The Subjection – A TUGs Escape Room Challenge: Part 3

By SockgaggedJason

male bondageLet’s recap our five characters who voluntarily submitted to the Escape Room Challenge called ‘The Subjection.’ They are college friends ranging in ages 19 to 21:

Derek, 21, is the organizer of the evening’s event who secretly enjoys male bondage games. He’s average height, slim with nerdish cute looks. He’s stripped down to his baby blue boxer briefs.

Tyler, 21, is a football jock. Tall and very handsome, he’s got black hair with killer intense blue eyes. Currently he’s tied down spread eagle to the table, ball gagged, with only his plaid boxers to cover his impressive, hairy body.

Nick, 21, is a blond, thin skater looking young man with a lot of jest to his personality but in many ways the Casanova of the bunch with dimples and a big smile. He’s clad in only his blue stripped nylon boxer briefs.

Adam, 20, is a football jock and teammates with Tyler. He’s fit, handsome, and confident. He has the reputation for smelly feet, which contributes to the foul air in the small room where the boys are imprisoned.

Mike, 19, is Derek’s younger brother. Though small and the only teenager of the bunch, he’s a Muay Thai trained fighter who well fit and confident. He’s proudly displayed in only his tighty-whitey underwear.


The five young men who find themselves ensnarled in an intense Escape Room Challenge are still “alive.” They’ve made it to Round Three despite the punishing, peculiar tasks they’ve endured.

The handsome, athletic Tyler is still tied down to the table in the room. While Derek sympathizes with his good friend’s uncomfortable situation, he quietly enjoys it as well. Tyler is the most physically masculine of the bunch. He’s adorned with beautiful black chest hair, thick legs covered with more thick black hair. Seeing him strapped down unable to do anything while silenced with a red ball gag turns Derek on.

Nonetheless Derek joins Mike, Adam and Nick as they surround their helpless friend Tyler in an effort to free him. The restraints are too elaborate however and impossible to remove.

The room starts to light up, slowly now. As it becomes more illuminated, the boys can see more clearly what their environment entails.

On one wall is a large mirror oddly covered in a foamy, white gel. Shaving cream? On the wall to the right is a standard metal doorway with a coded panel next to it. On the wall to the left is another metal type of door but smaller and recessed midway along the wall. It looks like a shut dumb waiter. But there’s something else that strikes their curiosity the most. Two thick wire cables with carabiners attached at the ends fall from the ceiling and rest on the concrete floor. They can see that the cables extend from a large open chute in the ceiling disappearing in to darkness.

The four young men, still only clad in their underwear, wonder what to do first. Their efforts to free macho Tyler are futile.

“The mirror?” Mike shrugs. Nick is already ahead of him on that.

Nick inspects the foam gel covered mirror and then does something unusual. He strips out of his nylon briefs. The slender, blonde pretty boy isn’t shy. He stands butt naked before his friends, using his balled up underwear to wipe away the foamy, white gel on the mirrored wall.

Removing the gel reveals a series of clues written in red crayon on the mirror:

“Two steps to victory. Here’s the first:

Everyone pulling their weight? Don’t wait too long, or you miss the next step.”

At that moment, a machine sound is heard whirling above and the cables can be seen slowly retracting. They are being lifted away!

“Look!” Mike exclaims, setting his eyes on the wire cable seen getting wound up with the carabiner attachment starting to lift away from the ground.

The boys debate what that means and what to do. They look at their wrist and ankle restraints and quickly determine their purpose.

“Help me with this!” Adam says, laying down on his back underneath the retracting cables, as he extends his wrists and ankles overhead. “Lock them in!”

Derek, Mike and Nick kneel around Adam and put their hands on his restraints. They snap the metal buckles of the leather restraints in to the carabiners. His wrists are connected to one hook while his ankles are connected to the other. Adam nods approval and, after a few seconds, begins to feel himself being hoisted off the ground. Soon gravity forces his body weight away from the hook and he finds himself dangling from the floor helplessly.

“Goodbye I guess,” Nick laughs, playfully kissing Adam’s stinky bare feet, as he continues to be lifted away from the ground like a slaughtered, trophy deer on a native’s pole.

“Shouldn’t this do something?” Derek asked.

Adam struggles in his bonds, wondering if he did the right thing after all as he’s being hoisted away towards the chute. At this point, he’s screwed though.

The other boys debated further what to do. Their best guess was the two cables weren’t meant for one person’s load, but for two. They may have only gotten it half right.

Mike volunteers to be the next one restrained from the rising hooks. But two problems were now presented. One, Adam was already bound to them. Two, the hooks were well off the ground away from an easy attachment. And quickly rising further away.

“Hurry!” Mike says lying underneath Adam and the cables.

Nick and Derek put themselves underneath Mike’s body, awkwardly elevating him as much as they could so Mike could reach the carabiners that already shackled Adam. It was a comical site as the boys mashed against each other, trying to lift Mike as much as possible.

