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Devin Franco captures Quin Quire

Quin Quire was just minding his own business, skating around in Venice and catching some sun. He really doesn’t know what happened. One moment he had pulled into a back alley looking for some dick, and the next he woke up suspended from the ceiling and under the control of leather-clad dom Devin Franco, unable to escape and at the mercy of his every whim. Quin was a skater boy, but he learned to be a good sub boy that day.

Devin Franco leather bondage


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Title of this video: Sk8er

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Rank tests the endurance of his rubber gimp with some stressful bondage


In this scene, the SeriousMaleBondage brother Rank tests the endurance of his rubber gimp with some stressful bondage. Rank’s trick is to stimulate the gimp with a vibrator so he is able to tolerate more extreme suspension positions provided by an overhead winch. It’s friggin hot how he struggles. Poor guy!


Rank-ToeTheLine-003-R087 Rank-ToeTheLine-005-R087

See the results of this awesome style of bondage play at SeriousMaleBondage.com

Arm splints by Sinvention

ChurchOfSinvention-A-1gay leather bondage

Liam Harkmoore in ‘Cock and Hole Torment’


At 30 Minutes of Torment, Liam Harkmoore undresses himself as Van begins binding his arms and legs, shoving a dildo on a stick up Liam’s ass to hold him in place. Liam’s jock is torn away, his big dick flopping out as Van gets it hard. Once Liam’s cock is hard, he’s given a beating with the flogger on his chest, the dildo driving into his ass the more he squirms. Bound in the chair, Liam has medical clamps attached all over his back and tied off to the wall. With a ball gag in his mouth, he then has the clamps spread out on his balls as Van punishes him with the cane on his thighs. Liam then has his feet tied above his head with his ass spread open as the gimp approaches him with a hard cock ready. Liam bound in rope swallows the gimp’s cock before he’s suspended in mid-air, his ass begging to be fucked. The gimp fucks Liam’s ass before spraying a hot load of cum all over Liam’s face. Shoving his finger up Liam’s ass, Van milks Liam’s prostate and jacks him off until Liam blows his load all over his own ass.

34209_4 34209_11 34209_12

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