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The Bear Encounter: A story inspired by The Bear Trap

By Miles Pierce

The backpacking trip had ended in disaster.

It was meant to be a reset. He had just left his job and broke up with his girlfriend and the two weeks he planned in and around the Lassen Volcanic Park were meant to be the beginning of a fresh, new phase in his life. Jake had planned his route and food meticulously and looked forward to this solitary trek.

Ten days into his hike and deep in the backcountry, he ran into a decent-sized black bear while cooking dinner.

No stranger to the California wilderness, he took the necessary precautions and strung his pack and food up. He also went back to the shore of the lake to wash off any cooking smell he might have on his clothes and body, leaving the entirety of his gear tied up high off the ground with a bear line.

It wasn’t enough.

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Selected Remnants From the Lost Publication ‘My Two Years in Captive Servitude’

By Miles Pierce

(Author’s note: I was sent this by a trusted academic who wanted to make sure this was known but couldn’t professionally be associated with it.)

Note on the translation: this section of the portfolio seems to have originally been published by a Venetian printer by the name of Aldus Manutius. Due to the issues of this work being referenced by many sources in many nationalities, the original language cannot be verified and due to subsequent censorship and destruction of all known copies, may never be known. We do know it was both highly sought after and scandalous even at the time of publication. The language in this fragment has been modernized, when possible, for the ease of consumption by contemporary scholars.


The Terrible Punishment of the Strap, the Service, and the Stump during the Third Month of My Capture


It was these two days of brutality that utterly and entirely broke me.

The diligent reader will realize that my captivity had many moments that offered nothing but dejection. The slaughter of many of the men under my leadership, the capture, debasement and disbursement of the remainder of my party, the auction house, my first taste of the whip, harness training and the initial cruel sexual attacks on my person where all crushing. This cascade of misery, though, tore hope from my being.

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The Rules – Part 3

By Miles Pierce

It was a deep, dreamless sleep. When Jeremy awoke he had no idea where he was and he felt like he was floating.

As he struggled to consciousness, his body reminded him of the painful lessons from the last few days. Or had it been weeks? Jeremy knew he’d been drugged again but he had lost all sense of time. Still blindfolded he shook the last bit of sleep away and focused on his new predicament.

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The Rules – Part 2 – A Painful Review

By Miles Pierce

The pulley system had taught him a painful lesson but it was just the first of his studies. He had taught himself to move through the pain but he couldn’t let himself completely touch the floor, the pain was too intense. Just as his exhausted muscles had finally given out and he resigned himself to the impossible pain, he felt a slack in the tug on his balls and he gingerly let himself fully rest on the floor.

The relief was enormous but he could still feel the dull ache in his testicles.

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The Rules – Part 1

By Miles Pierce

He awoke with a jerk, his head snapping up and filled with the scent of leather and the taste of latex. Confused, he felt himself slung forward, an ache in his shoulders, his muscles stretched and tired. The world around him was total blackness. He realized his arms were suspended and holding up his body, knees slightly buckled. Struggling through consciousness, he found his balance despite his inability to move his legs or arms much, instinctively pulling himself upright, finding footing on a cold stone floor.

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