The Grey’s

By Elric Bonds of London, England


Are you young, healthy, clean and good looking?

Are you looking for a different type of job?

An exclusive men’s club in London requires healthy young men to help keep their guests amused and entertained.

Long hours are expected, but the rewards are high.

Apply NOW to GREY’S …

This looks interesting thought Steve as he glanced through the pages of his favorite gay magazine. Long hours didn’t bother him; he was really a night owl in any case.  He dialed the number on the ad.  After two rings the call was answered.

“Hello” said a deep masculine voice, “Greys, can I help you?”

“Eh! yes”, said Steve.  “I’m phoning about the ad in …”

“Ah yes!”  Interrupted the voice on the other end, “What’s your name?”  “Steven Clarkson”, said Steve.

“And how old are you Steve?” inquired the voice.  “I’m 25”, replied Steve.

“Well look Steve, I must be honest with you, this is rather an unusual job.  It’s obvious from your reading matter what you are into, but how do you feel about the ‘heavier’ side of life.  For example, do you have any fetishes?”

“That’s a bit personal, Mr-sorry, what is your name?” said Steve.

“Sorry about that Steve, just call me Pete!”

“OK, look Pete, how are these questions relevant to the job?” enquired Steve.

“I’m sorry to be so blunt Steve, but they are relevant, unfortunately I really can’t give you any more information over the phone just like that.  If you are interested in the jobs we have, I really must ask you to bear with me.  If you’re unwilling to answer my questions we can leave it here and now!”

“OK!” said Steve.  “Yes, I do have fetishes; I am rather keen on…

On…  well, I’m keen on leather and things”.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Steve”, said Pete, “there’s really no shame in admitting to it!” “If you’re willing, I think it may be worth your while coming to see me for a better chat.  What about tomorrow evening, say about 8 o’clock?”

“Em, yes, OK, that’s fine.  Isn’t it possible to come earlier in the day?” replied Steve.  “I’m afraid not Steve, you see I need to catch up on my sleep during the day; the club does keep rather irregular hours you know”.

“OK Steve, now here’s the address and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow”.  Said Pete, and with that he hung up and left a dumbfounded Steve hanging on the purring line.

Steve was intrigued.  Pete had asked some pretty strange questions and his comments about the club only made the whole episode more interesting. The next day, Steve was very restless in anticipation of the evening’s interview.  As the day drew on, he became more and more excited.  At last it was time to leave. Remembering the curious question about fetishes, Steve decided to go by bike and so have an excuse to wear his leathers.  He also chose to wear his leather boxer shorts and singlet under the leathers and finished the outfit with his heavy boots, gloves and helmet. As he raced through the night, Steve’s anticipation mounted.  Ah, there’s the address.  His destination was a large house in the center of London.  Steve pulled into the drive; dismounted; removed his helmet and approached the front door.

Taking a deep breath, he rang the bell and waited.  Within a minute the door was answered.  Steve couldn’t believe his eyes.  Standing in front of him was a gorgeous hunk of a man.  He introduced himself as Pete and invited Steve into the house.

“Well”, said Pete.  “I’m glad that you dressed for the occasion, Steve, let me take your helmet.”

Steve handed his helmet to Pete together with his gloves.  “No, you hang on to your gloves Steve, you may need them!” said Pete handing them back to him. Pete led the way into a large room at the back of the house and pointed Steve towards a seat near a roaring fire.  Steve was beginning to regret wearing all leather; this room was much too hot for his comfort. Steve slid the zip down on the front of his leathers, exposing the leather singlet underneath.

“No, don’t do that Steve.  Leave it as it is!” said Pete as he reached over and put his hand on Steve’s, and slowly drew the zip up to the very top and even fastened the neck strap of the leathers.

“There, that’s cozier” commented Pete as he handed Steve a Gin & Tonic.  “Now, to business” finished Pete as he sat opposite Steve. Steve sipped his drink in amazement.

