a deep breath for a second, I just said “yeah, why not.”

He didn’t take off my blindfold, hood or collar, but stood me up, fitted me in my chest harness, then I heard him rummage through a closet in the room. I heard a large rumbling in the room, what sounded like something on wheels that then was locked into something in the floor. I heard him walk over behind me on the wood floor, then take my arms and remove the mittens.

He then pulled two leather straps onto my arms and rested on my shoulders, then asked me to hold my palms flat to each other at the small of my back. I knew it was time for the armbinder. Quickly he pulled a zipper tight which enclosed my arms tightly to one another. Thankfully he didn’t try and make my elbows touch like I had seen in photos before. The hand sack at the bottom had a little free room, but it was tight and firm. To make it more taught, he applied two additional straps around the arm binder, one above my elbow, the second right at my wrists.

Standing for a moment in utter silence, I tried to move my arms, with barely an inch or two of movement side to side, and basically couldn’t move them front to back unless I leaned my back either way. I had never experienced that level of tightness, but it was stimulating, even though I had just popped off an orgasm just minutes before. A moment later, Gerry asked me to step forward and kneel down.

He slowly led me down onto my knees, landing on what felt like a soft platform for each leg. Once set, he leaned me forward into what felt like an almost vertical pad. Little did I know, it was a metal constructed contraption where the main front piece could be mounted on an angle to lie someone forward, or backwards, and use the bottom portion to support the person on their knees. The front piece was rectangular, mounted on swinging hinges that were set by quick pins, like those from gym equipment. It positioned my back nearly upright, but the front support only covered from just above my crotch to the top of my chest. He fastened some leather straps that went around the front and my arms, leaning my forward so that once the three straps were fastened, I was still vertical.

My legs were also strapped into each of the leg supports, two across each calf, then each ankle was attached via some clips to the ends of the supports. A final Y strap was used to attach the d ring from the end of the armbinder to the same attachment point for each ankle. It was all taught, almost perfectly fitting to my size and evil in every way. But I instantly felt myself becoming hard again, despite the enormous ejaculation I already had.

Finally, Gerry clued me in to what was about to happen. “Don’t you ever wonder how I became so good, at, you know, getting the finish done on you?” My brain took a second but put the clue together; I was about to suck away in his cock. I laughed a little but then worryingly said “I’ve never done it before, I don’t think I’ll be very good.”

Gerry laughed a little as I heard him rummage. “Well I know that, but you have to learn. This is how I learned from my first partner. Controlled, coached, directed by me. You’ll figure it out over time.” The phrase “over time” meant this likely would become a thing. I wasn’t stoked on the idea, but was clearly in a predicament I couldn’t avoid.

“So, tell you what. I’ll hook your cock into the vibrator and stroker sleeve, while I direct you how to suck away, and we’ll see who cums first. Obviously if you squirt, I’ll jerk it out on the side, otherwise, you’ll get your first taste today.” I didn’t really have a response, only rocking myself a little bit as I heard him open a bottle of lube, lather my penis and the attachment, then slide it on. He had something clipped on the front to support the vibrator, holding it just right against my somewhat hard cock. Like our sessions as normal, there was no small talk, just a click, and the vibrator on a low setting, thumping on and off. Ultimate tease mode. My brain had to wrap around how to cum again, while I knew what was about to happen.

“Okay, so just imagine you are sucking on some fingers and you don’t want to snag any of them with your teeth.” I felt Gerry place his fingers in my mouth first, then something I never thought I’d experience; a large, hard and firm cock began to enter my mouth. He held the back of my hooded head, and with the posture collar, I couldn’t rock anywhere back or forth. Slowly he inserted it deep into my mouth; I pretended it were my fingers, and slowly sucked against them; just now I had no control on how to pull out.

“Oh, that’s a quick rush. Okay, now you’ll lick the tip a little and I’ll do the rest.” He pulled out, positioning his tip perfectly along my lips. Instinctively, I leaned my head as forward as possible, with the collar limiting most of the movement. I used my tongue to slowly lick, turn on the tip slowly, then quickly run it back and forth on the underside, and just kind of kept playing around. All the meanwhile, I tried to desperately get my mindset to my cock becoming harder, though the tease mode of the vibrator on and off was limiting things. Gerry pulled completely away for a second, then proclaimed “let’s go back in, shall we?”