“Hey bro,” Mike smiled looking at Adam as he finally and successfully connects himself next to Adam. Similar to Adam, Mike was now being hoisted up, sandwiched next to his friend.

As Mike and Adam are lifted, another sound is heard to the left. The metal panel of the dumbwaiter-looking compartment is opening. “It’s working!” Nick lit up.

Mike and Adam struggled side by side in their bondage as they were being lifted away from their friends towards the large darkened shoot in the ceiling.

Nick and Derek took notice of the recessed shelf revealed after the dumb waiter door was fully opened. Inside was a can of shaving cream, two razors, a pair of scissors, and a note.

“Read the note,” Nick said.

Derek grabbed the paper card from the compartment and read the following instructions:

“Congratulations. Step two.

Does he have the humility to help you solve this next puzzle? Bare what’s under. Where? What rhymes with ‘jest’ but it’s really a ‘douche.’”

Express the code, open sesame, and freedom comes.”

As Derek and Nick thought about the next clue, Mike and Adam are being carried away. They seem to courageously accept their fate as they’re transported up into the darkened chute of the ceiling. The clanking, leather pressing against flesh sounds of their struggles grow fainter as they disappear in to the dark ceiling cavity, followed by a door compartment shutting the chute above.

Then, a TV screen from one of the walls lit up with a timer countdown:


“Mm come monng!” Tyler grovels through his ball gag as if to say hurry up.

Nick and Derek realize they had to get on with it. They accept the fact Mike and Adam had been lifted away. It was up to them.

“’Humility’ and ‘bare’? Rhymes with ‘jest,’” Derek asked aloud looking at Nick.

Nick and Derek glanced at the shaving cream and razors, then at their helpless, stud Tyler.

The two remaining boys move over to the table where Tyler is tied down spread eagle. Nick didn’t hesitate to inspect Tyler’s furry body. He ran his fingers along his chest, looking for evidence. “Mmpphhh,” Tyler moaned.

“Here!” Nick says, stopping his fingertips at a point just below Tyler’s right nipple. “This!”

Nick and Derek could see some kind of writing underneath the nest of hair. They couldn’t, however, make it out clearly. Too much of Tyler’s black chest hair was in the way.

“No way!” Nick laughed as he looked at the situation. “We get to shave Tyler’s chest… it rhymes with ‘jest’ ha hah! This is no challenge!”

“Mmpphhh! Mmmnnoooo!” Tyler protested. He doesn’t seem to agree at all with this plan.

Nick grabs the can of shaving cream and a razor as Derek watches. “You sure?” Derek asks.

Nick didn’t hesitate, however, and seems to delight in the opportunity to shave his helpless, muscular friend. “I’ve always wanted to own this lil’ bitch ha hah,” Nick laughs.

Nick examines Tyler’s chest more closely. Perspiration has moistened the hair around Tyler’s chest and Nick determines not much shaving cream is need. He applies a light amount and spreads it around the area below his right nipple. He glides the razor along Tyler’s flesh, removing the long wiry black strands of hair.

“Mmpphhh!” Tyler continues to grunt in to his ball gag. He is pissed.

The counter now shows:


“Wanna help?” Nick looks back at Derek, as begins to shave Tyler’s chest hair away.

Derek looks uncomfortable and shakes his head. Nick, unphased, continues with delight in ridding their friend of his manhood. Derek watches with secret joy himself, seeing Tyler get humiliated with each stroke of the razor.

Finally, when Nick has exposed an area of helpless Tyler’s chest, now bare, he notices a code written with red magic marker.

The code just below Tyler’s right nipple reads:


Nick continues and finds other areas of Tyler’s chest with code inscribed on his flesh. After many more degrading minutes of shaving, Tyler’s chest is clean shaven. Hairless! Bare! The smooth milky, chest skin exposes the following numbers in red marker:

“5   5   5”

“That was fun!” Nick elates. Without hesitating, Nick moves to the doorway with the code panel requiring three letters for input. Tyler however doesn’t seem to like the idea and groans his disapproval through the ball gag.

“No!” Derek yells, noting Tyler’s own warning, as Nick is inputting the numbers. He too thinks something is not right.

Nick doesn’t stop, yet, and enters “5 5 5” on the panel. Then, he stands there looking victorious. “And with time to spare!”

The countdown reads:


Suddenly, a strange high-pitched sound is heard and the doorway where Nick stands shudders. Then the floor beneath seems to move and turn. Its’s revolving door. Quickly, it spins around and Nick is turned away and from the room. “Shit!!” he is heard saying as he disappears from site!

After a moment to collect himself, Derek realizes he is the only one left of the group, with Tyler bound and gagged on the table.

“Too easy, too easy, right?” Derek ponders aloud. Tyler nods in agreement.

They both want to win.

“’We bare to think what’s under. Where?’” he repeats the clue. “…under. Where? Underwear?”

“Mmpphhh! Mmmm mmthe mmggag mmmout!” Tyler slobbers.

Derek looks down at Tyler’s boxers. It dawns on him. The code wasn’t on his chest. It was somewhere else!