“Grey’s” began Pete, “is an exclusive club.  It gets its name from the standard color code.  The purpose of the club is to provide its members with a suitable environment in which to enjoy their interests.  We aim to provide a visually stimulating atmosphere”.

Pete went on; “the way we achieve this is better shown than explained. Take a look in that folder”. Steve reached over to the coffee table and picked up a photographic folder. Inside were photographs of scenes from Greys.  They showed a palatial and sumptuous room in which were seated various men.  The only common thing about the men was that they were all dressed in leather and/or rubber. On closer inspection; the photographs revealed a more curious sight. There were many large ornamental fittings around the room.  At first they looked like part of the decor, but they revealed themselves to be men in various stages and forms of bondage. On one wall there was an inflated rubber sack which was only vaguely man-shaped, from the head region came a single rubber tube which was obviously used for breathing. Next to this was another form.  This one showed bits of bronzed skin peeking between layers of wide rubber strapping.  The head was enclosed in a rubber hood outside of which was a tight gag with a rubber tube ending in a bulb used to inflate an internal gag. Across the room other forms were evident.  A muscular form which was completely encased in hard shining leather was spread-eagled against a wall and securely strapped in place. The man’s cock was exposed to which weights had been suspended. Although gagged with an O-ring gag, the rest of his face was visible. Saliva was dripping from his mouth and it was obvious that he had been there for some time.

Many other muscular forms lay about the room, some securely bound with ropes to chairs; others securely strapped with either leather or rubber and simply left lying on the rich carpeting of the room. There were even two or more bodies secured together.  In what was obviously a specially constructed device, were two men face to face. Each was gagged, but the gags were joined together, thus keeping them both eye-to-eye at all times. Their arms were enclosed in tight single sheath gloves made of rigid leather. Their legs were similarly enclosed.  Tight leather straps held their muscular straining bodies together while the two cocks were securely strapped together.  The effect was electric.

Steve’s temperature rose even more at the sight of these exotic forms and he could feel his own member stirring deep in the confines of his own leather gear in response to the visual stimulation before him.

“Well Steve”, asked Pete.

Steve pulled his eyes from the photographs with some effort and gulped in response. “What do you think”, continued Pete.  “The men in those photographs are dedicated to the art of bondage.  They spend hours bound and gagged in any one of a number of different ways.  The main aim is the satisfaction of the clients and the bodies of the escorts belong to the client while they are bound. Fantasies are enacted in Greys for both clients and escorts.  My men can decide how they want to be secured for the night, or their fate will be decided by a client who has a particular interest”, concluded Pete.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life”, gulped Steve.  “I didn’t realize that there were so many ways of securing a body”.

“What you see there is only a small sample”, Pete replied, “Do you think that being in a similar situation would suit you Steve?”

“I don’t know.  I like what I see.  I don’t suppose it would be that difficult to endure”, replied Steve.

A knowing smile crossed Pete’s lips and he asked “How about trying it out then; a sort of Aptitude Test if you like!”

Steve’s mind raced, he had never been bound and gagged by anyone in his whole life.  Although the subject interested him, he had never personally indulged in any form of bondage or restricted practices. He was torn between apprehension and longing.

Pete sensed this and said, “Look Steve, it needn’t be anything as severe as you see in those pictures; I will choose something fairly mild”.

“Well, okay then,” said Steve. “What do I have to do?”

“Nothing, just put yourself into my hands Steve, you will be quite safe”, said Pete.  “Come with me Steve, we may as well get started”.

Steve stood up and followed Pete out of the door.  His body was soaked in perspiration and his leather clothes were stuck to his body making it quite difficult to move quickly. Pete led the way to a door near the back of the house, as Pete opened the door Steve could see stairs leading down.  “I have a miniature clubroom set up in the basement, so that the test can be carried out in authentic surroundings”, said Pete over his shoulder. The basement was nicely decorated and sumptuously carpeted.  There were no signs of the club atmosphere and paraphernalia as depicted in the photographs. Pete walked over to a large cupboard and opened the doors.  Inside Steve could see many items of leather and rubber.  He was too far away to make out any distinct items.  Pete rummaged in the cupboard and returned to where Steve was with an armful of leather straps. He dumped the load onto a large couch next to where Steve was standing.

