The Pit: A Story by Catdude

By Catdude

Part 1

To say that I was cranky was an understatement. I got home from work and hurled my wallet and keys at the wall. Not caring if they hit something, in fact I was really feeling like hitting something, or rather someone! Jake was meant to have called me a week ago, and there was no word from him still. I wiggled the mouse on my comp to wake it up and looked through a few online pages, both gay and social networks. No action on any of his profiles.

He wasn’t answering his phone and I had left countless messages, starting off with the usual, ‘hey buddy, guess you forgot our appointment for today’ and then with growing frustration till the last one left last night going ‘hey asshole, answer the damn phone!’ I should probably take a few moments to clarify exactly what was pissing me off so much.

catdude story the pitFive weeks ago I had asked a kink buddy of mine to be keyholder. Jake and I had played once or twice when we were super horny and it had been a disaster, there was nothing wrong physically, hell he bench pressed twice my body weight without working up a sweat! But the spark was just not there. It had hardly been the end of the world when we both realized this, for example we both leant each other gear, and had tag teamed once or twice, though that had mostly been to keep the third person happy, so we could then make them do something we really wanted them to do. The keyholder thing had just been a testing phase on my part. I had recently modified my seedpod chastity devise and had been testing it. I had soldered a little ring onto the inside and then hooked a thin bracelet onto the end of my P.A. ring and attached it to the ring. That way I couldn’t pull my cock out the back since I wouldn’t be able to undo the bracelet. The good news was that it worked. The bad news was that he was a week overdue to return my damn key!

I know that a few people in the wide kink community would be going, ‘well chastity is not meant to be the bottoms decision’ and all that, and I am inclined to agree. However there is chastity where you cock is under the control of a hot guy and you’re aching for him to let you cum but at the same time loving every minute where he is exerting his control over you and controlling your body giving you mental orgasms. And then there is chastity where you ain’t getting none and it sucks. And I was in the latter category and not happy. The whole reason I was doing this test was so that I could find a hot top to enter in the first chastity type with.

There was a knock on my door and I sighed and arranged my face in a more pleasant expression. Explaining why I was in such a foul mood to my non-kinky friends would be too much effort, so I was trying to appear happy and normal around them, that all changed when I opened my door and Jake was standing there. Once I had finished using my entire four-letter vocabulary on him I demanded he hand over the key. He had stood there looking embarrassed and ashamed the whole time I chewed him out, but now he looked downright worried, he cleared his throat a few times before he actually managed to speak, and he still sounded squeaky as he spluttered, ‘The thing is Steve, I don’t actually have your key.’ I took a deep breath and counted to ten, if I killed him I would be in prison and stuck in chastity, it was almost worth it, but not quite. “Would you care to explain what you mean by that precisely?” I suspect ice formed in areas of the room my voice was so cold.

I stood there stunned as the story unfolded, my dear buddy Jake had been invited to a poker game through some guys at the local kink hangout, I didn’t head there much myself, it was usually the same dudes there each week. Jake went since he had massive arms and teeny waist he usually managed to score a few free drinks before heading to other clubs. Anyway these guys had asked my good buddy if he was keen to enter a kink-based poker game, sort of like strip poker but with being put in gear and stuff instead of getting naked. Anyway at some stage it had come up that he was a keyholder for me, and two other guys had said they were too, anyway one of the guys had suggested that the keys could go in the pot for the next hand, and he would throw in a key as a symbol that he was willing to be locked in chastity, whoever won the pot would get all the lads to play with. Jake confessed he wasn’t worried about this and neither was another keyholder since the guy in question had been having crap luck all night, he was in posture collar shackles and nipple clamps when he made this offer, so Jake and the other dude had figured that he was gonna end up locked up and then it would just be a toss up between which of them won all three lads. Jake had assumed he would win since he had been pretty lucky that night, and then figured he could free me and then play with the others. There is no need to explain what happens next, everyone knows what happens when someone who has been playing very badly all night suggests a high stakes pot, blind little old ladies could have seen what was coming next. ‘So explain to the guy that you didn’t have the right to bet my key,’ I growled. Jake shrugged, ‘I tried, Steve, but he said either you do it or I have to be locked up. And I figured since you had planned on finding a chastity top this was perfect for you.’

I am not proud of the language I used when he said that, a veteran sailor would have blushed at it, I may have implied Jake’s mother followed gypsy caravans around performing sexual favours on the mules when they stopped for the night. As well as a few other colourful analogies. Then I told him to get out. You may be asking why I didn’t physically attack Jake? Well the answer is simple, he is bigger than me and even though he put up with me insulting him and his mother there is no way he would stand around and let me beat him up, no matter how much he deserved it. I was wondering what the hell I was going to do, seedpods are well designed to prevent access to the lock and I had added a few little modifications to ensure that lock access was impossible. I really didn’t want to ruin my seedpod, it had taken me 7 months to save up for it in the first place. I was distracted as a online message made my computer ping, I hoped it wasn’t a hot guy chasing sex otherwise I would get my car and sit and wait for Jake to cross a road. It turned out however to be from a guy who now owned my key, I guess that’s why Jake had finally manned up and told me where my key was, he knew the guy would be contacting me today. The message was very simple, organize next week off work, be at this address on this date, come alone. The message concluded that if I missed the date and time listed I would have another chance in 5 weeks time, like hell, I sighed to myself, I was pretty sure that explaining this was a mistake would be pointless, as they say possession is 9 tenths of the law, and when what you poses is the key to a guys cock, then you MAKE the laws as well.


