The Spider Man

By Mister-X / Spartan


“Mike, the reason I wanted to see you is because we have a problem in one of the larger cities in the “Bible Belt.” A bar owner whose clientele comprises of mainly gay men has told us that 5 of his clientele have disappeared after leaving his bar. The local police don’t seem to care that the men have disappeared, and even seem to be glad of it. The bar owner suspects that they may have had something to do with it.

The local newspaper owner has no interest in publicizing that 5 gay men have disappeared, believing that it would create sympathy for a group of people that he doesn’t like, and, like a lot of privately owned local independent newspapers, he controls the news coverage to conform to his personal opinions. The same for the local television and radio stations.

So the bar owner has appealed to us, the U.S. Justice Department, to find out what has happened to these 5 men. That’s where you come in. I want you to become a customer of that bar, blending in with the others, and, in effect, act like bait to find out what happens to these people. We’re pretty sure they’re still alive, as there have been unconfirmed reports of people hanging alive somewhere near the bar. It’s a potentially dangerous assignment. Do you think you can do it?”

“Chief, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. But I’ll need some particulars. What do I wear to blend in with the others? And do I actually get drunk, or pretend that I am? And what happens if one of the other clientele tries to pick me up?”

“I’m told that the proper attire there is to wear leather pants, a T-shirt, a leather jacket, and have a pair of handcuffs on your trouser belt. I would not recommend getting picked up by one of the other clientele right away. Better to see what happens after closing time when you walk out onto the street. And you may as well get a little drunk, but still keep your wits about you. Keep this tracking device in your pants so we can locate where you are. When the tracking device stays in the same area near the bar for a day, that‘s our cue to come get you.”


Part 1


It was closing time at the bars. A couple of patrons staggered out onto the street. One got into his car and started driving away, weaving his way down the street. The other started walking, none too steadily, down the dingy, dark street. That was Mike.

This bar was located in a run-down part of the downtown. Most of the buildings were abandoned. Garbage had piled up and hadn’t been removed for quite awhile. It was not a safe area in which to be walking. The city fathers had been trying to close the gay bar, since pressure had been brought, particularly during election time, to keep the gay “element” out of the city. But the city had to abide by the law, and allowed the business to be here in this out of the way location. So the city used other means to discourage the business’ clientele.

After Mike had walked a block, two police officers stopped him. They told him there was a law about being drunk in public, tightly cuffed his wrists behind his back with his own handcuffs, and took him into a nearby alley. One officer told him that gays were not welcome in this city, and after opening up his leather jacket, punched him hard in the stomach. This caused Mike to throw up part of his liquid intake. The other officer then took his turn punching Mike a few times in the face using brass knuckles. After a few blows, which resulted in some open wounds, Mike passed out. After kicking him a couple of more times, the officers found the cuff key in his pants, took off the cuffs and left him there with his cuffs and key along side.

One of the officers told the other one, his new partner, that the “creature” would take care of him. The other officer asked what would happen, and the first officer said that they had left guys here before, and that after an hour they were gone. They knew something lived at the end of the alley, but what it was and what it did he didn’t know and didn’t want to know. The second officer asked if they could stand at the end of the alley and watch, but the first officer said that he’d tried that before but the “creature” was wary, and would know they were there, so wouldn’t come out until they left. So the officers left.

Someone had been watching through a slightly opened door at the dark end of the alley. A few minutes after the officers had left, he quickly and silently crept out of the doorway and went up to the unconscious man. He was carrying some coils of rope. After removing the man’s clothes, he quickly went to work cuffing the man’s wrists behind his back with the available handcuffs, tying his ankles and knees, and fastened a rope harness around Mike’s chest with an attached rope to drag Mike away. With this done, Mike was dragged by the man into the building through the doorway from which he’d emerged, his clothes and handcuff key brought along as well.


Part 2


Gary had always loved spiders. Ever since he was a little kid, he’d been fascinated by them. They lay their trap and patiently wait for food to come along, sometimes waiting for days. When food became entrapped, the spider temporarily stuns it, quickly mummifies it in a cocoon and stores it for consumption over the coming days. The food is unable to escape, and available when needed. The trap is reset with the spider waiting for more food to come along.

Gary had thought about how to emulate a spider’s life as a human. It would be best to keep the food alive as long as possible, not consuming too much to cause it to expire, with a few basic necessities provided, water and a little food, to keep it alive. Provision would have to be made for eliminations. And the food in the form of a person could also be used to satisfy another of man’s basic needs as well.

