The Pickup

By Ropeluvr

The following is fiction and enacting could have possible negative risks. It is provided for entertainment purposes only.

This is all I plan on posting for this story. It’s a story opener. Your imagination fills in the details after the ink has dried.

© Ropeluvr


There I was out in the middle of nowhere. But that’s where we arranged to meet. I’d been down the highway a few times, but had never seen this abandoned convenience store tucked far off a seldom-used side road. There were no houses for miles, and I hadn’t seen a car pass by since I arrived. That was roughly an hour ago.

With the walk from the highway, I’d been alone for nearly two hours. He couldn’t have chosen a better place. Even the taxi driver was surprised I wanted out where I did.

I had done as instructed. I brought nothing with me but the clothes on my back. I had met Master Ryan in an online chatroom that specialized in bondage and Master/slave relationships. I’m not conventionally attractive, so when he sent me a message, I was a bit surprised. It had become routine to log into the site, but other than a couple of adbots and fakes, I hadn’t gotten a single proposition in the year I’d been logged in. My profile said I was looking for a long-term relationship, possibly 24/7. We chatted well into the night, discussing all of my passions and interests, even outside of the bedroom. He seemed to have taken a genuine liking to me and I to him. We exchanged photos, and he was everything I had ever dreamed of in a Master. Strong, handsome, commanding — and that voice. I melted the minute we had our first phone conversation.

Over the next month, we became rather intimate, sharing almost everything and seldom holding back. So when I was fired for standing up for myself, he was there with a comforting word. Two days later, I received a cryptic e-mail from Master Ryan. “It’s time,” is all it said. I waited for him to log in that night or call, but nothing. It was Friday morning when I got his call. I couldn’t believe how excited I was to hear from him, but there it was.

“I’ve done some looking, and I think I found you a new job.”

I was a bit surprised by this statement. I had never asked him to find me anything. I had already started looking myself. He could tell what I was thinking and responded shortly after I was too speechless to say anything. “It’s nothing exciting, but if you would be willing to serve me, I would very much love to have you.”

My heart was beating rapidly. There couldn’t have been a more perfect time, but had we known each other long enough? Was this guy a psycho killer? Dozens of ideas were rushing through my mind, but as he asked rather impatiently, “Do you want to serve me, boy?” I quickly responded “yes.” I was surprised it sounded so distinct. My brain was certainly not functioning in that capacity.

“Very well. Leave everything behind. We’ll collect it later. I want to come and get you now, but it has to be under my terms.”

I nodded without realizing he couldn’t see me. The tone in his voice shifted, became more forceful than I had previously heard it. “Are you going to follow my orders to the letter?” I couldn’t help but respond in the affirmative.

“Check your mail today. Instructions will be contained within.” All I heard then was silence and finally a dial tone.

This was all moving far too fast for me, but the adrenaline was pumping and I rushed out the door to get the mail, knowing it had already been delivered for the day. Along with the painful assortment of bills, there was a plain manila envelope addressed to me. There was no return address, but the letters M R were etched in the upper left corner.

I took it back inside and flipped it over. There was a note saying, “Do not rip.” I took careful pains not to damage the packaging as I opened up the envelope and found three items inside. The first was a thick, standard-sized envelope. The second was a typewritten sheet of paper. The third was a small cockring.

I read over the letter three times, making sure I understood every detail. The money in the smaller envelope would pay for my cab ride to a specific location. The cock ring would be worn from now until then. I would take the cab out on Saturday morning, and it would take an hour just to get to my destination. It also said to bring nothing else with me. I was to put my apartment key and drivers license in the envelope that contained the money, seal it and put it in the mail on my way out the door. The return address was already listed on the envelope.

The note then instructed me where to walk to from where the taxi would drop off. I would then wait behind the abandoned convenience store until a car arrived and I would know what to do then.

So here I was, standing behind the convenience store awaiting my chariot.

Around the time I had almost given up, a black sedan pulled up and came to a stop just past me. The trunk lid popped open. The idea was planted, and I walked around back to look inside. There was a duffel bag with a note placed carefully on top of it.

I picked it up and read it carefully. The first paragraph said, “Do not skip ahead. Perform these actions in the order listed.”

The first step was to strip completely naked, laying my clothes carefully in the trunk. I hesitated for a moment, looking around to confirm what I already knew: that no one was around. I did as instructed and took the note back up to read the second line. It told me to open the duffel bag and take out the device that was laying on top. The zip opening seemed to echo, perhaps just in my head, but laying on top was a chastity device. It wasn’t one of those you had to cram your dick into, but one that fastened over it. You could get hard, but you couldn’t touch it. I took the lock off and set it aside for the moment, strapping my straining cock into the device. Once it was in place and well secured, I placed the lock on the device, knowing full well that I was supposed to.

Third on the list of instructions asked me to take out the water bottle contained in the side pocket of the duffel. It was a tall, red bottle with a clear liquid inside. I opened it and it smelled slightly sweet. I continued reading, and it said to drink the full contents, not leaving a single drop in the thermos. After several gasps for air, I had finished off the 16 oz bottle of flavored water. The letter then told me to take one of my socks, roll it up and stuff it in my mouth. I no longer hesitated to follow the instructions. I merely complied.

The sock was a bit ripe from my walk, but I had little choice. The fifth instruction was to take the roll of duct tape in the duffel and secure the sock in my mouth with 10 wraps of the tape around my head. Next I was to sit on the edge of the trunk, tape my ankles together, then my knees above and below. This took some time with the precarious balancing act on the back of the car, I’m sure it would have been a sight for anyone passing by.

Once this was done, the next instruction was to pull out the small sack still inside the duffel and set it aside while stuffing everything else in the trunk into the duffel and zipping it up. The note then said to take the small sack, pull out the small padlock and fasten it to the duffel so it couldn’t be opened. I knew what was coming next, as the small sack also contained set of handcuffs. Yet, it wasn’t handcuffs next, it was to crawl into the trunk with my feet toward the duffel. This was a bit tough with my legs taped up, but I finally managed to swing them in. There were four bullet points left.

The first was to fasten one of the cuffs to my left wrist. Done. The second was to find the strap attached to the back of the trunk and pull it toward me and familiarize myself with the location. The third note indicated I should read the rest of the letter before going further. The last two instructions were to pull the trunk lid closed, then while in the dark, put my arms behind my back, run the handcuff chain through the strap loop and fasten it to the other wrist.

But it was the final words that lifted my heart. “Know that you’ve made me a proud owner, boy. — Master Ryan”

After a few minutes, I could hear the car engine start up and felt the gravel peal away under the tires as I was driven off to begin my new life as slave.





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