The Purchase – Part 01

By slavebladeboi

I don’t often purchase items off the internet, which may seem a strange thing to say for the head of an IT department for a largish company but I have this thing about wanting to touch and feel the items I’m buying. Pictures just don’t do it somehow. Anyway, that’s changed somewhat. I got to the end of an 18-month project that will save the company seven figure sums over the next few years and the bonus I got was out of this world. So I blew it, well most of it, on something I’ve wanted for ages and never had the means to buy. It’s taken nearly two months from order specification to delivery and today, this morning, the crate is standing in the room downstairs waiting for me and my crowbar.

It’s a heavy wooden crate, full of those bloody awful, tennis ball sized polystyrene balls that go everywhere as soon as you look at them and take ages to clear up. But it keeps the item safe which is more important.

I stood looking at the crate and then decided to take pics of the unveiling. So not wanting a full on video I decided to take one or two shots at regular intervals. The first pieces of wood came off quite easily, together with a small avalanche of white balls.

As more bits were wrenched away from the carcass I began to see my purchase and quickly scooped more polystyrene away. And there he was. My very own slave, fully prepared and ready to go, almost. He was still under from the sedatives he was given prior to transport but the instructions told me to expect that. So, what did we have? I specified a 19-year-old, blond, fit, intelligent male, 5-foot-10, with body shape and size in proportion. And by looking at him it’s exactly what I’ve got. I specified these figures as I thought they would match my needs. I’m 6-foot-2, and 11 years older than him and thought that in time we might even become more than simply slave and Master, but we’ll see.

Pulling out most of the packaging, which he can clear up later, I can see he’s strapped in place with leather straps across his torso, arms and legs as well as having his head held in place by a fixture at the back of his collar. I specified his ass to be stretched to a size just smaller than my cock so I could fuck him without any discomfort, to me that is, plus having some gag reflex training. I don’t mind a slave gagging on a throat fuck, but choking him seems to me a complete waste of time. In actual fact, as the law stands now, he’s mine to do with exactly as I like but his death would cause interviews and paperwork a mile high, plus a total waste of my money so I intend to be careful. He had also been given some slow-release Viagra type drugs, another “enhancement” according to the blurb, which allows the slave to be used straight from the box if needed. I already noticed his cock was a decent 7 or 8 inches and pointing straight at the ceiling.

I look at the paperwork. I usually look at the instructions of things I buy after I’ve played about with the item and found I’ve done it all wrong, so this time I used patience. I’m advised to keep him in position until he regains consciousness to avoid falls. He is plugged with a dildo of the correct size to my specs and gagged with a penis gag, which can be extended down his throat without removing it if I need to. All the locks for the gag and the restraints are on a master key on a chain round his neck. This also unlocks the plug in his ass, which is in turn fixed to his seat, and this has to be released before he stands as it is designed not to be able to be removed from his ass in the locked position without significant injury. The last thing I have is a small hand-held remote.

All the slaves from this supplier come with an implant, about the size of my thumbnail, positioned behind his ball sack. One press of the remote sends a debilitating shock through his balls that lasts for 20 seconds and “will have the subject curled up in a screaming agonised ball for the length of the punishment” or so the literature tells me. Once he wakes, if there is any sign of recalcitrance from him I press this and, as the shocks double in length every time it is used, he will probably be compliant. Actually, he’s been in training now for six months so should be fine.

I wait and look around the cellar, which I’ve completed with the rest of the bonus. It’s not grand but I bought a Saint Andrews, an electric winch that I’ve installed above the centre of the room, a fuck bench and some items like hoods and floggers plus a cage. The basics, as I thought.

And he stirs. His deep blue eyes open, and I can see the mixture of apprehension and fear in them. This is the bit I’ve been dreading. Do I start with a heavy hand, doling out the electro to show him who’s boss or reassure him that as long as he behaves we will get along just fine? Not having had a slave before, I can’t make up my mind.

“Ok, at this moment you’re simply ‘slave,’ I’ll think of a name for you later.” He continues to look like the frightened slave he is. “Behave and your life with me will be fine, sort of.” I hesitated as I’m now floundering somewhat. “Shit, let’s get you out of that crate.”

I reached between his legs and found the lock for the ass plug, which allowed him to squirm slightly on the narrow piece of wood he sat on. Then I routinely went round all the other restraints, rubbing the circulation back into his arms then his legs. He’d been in that position for nearly 30 hours now. Unlocking his collar from the centre upright, I helped him stand. Shaky at first then more stable, he stood in front of me. “OK?” No sound, which was obvious, as I’d forgotten the gag. I removed it.

“Yes thank you, Sir,” was his reply. So far so good. I felt him all over, took several pictures and stepped away.

“Wait here, don’t move.” I’d forgotten to bring the specified protein drink down with me so quickly returned to the kitchen. Less than a minute later I handed him the container. And, good news, he hadn’t moved an inch. After drinking he started to wobble and I grabbed him by the shoulders.

“S S Sorry Sir.”

“Hold on, slave.” It was probably the after-effects of the sedatives, but I was not taking any chances. I lowered him to the ground, pulled the mattress out of the cage and heaved him onto it before pulling him and the mattress back into the cage and shutting the door. I loved the feeling of his warm body as it rubbed up against my hard on, knowing it was all mine and got another pulse of precum into my boxers as I turned the key of the cage, locking him in. I sat on the fuck bench and simply looked at him. I had a few days holiday starting the day after tomorrow, although his ass and my cock would get to know one another long before that. But for now I let him sleep. God, he looked good.

To be continued …

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