Part 2


I arrived at the appointed place about 5 minutes earlier than I was supposed to. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was in a clearly industrial area, the big hint was all the warehouses. One of which I was parked in front of. I was a little early since I had needed to rely on public transport to get me here. And I had decided earlier was better than possibly running late. I walked up to the door of the building and knocked, I waited a few mins and then knocked again. I looked around and wondered if I was in the right area, I tried the door handle and found it unlocked, I opened the door and stepped in. I was in a small room, it was empty except for a table, on the table was a note and a box. I picked up the note and read it — Place all clothing in the box, including your wallet keys and phone, you will receive these back at the end. When you are naked walk into the next room. There is no one in there, but you are being watched and if you do not enter naked you will be deemed disobedient and of no use, your key will be returned to you in 8 weeks time.

Hmm 8 more weeks of frustration and denial or strip and walk through a door in my birthday suit? No brainer that one. In no time I was naked and my clothes and everything else in the box on the table, I shivered a little, not from the temperature but from nerves and then stepped through the door into the next room. It was a little larger but also empty except for a table, as I walked however something in the corner of the room caught my eye, I looked over and froze in my spot. Sitting in the corner of the room was a cage. I was drawn toward it. It was shiny steel and solid, the bottom the cage was padded and rubber was over the padding, the black contrasting nicely with the silver of the metal. The whole thing had been welded together and the weld joints made it look business like and serious, this was not some toy cage. I pulled myself away from the cage and walked over to examine the bundle on the table, there was a pair of leather pants on the table and a rubber singlet, a heavy leather jacket and a leather hood with no eye or mouth holes completed the clothing section, next to these was a pair of black leather boots, 14 holes and shiny black leather yumminess. I felt my imprisoned cock twitch at the sight of them. Next to this was a set of prison shackles and a pile of open padlocks. I opened the note sitting on top of the clothes and read it.

It should be pretty obvious what you need to do, but if it isn’t then here is what you do next. Put everything on and get in the cage and lock it.

Apparently my invisible master was a tad sarcastic. I scrunched up the note and tossed it aside, and then picked up the leather jeans. They were thick leather and soft, I shivered in delight as I pulled them over my legs and the silk lining on the inside slid over my naked legs — noticing as I did this that they had an all-round zip and a three-way zipper but all three were currently locked together with a small padlock. There were buckles around the bottoms of the legs and also a zip so that I could easily pull them over the boots. I examined the buckles and noted that they were lockable, no point in locking them till I had the boots on though. I tightened the belt that had been threaded though the jeans when I buckled it I noticed the buckle had also been designed to be locked on. I glanced at the singlet on the table, it was long enough that it would need tucking in, so I grabbed it and pulled it over my head and then rebuckled the jeans over the top of it and then grabbed one of the many padlocks on the table and locked the belt. I could still pull the singlet off but the pants were staying on. I reached for the boots next, I was eager to get them on, I pulled them on and laced them up tight (a pair of socks had been stuffed in them) as I got to the top I found that they had not been laced through the top two eyelets and that they were larger than the others, I quickly worked out that a lock was to go through the top of each boot, preventing them from being pulled off. Once my ass kicking boots were on I pulled the ends of the jeans over them and then buckled them up tight over the top of the boots and locked them on. I would have to take the pants off to get the boots off and I couldn’t take the boots off until they had been unlocked. Even if I could pull the jeans down over my waist I wouldn’t be able to pull them off over the boots. I picked up the jacket and as I unfolded it two straps came out of the bottom the jacket and hung down. They were the same type you see on strait jackets that prevent you from pulling the jacket over your head. I pulled the jacked on and zipped it up, at the top there was a small eyelet I was obviously meant to lock the zip through, I did this and then clipped a built in collar over the lock and then locked it. I pulled the straps between my legs and buckled them up tight, I was growing familiar at the sight of the lockable buckles and wasn’t surprised to find that the leg straps also had them. whoever this dude was, he didn’t do things by halves. I locked the straps between my legs and then pulled on the leather gloves that had been hidden under the jacket, they came down my arm a little, but were very comfy and pretty thin leather so I was easily able to do the buckles up at the wrists of the jackets and used two of the remaining four padlocks to lock them as well.