I felt him place his right hand on the back of my head, and I positioned my mouth completely open, and he slowly inserted his cock once again, but this time he kept progressing in, running it to the back of my throat, then not letting up. With the finite room allowed by the collar, he jerked my head back and forth; I simply was trying to run my tongue along the bottom and thought to just keep sucking a little. What seemed like forever, he let his cock out, and I gasped for breath. I felt my own cock become slightly harder and more intrigued to get to a point of cumming again. In my mind, I had a chance to possibly beat him.

Seconds later, I felt his cock at the tip of my lips. In a strange moment, I licked his tip around with my tongue again, and he slowly inserted once again. This time he stroked gently in and out; usually 3-4 pumps in my mouth, then he would pull out. About the fifth time, I began to hear him jerk off in between. I knew he was starting to try hard now, and my thoughts were confirmed as on the next insertion, he once again grabbed the back of my head, and went in and out as deep as possible. When he went slow, I kept trying to suck and run my tongue as tight as possible; the “smack” sound that filled the room when he would pull out was strangely satisfying. Each time he jerked off, I was slightly more stimulated. I almost wanted to make him cum first just to show I could do it.

As he inserted the next time, I began to try and move my head myself, even knowing I was limited. Gerry saw this, lamenting “I think maybe you’re enjoying this a lot. I’m ready to finish up.” He once again grabbed the back of my head, and went slowly into the deep throat position, back out to jerk for a second, then back in to pulse as quickly as possible. I tried to move my head against his strokes as well, but his hand made sure to force me where he wanted. I felt myself approaching a point I could possibly cum, but knew he was getting closer. Each time he pulled out, I would take a quick breath, but then just immediately open my mouth with my tongue ready to lick more.

Several more times of him forcing me to suck back and forth, and I then tasted something in my tongue; some precum. “How long do I have now?” I said to myself. As he went for the deep throat, he began to pulse himself slowly and methodically again. I went full bore, twisting my tongue around his cock, sucking it, doing anything I could think of. As he pulled out to jerk off, he made a loud moan. Seconds later he slowly forced his cock back in, and after he grabbed my head and slowly pulsed twice in and out from my deep throat, I finally felt it; squirt, squirt, then a long squirt of warm gooey substance. As he moaned and cummed all inside me, he once again forced himself to pulse in and out, then stopped near the tip of my mouth as he finished by jerking the base of his cock.

What felt like an eternity, he pulled completely out; I had the urge to spit all the cum out, but Gerry quickly snapped my mouth shut with his left hand on my chin and right hand on top of my head. “Just swallow it. Learn the right way.” Two or three big gulps, and the warm cum finally made its way into my throat and away. I still had some sticky bits left, which slowly ran out with drool as he allowed me to reopen my mouth. All the while, the vibrator was still running.

I heard Gerry walk away, then back towards me. “Now, let’s see if you can pop off again. Let’s do this for you.” He stepped in front, inserted and fastened the ball gag harness again. I still had some parts of cum in my mouth, and once he re-inserted the gag, it became a running fountain of drool.

He turned the vibrator into a deep constant cycle. I wanted to finish badly. Gerry kneeled down, and touched and massaged my balls; they were uber sensitive and within seconds, I felt near the edge. He backed his hand away, perfectly knowing what he was doing. I was at the point of almost spitting out drool, my mouth still tarnished by the cum taste and leftovers. As he massaged them again, I finally felt my cock unleash. The cumming was a relief, but also brought about a tightness and feeling through my body I had never felt. My instinctive moan came out as a “ooosppph” as large bubbles of drool and cum forced itself out of the way of the gag.

Gerry turned off the vibrator, wiped down the floor of the mess I created, then left me for a few moments to collect my thoughts. He took off the gag, collar and hood, still leaving me slightly bound. He kneeled down, quietly whispering “well that was fun. You have a lot of potential to make me happy, and you have a lot of opportunities to get off.” I didn’t have too much to respond to other than “yeah, worked well” as I tried to cleanse my mouth. Swallowing as much cum as I could left quite an aftertaste and mental image. The image itself stuck with me, but in a good way. He finally released me from the predicament, and he gave me a big hug and helped wipe me down.

As I packed up to leave, I felt weird, but satisfied knowing I provided for him. My mind continued to say to me “that was weird and unexpected”, but I was ready to do it over. Certainly he had more plans moving forward. I was apprehensive to return, but, when Gerry asked when we should meet next week, I simply said “I’ll be back at the same time and place, hopefully ready to suck another load out.”

Metal would like to thank the author, SlickChaser, for this story and welcome him to the Prison Library!

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