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Owen goes from cocky and mouthy to completely subservient

Tom has Owen wear a pair of tighty whities and nothing else for this session. Owen’s butt looks great in the tight briefs. You can just barely see his round, muscular butt under the white cotton of the briefs. It isn’t long before Tom cuts the briefs off and really gives it to Owen with his hand, a leather slapper and small oak paddle. Owen strains and grunts throughout this spanking. Suspended by all fours is a very stressful position, and it makes each smack hurt more than it otherwise would. It is great to see a proud, confident young man like Owen go from cocky and mouthy to completely subservient. All it took was a long, hard spanking!

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Title of this episode: Owen Suspended By All Fours

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Tyler Alexander gets tied up and edged

Tyler Alexander shoots a massive load all over his face after being edged for hours

In this video from Men on Edge, Tyler Alexander is not familiar with edging, but he’s about to be. They put his arms back on the metal pipes, tie him up, and cut off his clothes. His uncut cock gets hard right away and they tie that up too, pulling on his balls and making him arch against the pipe.

In a standing hogtie, he receives a dildo in his firm, round ass. Fully suspended in the air, he gets fucked some more in both his holes and gets flogged as he swings around the room. The captive has room for more play, so they throw his legs over his head and cane his ass, fuck his hole with the vibrator, and make him shoot his massive load all over his face.

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Hard discipline

Patrick is a muscular, hung straight guy with a round, firm butt. Today he’s in for something new. Today he will be suspended upside down for a hard spanking in a stressful position. In this video, Tom locks Patrick’s ankles to a spreader bar and lifts him into the air with an industrial hoist. He then spanks Patrick by hand, with a leather slapper, wooden spoon and a belt. Patrick has a hard time with all of it. He writhes around upside down, crying out and groaning very frequently as his butt becomes redder and redder. Through it all, Patrick is obedient. He knows better than to be otherwise.

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Title of this episode: Patrick Upside Down

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Brendon Scott: Taken, Tied Up & Edged

After getting knocked out at the bus station, Brendon Scott awakens to find himself tied up in bondage at the mercy of his perverted captors.


They cover his mouth with duct tape and tear away his clothes to start playing with his cock. Brendon screams for help when tit suckers are placed on his nipples, but his cries for help turn to moans of pleasure once his cock head is pressed up against the hitachi. The bound stud is then bent over to swallow cock as a dildo fucks Brendon up the ass. He is then suspended in mid-air, with dildo in ass as the two perverts milk a load out of the boy’s aching cock and tickle the hell out of him.

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Dustin gets suspended and spanked hard

Tom suspends Dustin by all fours and after a warm-up spanking cuts off his tight underwear. Then Tom spanks Dustin’s exposed ass by hand, with a wooden paddle, a Canadian school strap, two flogs, a birch, and a rubber slapper. That would have been it, but, just as Tom finishes spanking him, Dustin uses the “F” word. That earns him a hard session with the belt and some more by hand. Although Dustin does come close to breaking down a few times, he manages to hold himself together and tough it out like you’d expect a Marine Corps infantryman would.

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See the VIDEO at Spanking Straight Boys

Title of this update: Dustin Suspended By All Fours

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A bondage stud gets edged and shoots loads of cum

At Men On Edge. Lean and muscular stud Justin Beal is bound to the cross while Sebastian works on the bulging cock protruding from Justin’s underwear.


Throbbing at the slightest touch, and dripping pre-cum, the bound stud’s cock is just aching to blow. Clamps pinch down on Justin’s nipples but he doesn’t mind the pain once they press vibrating hitachis right on his cockhead at full blast. Tied down on the bed, Justin’s toes are too irresistible to pass up.

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