So to do a rundown, to take the jacket off I would need to unlock the wrists, then the collar over the zip, then the zip from the top of the jacket, then the leg straps between my legs, 6 padlocks there, then to take the jeans off I would need to unlock the bottoms and the jeans, 3 more locks there, then 2 on each boot. So a grand total of 11 locks kept this outfit on me. Damn but I hoped they were all keyed the same. I picked up the hood and the last lock as well as the shackles and made my way over to the cage, there was no point in putting the hood on yet since I would not be able to see, and likewise the shackles would mean I would be hobbled. I stood in front of the cage and attached the shackles, I had to squat down since the thickness of the jacket and jeans made it hard to bend over to far, I attached a cuff around each boot and did it up tightly, the boot leather was so thick that I couldn’t feel the cuff pressure at all. The wrist cuffs were next, again the sleeves of the jacket and the gloves meant I was able to do them up tightly with no discomfort, I grabbed the hood off the top of the cage and climbed into the cage, I turned myself around in the cage and then managed to thread the second last lock through the cage door. I was probably imagining it but the click it made as it closed seemed especially loud to me. I then managed to pull the hood on, wishing that I had thought to leave my wrists unlocked as I had to curl up nearly in a ball to reach around and buckled it on tight. It had two holes at nose level for air, but it was tight enough that I couldn’t see out them. Once I had managed to lock the hood on I sat back, the cage was long enough that I could lay on my back with my knees up, the padding was comfy and all I could do now was wait. If you think you would never in a million years put on a outfit kept in place with 12 padlocks and then lock yourself in a cage wearing prison shackles, I dare you to not cum for 5 weeks and then imagine not being able to even TOUCH your cock, and then let’s see how willing you are to do whatever it takes to cum.


Part 3


Nothing seemed to happen for a while as I knelt there on the padded bottom of the cage. I wondered at the sanity of this decision but anything that freed my cock was a good thing. I detected a loud rumbling noise nearby. I knew it would have to be loud since I had tapped my metal cuffs against the bars of the cage a few times to see how much I could hear, the answer was not a lot, the hood was well padded around the ear area and cut out a lot of sound. Suddenly my cage moved. This was so unexpected that I nearly fell over, thankfully since I was kneeling on all fours by this stage I was able to quickly regain my balance. I felt my cage lurch and for a second I thought it was going to tip over, but then the movement stopped, from what I could tell judging from where my gravity was centring, my cage was tilted. Suddenly there was vibration and I sensed movement. After a few minutes it came to me — forklift! I was being moved somewhere, cage and all. In short order my cage was settled down on another flat surface, whether I was even in the same building or not I had no idea. Time passed, that’s about as much as I could say really, I shifted a little, I was heating up under all my leather, I wasn’t uncomfortable but at the same time I would have enjoyed the chance to take off the jacket. The rubber singlet I was wearing underneath was causing me to sweat a bit but not a hell of a lot. I shuffled around in my cage a bit, changing position to laying on my side and stuff. I have no idea how long passed before I felt vibrations under me again, then there was the sensation of motion again. I figured I must be in the back of a truck or something.

The truck ride was uneventful and boring, and I have no idea how much time passed, so I won’t bother describing the trip, dark quiet and hot is about all that needs to be said.

I felt rather then heard the front of my cage being opened, suddenly I felt someone grab my head and pull me forward, and then felt the back of my hood being loosened. Suddenly there was blinding light all around me as the hood was pulled off. I had to sit there blinking for a while until my eyes adjusted to being able to see again. When my vision cleared enough I realized that there was a gag on the floor of my cage. I picked it up and buckled it on, the gag bit filled my mouth comfortably. I squinted against the light and looked around. I had indeed been in the back of a truck, and I had not been alone, 5 other cages where lined up along one side, 4 other guys where looking around and blinking. At the open end of the trailer stood a figure. I couldn’t make him out, the sun was shining almost directly behind him so all I could see was a silhouette, I could make out that he was tapping his foot so I crawled out of my cage and got to my feet a little stiffly and then shuffled towards him with my shackles. Soon I was standing before him and I felt another one of the guys from the cages shuffle up beside me, we were all dressed identically with the leathers and boots and multitude of locks. I could see the guy now that we were standing in the light, he was handsome and dressed simply in blue jeans and a tight white shirt, harness boots peeked out of the bottom of his jeans and I wondered how high they where under the jeans, when he shifted his stance slightly I saw the tops of the boot outlined under the denim, the boots came up to just under his knees. Mmm, I hoped that I would have a chance to get to polish them at some point over the coming week. He motioned for us to turn around and me and the 2 other guys who had shuffled up did so, I felt him rubbing the back of my jacket, I suspected that something else was going on rather then a pat on the back for anticipating orders, sure enough, as I turned back around at his command I noticed the guy next to me now had a large number 2 sticker on the back of his jacket. Our captor remained silent, and since we were gagged, so did we. Soon the last of the guys had shuffled up and had his number attached to the back of his jacket. We were all standing on one of those hydraulic platforms you see at the back of some trucks to lift and lower stuff, once we where all numbered our captor lowered the lift and motioned for us to follow him.

The sun beat down on us making me sweat heavily in my leathers, our captor waved his arm around in a sweeping motion, “welcome to Alcatraz 2, boys.” I glanced around, all around there was low buildings, some had windows, most didn’t. A better term would be bunkers since the tallest would have come up to my shoulder, and each had steps leading down to a door sunk into the ground. There was an odd, eerie silence — no traffic noises or anything around. My suspicion was confirmed as our host continued his little spiel: “if any of you have re-thought your position and decided that maybe escape and an 8 week wait for your key is a good idea, be warned, it’s a 4 hour trek to the nearest highway, and then a 3 hour drive to the nearest town. You boys are the latest in a long line of slave labor lads, whom I have won one way or another through bets. Everything you see around you has been constructed by groups of slaves such as yourself.” I sighed to myself, just my luck, I was probably going to have to spend all week laying foundation to some building so some doomsday cult would have a nice bunker collection. My little daydream of a leather bondage doomsday cult was interrupted as our new Master for the week continued: “thanks to those who have come before you, you will get to reap the fruits of their hard labor. Another group of slave lads who I won blackmail material on are helping to run this place, prep food, monitor the confinement bunkers, and maintain the generator and other details. We are outside cell reception, there is no landline, only a satellite uplink, welcome gentlemen to the middle of nowhere, and here we are at your new home for the week, bunker 4.” We had been slowly shuffling our way toward one of the cement cubes sunk into the ground and now had to navigate our way down the stairs to the amazingly heavy looking door at the bottom, and then through it.

