The Show Dealer

By Mister-X / Spartan

Brad started loading his stock into his van. His partner, Jay, just stood watching. Jay was taller than Brad, about 6’ 4”, looked like a football tight end with his muscular 245 pounds, but Brad didn’t want him helping to load, since Jay didn’t know what came next and where to put it. It was easier for Brad to load everything himself, even though it was a lot harder since he had a metal collar with foot long chains attached that were padlocked onto his wrists, restraints that Jay had put on him that morning, going over the PVC suit which covered him from chin to ankle along with the thick ankle shackles with the foot long chain between that went over his boots. It was what Jay required Brad to wear during a normal day at home, and with the physical exertion of loading the ton of stock into the van while wearing all that, he was sweating heavily in the nighttime heat and humidity.

With the stock finally in, Brad loaded the box with the lamps, bags and table covers, plus plastic covers that went over his stock at night, then the box with the video cameras, and finally put the push cart in that he would use to take his stock into the show. The cash box he would take when he would leave the next day. He was going to have to load everything into the show first thing in the morning. Some of the shows allowed you to load in the day before, but this smaller local show didn’t have the extra expense of the guard overnight for another day, and required you to load in the morning of the first day of the show.

Finished loading the van, Brad and Jay went into the house. It was time for Jay to release Brad from the day’s metal restraints so he could get the PVCs off and cleaned up. Jay was wearing the leathers he always wore when he wasn’t in the police uniform he wore at work. Brad always got turned on by the sight of this handsome hunk, whether he wore his leathers, his police uniform, or both.

This show was one of the nearby ones that they could drive to in the morning and return home from at night. That meant that Brad could put on his show clothes in the morning. He wore a heavily starched shirt with a 2-button tight collar that went up to his chin, tie tied tightly, with a tie pin pulling the spread collar close together under his tie to keep the tie high, as well as a well-tailored suit. He always got compliments on his appearance. He knew that if he exuded money with his dress, he would attract the buyers to his table that had money to spend, as well as the sellers who were looking for someone who looked like he had money. The philosophy had worked well. Besides, the clothes hid the red marks that were always on his body from the way he was kept at home. But problems would occur if someone called him wanting to transact business in the middle of the week. Brad didn’t want any of his customers or dealer colleagues to see him dressed as he would be during a normal day in the middle of the week. He would always tell them to either come to the next nearby show or do it by mail.

The income from Jay’s job during the week took care of the mortgage payment on their house, as well as the other expenses, like food, utilities, taxes and insurance. That left the income from Brad’s business to build up his stock and pay table fees and sales taxes, with a percentage of sales put into another pot that was used to obtain more bondage gear. Brad also had an internet site that he sold some items on, as well as getting requests to obtain certain other items he didn’t happen to have. Jay liked it when Brad would sell something, knowing that he would be getting a percentage of that money to obtain more gear he could use to restrain Brad, helping both to have more fun. Jay particularly liked getting more metal restraints. He was always playing with his handcuffs.

After Brad finished cleaning up, it was time to retire for the night. The night before loading into a show Brad would not be put into his normal bedtime clothes, because there wouldn’t be time to get out of them in the morning. Jay would just cuff Brad’s hands together behind his back in Darby-style cuffs, cuff his ankles together in Darby cuffs, cuff his arms above his elbows together in Darby ankle cuffs, lock a metal collar on and gag him. All were modified to have rings attached. Depending on how close the show was, Jay would sometimes add a chain to the restraints going down Brad’s back, connecting them all to the rings. Brad would be put on his knees with his ankles pulled up to have the chain connected. While Jay was cuffing, collaring, gagging and chaining Brad, he would play the role of a gangster kidnapping his victim for not paying his debts, telling Brad he would be restrained and then tortured. Jay loved to role play when he was restraining Brad.

