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Video: Rubber Gimp Doll Stand

At Serious Male Bondage, Rank tests a newly designed bondage stand. In order to dress his captive in rubber for the test, Rank suspends him from overhead to make the job easier. Once his gimp is fully enclosed in rubber, Rank lowers him onto the stand and sees that he is properly restrained. The gimp’s rubberized cock is then tormented while Rank evaluates the level of pleasure the prisoner is experiencing from his helpless situation.


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Edged in front of a live audience, Christian Wilde blows a massive load

At Men On Edge, Van offers rope and edging tips to a live audience, using Christian Wilde and his huge cock for visual aid.

38982_2 38982_3

With Christian Wilde as a model sub, Van Darkholme shares his expertise in bondage and edging in front of a live audience. He walks through practical rope work for chairs and beds, binding Christian and, with the help of Jessie Colter, working a throbbing erection from the horny stud. Christian reveals to the crowd that he hasn’t cum in three days as he moans and squirms in his ropes with each edge. Van then moves to a live Kinbaku demonstration, sensually binding Christian in a suspension. With Jessie teasing Christian’s cock along the way, Van guides Christian through different positions and suspensions. After an aerial edge with Van hanging from Christian’s swinging body, Van finally decides to allow Christian to cum. With three days of cum built up, Christian busts a huge load to the approval of the crowd.

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The Puppeteer

At My Dirtiest Fantasy, The Puppeteer is still horny and tired of using Davey. It’s now time Liam to please the Master. After embracing the fact that he’s going to be a dog, and playing like a newly born puppy who’s not very obedient, he’s given the choice to ask to be tied and whipped, which after a lot of verbal abuse he manages to ask his Master for. The Puppeteer isn’t going to make the captive’s wishes come true that quickly, and soon after he has the prisoner arranging his rope on a chair, and he’s getting hit by a big bouncy ball, imitating playing fetch! After his Master’s inspection and approval, he commences to tie the captive ready for the upside down, tying action that is yet to come!

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Site: MyDirtiestFantasy.com

Title: Suspended Sc.1 Pt.2 – Puppy Davey, The Puppeteer, Liam Butler

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Suspended in bondage for a flying fist fuck

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Davey is already at his Master’s feet. He’s using him as a foot rest! The Puppeteer knows exactly what he wants from the captive, and he for sure gets what he wants, as soon Davey is sucking on his already hard dick, The Puppeteer, with only a few words, has Davey doing just what he wants. Soon the control is going to be higher, as Davey is tied with both his arms up in the air, leaving his naked torso on display for the Master’s pleasure. This for sure won’t go unmissed, as The Puppeteer whips the prisoner and even uses a nerf gun to shoot him! Just as the captive thinks that The Puppeteer has finished with him, he’s tied back up, suspended, leaving his ass on display for his master to use!

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Site: MyDirtiestFantasy.com

Title: Suspended Sc.1 Pt.1 – Puppy Davey, The Puppeteer

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California beach stud Troy Collins receives an edging in bondage


There’s a rugged handsomeness about Troy Collins, and he’s very curious about being tied up and manhandled. He’s confident that his training as a fighter has prepared him for it. They tie him up with his arms back, blindfold him and rip his clothes off. When he gets to the brink of orgasm he licks up his own pre-cum. In the suspension room they tie him head to toe, put him in the air and fuck his ass with a dildo, making him swing across the room. With the fire roaring, they cane his ass and edge him while he gets fucked. At the end of the day he finally blows his load and endures the post-orgasm torment.

19850_Troy_Collins_157 19850_Troy_Collins_16219850_Troy_Collins_198 19850_Troy_Collins_Pics_020

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Male BDSM porn: Brendan Patrick and Wolf Hudson at Bound Gods


Brendan Patrick looks through Wolf Hudson’s underwear drawer, discovering a stash of kinky toys and rope. Wolf walks in on Brendan’s snooping and captures him in a rage. Brendan has his hands bound behind his back and gets the taste of Wolf’s zapper, flogger and hard cock. Wolf then takes Brendan out to the living room, suspending him horizontally from the staircase. There, Wolf fucks his face and edges him before tormenting the annoying pervert with a zipper of clothespins. Brendan is taken back to the bedroom and takes an electric buttplug up his tight hole. Wolf taunts Brendan as he crops him all over and intensifies the electric current, Brendan screaming for mercy at the top of his lungs. His hole prepared by the TENS unit, Brendan bites down on the ball gag shoved in his mouth as Wolf slides his fat, uncut cock deep in his ass. His hole freshly fucked, Brendan is fed his own cum before receiving a hot load all over his face and sucking his cock clean.

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