“Put your gloves on Steve” said Pete. Steve only then remembered that he was still carrying his gloves and slowly pulled them on.

“Turn around and put your hands behind you back Steve”, Steve did so and Pete picked up a leather strap and wrapped it around Steve’s gloved wrists and fastened the buckle.

Steve’s stomach was churning in anticipation and apprehension.  As if Pete sensed this he said “don’t worry Steve, you’re quite safe”.

The churning continued, but Steve succumbed to Pete’s ministerings. “Sit on the couch Steve”, said Pete, placing a hand on Steve’s shoulder and helping him down.  Pete picked up another strap and wound this around Steve’s booted ankles.  Steve’s apprehension grew as he realized that he was at the mercy of this strange, attractive man. Steve tugged at his bonds but found them unyielding.  Pete was now securing a leather strap around Steve’s knees, just below the kneecap. This was pulled tight and buckled in place.  Next a similar strap was applied above the knees.

“Upsa daisy” said Pete as he pulled Steve to his feet.  The sensation was strange to Steve; his legs were now totally secured and were unable to respond to his directions.  Steve staggered while trying to flex his leg muscles and was steadied by Pete.  “Oops, are you okay?” asked Pete.

“Yes, I suppose so, although a I feel a little strange”, replied Steve.

“That’s only to be expected”, said Pete and continued “do you want to go on with this?” The question reassured Steve; he suddenly felt that although he had no control of his own, Pete’s concern implied his safety.  “No, that’s okay, I’ve come this far, I might as well see it through” Steve replied.

“Right then” Pete said and returned to his task.  The next strap was very wide and was applied to Steve’s thighs.  Although the straps bit deeply into Steve’s leathered form, they did not cause any pain or discomfort.

“Now the top half” commented Pete, almost to himself.  As Steve stood there a leather strap was passed over his head and pulled tightly in around his chest and buckled at the back. While Pete passed the next strap around Steve’s waist, he came very close to Steve and said “I hope that you’re enjoying this as much as I am?”

Steve was feeling very strange by this time, his body was sweating within the confines of his leathers, and the leather straps around his body were combining to effect. Steve’s upper body was now securely strapped; all movements were impossible.  Steve was still standing and was only able to follow Pete with his eyes as he walked around Steve’s strapped body.

“Well you can’t stand all night, can you Steve” said Pete and with that he picked Steve up as if he were a baby.  Steve had never felt so helpless in all his life and the overall effect was making his cock throb furiously.  The ache from his groin was becoming unbearable. He was deposited on the couch.

“How to you feel about a gag or hood, Steve?” asked Pete.  “It is customary to test applicants fully, but as this is the first time you have ever been bound, you may want to opt out” he concluded.

“You do whatever you would normally do Pete” replied Steve.

“Right then” said Pete as he bent down to pick up the final item from the couch.  It turned out to be a full cover hood made of heavy leather.  There were tie strings at the back together with a zip.

“Open up Steve” said Pete as he stood behind Steve and lowered the hood over his head.  Steve looked up just in time to see the hood engulf his head and a large wedge gag was forced between his teeth.  The hood was tightened in place and Steve was left gasping and mumbling through the gag. Steve felt the zipper being pulled down and a neck strap tightened in place.  He was in total darkness and all he could hear was the sound of his own breathing inside the heavy leather of the hood.  He felt a sudden panic and attempted to struggle at his bonds.

Suddenly Pete’s voice came through the hood; “Unless you are having breathing difficulties Steve, I should save your efforts.  Remember if I have to release you now, then you have failed the test and can forget about joining the club.  Now calm down and nod your head three times if you are having difficulties.”

Steve pondered the possibility of losing contact with this man and sat still and calmed his breathing.

“That’s better” came Pete’s voice once more.  “I am going to lay you on the floor now Steve, so don’t worry when you are moved”.

