The Rules – Part 3

By Miles Pierce

It was a deep, dreamless sleep. When Jeremy awoke he had no idea where he was and he felt like he was floating.

As he struggled to consciousness, his body reminded him of the painful lessons from the last few days. Or had it been weeks? Jeremy knew he’d been drugged again but he had lost all sense of time. Still blindfolded he shook the last bit of sleep away and focused on his new predicament.

His body was slightly tilted upwards from horizontal, arms and legs spread wide and his head was hanging down freely. Jeremy realized he was somehow suspended but without any pressure anywhere on his body. He attempted to move his arms and legs but the effort resulted in his body barely budging. Whatever was suspending him kept him still and supported at the same time.

Jeremy then became aware that his entire body was covered in leather. The only part of his skin exposed was his head. After all that time being naked, the tight leather felt especially restrictive. During the drug-induced sleep, he had been placed in a leather body suit. Some type of thick collar surrounded his neck forcing his head nearly upright. His still rigid cock was in some type of leather sheath away from his body and his aching balls constrained in leather with each testicle separated. Each finger and toe was encased in it and pulled taut. His nipples, nearly raw from learning about the rule, burned against their encasement. Every part of his body was tightly bound and his struggles to move produces small creaks. The suit he was in must have been connect to some type of harness all along his body.

He suddenly realized what wasn’t there. The rubber cock that filled his mouth was gone. His jaw welcomed the relief but his jaw muscles wanted to open as if they remembered the dildo.

“Hey.” The sound of his own voice startled him. It was quiet and ragged from disuse.

“Hey! Help! Somebody help me!” It was louder now but died instantly in the space.

“Really, ‘help’ is all you can manage?”

Jeremy froze at the sound of that deep voice.”Please mister just let me go, I’ve lear..”

A stinging slap across the face interrupted his pleadings. “I didn’t give you permission to speak. This is the reaction. Do you need to learn the rule again?”

“No sir, pleas not that!” Another smack on his face.

“You do not have permission to speak. You obviously haven’t earned even the ability to remain silent on your own. Open your mouth.”

Fearfully, Jeremy opened his mouth. He had no other choice.


He felt an all-too-familiar rigid, leather ring set between his teeth. The master stepped close as straps were buckled around his head, securing the ring back in his mouth. He realized he was hanging low as the master pulled up on the bindings. Jeremy shuddered but didn’t dare speak. His jaw began to ache almost immediately.

“Now you will learn the next rule. First, you need to understand that you have no right to this body. Every part of it belongs to me now. It exists to only serve me, to only recognize me. You only get to feel what I believe you should feel. You only get to move when I want you to move. This is to further emphasize the next rule. And that rule is this: nature abhors a vacuum. Whenever there is a void, the universe rushes to fill it. You have been unaware of this law until now. It is unnatural to leave any void unfilled. Nothing is complete without spaces being occupied. Do you believe you are an exception to this rule?”

Puzzled, Jeremy shook his head back and forth.

“Of course not. You have several such cavities on your body. For you to learn how to be complete, those must be filled. This rule will be learned when you realize how unnatural it is for you not to have my presence in you at all times. The first voids I fill will be your ears. The silence will further focus you. But before I do you, I will explain something to you as part of the lesson. To be complete you must appreciate me with each sense. By taking away the two you are most used to, sight and sound, you will be more aware with taste, touch and smell.

I will start the lesson with you finally getting to suck my cock. I start this way for three reasons. The first is that another void is your nose and that will be filled with my scent. It can be closed at any time I wish. The second is that the void of your mouth will be filled my cock then with my taste. You will learn how to suck well. And, finally, do you know the most important reason I will start with your mouth?”

Jeremy, just beginning to process what he’d heard, barely shook his head from side to side.

“Because after I finish in your mouth it will take me that much longer to cum a second time in your ass as I fill your final void.”

The thought was too much for Jeremy. He shook his head and screamed through the ring his mouth. He felt an arm lock around his head and something pushed into one ear than the other. The arm released him and he could barely even hear his own pleading and begging. Then some type of leather hood was pulled over his head and he redoubled his shaking.

He felt the master’s hips against his shoulder as the hood was pulled tightly together and his head yanked up. His entire head was now encased in the leather, leaving only holes for his nostrils. His tongue ventured outside through the leather ring in his mouth and felt what he thought was a zipper. He could he his own sobs inside his throat but that was all. Besides his sounds, it was completely silent.

