The Rules – Part 4

By Miles Pierce

Jeremy hung there in the silent darkness. His breath had calmed but he could hear the blood pounding in his ears. He swallowed repeatedly but the taste of his captor couldn’t be washed down. Jeremy was disturbed how he was almost comforted by the latex phallus in his mouth. It had already become familiar.

He swayed a bit, a slight rocking from his first oral experience, obviously still suspended and pulled taut. His encased body was slick with sweat and he could feel small rivulets moving between his skin and the leather, tiny streams looking for a way out.

Jeremy knew why nothing had happened yet. This man, this man that had turned his life into some new hell, who was making Jeremy disappear, this man was waiting somewhere nearby. Waiting to get hard again.

He was disturbed by how hard his own cock was. The leather device kept him from becoming fully erect and the ache there was almost intolerable. There had been no release since this ordeal began and when he was allowed to piss it was almost impossible.

He felt something brush against his back and felt the leather removed from his ass, the sweat cooling almost immediately in the air. Jeremy tensed his body, pulling against his bonds. A small bleat of mercy was silenced by the gag.


Bright, dizzying pain. If it wasn’t for the false cock in his mouth, Jeremy would have bit through his tongue. He screamed into the gag and felt the vibrations in his head.

There wasn’t any time to adjust. There wasn’t any lubrication. His muscle clinched against the hard intruder. The response felt like a spear shoved deep in his guts. He couldn’t believe that it could hurt more or go deeper. The cock in his ass managed to do both.

He felt a tug on the his head and realized the man was pulling him back further, arching his back more and his thrusts begin to speed up, each penetration deepened by the pull of his body on the cock.

Jeremy was breathing in choked sobs and the tears mixed with sweat behind the mask as the cock suddenly pulled out. The thrust back in was worst than the first. He didn’t realize the keening wail in his throat was his own.

It wasn’t that the man was indifferent to his suffering. Jeremy realized as he grunted and cried with each painful lunge that it was much worse than that. He was getting off on his agony. And he was taking his time.

After a seeming eternity, the pole begin to piston furiously and, with a final deep thrust, Jeremy could feel the first ever cock in ass pulse and spew its spunk into his body. It was slow to withdraw and when it did there was little relief.

Jeremy’s hole held open for just a bit but a cold, steel rod was almost immediately shoved in, easily slipping through a passage now slickened by cum. He could just make out the shape of a metal, rigid cock inside him. A strap was pulled tight against his crack, sealing the unforgiving intruder in his bowels. His sphincter, ravaged and sore, spasmed around the dildo’s base as he felt his ass sealed once again in the leather.

The zipper in front of his mouth was opened, the dildo removed and a still rigid dick was thrust into his mouth. Jeremy gagged at this intruder, cockslimed and faintly tasting of his own ass. It was withdrawn just as Jeremy was about to vomit. The rubber dildo shoved back in place. He realized he had just been used to wipe off very cock that had just tormented him.

As his head still swam from the brutal loss of his virginity, Jeremy noticed the front part of his body being lowered. His legs stayed up as he felt himself angled forward, toward the ground. Whatever strap was holding his head back was released. His head dangled loosely. Jeremy struggled to control his breathing and felt the blood begin to drain to his head. He had the sense he was alone and struggled to grasp what had just happened to him. His muscle clinched uncontrollably against the metal cock in his ass that was just now beginning to warm.

Then he realized why he was now angled. The seed was beginning to melt and slide further down inside his body. He was pointed down so none of it would spill out.

He shuddered and silenced a scream.

Little did he know that he would welcome this lubrication for the next attack. And the next and the next. Each one starting with more pain and lasting longer than the one before. The dildo removal causing him to big and whimper in anticipation of the prodding in his ass. Each session ending with the still hard cock stabbed back into his throat for what Jeremy could only regrettably think of as a cleaning.

He couldn’t tell how long he hung there but it felt like days. Time could only be measured in the space between each impalement.

The fake cocks filled him completely and served as a constant, dreadful reminder of the real thing. But, alone with his anguish in a place as dark and silent as space, Jeremy anxiously began to anticipate the only touch with reality he had. Otherwise, he would loose his mind this extreme isolation where not even his skin was his own.

His only connection to the universe became this cock.

The cock of the man who was unquestionably becoming his Master.




6 thoughts on “The Rules – Part 4”

  1. It’s eerie to see what’s going on from Jeremy’s point of view, the scene playing out in front of you, but we don’t “see” the captor at all. Like it’s you’re experiencing it through the sub but still watching from the sidelines.

  2. Wow….this was one of the best stories ever… never fails to impress me with the skill that the submitted writers put into these.
    This one kept me hard the whole time that I was reading it.
    Hell I couldn’t stop thinking about the situation throughout my work day. Damn you Pierce, you kept me horny all day.

  3. Excellent story, well written and very descriptive. Really sucks you into the story. Can’t wait to see what his captor looks like and hope he’s suitably massive and rugged. I specifically like the bit about getting used to his scent. Massive personal turn on. I have a great idea for this. If you are interested in hearing it email me Miles!

  4. Hey Metal,

    You should consider publishing only stories from a completed series. It’s very frustrating starting a good story that just ends abruptly​, with no finish. So many of the stories in your “Prison Library” are unfinished. This one hasn’t been added to in seven years.


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