Soon after the two got to bed alongside each other, Brad suitably restrained, this time with the connecting chain, Jay invariably would insert a metal bar threaded through the chain that he would twist several times, putting strain on Brad’s ankles and neck as they would be forced closer together, hoping to get Brad to make a sound as Jay would continue his gangster torture talk as he would twist the bar, though not so far as to cause Brad to have health issues. Brad knew better than to make any sound. This time during this twisting they heard a ding from their computer. That meant that there was another order from the website, since they always left the computer on. They both loved to hear that sound. Jay would remove the metal bar when it was time for them to get to sleep.

In the morning, since Brad had showered the night before, after Jay took off the cuffs, collar with chain and gag, Brad quickly took care of his other ablutions and started to get dressed. He first put on his underwear, a neck-less neoprene surfing suit, and put his shirt, tie and suit over that. He wore colored shirts so you couldn’t tell that the neoprene suit was underneath, which a plain white shirt would do. During the day at shows was about the only time that Brad could play with his cock, and he always looked forward to a slow time at the show so he could do that. Jay prohibited Brad from cumming until he gave permission, putting him in chastity for a month if he did, and kept nearby to either give permission or note the disgression. Jay was, as usual, dressed in his leathers, his police-issue handcuffs on his belt, not only in case they should be needed to restrain a thief for the local police to take away, but also for him to play with while he stood around watching for possible thieves. The show security people liked having Jay around.

The two would always get to the show a little earlier than the time to be let in, so they could get a parking place near the entrance. Having gotten there, Brad got the cart out and started loading as much as he could take with one trip. The show provided a young guy to help, but Brad preferred to do everything himself. Jay at stayed with Brad’s stock in the car unless needed inside. Brad knew most of the other dealers, but there were always a few he didn’t know, as well as a couple he knew that he didn’t trust. If he saw one of them hanging around his table, he would wait for the guy to leave and have Jay go inside to stay with his stock while he continued loading in. Dressed like he was, Brad looked like someone you could take advantage of, though he was no slouch himself. Jay was obviously someone you wouldn’t want to mess with.

The load-in took about an hour. Brad had to lift everything out of the van onto the cart, and off the cart onto the tables. He was glad that it wasn’t too hot or humid at this early hour, and he only sweated a little from the exertion of lifting the two tons of weight, one ton out of the car onto the cart, one ton off the cart onto the tables. When Brad was finished loading and had loaded the empty cart into the car, Brad would go back inside to start setting up his tables while Jay parked the car, vacating the close-in spot for another dealer to use.

As usual, other show dealers came by wanting to buy items for their customers, or wanting to sell items, before Brad would have a chance to finish setting up his tables. This timing was either 1) to try to fluster Brad to sell something too cheap, buy something he didn’t need or didn’t have time to thoroughly inspect while his mind was distracted, 2) because the other dealer had a bunch of dealers to see before he got his table ready, or 3) because the other dealer just didn’t care if he bothered Brad by coming at this time. Brad knew his stock and his needs well enough to be able to handle the requests, and he knew the tricks of the trade. From the dealers who came by he was able to sell some of his stock and buy ones he had customers for, all while still setting up his tables. Jay just stood around after getting donuts for their breakfast that the show provided, looking menacing in his leathers, someone that others would not want to deal with. It’s the image Ed wanted Jay to have. Brad was the friendly guy, and he needed Jay to be the heavy. It worked well since it was their natural personalities.

With everything set up, there was still time for Brad to start going around to other dealers looking to buy items he had customers for, as well as to try to unload stock that he had too much of. He was able to succeed in doing some of both while Jay remained on guard at his table. Much of the business he wanted to do at this show was accomplished before the show opened and the first retail customers came in. The video cameras had been set up and running, and Brad was ready for the retail customers. When the show opened to the public Jay would stand with the customers, seemingly as one of them, but in reality watching to make sure that no one absconded with anything, available to pursue and catch them if Brad alerted him, holding them for the proper authorities.