Gary had found a place where food was periodically provided. Those nice men in the uniforms took care of doing that. Gary thought they seemed to want to help him out, so he figured that he was helping them out. In a way, he’d become their pet spider.

After Gary dragged the man down into his food storage room, he put the tubes into Mike’s mouth and nose, making sure the mouth tube fit through the cloth he’d also put in Mike’s mouth, and secured a hose over his penis to connect into a bucket. Gary also opened up Mike’s butt to insert a larger hose, which led to the same bucket. Gary carefully inserted a needle with an attached basin into a vein to extract blood. When this was full, it was pulled out enough to remove it from the vein, but kept taped in place for later re-insertion. The basin could be removed and re-inserted as well. Gary taped Mike’s mouth closed, though not completely as the tube had to remain open, also putting strips of tape from Mike’s chin tightly up and over his head and down to the other side of his neck, keeping his mouth mostly shut. Then Gary was ready to begin the rope mummification process.

Gary got up on a chair and pulled the rope connecting Mike’s harness over the overhanging pipe, hoisting Mike into the air, tying the rope securely. Then Gary proceeded to start wrapping rope around and around Mike, starting with a few coils above Mike’s head, making sure the tubes were kept open and the needle was kept in place, but wrapping every other inch of his body in rope, finally ending with a few coils below Mike‘s feet. This old room had lots and lots of rope available — there was no shortage of it. At last Gary had finished with the task, and tied the rope off at the bottom. (Author’s note — want to see a picture of such? Log on to and look at photos under username Leugarys, folder “ropes.” the 4th and 5th photos. Seeing those inspired this story.)

This is now Gary’s sixth such food source. It was still not enough for him to completely rely on, but enough for him to fill a significant part of his needs. The food kitchens provided the rest. Gary disliked having to go out from his lair, but he did what he had to do to stay alive.

The excitement of getting another had Gary wanting to get his rocks off. So he lowered number 3 to use his ass for this. Number 3 was squirming and moaning as Gary used him, but number 3 was obviously in no position to offer any resistance. Having finished the task, Gary cleaned up both himself and number 3, reinserted the tube, and raised number 3 back up. Then, tired from his efforts, Gary took a drink of the food he’d removed from his latest.

Gary felt that he’d at last set up his life the way he’d always wanted it to be. Those years in that mental facility, where he was someone else’s food to be played with, were difficult. But he used them to learn more about how he needed to function in order to survive.


Part 3


Gary’s parents didn’t think it was normal for a kid to have such a fixation regarding spiders. School officials didn’t think so either. Gary tried explaining to them about what an amazing creature a spider is. That much was fine. But when he started talking about living off the hanging food supply, and how humans should do this too, they would start looking at him funny. It was when Gary mummified the next door neighbor’s kid and hoisted him up to feed off that they finally took him to be interviewed by some doctors. Afterwards he was put in a straight jacket and taken to a mental facility. No one, including his parents, ever visited him.

Gary had plenty of time there to study spiders. And when he would talk to the staff about those amazing spiders and how we could learn from them, they seemed to understand. And Gary did learn quite a bit there. Since he couldn’t take care of himself, he learned everything a person needed to keep alive who can do nothing for himself. And in listening to staff conversations Gary learned where a person can obtain the necessary equipment. That knowledge came in handy when he was released from the facility.

Gary also became familiar with the adult male need to ejaculate. After Gary became adult age, one night one of the male staff came into his room, released him from the restraints keeping him on the bed, though still keeping him in the straight jacket, turned him over, and injected his erect penis into Gary’s butt, eventually releasing sperm into Gary. After raping him, the staff cleaned Gary and put him back in the bed’s restraints. When Gary made no complaint about this, soon several of the male staff started visiting Gary on a regular basis to do likewise.

Sometimes one of the staff would restrain Gary further for his own amusement, or perhaps to get his penis more erect. This would usually take the form of tying Gary’s legs with rope and bending them up to tie to the buckles at the back of the straight jacket, as well as taping Gary’s mouth. They also liked to pull all the straps as tight as they could, really putting some muscle into it. Gary found that he liked the tighter feel, causing his own penis to become erect. Usually the staff would play with Gary’s penis as well, but never allow it to shoot off. This gave them amusement, but would frustrate Gary. Sometimes they’d get called away and would leave Gary like this for a couple of hours. But staff would always later return and put Gary back restrained as he’d been. Gary figured the staff was the spider and he was their food to play with, which was normal in nature, which was why he never complained.