The bunker was slightly iceberg-ish in nature, in that there was a lot of it under the surface. I had images of groups of slaves like us digging out massive holes all through the week they were held in captivity. I looked around the room, which was more rectangular than square as the part that poked above ground suggested. There were 4 cells, one on each wall. I could see in two of the cells and what I saw made my cock press against the inside of my pod in an insistent manner. In one of the cells there was a leather sleep sack (occupied) hanging from the ceiling of the cell, a variety of wires running down to a box set on the floor under it, the twitching of the bag indicating that the other end of those wires where clearly hooked up to some tender points. The other cell looked empty until you noticed a head on the floor, not in a sick decapitated manner, but clearly the prisoner was locked in a pit in a cell — talk about confined!

However what really drew my attention was what was in the centre of the room, A massive pit, I would guess it was about 3 meters deep, and took up most of the room. There were four electric hoists around the edge of the walls. I peered down into the pit, there seemed to be doors on the floor of the pit, with little barred windows at the top of them. A long chain also hung down right in the middle of the pit, it was attached to a ring on the floor of the pit, which was in the centre of a large circle that seemed to be a cover for something. Once I had taken in the pit I noticed the bars on the floor. Technically I had noticed them as soon as we came in, but there had been much more interesting stuff to look at first. From each cell ran a little trough in the floor, either side of this trough was painted bright yellow lines so people wouldn’t step into it (hence why I had noticed them straightaway) running along each trough was a metal bar, it ran right into the center of each cell and also down the walls of the pit and ended near one of the doors in the floor. I wondered if they were water pipes or something. Our captor motioned for us to sit on the swings lined around the edge of the pit, one of us ended up waiting since there was only four. We were lowered into the pit slowly. The hoist controls were near the door leading into the bunker, once we were all in there he ordered us to all open one of the doors in the floor. I opened the door nearest to me and found that it was like a padded cell in the floor, the door had a heavy latch and there was a massive padlock about the size of my hand laying on the bottom of the padded cell that I guessed was for the door, Also laying on padding was a manacle, we were ordered to fasten one end around our ankle and the other end to the pole in the trough near the door. Suddenly the poles use made sense, we would be able to make our way from the pit to the cells, but would not be able to move around the room or the rest of the pit, although there was enough chain between the two ends that we were able to walk to the middle of the pit where the chain held the cover over whatever was in the floor. The manacle clicked shut around the pole and then around our leg. At this point our captor gave some instructions to the last guy still standing at the top of the pit and then called one of the hoists back up and lowered him back down, the guy wondered over to the guy to my left and started to unlock his prison shackles, our captor explained that we would rotate between cell duty and pit duty, the person on pit duty (currently the only one not attached to one of the poles) had the duty of securing us in the pit each night, and would be left restrained in the pit through the day while we catered to our prisoners. The guy finally had made his way around and unlocked my shackles. He gathered up all the shackles and then hung them from a hook on the wall. Our captor told all of us currently attached to a pole to lie down in our cells, that we would have early start and would need our rest. I laid down in the padded cell in the floor, as I did I noticed some straps along the side that I had not noticed before, the cells were a little wider than the doors so they had been out of sight when I had looked down. The free dude bent over and attached these straps to my ankles and wrists, and then closed my door over me and I heard the heavy padlock being locked. I heard more locks clicking as he moved around restraining each of us. I also heard the heavy door closing and locking.

So here we were, on the off chance that I was able to get out of my little padded cell in the floor and free myself from the manacle tethering me to my guide pole, I would have to escape the pit, since the hoist controls needed to be held down to operate and the control was well out of arm’s reach of all the hoists I would be unable to escape it by myself. Once I had made it out of the pit there was the small matter of the massive bunker door, and then once free of that a happy 4-hour hike to the highway where I hoped someone would pick up a dude locked in leather and boots. Yeah sure, no problem. I lay there in the confinement of my padded cell. Tomorrow should be pretty interesting.