The show proceeded as usual. Brad was kept busy with customers. Both knew that thieves often worked in pairs, getting one to distract Brad while the other would steal something. Jay was alert to this possibility. There were known thieves, and other dealers would want to borrow Jay when these guys would be at their table. Brad’s appearance exuded wealth, and he was able to garner a number of good sales this day. At lunch time Jay got food for the two of them. As the day progressed, business started dropping off, Brad finally having no customers.

That’s when Brad would be able to attend to his cock’s needs, sitting down behind the table covers, apparently busy with stock work, looking at Jay after unzipping his pants, nodding his head for Jay to come over, and getting turned on when, while standing behind Brad cutting off any view from the next dealer, Jay would unobtrusively put handcuffs on Brad’s wrists as Brad had extended his wrists behind his back. After doing this they both would lean over to look at what was in front of Brad, apparently discussing with him some stock item when in reality Jay would be quietly telling Brad how he was going to restrain him and abuse him later at home while stroking Brad’s cock under the neoprene suit until Brad erupted at the thoughts plus the cuffs plus the stroking plus Jay’s talking. Jay would remove the cuffs afterwards and walk away, leaving it up to Brad to zip his pants back up. It was their private little game that they figured no one else at the show was aware of, one they were both turned on and amused by. Brad would clean the neoprene underwear later at home. When the day ended, Brad covered his stock, took the items he had acquired for customers, took the money, and he and Jay left. They got home, took their items inside, and went out to one of their favorite restaurants for a nice dinner. Afterwards they went back home.

Once home, Jay assumed his role as Brad’s drill sergeant, a role he relished, a role he played every night of the week except the one before loading the car prior to going to a local show. He immediately called Brad to attention, yelling loudly, starting to inspect him, treating him as a raw recruit. Brad often wondered why Jay did this at this time, that if he was going to inspect his appearance it would have made more sense to do that before he left for the show. If Jay found something amiss, he would get next to Brad’s ear and yell at him. Brad at first had been taken aback by this, but by now he was used to it. The usual offenses were that there was some foreign matter on his clothes, he was slouching, he needed to suck in his stomach (as if it were possible to do that even more with that tight vest over it) and push his chest out, he needed to suck in his butt (which his tight pants already took care of doing), he needed to look straight ahead, or he needed to stand straight.

When Jay was finally finished with his inspection, he would change roles to that of an arresting cop, ordering Brad to put his hands behind his back and cuff him. He would yell at Brad that he was tired of his lip, would order Brad to open his mouth and gag him. He would order Brad to remain at crisp attention while he checked things out, and would go into the living room to sit on the sofa and watch either television or some hot male bondage video he’d downloaded. He would position a mirror to reflect Brad to him to look at periodically, making sure that Brad remained at a crisp attention. Brad made sure that he was, knowing he would be punished otherwise, knowing also not to make a sound or he would be punished. Brad was usually kept like this for a couple of hours each night before Jay would resume his drill sergeant’s role, ordering him to march to the bedroom, yelling his commands inches from Brad’s ear. Jay looked forward to this every day, causing his cock to get erect as he would think about doing it, as well as when he would do it, eagerly awaiting his chance to shout orders at Brad. He also always looked forward to the chance to make use of his handcuffs.

In the bedroom, it was time for Brad to be put into his normal bedtime clothes. Still at a crisp attention, Jay would order Brad to strip naked. That meant also removing his neoprene underwear. Once Brad was naked, Jay would hold out their leather/canvas straitjacket for Brad to put his arms into the sleeves. Jay would then go to Brad’s back and start pulling and buckling the straps, all the time soothingly talking to Brad, changing roles yet again, calming Brad, treating him as some mentally insane man who needed to be restrained in a straitjacket and taken to a mental facility, telling Brad it was his cocoon, that he would be safe inside that jacket, no longer able to hurt anyone. These were all roles that Brad had been taught and new well, ones that he would teach other police cadets. Once Brad was in the jacket, the sleeves would be put through the holders in the front and at the sides before being buckled at the back. Brad would have to lift his head for the jacket’s 3” high hard leather collar to be strapped. The collar was the same height as Brad’s shirt collar. Jay would all the time be talking soothingly as he was doing this.