Steve grunted through the gag as he was lifted once more and placed on the floor. The room was quiet and Steve lay there not knowing what would happen next.  Suddenly he heard voices, many voices.  He was concerned and started to struggle futilely. Then he felt hands on his body, tugging at the straps, stroking his leathered head.  He felt caressing hands at his groin and he was lifted slightly while hands kneaded his firm buttocks through the leather suit.

Steve felt as if he would explode, his body was tingling with pleasure, his cock was crying for relief.  All he could do was moan through the gag and endure the never-ending caressing. Then it stopped as suddenly as it started.  Again the room grew quiet as the voices receded and Steve felt as if he were now alone in the room.  He tried to shout to someone for release, but all he could manage was a muffled grunt. He lay there for an eternity.  He lost track of time completely while his body subsided from the levels to which it had been taken.  Steve dozed.  He was roused by the return of the voices, again he attempted to attract attention, but to no avail. His mouth and face were wet inside the hood with saliva from his gagged mouth and he could feel trickles of moisture running down his face and other parts of his body.

Steve started as he again felt hands manipulating his body, lifting and kneading his body.  He suddenly heard a faint buzzing sound, while trying to cock his head to hear better he felt a touch at his groin. Steve felt something being strapped around his waist, followed by more manipulations as another strap was passed between his tightly bound legs.  The buzz increased in volume and pitch. As the sound increased Steve began to feel a strange sensation below. His cock was responding to the vibrations which had now reached a new pitch.  His breathing become heavier as the vibrations spread through his lower body. Steve strained against his bonds and pitched his body in an attempt to shake loose the fiendish device which was wracking his body with its caressing touch.  He grunted and groaned through his gag but his thrashing body could not stop the vibrations. As the vibrations buried deeper into his body, Steve could think of nothing but the sensations flowing through his body.  As the pitch mounted higher still Steve could contain himself no longer, with a mighty burst his tortured penis released its load in a violent orgasmic explosion.

Steve’s body became rigid as the waves of pleasure and pain shot through his body.  There was no release however, and the vibrations continued to control his body.  As the climax of the first orgasm receded, another was mounting. Steve’s body was shaking and his breathing was coming in rasping gasps, again his body began to tense as the orgasm mounted to explosion point. Steve’s body relaxed as his straining cock shot its load for a second time.

Steve was now out of this world, his body did not belong to him and he could do nothing but stay submerged in the depths of his bonds and await his fate.  His mind was desperate as the vibrations continued, is it possible to die of pleasure?

The vibrations ceased and Steve’s mind relaxed somewhat at the thought of release.  His body was soaked in sweat, the leather underwear and suit clinging to his skin absorbing most of the moisture and binding itself to his skin.

The device was unstrapped and removed from his groin; and his breathing subsided into rasps.  His jaw ached for release from the cruel gag which locked him away from the world of communication and release of tension. As he began to relax and consider his predicament and possible fate, he again felt strong hands lifting his body, he felt himself placed on a seat still bound.  Then the straps about his legs were being removed – first his thighs, then the knees and finally the ankles. His mind smiled as he contemplated release.  He became eager and mumbled for them to hurry.  They could not understand of course, but they had their own ideas in any case, this was still a test.

Steve suddenly felt straps being re-applied to his legs which were now secured apart to what was obviously legs of a strong chair.  He started to struggle, but it was too late, his booted ankles were already secure and escape was impossible. Next his knees were secured to the chair, and his legs were held rigidly open.  Then Steve felt the straps around his body being loosened and he thought furiously about escape once his arms were free.

His instructor, however, was experienced and despite his superior strength wanted to maintain the helplessness of his captive.  So, on releasing his arms from his body, they were immediately re-secured to the chair before Steve’s wrists were unstrapped. Steve flailed his arms in vain as the strap was removed from his wrists.  But his upper arms had already been secured and it took very little effort to re-secure each wrist in turn to the chair.  Steve was now securely strapped to the chair.