Part 4


A loud buzzing caused me to open my eyes fully. I had been half dozing, but now I came fully awake. I guess some people could probably sleep restfully like this, but I was not one of them. I actually felt more tired after the time spent in the cell on the floor if anything. I lay there waiting, knowing that it could be a while before I actually got out. I can’t even begin to guess at how long it actually was, since time has a way of playing funny tricks on your mind when you’re waiting, so I guess we will just say ten minutes later and the cell door above my face was pull open. Above me stood a guy clad in head-to-toe leather with locks swinging as he bent over to undo the straps holding me in place in my cell. He was gagged like I was, so there was really no point in talking. After he undid the straps he stepped back and I pushed myself up into a sitting position, I wandered over to the simple toilet in the corner of the cell. I hadn’t really noticed it when we were first lowered in, but I now was very glad that it was there. I unzipped the zip so that it exposed my locked-up cock and then reached behind me and continued to unzip it so I could take care of other toiletry matters as well. Once this was done I zipped myself back up and walked back over to the free dude who had let me out, I heard a chain clinking above me and I glanced over at the wall, sure enough three sets of the manacles hung from the hook, I had been let out second today. The dude who had released me was the one who didn’t have to sleep in a cell in the floor at night and didn’t have to attend to a prisoner through the day. Sounds pretty cushy, right? Well that’s where you would be wrong. I knelt and he moved behind me and unlocked my gag, the keys to the gags of the four guys in the cells were kept here in the pit. The key to the free guy’s gag was kept up in the main area. This meant that any communication would be distinctly one sided. With my gag removed I worked my jaw around and he handed me a bowl of, well, mush. I guess you could call it porridge or something, but basically it was flavourless mush that kept you going, tho it seemed to drain the will to live a little with each bowl. Once I was done he strapped my gag back in and locked it on, he then bent down and locked my leg to one of the poles in the floor, it was the same pole as yesterday, there had been two rotations so far in the three days we had been in this hole (literally).

Once my leg was attached to the guide pole I went to the hoist that would lift me up to the floor above. There had been a slight change made to the hoists since we had been first lowered into the pit, they now featured a seat with a buttplug built into it. It had already been greased up by the guy who wasn’t chained up, or the pit-bitch as I had nicknamed them in my head. I unzipped the zip over my ass and lowered myself to the plug. Over the years I have developed my own plug insertion technique. I bob up and down on the plug, letting a little more slide in each time, till I start to get to the fat part then I slowly sit on that. I bit down hard on the gag bit as I slid onto the plug. As soon as I was on it the hoist jerked into motion. Once it reached the top I gratefully pulled myself off the plug and made my way to the cell of the prisoner I was in charge of for the day. I reached the cell and punched in the number on the keypad to unlock it. The numbers were written above the keypad but since we were gagged there was not much chance of us telling the prisoners the code, plus the pad was far enough from the door that they wouldn’t be able to reach around to type it in anyway. The cell slid open and I stepped in to attend to my prisoner for the day.

I examined the scene in front of me. The cell was empty except for a large box in the corner, next to it was a bunch of keys and two sets of manacles like the one around my ankle, I walked over to the box, the front of it was held shut with 4 heavy locks. I undid these using the keys on the lock and then opened the front of the box. And examined what was there in front of me. The guy was naked, he was kneeling on a padded mat. He had a metal collar around his neck, a chain ran from the remaining three walls of the box to it. His ankles had metal cuffs around them, attached to rings sunken into the floor, he had a heavy gag strapped in place. The most evil part of it all through was that there was a bar that poked up halfway to the top of the box, he had on really thick rubber fist mitts, they had cuffs on over the top of them, and two padlocks connected them to a ring soldered onto the bar, at the top of a bar was a little hook and on this hook hung the keys to the locks for everything he was wearing. The guy was chained there all night like this, looking at the keys that would free him. Hanging right above his hands. It was truly evil. I unhooked the keys and unlocked one of his ankles, he instantly brought it up so that he was kneeling on one knee. I stepped out of the box and grabbed a manacle off the wall, stepping back into the box I attached it to his ankle. Once this was done I freed the other leg and then unlocked the locks holding his head in place. He knew the drill by now, and leaned forward so that his chin was touching the pole that had held the keys and then his wrists were still bound to. Using one of the locks from his ankle I locked the handcuff chain to the front of his metal collar. It had been bolted on and would require two wrenches to remove. Once his hands were attached to his collar I stepped out of the box and fastened the other end of the manacle to the guide pole, behind my end so that he would be in front of me as we left the cell. With that secured I went back into the box and knelt down and unlocked his hands from the pole. He waited for me to step out of the box then he did too, he walked towards the pit in the centre of the room, I saw that one of the other guys had already lowered his prisoner into the pit and another was walking out with his prisoner as well. When we reached the pit my prisoner lowered himself onto the plug, he grunted around the gag a little as the plug invaded his ass. Once he was sitting on it I stepped forward, with his hands locked to his collar he could not balance himself. I had the second manacle that had been in the cell with me and I attached one end to his wrist looped it up over the top of the hoist chair and then back down and attached it to his other wrist, now he could use that to hold himself steady as he was lowered, I waved down to the pit bitch and he lowered the hoist my prisoner was on. I watched as one of the other guys brought his prisoner up to the edge of the pit and waited. Soon all of our prisoners were strapped in the sleeping cells in the floor, while the pit bitch had been strapping the guys into the floor cells one of the other dudes had gone over to the wall and raised the hoists using the controls on this level. Once three of us were lowered down we used the pit controls to raise and then lower his hoist. Soon it was just the four of us in the pit with the pit bitch, the prisoners all falling into an exhausted slumber in their floor cells. Now it was time for the pit bitch to pay the price for his night of freedom.