The timer on the wall now says:


As Derek nervously placed his fingers inside the waistband of Tyler’s boxers, Tyler whines. He slowly slides them down and exposes his friend. “Sorry!” he apologizes though he secretly has no regrets with bringing him nude.

Tyler’s crotch is revealed. Derek does all he can to not stare at it any more than necessary but can’t help notice how beautifully his dick rests atop a healthy, thick bush of black pubic hair.

“Man, I can’t bro,” Derek finally concedes. Too many urges guide him to places he doesn’t want to put on a friend, even though it feels so inviting.

The timer doesn’t stop and continues:


Tyler again protests, shaking his head dramatically more than ever, begging to be heard. He grovels so loudly now that Derek moves towards the buckles of his ball gag.

As Derek fusses with the metal clamp behind the ball gag, Tyler lifts his head to make it easier for his friend. After a few moments, Derek is able to remove the saliva-soaked ball gag from Tyler’s mouth.

“Fuck man! Finally!” Tyler gasps. “I’ve been waiting for that to come off.”

“This is too weird,” Derek started to say. He is conflicted by too many things.

“Shh! No! I think I know the rhyme. ‘It’s really a “douche.”’ I think it’s gouche,” Tyler says staying focused.

Derek looks at Tyler puzzled.

“Gouche! My gouche. The part between my dick and ass. That’s a gouche.”

Derek still looks stunted on what to do.

“Get the scissors, just do it.”

Derek hesitates at first but Tyler continues to reassure him. He grabs scissors and returns to Tyler’s exposed crotch. “Just do what you need to, man.” Tyler encourages.

Derek lifts Tyler’s large, sweaty ball sack so he can see the gouche area. Tyler goes semi-erect now.

As Derek starts to cut away at the frizzy puffs of hair, he can smell Tyler’s crotch and its alluring. The feeling tickles Tyler a little who laughs. Derek now goes full on boner in his underwear, which thankfully Tyler can’t see. Yet.

Derek notices some red coloring underneath as he removes some of the hair with the scissors.

The countdown now reads:


“I can’t see it that well,” Derek admits. “But I see something.”

“Just shave me,” Tyler consents. “Do it!”

Derek sprays the shaving gel underneath Tyler’s nuts and delights in lathering up his private area with his fingertips. Tyler’s penis goes full on erect now.

There’s a brief glance of wonder exchanged between Derek and Tyler.

But the clock is ticking. There’s a goal at hand.

Derek takes the razor and starts to shave away. With each stroke, there’s a slight whence from Tyler who can’t help responding to the sensation. After a couple of minutes of this, the lower half of his nutsack and the area below are as bare as a baby’s bottom. The whole moment is causing Derek to pre-cum a little in his underwear.

The timer on the wall now reads:


Written in what looks like dotted out red magic marker is the following two words:

“open sesame”

“No fucking way!” Derek laughs. “That simple?”

“What’s it say? What is it?” Tyler asks breathless.

The timer on the wall is in its last few moments:

“10… 9… 8…”

“’Open sesame.’” Derek responds.

Then, at once, a metal click is heard. Suddenly Tyler’s restraints that held him down spread-eagle to the table are released!

A sweaty, half shaved, nakedly exposed Tyler wastes no time adjusting himself and pulling his boxer briefs back up. He jumps off the table and stands next to Derek. They both take notice of each other’s erections in their underwear.

The timer reaches the end:

“3… 2… 1…”

“You okay?” Derek smiles at Tyler.

Suddenly the lights go out. It is pitch black.

The nerdish Derek receives an unexpected but welcome gesture from his jock friend. Tyler’s large, masculine hand grabs Derek’s hand and Tyler whispers to him in the dark, “Yea, I’m ok.”

Derek squeezes Tyler’s hand back. The two boys are connected. Derek’s heart races for that brief moment, with excitement.

Then the lights go on.

Tyler and Derek quickly retreat their hands.

As the room illuminates once again, a large panel on a wall opens and reveals a glass window. Mike, Adam and Nick are seen on the other end, already getting half dressed in their street clothes. The other three boys now take notice of Derek and Tyler.

Tyler and Derek hurriedly cup their hands over their stiff boners in their underwear, with embarrassment. The other boys can be seen laughing on the other end.

“CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE SURVIVED!” a message now appears on the wall.

Derek and Tyler have not only won the intensely peculiar Escape Challenge; they discover something about each other in the process.

Where would Derek and Tyler go from here?

The end

Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for this story!

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  1. Here’s an idea for Derek and Tyler. The other 3 are already outside, getting clothed looking thru the observation window at their naked buds. Stage 2 of the fun. The 3 are invited to release their buds or to keep them in the game. While they’re being told this servants bring em beers and make them comfortable. They vote to leave them in and relax. Next Tyler and Derek get knocked out and get prepped for the next stage.

  2. Fascinating concept for a story. Great idea! Kudos to the author. I loved it!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This was such a good story. Now I’ve been looking for other hot secret-room stories on the net and haven’t found any! =P

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