In one way, Steve was glad of the change of position, his arms and legs were beginning to tingle as the circulation was restored.  All he could do now was wait.

He didn’t have to wait long.  He felt hands at the top of his suit undoing the buckled neck-strap.  Then the zip was pulled down and Steve could feel cool air caressing his chest and shoulders.  Suddenly fingers were tracing lines on his chest in smooth motions which to Steve’s surprise began to arouse him again.

Again, there was more manipulation as his arms were released once more. This time however, it was clear as to the reason.  The leather suit was pulled over his shoulders to rest on his lower arms.  His upper arms were once more secured while his lower arms were released. As each wrist was released, the suit was pulled down and off his arms completely.  After a while, his upper body was free of the suit completely.  The same process was carried out on his lower body, first his upper legs were released to allow the suit to be pulled further down his body. Finally, his ankles were released, his boots removed and the suit was taken completely off.  His ankles were bound once more after the removal of the suit.

Steve felt a sudden chill as he sat secured and vulnerable.  He was still wearing the hood and could not see or communicate with his captor.

He was a wonderful sight to Pete and the other men who had joined him for the test.  Steve’s muscular, lithe body was dress in leather singlet and boxer shorts; his body was now exposed to their view.  The leather straps bit deeply into the bronzed flesh of Steve’s arms and legs. The next part of the test was being prepared.  This involved the removal of all of Steve’s clothes.  Without releasing Steve and spoiling the atmosphere of the test, they had no choice but to remove the rest of his clothes by cutting them off.

Experience showed that a better effect was achieved if the victim could see this process being carried out.  To do this Pete went to the supply cupboard and found what he was looking for. Returning to Steve, he went behind the bound form and started to remove the leather hood.  He knew that the first thing Steve would do would be to flex his jaws and he would have to time things well. As the hood was loosened from his head, Steve thought that the test was over and he was ready for release, although he was a little confused by being re-bound to the chair.

The gag was pulled out of his mouth and the hood was lifted clear. Steve squinted he once again saw the lights around him.  He opened his mouth in pleasure and flexed his jaw in relief. Just as he opened his mouth he felt something thrust in.  A wide strap was pulled around his face and secured behind his head.  He could feel something cold and flaccid in his mouth and tried to push it out with his tongue.  He couldn’t remove it because of the strap around his face.  Then it seemed to be expanding.  He could hear something behind him and he strained to look around.  There was Pete holding a rubber bladder attached by a tube to his face strap. Suddenly Steve knew what was going on, the bulb in his mouth was expanding as air was pumped into it by Pete.  The gag now filled his mouth and he was once more cut off from communicating with Pete.

Then he noticed that there were other people in the room.  He looked back and saw about half a dozen men seated and standing around him. Each of the men was dressed in a transparent latex suit which covered them from head to toe. Steve couldn’t believe his eyes.  The men before him were very well developed; their muscular forms could be seen beneath the rubber.  The suits they wore had only eye holes and two small tubes protruded from the nose piece – these were obviously used for breathing. Steve noticed that the suits zipped up the back and each of the suits had a small padlock at the very top which stopped them from being removed without a key.  He had the distinct impression that the only keys around would be with Pete. All features were visible beneath the suits of these men.  Body hair could be seen flattened and moistened by the rubber.  The only other opening in the suits was at the crutch.  Each of the men had their cock and balls outside of the suit and strapped at the base. Then Steve noticed something strange about the mouths of these men. They were stuffed with what looked like large rubber wedges.  These guys were gagged.

Pete was talking to him and he pulled his attention away from the hunks before him.  “How are you feeling Steve?”

“The test is still underway, so please try and relax.  Remember that you are in no danger, but you will NOT have the opportunity to pull out of the test at this late stage”, Pete concluded. So saying Pete went to a small table and picked up a sharp looking knife.  As he walked towards Steve, a small crossed his lips.