Periodically the staff would hook Gary up to electricity and ask him about the spiders. When Gary would talk about the way they would bind live food to feed off and how we humans should do the same, they would shock Gary. He didn’t know why — to him it was just common sense.

But one night one of these staff came in and did something Gary didn’t like. After taping his mouth and pulling the straps tighter, the staff man hooked up some electricity to Gary’s penis and balls and started giving him strong electric shocks. Those hurt Gary, and he started yelling through the tape over his mouth. The staff man quickly stopped, got some cloth, removed the tape from Gary’s mouth, put the cloth in, and re-covered his mouth with tape, including tape from his chin over the head and down to the neck again, keeping Gary’s mouth tightly shut. Then the staff man started the electric shocks again. This time when Gary started yelling no sound came out. Gary didn’t like those shocks, but the staff man got a lot of amusement from seeing Gary’s discomfort. Gary didn’t like that man, but he learned about how to gag someone so that they don’t make a sound.

There was a shortage of money available for the operation of such facilities. So a lot of the people in the facility, including Gary, were released. Gary had gotten to know some of the others that were kept at that facility, and got to see them sometimes at the food kitchen when he would get meals there. None of them seemed to want to socialize with Gary, though. These others relied completely on the food kitchen. Gary realized that they didn’t have another source of food like he did. He figured they weren’t as resourceful as he was, that they hadn’t studied spiders like he had. So Gary figured he was smarter and better able to survive than the others.

Gary liked to go through the bits of information that each of his food had in their clothes. This latest one had an interesting picture. It showed him in a similar but different kind of uniform than those nice men wear who left Gary the food. Gary wondered what that meant. Are there good uniforms and bad ones? Do the two different ones oppose each other?

The money that was provided also helped him get the needed supplies to keep his food fresh and alive. Their clothes also sometimes fit Gary fairly well. Gary particularly liked the clothes that this latest food was wearing. They were the kind that provided better protection than normal clothes, plus they fit Gary fairly well, though tight. They seemed to be popular among the food he’d been provided. Gary learned to be careful when wearing such clothes outside at night, however. One time he was beaten and those clothes taken from him. Gary decided to start wearing Mike’s clothes, as he had some shopping to do the next day or two and now had some money he could use, and he would be safe in them during the day.

When Gary was first released from the mental facility he was located in this area of the city with the local homeless shelter and food kitchen pointed out to him. Gary went back to where his parents had lived, but they were no longer there and they had told no one where they had gone. The next door neighbor’s family had also moved away. So Gary was alone on the streets. At first it was difficult until he’d found this place.

The door to the building wouldn’t stay completely closed. Sometimes another person would wander in. There’s nothing much at ground level. Twice someone had ventured down to this room, but they just took a look at the hanging food supply, some of which were twitching, got wide eyes, started backing up, and then ran out. Gary figured they were afraid of becoming more of his food. But Gary had no way to stun them like spiders did. He had to rely on those nice men in the uniforms for that.


Part 4


Today Gary’s life changed yet again. It was several days since Gary had gotten his latest food. While he was prodding his food to get it to move, important in keeping it healthy, several men came down wearing that same uniform those men wear that provided him with his food. He was both pleased to see some more of these nice men, but wary of having others visit his storehouse. Then Gary noticed another man in the back wearing the same type of uniform as in his latest food’s picture, and he seemed to be directing these other men. All were quite surprised to see Gary’s food supply. They came up to Gary with guns drawn, had Gary put his hands behind his back, and put cuffs on his wrists. They asked Gary which was the most recent one, and after Gary told them the end one, they removed the contents from the pants he was wearing and escorted Gary out of the building, put him in a police car, and drove him to a police station.

There, after some other uniformed men questioned Gary for awhile with the cuffs still on, they got some strange looks on their faces as he was explaining how he was living as spiders do. One of the officers made a call, and came back saying that Gary had recently been released from the nearest mental facility. So they called the facility and told them to come pick Gary up. The guy who answered the phone said he and another would leave now.

While everyone was waiting, the questioning officer asked Gary how he had gotten the people. Gary told them that they were delivered to him by some nice men in uniforms. The officer asked what kind of uniform, and Gary said the same kind as they were wearing. With that the officers looked at each other, the questioning one told the officer recording the conversation to erase the last questions and answers, and he told one of the officers to go get something.