The guy who was closest to the wall controls activated the winch for the centre area while the rest of us grabbed leather straps that were hanging on the walls, we strapped pit-bitch’s ankles, knees, thighs and then with his arms by his sides, over his wrists his forearms and his elbows. Then three of us picked him up and carried him to the centre of the pit, the winch had finished raising the inner pit as I thought of it. The chain that held the cover over the centre of the pit was actually the top of a cylinder. The container had a cage around the outside of it, the guy who had raised it opened the cage and then opened the door, the inside of the cylinder was padding like you see in mental wards, tho this was all covered in thick black pvc. A gasmask hung down from the roof by its tube, since once lowered back down there would be no air, me and another dude continued to support the pit bitch while the other two guys fitted the mask over his head. Once this was done we gently pushed him into the cylinder and then closed the inner door. Once it was firmly shut we closed the cage over the top of it and then one of the guys lowered it back down into its resting place until the top of the container was flush with the floor again. He had 8 hours of that ahead of him while the prisoners got some sleep and we prepped for when they awoke. I was really not looking forward to it when it was my turn in there!

I stood looking at the cover, and thought of the guy down there in the dark. I wondered would his own breathing be loud in his ears? Or would the thick padding muffle that? I imagined he would be a little warm down there. He was wearing his locked on leather over a rubber singlet and now in a tight confined place lined with rubber. I shivered a little and then turned and made my way to my hoist, there was a lot to do before the prisoners woke up from their sleep.


Part 5


Once again we had to make out way to the hoists and sit ourselves on the plugs as we were lifted up, once the third dude was out of the pit he used the wall control to lift the last guy out and we waited, all turned towards the door to the bunker. Soon the door swung open and two guys walked in, well a better description would be that they shuffled in, they were dressed like us except that their ankles were shackled together, like we had been when we first arrived here. They were also chained together at the waist though there was a fair bit of chain, the reason for this was the steel poles they were carrying over their shoulders. They walked to the edge of the pit and dropped the poles off near the corner where two of us had enough slack to reach them, they walked out of the room and returned a few minutes later with some more poles, they dropped these at the opposite corner to the others, these poles I could reach along with another guy. Once this was done us pit lads moved into action. I waited while the two guys either side of me slid a pole over the pit, once it was over the middle of the pit they held it in place and used some clamps that the shackled guys had brought with their third trip. Using a wrench they tightened one end of the clamp over the guide poles for our manacles. The other was clamped around the end of the pole. A few more clamps and some careful manoeuvring and we had bars over the top of the pit, the pattern looked slightly like a grid you would draw for naughts and crosses. The lads in the pit had been busy as well, they had come in with two very full bags of chain and some other props, and soon everything was in place. Us four pit lads got to watch this part. The guys in the pit unlocked the dudes from their cells in the floor, they did this by going to each cell and unbuckling one arm of each guy, then they moved over to the hoist and we used the wall controls to hoist them up out of the pit, the four prisoners eventually managed to extract themselves from the pit and then lined up against one wall, one of the guys who had been in the pit raised his arm and then dropped it, and they were off. A pile of chains lay by the centre of the pit, near the end of each chain lay a ball weight, the type that was two semicircles that had to be bolted together, each guy quickly grabbed one and fastened them around their balls. For anyone who has had to put one on they know precisely how tricky that is, and watching the four guys bent over desperately trying to get the two pieces lined up around their nuts it was great value. Once they had the two pieces screwed in place the guys quickly screwed in the two O rings that went on the sides, once these were in place they each grabbed an end of chain and using a few D clips attached the end of the chain to the parachute harness. The next part was the bit I always found the most amusing, from certain cross sections of the poles over the pit there was workshop pullies, at the end of these was a seat like you would find on your average swingset at the park. What was not so average about these seats was the massive plugs attached to them, pre-greased. I did wince in sympathy as each guy literally jumped onto the seats. The yells this caused a few of them to make was always impressive.

Once on the seats the guys grabbed for the chains on the pullies. They were the kind where you would pull the chain super fast but they would only rise slowly. The guys in the pit had their hands moving in a blur as the seats slowly lifted, of course this meant that each dude was slowly dragging more chain up with him, by his ball, no doubt adding to the discomfort would be the fact that at regular intervals along the chain was large padlocks, adding to the weight of the chain as they pulled themselves up towards the bars crisscrossing the pit. It was amazingly hot, the 4 pit lads standing there, all of us in leather and rubber that we had been wearing for the past 3 days, heavy metal shackles around our ankles, padlocks holding us in our gear. It was weird to think that while I stood there locked in leather gear that had not come off me in days, my ankle attached to a pole in the floor, restricting my movement to a straight line from the pit to the cell I was in charge of. I was standing at the top of a pit in the floor of a bunker, looking down at four sweating naked dudes hauling themselves up on a dildo seat, dragging chains attached to their balls. In the pit itself oblivious to this was a fifth guy, buried under the floor in his heavily padded cell, a metal cage around the outside of it. I hadn’t even been able to say a word to any of these guys since I was gagged all the time but I had more freedom then the guys in the cell.