Steve went into instant panic thinking that he was done for.  He could only barely move.  His arms and legs were solidly secured but his head and shoulders were free. As the knife came closer, Steve tried to back away.  He couldn’t move, he gurgled and mumbled through the tight gag to no avail.  The knife was inches from his body now. Pete ran the back of the knife over Steve’s chest and then suddenly cut through the shoulder straps of his vest.  Next the knife was run down the front of the vest which was then torn from his body. The knife was then applied to the boxer shorts.  Each of the legs was slit down the front exposing the wet cock and balls which had been so long trapped.  Despite his apprehension, Steve could feel himself getting hard under the gaze of this man before him.

Then the men suddenly came over to him, picked up the chair with him in it and moved him to another part of the room.  They placed him back down before a large mirror. Steve couldn’t believe what he saw.  There he was naked, bound and gagged surrounded by these unbelievable men in their tight, transparent rubber suits. As if on cue, some of the men approached him once more, they were carrying bottles.  They began tipping the contents over Steve’s bound form.  Steve started at its cold touch.  As the liquid started trickling over his body, the men began to massage him. The rubber gloved hands massaged the oil all over his body.  The hands were everywhere, over his shoulders, down his chest, over his stomach and down to his cock and balls.  They massaged every part and crevice of his body and they left Steve gasping through his gag at the pleasure of their touch. Just as Steve felt he could take no more and he was ready to once more shoot his wad, the hands left him.  Then Pete was standing in front of him once again, he too was wearing rubber gloves.  In his hands he held a wide strap.

“God, not another one”, thought Steve.  Pete bent in front of him and taking his oiled cock in his hands applied the strap around the base of his scrotum, pulled it tight, buckled it and then gave his cock a pat.

Then all of the men, including Pete filed out of the room.  Steve was left staring at himself in the mirror.  His body was now slick with the oil, the hair on his head and body were shiny and slicked back.  He glistened in the light of the room.  Even the leather straps securing his body were shiny with oil. Staring at himself, his cock throbbed.  Steve got quite a high as he considered his current state.  He had never felt so horny in all his life. Time passed as he sat there, he wondered how long he had been undergoing the ‘test’.  It seemed like days since he first walked into the house.  He began to doze as time passed and no one else came to him.

Then the door opened and in walked two of the men he had seen earlier. They were dressed in tight heavy leather.  Then Steve noticed that they still wore the hoods of the rubber suits they had worn earlier.  This meant that these men still had the rubber suits on underneath the heavy leather ones.  They must have been hot. The men went to the cupboard and came back with a large rubber sheet. Taking each end of the sheet they threw it over Steve’s still bound and gagged form. As the lights went out for Steve, he wondered what was going to happen next.  He didn’t have long to wait for the answer, the men proceeded to wrap the sheet lightly around him.  Leaving sufficient openings for air to enter but making it impossible for Steve to see anything that was going on. He tried to attract their attention by mumbling and gurgling through his gag.  Then he remembered that they couldn’t answer because of their own gags.

As he sat in relative darkness he suddenly felt the chair being lifted into the aid once more.  This time the chair was taken out of the room altogether. As the procession moved through the house to the back entrance, Steve could hear the sound of an engine.  The load was put into the back of a van and the leather clad men climbed in and shut the door. Steve felt the motion as the van pulled away and out of the drive.  It sped down the street.  He could do nothing but sit there and wonder. Within minutes the van slowed and pulled off the road into a graveled drive. Steve was unloaded from the van and carried once more inside.  He could hear much hustle and bustle and the clanking of dishes.  Finally the chair was put down and the rubber sheet loosened.  When the sheet was removed, Steve blinked at the lights.

When he could see properly, he knew immediately where he was from the photographs he had seen earlier that evening.  This was GREY’S itself. There was no mistaking the layout of the room. Around the room were men in various forms of dress and undress.  These were the clients, Steve could tell.  The most obvious difference was that all escorts were gagged if not bound while the clients were free to speak. Steve was left in the middle of the room, bound and gagged as he was and still covered in oil.  He felt himself blush, he had not expected to be thrown into such a situation just like that, he had had no time to prepare for this experience and he was exposed.