While that officer was away, the questioning officer asked Gary about his stay at the mental facility. Gary told him about the periodic staff visits and what the staff did. The officer who had left came back with a large leather penis gag, which he proceeded to strap onto Gary. With that they put cuffs on Gary’s ankles with a short chain between.

Soon the phone in the room rang. The questioning officer answered and said that they had to be taken down and freed. He said that he knew that they were gay, but it was now a federal matter, so they had to be taken down and freed. Then after some thought, the questioning officer called the mental facility staff coming to get Gary on their cell phone to tell them that Gary was a high-security risk, unable to be rehabilitated, had no remaining relatives, and was to be treated accordingly.

After awhile two mental facility staff came in bringing a wheel chair with a straight jacket and other things on it. One was the guy Gary didn’t like who would give him the strong electric shocks. When this staff man looked at Gary he got a big smile and said that they were going to enjoy having Gary back. The other staff man also smiled and said that they’d missed having Gary there and will be pleased to see him back. With what Gary had told the questioning officer, the nuances were not lost on him.

The facility staff first put a chastity device on Gary’s penis and balls which kept his penis from getting erect, which they locked. They took the cuffs off Gary’s wrists, and strapped him into the straight jacket. As the facility staff were ready to strap Gary into the special wheel chair they had brought in with them, the questioning officer, after telling the other officers to leave the room, said that there was something they needed to discuss. He first asked the two men how long they had worked at the mental facility. After finding out they’d been working there long enough, he said that Gary had told him about the periodic visits facility staff had made to Gary while he was confined at the facility. The officer said that he could have the facility staff arrested for these rapes. The facility staff started getting nervous, particularly the one who had administered the electric shocks to Gary at night.

But then the officer said that he would overlook this if they would do him a favor, something he would deny ever having suggested if mentioned later. He said that he needed the facility staff to put Gary somewhere where no-one would be able to find him or question him. He thought it would be best if there were no record of Gary having been re-admitted to the facility. And this way the staff could play with Gary as much as they wanted to whenever they wanted to, and no one could find out. He asked the facility staff if this was possible, and whether they were willing to do this to avoid getting themselves arrested. The two staff members looked at each other, and the one who administered the shocks, who evidently was the senior one, said that he knew of a way to do this, and that it was acceptable and they had a deal.

With that they put tape from Gary’s chin tightly over his head and to the other side of his neck, several strips pulled tight to keep his mouth shut, strapped the gag tighter, and put on a leather hood, nose holes only, straps and cord pulled tight behind, with a padlock keeping it locked on. Then they strapped Gary to the special wheel chair they had brought, and wheeled him out.

After putting Gary into the vehicle, the facility staff drove away. Gary heard the electro shock guy tell the driver that Gary was a good fun guy to play with. He told the driver to pull over to the side of the road after awhile. The electro shock guy told Gary that he knew he liked the straight jacket pulled extra tight, and proceeded to do that. Gary’s penis tried to get erect in response, but couldn’t in the chastity device. Then the electro shock guy rolled Gary’s pants down a bit, got out some wires which he attached to Gary’s penis and balls which were in the chastity device, and turned on the electro to start to shock Gary again. With the gag in and the tape on Gary couldn’t make a sound with his yells, though he moved around some. The electro shock guy left everything in Gary’s pants and brought the pants back up and padlocked them again as they got back on the road. As Gary reacted to the shocks by twitching the electro guy would start laughing.

The driver asked about the extra stuff on Gary, and the electro shock guy said that Gary was classified as maximum security risk, unable to be rehabilitated, no surviving relatives, no record to be kept of admittance, so they could do whatever they wanted to do to him, and everything may as well stay in place for Gary’s initial stay at the facility. The driver had wondered what Gary had done, and the electro guy said he’d probably treated people like they were a human spider’s food. The driver just said, “Huh? How would he do that?” The electro guy said, “I don‘t know, but when I get a chance I‘ll ask Gary so I could do the same to him. He would expect us to do that.”

Between painful shocks, Gary figured he was going to become play again for the facility’s staff. He wondered if he’d be able to study spiders again. But he was confused. He thought he was helping those men in the uniforms. He thought he was their pet spider. He couldn’t figure what he’d done wrong.


Metalbond would like to thank Mister-X / Spartan for the story, which he says was inspired by Leugarys on GearFetish.


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