With all the straps buckled, Jay would start to tighten each one, showing off his strength by yanking each one as tight as he could get it, including the arms and the one at the neck. Brad knew that, as usual, he had to keep quiet lest he be punished. Since his big turn-on was being choked, something Jay knew, he was turned on by the tight collar, not that his cock could get any satisfaction from it. And with all the lifting and carrying Brad did loading in and out of shows, his body had gotten tough enough to take the extra-tight straitjacket.

With the straitjacket on extra tight, Jay would strap and lock a leather penis gag snugly into Brad’s mouth, and put a leather hood with nose holes only over his head, pulling the straps snugly, buckling and locking the neck strap, all the while continuing to talk soothingly, playing the role of trying to subdue his ‘insane’ prisoner, telling him he would now always be kept in that straitjacket and hood, that it would now be his permanent home, nice and tight. Jay knew that Brad was also turned on by breath control, the hood limiting his breathing. He lay Brad down on one side of the bed, locking his ankles together with Darby cuffs, and putting a belt above his knees, pulling it tightly together.

Jay would then get into bed alongside Brad, stroking Brad’s cock, bringing him to the edge, not enough to get him to cum, rubbing his bare thighs, pinching his nostrils cutting off his air, and kissing him on the outside of his mouth. Jay would whisper into his ear how he was going to use and abuse him now that he’d gotten Brad into the straitjacket unable to move, that all the permanent patients at the mental hospital were available to the workers for their use, that Brad was the best looking one and he wanted to fuck his ass. All this would get both of them aroused. Sometimes Jay would loosen the crotch strap which also went over Brad’s butt, sticking his erect meat into Brad’s butt, eventually erupting, but also sometimes foregoing this, depending on his mood. Always he would wrap his arms around Brad tightly and pull Brad to him after pulling the covers over them both before dropping off to sleep.

In the morning, they didn’t have to get to the show as early, since they couldn’t get in until an hour later than the previous day and they didn’t have to set up the table. This gave Jay time to get Brad out of his restraints to get showered and ready. Jay would fix a quick breakfast for them to eat on the drive to the show, since the free doughnuts were only on the first day. All the red marks that the straitjacket had left on Brad’s body were covered up by his spiffy clothes and neoprene underwear. The hood and gag had not been on tight enough to leave marks.

The next show day always started with Brad uncovering the table’s wares, checking to make sure that nothing had been stolen, checking to make sure the cameras were still running. Show security guards had been known in the past to steal what they were guarding, so the video cameras had been left to run constantly. There was enough film in them to last for all the time the stock was at the show. This day was always a slower one, but it often was a day when some member of the public would come with something for sale, or a big spender would come by, knowing that it was slow and there was elbow room and time to deal easily with Brad. Usually the items that came by for sale were not worth buying, but there were times when they were. One never knew, so it was always best to be prepared. Brad had gotten dressed as always, a clean fresh shirt each day, a different tie each day.

This day was slow, with only about 1/10 the retail business as the previous day with no collector’s stock coming to him that was worth buying and no big buyer. During a slow time Brad motioned with his head for Jay to come over to help him get his rocks off, but Jay didn’t budge, so Brad didn’t get served. He usually limited Brad to once a week, but that didn’t stop Brad from hoping. The show on Sunday also ended two hours earlier than the previous day had. But the previous day had resulted in enough to have made the show well worth going to. At the end of the day, it was time for Brad to pack everything in preparation for loading the van. Jay had left a little early in order to get a good parking place. He returned to be at the table for the times when Brad was away from the table loading stock into his van. This was the time when most thefts occurred.

When everything was loaded into the van, the two got in and started driving home. Once home, they had a bite to eat, usually frozen dinners put in the microwave, and Brad started the process of unloading the van. When he was finished, he had lifted and carried 3 tons of stock that day. In the two days he had lifted and carried six tons. Since he did a show just about every weekend, he didn’t need to worry about going to a gym to keep in shape. And by now in the late afternoon heat and humidity, he was sweating into his shirt collar and underwear, still with the tie tightly around the top of his neck, the tie pin forcing it up under his chin like a noose, the high, hard collar keeping his head forced up. Jay required this.