He felt his head slightly pulled back then attached to something. He tested the bonds and found he could still move his head. Then a tug on his left, his right and a slight one under his chin and he his head was completely immobilized. His body was now completely clad in leather, tilted slightly up, spread apart, and his head pulled back just enough as if he was looking up. His world was entirely black and utterly silent.

He felt a pull on the front of his face and he knew why his head was placed in that position. His tongue pulled back in defense as the zippered opened and Jeremy groaned. Despite all his fantasies and his online chats the only cock that had ever been his mouth was the rubber one. He had always been too much of a coward to actually experiment with other men. That was soon about to end.

As the cock head entered his mouth between the leather ring in his teeth, Jeremy gagged from the realization that the flesh of another man was against his tongue. He struggled to control his reaction because he knew no relief would be given. The master had just pushed a bit in then held his cock still and Jeremy found his tongue exploring it despite himself. It felt surprisingly familiar to him and then he realized that the rubber cock was an exact replica of this one. He had a cock like this one in his mouth before. This one was real flesh though and he could feel its warmth, he could taste a bit of salt from his master’s sweat and bit of leather. But he soon became aware of yet another difference; unlike the dildo, this cock moved.

Slowly but steadily he felt the dick move toward the back of his throat. His tongue pushed to stop it and he began to wretch. The cock moved back out of his mouth only to surge back to his throat again, gagging him. The more he fought the deeper it went. He felt his nose pinched together and closed. Panicking, he desperately sucked for air. Jeremy remembered the advice before he had been deafened and the first rule: for every action there is a reaction. He began to suck the cock like he had before when it had provided him food and water. His nose was released. The pace then slowed and the cock didn’t go nearly has far back. Jeremy sucked as well as he could, trying to forget it was a real cock and swirling his tongue around the head. He thought of what felt good when his girlfriends had sucked him off and tried to duplicate it. As longed has he sucked hard he could breathe through his nose and the cock was thrust in nearly as far.

There was a rhythm to it now and he could feel himself letting it get deeper bit by bit. The pumping was faster now and the cock was slickly covered in his own saliva, thick drool spilling in strings out of his lips. He still had small gags and chokes but he struggled to keep the cock from overwhelming him. Each thrust was a small battle with his instincts that he tried to win. So much focus was on every moment that it seemed to Jeremy that it had been going on forever. On the deeper thrusts that nearly choked him, he could detect a faint musky odor underneath the overwhelming smell of leather. Suddenly, he felt a slight pressure on the back of his head through the leather hood. The cock stopped thrusting and the head stilled just at the front of his mouth and on top of his tongue.

He suddenly knew what was about to happen and instinctively tried to pull away. The bonds held him fast. Jeremy groaned. There was a slight pulse in the head and suddenly Jeremy’s mouth was filled with the hot, sticky cum. He gagged but knew he had no choice but to choke it down. It came in batches and he swallowed hard to keep up with it. There was so much though! He wretched and swallowed it all and finally it stopped. The cock then went deeper into his throat and pulled slowly back, as if the master was wiping himself off on his tongue. Jeremy coughed and almost threw up but managed to keep it down. He panted through the now empty ring between his teeth, his mouth and throat coated with the spent, slightly bitter seed of his master’s cum.

With barely a second of relief, the now familiar rubber dildo was inserted back in his mouth. With a few tugs, he the dildo was bound into place but went much deeper than before. His mouth fought the intruder and he had to calm himself to keep his gags under control. He knew now that the void of his mouth would either be filled with his master’s cock or this rubber duplicate at all times. Jeremy was left completely suspended in the blackness, unable to move at all with no sense of sound. He was body was sweating in the leather and the leather scent overwhelmed his nose. He hung there and swallowed hard against the rubber cock but still had the bitter, salty taste of his master cum in his mouth. He would have to get used to that taste. Exhausted by his first blowjob, he almost began to relax in the suspension. Jeremy then remembered he still had another cavity to fill and the third reason he had started with his mouth. He sobbed at the realization. Those sobs sounded like they came from someone else who was very far away.

Floating in the silent blackness, Jeremy waited.


To be continued …



One thought on “The Rules – Part 3”

  1. WOW!!!\ I love this…..very descriptive. Although a few times the writer’s spellcheck doesn’t interact it is a very good story. One can imagine being this way and the descriptions of the ring gag going in and the dildo gag being inserted , i have felt the gagging and wanting to repel it.
    yes, cant wait ti hear what happens next….

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