It was obvious what the clients were paying their money for.  Around the room the escorts were being used and abused by the clients as they wished.  Escorts were being bound, gagged, released, suspended from the walls or subjected to anything else the client may wish to indulge in. Eventually clients started to pay attention to Steve.  He sat secured watching the various scenes around him.  All the while his cock stood at rigid attention throbbing for release. One client who was dressed in leather chaps, briefs and gloves finally came towards him and kneeling in front of his bound form took his slick cock into his mouth and proceeded to suck him off there and then. There were no inhibitions at this club – that was obvious. As Steve was reaching a climax, the client suddenly stopped, got up and walked away.  He joined a couple of other men dressed similarly to himself.  When he reached them, he looked back, said something to the others and they all burst out laughing.

Steve looked away in embarrassment.  He tried once more to loosen his bonds but failed.  Then another client approached him and pulled up a chair in front of him.  “Hi”, said the man as he reached across and tweaked Steve’s nipple.

“You’re new here, are you enjoying yourself”, he continued. “It’s okay, I know you can’t answer me through that gag.”

He started caressing Steve’s chest; Steve let out a moan of pleasure, closed his eyes and sank back in the chair.  The man grabbed his cock and started kneading it roughly.  Steve opened his eyes with a start and glowered at the man over his gag.

“My, we have spirit”, said the man reaching up and ruffling Steve’s hair.  He got up smiling and walked away to the bar. Steve was screaming for release now.  His throbbing cock was blue from the strap still holding it upright.  I longed for someone to finish what the first man had started. No sooner had he subsided, than another client came over to him and brought him once more to the brink of a climax before stopping short and leaving him gasping.  This subtle torture continued for some time. Steve could do nothing to relieve himself and the clients were obviously skilled in these matters, because none of them actually brought him to full climax. All of the men were muscular and hirsute; they wore their leather gear with confidence and practice.  Although the majority of the clients wore leather, presumably to emphasize their role of master, some were wearing rubber too.

One man caught Steve’s eye in particular.  He was dressed completely in black rubber, he wore a full body suit complete with gloves, a rubber hood which clung to his face but had eye, nose and mouth holes, high rubber boots and a large rubber cape which swirled about him as he moved. Suddenly this rubberman was standing to one side of Steve.  Steve felt his presence and turned his head to look at the rubber clad figure. Close up, the man was much larger than he looked at a distance.  His tight rubber suit was stretched over a muscular chest.  The muscles rippled beneath the rubber as he moved.

The man walked slowly around Steve examining every inch of his bound form.  Steve could do nothing but follow him with his eyes.  The man touched his cheek with his rubber gloved hand and felt the tightness of the gag and nodded in approval. Then the man stood in front of Steve with his back towards him.  He reached around and pulled his voluminous cape around to the front thus exposing his rear to Steve.  Steve saw that there was a cut-out in the back of the man’s suit exposing a hairy backside. Steve couldn’t believe his eyes as the man backed up to him, threw the cape over Steve and the back of the chair and then settled down onto Steve’s lap and the throbbing cock standing to attention there. As the rubbered form eased onto his swollen member, Steve was crushed beneath the man’s weight.  The muscular rubber encased back pushed against Steve’s gagged face.  Steve could do nothing; he was in darkness with the hulking form now moving up and down on him.

Steve could only sit while the weight of the man moved up and down on his oil slicked prick.  He was gasping for breath as the man pushed against his chest and forced the air out of his lungs.  The gag in his mouth further hampered his breathing and the rubber enclosure offered little but rubber tinged air for him to breath. Steve soon forgot about the pain and restrictions as the man continued his motions on his cock.  With a shuddering explosion, Steve finally shot his load, the man sensed his organism and pulled himself away just before the explosion happened. Steve’s cum shot out of his cock in a high arc and spattered against the rubber form still standing before him.  The man reached down and scooped up the white blob in his rubber gloved hand and wiped the mass all over Steve’s chest.

