The Purchase – Part 06

By slavebladeboi

Daz slowly winched the captive up by his wrists, closely wrapped in the leather restraints that shone black under the one downlighter that was positioned directly above the ceiling fixture. He stretched him just enough to tighten the muscles in his abdomen but not enough to be uncomfortably in stress.

His sweaty body shone as the single light source now on in the cellar picked out every curve of his muscles. Daz slowly dribbled a massage oil down each upstretched arm starting at the wrist. I watched it trickle down his arms, pool slightly around his neck then carry on over his chest, him wincing every time my hands touched the chain connected to the tit clamps, and with both hands together I rubbed it around his body until it glistened, wet with the fine sheen of polished naked skin.

I worked my way down to his waist then stopped. I pulled Daz away and whispered to him. Smiling, he waited while I reached into my jeans for the small key I had there. Stepping back to the hanging slave I knelt in front of him, watched his eyes look into mine and carefully unlocked the chastity device he was still captured in. His cock sprang out of its metal cage, already semi hard. Pouring a bit more oil into my cupped hands I ran them up and down each of his spread legs, back around his ass cheeks and forward between his balls and his thighs, taking care not to touch the now fully hard 7 inch meat.

Backing away I let Daz take over once more.

He stood close to Zero’s face. “Choice time boy. These clamps have to come off. Fast or slow. Which do you want?”

Zero clenched his teeth and made a quick intake of breath but before he could speak Daz continued. “Time up, I’ll choose. Might as well get it over with.”

“Chris, get behind him, put your hands under his chin and pull his head up out of the way.” I looked puzzled but did what he asked, then I understood. Daz meticulously stepped back holding the flogger, measured the distance to Zero’s chest and practiced a swing. “OK Chris, hold him.” He stood motionless for a few seconds then with one powerful swing brought the flogger down fast. There was a sound of slapping leather tails as they made contact with skin, a tinkle of metal on concrete and a split second of silence. I felt Zero’s body tremble before an almighty howl forced its way past my hands, past the gag and filled the room. Even stretched he was able to fight the winch and fixed spreader bar in the explosion of pain that wracked his body. He took about a minute to settle to a quiet sobbing and another before he was silent.

“Now to finish this side,” said Daz. He swung the flogger so that the tips of the tails just bit into the boys skin leaving red marks where they landed followed by a few heavy thudding blows that knocked him backwards taking his breath. Not enough to stifle the yells though, they came long and loud with every swing.

“I think ten Chris, how about you?”

“Absolutely Daz.” I didn’t want to disagree but I was thinking ten was far too many looking at the state of things. His yelling and screaming became more muted with every blow, he was crying and sobbing, hanging more loosely, as far as he could. But ten came and went. His chest and abs were a brilliant red, accentuated by the oil, each welt showing clearly against the slightly tanned skin.

“We’ll finish with the last of the three areas,” said Daz, putting the flogger down and picking up the single tail. “I’m ready for some food and a fuck.” He looked at me grinning.

I moved behind the slave and held up five fingers to Daz. He returned my gaze, nodded and stood away. I knew how that whip felt and how good Daz was at using it. He could make it touch you like a kiss, just tantalising your skin, an itch needing to be scratched or make it carve a trail across you that burnt into your bones and filled your whole being with fire.

“OK boy, this is the last. I want each stroke counted. Out loud. None of that “thank you Sir” crap either. I know exactly what you’re really thinking. Just shout out the number, loudly. Miss one and it doesn’t count. Got it?” He unbuckled the gag and threw it onto the side bench.


He stood back once again, measuring the distance he needed. The first swing caught the boys left shoulder. It made him jump more than hurt although there was certainly a rosy line and a sharp intake of breath.


The second lash was hard. He screamed and bucked as small spots of blood appeared along a red trail from shoulder to hip.


Daz carefully aimed the third stroke and it barely touched the target, a finger light caress of leather.

“THREE” It was more a question than a statement.

The fourth went across the boys back from shoulder to shoulder, a regular line which caused a regular type of reaction, a scream and as much thrashing about as he could manage.

“FOUR mmmmmphhh”

Daz looked at me. He raised his eyebrows and held up five fingers. I nodded.

I think he was a bit disappointed that I was insisting but he kept to it. The fifth one was his last and he made it felt. He pulled his arm back and really lashed out. The whip screamed through the air but he held it far enough back so that only the last couple of inches touched the glistening skin between his shoulder blades. Zero roared, there was no mistaking the pain that those couple of inches held.

“uuuuhhhmmmmhhg FIVE”

Daz and I remained motionless. The boy had tensed ready to receive the next lash. But it didn’t come. I saw him slowly relax, untense, and eventually look round as far as he could. Daz put the whip back and, taking one look at me left the room.

I grabbed the winch control and as Zero was slowly lowered I put my head between his arms so that he rested on my chest. Taking his weight I held him close. All I could hear was him saying quietly over and over “I’m sorry Sir, sorry Sir” I let him sink to his knees and knelt in front of him. Sobbing he said “Sorry I took advantage of you Sir. I promise I won’t do it any more.” I almost joined in with the tears at that point but knew it wasn’t helpful, to say the least. I undid his ankles, released the winch chain and held his head close to my chest.

“You’re doing fine Zero. Get some rest and I’ll feed you a bit later.” He crawled into his cage padlocked it, put the key just outside the bars and curled up. God I was so proud of him at that moment. I wanted to hold him and, I don’t quite know, make love to him I think. He was a slave. But he was also my property to do with as I liked. Too many thoughts after a long day. I got up, turned out the light and went upstairs to where Daz was probably thinking about the rest of the night, just the two of us with unfinished business.

The end

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