Two of the guys had reached the top of the pit, the third was not far behind but the fourth guy had a noticeable distance to cover. Sweat was pouring off the bodies of the two guys who had reached the top, but they didn’t slow down. They reached down and started to haul up the chain they had carried up with their balls, at the end of each chain was two ankle restraints and a pair of cuffs. Wasting no time they managed to attach each restraint around their ankle, not a bad effort considering they were swinging around in the air, one finished just before the other and grabbed the pole above him he swung his ankles up in a nice display of flexibility and used a D clip above his head to fasten his ankles to the chain attached to the seat he was on, he quickly cuffed his hands and then pulled himself off the seat and let himself drop upside down. Suspended above the pit by his ankles, the second dude was right behind him by about 3 seconds the third and fourth were frantic in their efforts not to be last. Soon four guys were hanging upside down above the pit with their hands cuffed, swinging slightly.

Us four pit lads made our way back down into the pit. Remember this means we each lowered ourselves onto fat plugs, and then were lowered down into the pit while the manacles clinked against the pole that ran down the wall of the pit. Once we were all back in the pit we moved to the chain under our prisoner, mine was the second dude who made it up, that is to say that whoever came second in the challenge was the guy who would end up in my cell. I watched as one of the pit lads lowered the winner down, when his head was level with the pit lad he obediently lifted his hands up and allowed his cuffed hands to be padlocked to the heavy metal collar that was fastened around his neck. Then he was fully lowered, his ankle manacled and the process of removing himself from the pit to his cell repeated.

It would be pointless to describe how we each did this, so I won’t bother, the only variation in the entire procedure was the last dude, when he was lowered to the floor, the pit lad who lowered him took his cock in his gloved hand and did what we all no doubt wished we could do, jerking him till he came in a impressive and very loud manner. This was the wooden spoon prize. I should explain the cell system now. Each cell had a varying degree of sadistry to it. The winner would be placed in a cell wearing a heavy leather straighjacket, and his ankles shackled together. Add a gag and that was his bondage for the day/night. The second guy was the one that I had, locked in the box kneeling looking at the keys that would release him. The guy who came third would go into the cell that had the hole in the floor, I had not actually had that cell yet but I had seen the guy being put in it. He was actually sitting his arms and legs would be strapped to the side of the sunken pit. His balls and nipples would be then attached to a bungee cord tied off to the end of the cell. I had not handled the cord so I had no idea how much pull was in it, but I could not imagine it was pleasant. The top would then closed, leaving only his head sticking up. Which would then be hooded and the cage placed over the top of it. The fourth cell was the hell cell. The guy would have electrodes attached to his balls, inner thighs, a fat electro plug up his ass as well as e-stim on his cock head. Once this was all in place he would be placed in a leather straightjacket. The inside had rough pads over the nipples, once this was on a posture collar would be added over the top of his metal one, he would then be placed in a sleepsack and hoisted up, at this point the e-stim would be activated. And from the movements of the bag I was guessing that it was not a gentle pulse. The continuous thrashing also meant that the nipple pads rubbed his nipples mercilessly all through the session. It was easy to see who had come from that cell since there would be red angry welts over their nipples. I wondered as I locked the front of the box closed, if they guys went as long as they could before they came last, I wondered how long it would take before someone became horny enough that they would come last so that they could finally cum, even knowing that they would be subjected to the torture of the sack. I had noticed on at least one occasion that a guy put no effort into the challenge, purposely coming last. I wondered how long he had gone without cumming before he did this.

Once all our prisoners were happily secured and we were back down in our pit, it was time to release the pit-bitch, from his confinement. I watched as the cage slowly raised out of the floor, and the guy literally fall out when we opened the cell door and then the inner door. At this stage I glanced up at a monitor in the corner of the pit, it had one of the numbers we had on our backs on the left hand side and then the cell numbers on the right, the last number on the left would be pit bitch for the day. I watched as the numbers flickered and changed, and then felt my heart drop like a stone. I was to be pit-bitch the next day.


Part 6


There was no way to know how much time passed in that padded cell under the floor. White noise played continually through speakers that I did not know were there until I was lowered down. You sorta drift in and out, it’s hot, as in temperature, sweat runs down your body and you’re acutely aware of each trickle as it makes it way down. The darkness is complete, and you feel like you’re floating after a while, panic comes and goes in waves, you think what if the motor breaks what if I can’t be raised out? Those parts are not fun, you breathe fast, your feel tears run down your face, you try and thrash around and the walls seem to squeeze you tight in their soft embrace, you feel like you can’t breathe, like you have no air, flashes of light pass before your eyes. Eventually you manage to calm down, of course by then its even hotter in the tiny space, you concentrate on the music and you sorta feel like your floating, your not entirely sure if your standing up or if your laying down and pushing against the end with your feet, that can be sorta trippy, swirls of colour flash across my mind’s eye and you just drift. It is not something I ever want to have to do again.