Opening his cape and throwing the front lapels over his shoulder, the man located a small zip in the front of his suit.  Lowering the zip, he pulled out his own substantial cock and began masturbating in front of the wide eyed Steve. The man was moaning in pleasure and his hand movements became more rapid.  Finally the man gasped, removed his hands and allowed a large wad of cum to shoot from his cock onto Steve.  He then reached across and rubbed his sperm into that already there thus mixing the mess together.

Suddenly the man bent forward and whispered in Steve’s ear, “Brothers in cum, you were great kid”.  Despite everything, Steve felt something for this man, he wanted to reach out and touch the rubber form and caress the muscles beneath the rubber and give pleasure to this man.

Reaching into a pocket in his cape, the man pulled out a transparent rubber hood.  He eased this over Steve’s oily head and pulled it over his face.  It completely covered his head but had eye holes for him to see out and nose tubes which the man inserted into his nostrils before pulling the hood into place.

The man walked away leaving Steve in his naked, bound state and now hooded in rubber.  Steve followed the man with his eyes and longed to touch the muscular form. Steve noticed that their activities had drawn an audience as others had stopped to watch them.  The spectators started to return to their own activities and Steve was left to himself.  His body ached from the long confinement, and his cock was tender from the abuse it had endured during the day.  His face and jaws ached from the tight gag which still bit deeply into his cheeks. Moisture was moving inside the hood as Steve sat and watched the rest of the activities going on around him.  The clients were subjecting the escorts to all forms of bondage and enclosure.  Leather and rubber covered bodies were everywhere.

As the evening wore on the room began to empty.  Clients left together or singly, escorts were removed from the room.  Steve suddenly noticed ‘his’ rubberman coming towards him with four other rubber encased men all of which were gagged, signifying that they were escorts.  The man smiled and the escorts moved to Steve’s bound form and removed the straps which were securing him to the chair. Others produced more straps however and strapped his arms and legs together holding them rigid.  Lifting him up, they carried him behind the rubberman and followed him out of the room into the hall.  Steve was once more wrapped in a large rubber sheet and taken out into the cold dawn air.  He was put into the back of a large car. Doors slammed as the driver got in, started the engine and drove away.

Steve was jostled about in the back of the car, but did not fall off the seat.  Eventually the car slowed for the last time, pulled into a drive and stopped.

The driver got out of the car and unceremoniously hoisted Steve out of the back and carried him single handed into a house.  He was carried up stairs and deposited on a bed.  The rubber sheet was removed and Steve saw his rubberman standing over him. The man now bent down and removed all of the restraints from Steve’s body together with the hood and gag.  Steve was naked and free of bonds; he stretched and massaged his aching limbs while the man stood to one side waiting.

Then he spoke, “Come here Steve and take off my cape”.  Steve got up and walked over to the man and did as he was bid.  Steve worshipped the man before him and felt no displeasure at being told what to do by him.

After removing his cape, the man started to remove other parts of his apparel, first he removed what turned out to be long rubber gloves.  He then sat down and told Steve to remove his boots.  Steve grasped one boot and pulled it free of the muscular leg.  He noticed that the leg and foot were still enclosed in rubber while he removed the other boot. Then the man stood up and turned away from Steve, pulled off his rubber hood and tossed it to one side.  He then turned to Steve, revealing his features to the waiting young man.

“PETE!” burst out Steve, “I had no idea it was you”.

“That was the general intention Steve”, said Pete smiling.  “For your information you have passed the test” he concluded. “Come here Steve”, commanded Pete.  Steve jumped to Pete’s side anxiously while Pet put his arms around him and said, “You were great today Steve, I have high expectations of you.”

Pete took Steve to the bed, opened up what turned out to be rubber bedding, put Steve into bed and climbed into bed beside him.  Pete was still dressed in rubber, but his hands were uncovered.  Steve clutched at Pete holding him close.  He felt safe and secure with this man beside him and he never wanted to go away.

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