Being finished unloading the van and back in the house meant Jay calling him to attention again for inspection and subsequent cuffing and gagging, Jay back to drill sergeant and cop. Again, Brad was kept at a crisp attention while Jay relaxed in the living room watching TV or hot male bondage videos, sometimes going to their gym room to work out. Jay would periodically subject Brad to inspections, some of them surprise inspections, to make sure he was still at a crisp attention. Jay was always hoping he could find something so he could punish Brad. Finally it was getting close to bedtime, and Brad was marched into the bedroom to strip and get a shower. Afterwards he was back to the ritual of being put into his usual bedtime clothes, the two getting into bed afterwards, Jay sometimes getting relief and sometimes not, depending on how he felt.

The next day meant that Jay had to get up to go to work. He always had the early morning shift. He got Brad up as well, removed his bedtime clothes, and had him dress in his normal workday outfit of thick PVC pants and jacket that covered him tightly from ankles to chin, the metal collar padlocked tightly around the neck which had the foot long chains with attached cuffs that were padlocked to his wrists, legs booted covered by heavy shackles with a foot long chain between. Brad was free to do the housework, hand washing his neoprene underwear, laundering his work shirts, which he washed in heavy starch before soaking the collars and cuffs in bulk starch to get them really hard, and fix the day’s meals, including lunch for Jay to take with him, Jay riding his motorcycle to work.

Brad also spent the day filling orders from his website, preparing orders to be sent to customers that had already been paid for, and notifying customers who had standing orders for certain items that he had obtained at the show, telling them the items would be sent upon payment. He put the paid-for packages all together for Jay to deliver to the post office when he got back from work, since Jay would return before the post office closed. Jay would do their shopping on these trips as well since the post office and the grocery store were in the same shopping center, as well as other stores.

At night after dinner, dishes cleaned, Jay would call Brad to attention, go through their normal nighttime ritual, unlock the cuffs on Brad’s wrists temporarily, turn the collar around, cuff Brad’s wrists again in the ones attached to the foot long chain, this time behind his back, pulled up toward the collar by the foot long chains, and also cuff his wrists together in the police-issue handcuffs while yelling at him. It was a strenuous position to be in with the hands high in the back, a predicament position, since Brad’s shoulders would be in pain from the position of his arms, but if he pulled his hands down to relax his shoulders, he would start choking. Brad again had to stand at crisp attention while like this, also gagged. It was his normal week night position to be in for a couple of hours, Jay periodically checking to see if Brad had moved, even slightly, so he could be punished. Jay loved finding a reason to punish Brad.

But this week would be different. Most shows were close enough for them to drive to, and were just on the weekend. Some were a day’s drive away, and Brad would be kept cuffed in the car while Jay drove back and forth to these. But there were some major shows that occurred elsewhere in the country. These were either 3 or 4 day shows, and usually meant flying to them with a smaller stock. Brad would always take the best items he had, as well as good sellers that he had in quantities. For these shows, both Brad and Jay would fly, leaving early the morning of the day before the show started, sometimes taking a red-eye flight, getting there in time to load in early so they could do the usual dealer to dealer sales and purchases, sometimes reaching Brad’s goal for the show before it even opened.

For these shows, Jay would change Brad’s underwear from neoprene to rubber, taking perverse pleasure in having Brad put on the tight-fitting rubber suit under his show clothes for the flight. The reason for the change was because he loved embarrassing Brad on the descent of the plane. Jay had discovered that tight-fitting rubber would expand in the lower pressure at the high altitude. Jay, sitting alongside, would adjust the suit on Brad, pulling the various parts out or down, smoothing the wrinkles, to make it tight fitting again. And on the descent it would start contracting bit by bit as the pressure would increase. These contractions made sounds like farting noises. It always resulted in Brad getting extremely embarrassed, since he would be dressed to the nines for the flight and the show. Jay, sitting alongside in his leathers, would always act offended, sniffing, wrinkling up his nose and pulling away from him after each fart-like sound, adding to Brad’s embarrassment as others would look at him. It was another role that Jay played. Brad would find the rubber to be much tighter when they landed, so he got some enjoyment from it.