Our last day was like any other, to be honest I had sorta lost track of the days, and didn’t actually realize it was the last day until after we had put the pitbitch in his little cell and were raised up to go look after our prisoners. When we got to the top of the pit our cells were all empty and there was our captor sitting in a seat, dressed in chaps and boots and a cheeky grin, a few lads either side of him, he motioned to them and they came over and unlocked our shackles and led us off, all except for me, I was pulled in front of our captor while the others were all led off, our captor uncrossed his legs and there on the floor was a can of boot polish and a brush. I settled down cross-legged and opened the can and dipped the brush in the polish. You may be thinking that I am acting a little odd, not asking questions or anything. Remember that I have spent the last 5 days being hoisted up and down with a plug stuffed up my but, I am in leather and rubber that has not come off for the entire time I have been here, I feel like I haven’t showered in about 6 years, I have been eating flavourless mush and have been used to a weight dragging at my ankle as I walk to and from a cell and a pit, so a hot dude sitting on a chair motioning for me to polish his boots is not going to throw me by any means. Plus the boots are damn hot, I sit there craddling the boot in my lap, hypnotised by the pattern my boot brush makes as I gently swish it back and forwards over the top of the boots, admiring the straps and the little ring that make the distinctive harness on harness boots. I am aware that he is talking and so I focus on his words.

“You’re probably wondering about the lad still down in the pit,” he said.

I wasn’t actually, but now that he mentioned it I wondered if that was why I had been held up, if I would have to go down and let him out again and then follow the others.

“It was nearly you down there Steve, you’re a hot lad, but I had to let you leave along with the rest.”

My brush paused mid stroke, imagine you’re walking along on what you think is snow, and suddenly you hear a massive crack and you look down and all around you cracks are appearing in the ground and you realize you are actually standing on a lake that is breaking up. This is pretty much how I felt, that this whole situation had suddenly gotten veeeeeeery dangerous. He cleared his throat in a meaningful way and I quickly started to polish again, anything to keep the crazy man holding the keys happy!

“You see, I have done this little exercise many times over Steve, finding lads like you, locked up and in need of release. Like I told you at the start, groups of lads like you built everything here, then when it was done I stocked the place with the prisoners, the ones you have been looking after in the cells, they are guys I picked up around the place, mostly lowlifes, have you ever noticed how bad boys are such hotties? Anyway most of these guys probably wouldn’t have lived long past the age of 25. I got to tell you though, gathering them was the best part of this! The hunt! I can’t describe the thrill you get out of carefully picking a target and then luring him into a trap, and then I bring them back here and break them down, bit by bit, some take a lot longer than others, most though last a few months. There are other pits out in the woods around this area, simple things, dug into the earth, a few weeks in one of those, with your own body waste, with barley any food and you would be amazed at how obedient a guy becomes. There are other bunkers where the prisoners are being trained for cells like these, can’t have one of them trying to strangle one of you guys or something, no no, they are well and truly broken by the time they get here Steve.”

By this stage, pure ice was pumping through my veins but somehow I was also managing to sweat bucket loads, my hands trembled, why would he be telling me this? I wondered if at any second some guys were going to come down and grab me, drag me to one of those pits he had just mentioned, leave me there, exposed to the elements, forced to eat sleep and crap in some tiny pit in the earth until I agreed to whatever twisted demand was made, and I thought that not being able to cum was bad!!! My crazy captor was continuing with his narrative, and I assure you, I was hanging on his every word, terror focuses the mind in such a unique way.

“I travel a lot with my poker playing Steve,” he continued. “I gathered these lads from cities all over the place, and then I stumbled upon something interesting. A young trust fund punk got mixed up in a chastity challenge and ended up being one of the lads in one of my work groups. I use the period that your all here to go snooping around in your homes and stuff, the stupid punk had told his parents he was overseas while he was only two towns away neck deep in depravity. It was to good to miss, I kept him here and had him transfer a large chunk of cash into my own accounts. He became one of the full-time residents. And that’s the fate that is in store for the lad down in that cell now, when he is eventually brought up he will be alone in that pit, he has no idea, but he is here for life. He is the last lad. I would have liked it to be you, Steve, the stuff I found out about you poking around in your unit made me really interested in you, but you’re not right, your debts are higher than your assets, you have too many friends, you have a good connection with your family, it would be just to tricky.”

He lapsed into silence and I continued to polish his boots with trembling hands, saying a silent prayer of thanks that I had a credit card nearly maxed out. He handed me a rag, where he pulled it from I have no idea, and I buffed his boots up into a nice shine, he suddenly stood and I am not ashamed to say that I actually pee’d myself a little, he stood over me grinning.

“Well, Steve, the rest of the lads will be in their cages now, ready to truck back, your key to your pod will be on your desk when you get home, and then I will return here and break in my latest lad, and then I shall relax here and play with my prisoners, the rest of their lives spent here under my control. Breaking them down bit by bit. I hope you think of me every now and again. I will always think of you as the one lad that got away.”

He flashed me a grin and strolled out.

I stood there a while, rag held in my gloved hand. I glanced back at the pit. Down in the floor was a guy who had no idea that his entire life was pretty much about to be turned upside down. I wondered what would have happened if he had just had a few more friends, or had not saved up as much as he obviously had. I would like to say that I contemplated trying to rescue him, that I was running plans through my head on how to free him and then find the others and cause a mass uprising and we all escape back to civilization. But I was mostly thinking I was glad it wasn’t me, I wasn’t proud that I just turned and walked out and obediently climbed into the cage that waited for me at the top of the stairs, but sometimes you just got to think of how to save your own ass. One thing was for damn sure, I was never gonna let a dude put a chastity devise anywhere near my cock ever again!!




This story is copyright © 2009 by Catdude.






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