Each airplane passenger would be allowed to take two suitcases that could have up to 50 pounds each, with a carry-on that could have up to 15 pounds, plus a shoulder bag. The two would pack the max. They put their clothes and ablutions in the carry-ons, put their not-so-expensive stock in the check in bags, and put the expensive items in the shoulder bags. Those shoulder bags usually weighed close to 50 pounds each on their own. Thus the two of them could take along stock weighing 200 pounds, a far cry from the 2,000 plus pounds that Brad would take to a local show, but still items that added up to a lot of money. The table also cost a lot more, but with the reduced quantity Brad would just get one table. They would rent presentation containers and locking cabinets from the show promoter to use at the show.

The normal bedtime attire, the straitjacket, would not be taken, since it would weigh too much, but Jay would put cuffs into his clothes and a gag in their check-in luggage, showing his policeman badge to the TSA people at the airport. And, of course, Jay would be wearing his leathers, as always. At the big shows, dealers would like to socialize, going out together for dinner, sometimes at a dealer society dinner, so the evenings were often taken up with social activities. There wasn’t as much time left for Jay to call Brad to a crisp attention at night to cuff and gag him while he relaxed watching TV or worked out. In bed, Brad would just be cuffed and gagged. These national shows were a break for Brad from his normal strict bondage, not that he minded being in strict bondage. But he also knew that it would be a brief respite.

Brad always put a note on his website when he would be away at shows, letting customers know that he wouldn’t be able to process sales until he returned. Brad would be able to find more items for his clientele at these shows, but he would always sell more than he purchased. So there would be room for more weight on the return flight. This was where Jay would be able to enjoy himself. He would shop for more bondage gear to take back, usually on the slow Sunday before time to load out after finding out how much weight his purchases could take. Jay always enjoyed these national shows. He wouldn’t be able to restrain Brad as well as he would like to, but he knew that he would have more gear when back home to restrain Brad better.

Back home late Sunday after the return flight meant returning to the usual routine. Whether there was any time for Brad to be kept at a crisp attention, always in one of those tight shirts, tie pulled tight, also in a suit, but now in extra-tight rubber underwear, would vary depending on where the show was located and when the flight was scheduled for. Sometimes they would have to stay over a night and return Monday morning.

This particular show allowed them to return Sunday night. After the embarrassing flight descent, they got in Brad’s van, drove home, parked it in the garage alongside Jay’s motorcycle, took their luggage into the house from the airport and started unpacking. While Brad put his stock away and unpacked, Jay took the recently purchased gear into the bedroom. There was no extra time for Brad to be kept at attention, but he had to get a shower after getting undressed from his shirt, tie, suit and rubber underwear. He was sweating, of course, and needed the shower. Jay spent the time arranging his recently purchased gear with other items, deciding how he was going to incorporate them.

When Brad emerged after drying off, he saw that there was going to be a major change in his normal bedtime attire. Little did Brad know how much of a change was in store for him. Jay had purchased a neoprene sleep sack and a huge metal slave collar. In addition, there was other gear laid out on the bed. Brad’s cock started getting erect when he saw everything. He looked at Jay and saw him have a big sadistic smile. It had been a very successful show, and while Brad was tired, he realized it was going to be a hot night in bed. Brad started shaking in anticipation.

No words were needed. Brad got into the sleep sack, Jay helping him get his arms in the internal sleeves. It was the first time Brad had experienced a sleep sack. Jay strapped a rubber ball gag into Brad’s mouth and covered it with wraps and wraps of duct tape tightly around his head. Jay was noticing that it was about time for him to give Brad another buzz 1 haircut. Jay lifted Brad’s chest up and zipped the sack down the back of the attached hood to where it ended below Brad’s chest. Brad was now sightless, having to breathe through the two pinholes in the hood over his nostrils, and he had no use of his arms. The sleep sack was a tight fit. Jay stripped his clothes off, rolled Brad over onto his stomach, and unzipped the zipper covering Brad’s butt. His cock was erect and throbbing as he thought of Brad entombed in that hot sack. It didn’t take long for Jay to erupt.

When he was finished, Jay zipped the butt covering back up. He laid over Brad’s back the 7 foot long wooden rod that would have been used to hang clothes on in their spare bedroom. He started putting the leather straps around Brad and the rod, attaching him to it, around his ankles, his legs below the knee, above the knee, stomach and arms, chest, and finally over the duct taped mouth. He tried putting the huge metal collar on, but it wouldn’t fit around both Brad’s neck and the pole. He had gotten it to fit tightly around Brad’s neck without including the wooden rod. So Jay finally settled for looping another strap a couple of times around Brad’s neck and the pole. Jay set the metal collar aside with a mental note to get a d-ring welded to it that was wide enough to fit over the wooden rod.

After Jay had buckled the straps, he went back and yanked them all as tight as he could get them, all of them, including the one around Brad’s neck, re-buckling them. He knew that this tighter neck strap would start choking Brad. He knew that Brad was turned on most of all by being choked. He checked to make sure that Brad was breathing, and that his breathing was labored. Finished with this, he turned Brad over to rest on his back on the wooden rod on the mattress on his side of the bed. Brad couldn’t move. He was stuck down hard, the rod pushing down into the mattress.

Jay unzipped the covering over Brad’s cock. It leapt out erect, as Jay knew it would. He started stroking it, getting Brad to the edge of erupting, but stopped short of having him erupt. He loved doing this, and he was very adept at doing it up to getting Brad about to erupt, then stopping. Brad, for his part, knew what Jay was doing, since he’d done it so many times before. It had been several years since Jay had mistakenly allowed Brad to erupt, and Brad knew that Jay enjoyed this torture, which is what it was for Brad. Brad always hoped that one of these times Jay would misjudge, and Brad would get to erupt.

Jay was hoping he’d made the right choice in purchasing this deluxe sleep sack. He had gotten the one with zippers over the tits. He was looking forward to next weekend, one of the rare ones in which Brad did not have a show, though not for lack of desperately trying to find one, since Brad knew what was in store for him otherwise. Jay enjoyed keeping Brad at a crisp, erect attention for each of these two days on the weekend, kept in that predicament position, always finding a fault toward the end of the day, since he knew that Brad could not keep at a crisp attention in that predicament position in his hot PVC’s for the entire day. That would finally give him his chance to punish Brad, a rare chance of late.

The thought of that distracted Jay temporarily as he was stroking Brad’s cock, and he almost forgot to stop, just stopping stroking at the last possible second. Brad thought that he was at last going to be allowed to erupt, and when Jay stopped just as he was about to, he moaned, having gotten worked up. Since Brad was forbidden from making any sound during any of Jay’s torments, Jay immediately shouted “punishment” and got up to get the tit clamps after unzipping the coverings on Brad’s tits.

Brad knew he wasn’t going to be getting much sleep that night, if any, knowing how much those clamps hurt his super-sensitive tits, and how dizzy he was from the belt around his neck. He would have to be careful filling orders the next day. He wondered if this was how he was now going to be kept every night when home, except for the one night before loading in. He could see that he was going to get very hot in this neoprene sleep sack with only two little pinholes accessing the outside, pinholes that were tightly under his nostrils and were not accessible to the rest of his body due to the tight strap over his mouth and neck. He was already sweating heavily. He was going to be losing weight in this if he was kept in it every night.

When Jay returned he clamped Brad’s tits. Brad could hear it coming and made no sound when those painful clamps were put onto his super-sensitive tits. At least they weren’t Jay’s most painful ones, knowing what those felt like. He was going to have to remember to keep silent when the clamps would be suddenly removed. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to keep quiet then. Jay, for his part, started whispering in Brad’s ear, saying how he was looking forward to this weekend when Brad had no show, how he would be punishing him using his most severe tit clamps Saturday night when he’d found that Brad had moved from his predicament bondage position, leaving Brad encased in the sleep sack all day Sunday standing erect attached to that pole unable to move, see or hear, since part of Brad being punished was to have ear plugs in, with weights periodically suddenly dropped onto the chain connecting the clamps, hoping for Brad to make some sound so he could be further punished, each resulting in another night of punishment. Jay also said he would periodically put clothes pins on Brad’s nostrils to cut off his air to get him distracted, Jay then suddenly removing the tit clamps to get Brad to make some sound to have yet another night’s punishment added, then later suddenly putting them back to try for more.

Brad was sweating profusely from the thought of all this, realizing it was entirely possible, his cock sticking up erect, flailing around wildly in the air, the only part of his body that could move, his breathing getting more labored as he started breathing harder, thinking about this torture continuing for days, weeks, even months as each punishment resulted in further punishments. Jay smiled on seeing Brad’s reaction. He got a sudden thought and got up, realizing that with Brad being punished he was supposed to have his ears plugged, releasing Brad from the restraints keeping him attached to the top part of the pole. He left and came back with the ear plugs. Jay unzipped the hood to insert these deluxe ear plugs, ones that were guaranteed to shut out all sound, zipping the hood back up. Soon Brad was restrained as he had been when Jay was quietly talking to him. With a sadistic smile, Jay set the alarm clock to go off in an hour so he could suddenly remove the tit clamps. He lay down to get a little sleep, planning to re-awaken every hour to deal with the clamps.

Jay also realized that the punishments would result in further punishments, possibly building up for days, weeks, months. Jay’s cock was getting erect at the thought. It was like playing a pinball machine, each score making more possible. Inserting the ear plugs, which was only allowed with punishment, provided the opportunity to make a lot more scores. He’d hit the jackpot by deciding to purchase this sleep sack and the possibilities it produced, rather than the combination metal restraints he was also thinking about. Jay started thinking about logistics, how he was going to keep track of the number of punishments he was now going to be extracting from Brad. He decided to keep Brad in the sleep sack the whole weekend, figuring he could get more punishments this way than by keeping Brad standing at attention. Yes, Jay enjoyed these national shows.

To be able to fly to the national shows, Jay took vacation days from work, letting his boss know well ahead of time, since the shows were booked months in advance. So the two never got to have a normal vacation like other people, just taking a couple of days here or there. But then, their whole lifestyle involved touring around to different parts of the country, particularly locally. They didn’t need to take a vacation to go somewhere.

It was an unusual arrangement as arrangements go, but it worked for them. They were accumulating wealth, as well as a nice selection of bondage gear. They enjoyed each other’s company, Brad got the bondage he craved, Jay got to dominate and torture Brad as he craved. It was their cravings for bondage and Jay’s job that had initially brought this unlikely pair together after Jay stopped Brad one Friday for a traffic violation and saw the bondage gear that had just been purchased. Brad saw Jay dressed in his motorcycle leathers and police uniform, obviously a muscled hunk, and got immediately erect. Jay saw this, and their relationship quickly shot forward, so to speak. Brad spent that night well restrained, collared, cuffed and gagged in a chained hogtie. When Jay saw how much Brad enjoyed that, he didn’t let him out until he had moved all of Brad’s belongings into his house.

Several years later there was still affection between them in their well-defined roles, though not what there had been when they first got together with Jay constantly keeping Brad restrained, loving him, using him, abusing him, Brad loving it. Brad had to take some time away from the show circuit when they first got together, but he finally convinced Jay to allow him to continue his business, providing Jay could continue restraining him. They worked together to develop the way they now lived their lives. They were happy. Nowadays, there aren’t many people who can say that.



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