The Tournament Affair – Part 01

By @reconkayar and @mmmph82

Part 1 – First Encounter

The van pulls up to the curb, a white conversion van with dark tinted windows. The side panel door slides open and Denny peers in, hoping this is the ride he arranged in the outdoor gaming online group to get him to his day of apartment hunting. “Umm ….. ” Denny peers at the note he jotted the dude’s phone number onto, “…. Nathan?”

A big bodybuilder in a black T shirt and what looks like a black N95 mask waves at him from the front passenger seat. Denny can’t see the full face but the guy sounds super friendly and encouraging.

“You got me!  Hey, Denny, hop in the center seat in the second row there.  Chad and Ben will make space.”  Denny climbs in, thanking as he goes.  It’s been hard to find digs, and he’s looking forward to finally checking that off his list so he can focus on moving.  Denny isn’t an outdoor gamer himself, but he’s been fascinated for ages by the videos these hot guys post, especially the wargaming. Having seen other guys posting rideshare and roommate requests in the group’s message board, it struck him as a good way to meet some of the gamers in person, and now here he is, seated among four of them! They certainly look like the real thing.

As he settles into the center seat, the first thing that strikes him is that the other guys all have the same black masks, not just Nathan.  And he feels awkward. “Hey guys, is it okay if I’m not masked?” Denny says.  “I have been kind of off and on about it lately.  I’m all vaxed, can assure you that.  If you want, let me know and you can see my vaccination card.”

Nathan turns around in his seat – again Denny can’t see his face, but he sounds very upbeat and friendly. “No sweat, bro. It’s more part of our attire for the tournament we’re going to today.  I’m not worried, we’re all vaxed too.”

“Oh that’s right,” Denny says, “you’re headed to a tournament today, I saw something about that online. Well I appreciate your dropping me on the way.”

“No sweat, bro, happy to help.”

“What’s today’s tournament? I forgot what the postings said,” Denny asks.

“Oh, it’s an invitational. We competed hard this spring so I’m really glad we made the cut.  This is a complicated hybrid of paintball and some other stuff.  Lots of twists and enhancements to the rules. Gonna be a pretty exciting experience for us,” Nathan says with a smile, and he gives a thumbs up.  Denny only now notices he’s got short, tight black gloves on. Strikes Denny as odd, but he doesn’t remark.

Twenty minutes go by, riding mostly in the quiet.  They’ve merged into the northbound interstate now.  There’s a little soft chatting from the front seat, but nothing Denny can decipher.

All of a sudden, Nathan turns around to look at Denny and pipes up, out of nowhere. “Hey, bro, just thought of something. We’ve been thinking about strength and agility tests for our new members. You know, just so we get the best guys and win more games.

“And guys are bragging assholes, you know? They’re all ‘shit I could do that with my hands tied behind my back.’

“So one day we thought about that and decided – oh, really? Well, let’s test that. I mean, how better to know for sure? So we want to do a timed test of you getting to your weapon if your hands are – you know – kind of lightly roped behind you. But Chad has been saying he thinks it’s still too hard.”

“Wow well that’s interesting,” Denny says with a gulp. He feels an involuntary stirring in his crotch. “Rope? You all never used that before? It sounds like a challenge or some kind of twist on the game.”

Denny looks at Nathan’s gloved hands. “Speaking of, those are tight gloves. Never seen you all use those in your games either when watching online.”

“You’re a fresh face,” Nathan says to the newcomer. “Why don’t you try, and we’ll tell you what we think? Ben has a weapon he can tuck into your boots, and we’ll see how fast you get to it with your hands roped. How’s that, Den? Help us out?  Chad will time you.”

“Yeah, rope. It’s just an idea,” Nathan continues. “Let’s check it out. And yeah, the gloves … They’re police search gloves. We used to have the fingerless tactical gloves, but then Ben showed up with these, and they’re so thin and sensitive and tight, they work great. Ari thinks they make us look like badasses, and we all have a thing going where we count up how many times we catch Ben smelling his gloves hahaha – kinky!

“Just kidding, hehehe. C’mon, bro, this’ll be quick. Put your hands behind your back and grab wrists to forearms. Let’s try this. Ben’s got a piece of rope.”

“Wow that’s some thick rope,” Denny says as he stares more at the gloves as he thinks it being about summer time but close to fall and still warm outside. “But do the full gloves help you better with your game than fingerless gloves?”

Denny puts his hands behind his back and clasps them together in his seat.

“Why does Ben have so MUCH rope?” Denny thinks. But instead he says, “I mean we have like 2 to 2 and a half hours before you drop me off, so I am sure this is fine.”

“Thanks bro, that’s awesome! Really appreciate it!” Nathan reaches back and pats Denny open-handed on the chest to thank him, as he’s already placed his hands behind. Denny is conscious of Ben’s gloved hands looping hemp rope around and around his wrists in sort of a loose cuff. He also feels Nathan’s hand linger just a half second too long on his chest and his thumb brushes his nipple – it’s just intimate enough to be a little distracting and his head is swimming a little.

This doesn’t seem too bad, he thinks.

And then, Ben’s still working with the rope. It gets looped over one shoulder and then wound across Denny’s chest snugly – above his pecs. It’s snug, not exactly tight.

His hands are still comfortable in the cuff, but the additional rope harness has pulled his hands up and it’s a little challenging all of a sudden.

“Wow those gloves feel extremely thin and tight. But I mean you don’t need them on now right? Still summertime. And your masks? I get you want to be intimidating in play but we are in the van. Never seen what you all look like.”

Denny’s hands are pulled up in the cuffed position to the rope just above his pecs. It’s become more difficult to move his hands lower to the paintball gun. He tries to lower them but the rope is tight.

Denny stares at the hanks of rope in Ben’s duffle bag. “Damn that’s a lot of rope,” he says. “Many players? Do they know about this?”

He notices his hands are even higher now than when Ben started the harness. There is no way to reach the gun in the boots.

Nathan answers, “Eh we try and wear the gloves as much as possible. With the thin leather they mold to your hands and become more responsive. And they adapt to each of our scent – shit there’s Ben smelling his glove again, hahaha!  And hey! No fingerprints if we commit any crimes …  Kidding! The masks are just good health precaution – don’t give that another thought. Oh, and hey, Den. Don’t reach for the weapon yet, man. We haven’t placed it there. Ben’s still tying you up, bro. If we’re gonna do it, do it right yeah?”

“Oh sorry I thought it was in my boots! But then again it’s hard to reach down and see,” Denny says. “Hahaha ‘no fingerprints,’ that was random. Sounded like a crime or kidnapping.”

Ben has wound two more turns of rope around his chest beneath his pecs. Denny’s chest is bound up and his nips are getting a bit stiff. Now Ben is looping rope in between Denny’s torso and arms, under Denny’s pits, and cinching. It’s all becoming snug.

“Haha!  What a kidder! Kidnappers … Cool idea, bro. But no, for that we’d have to gag you, wouldn’t we?” Nathan says. Denny sees him lock eyes quickly with Chad sitting next to him as Ben, on the other side, continues tugging at the rope cinches. Now Denny’s wrists are suspended in the cuff, not numbing them, but he can no longer slide either hand side to side to get out of the rope cuff. The additional bondage is pulling his elbows tight to his torso. And some black leather device that buckles is showing now on top of all the rope in Ben’s bag. Nathan has not stopped looking straight at him. Denny hears the breathing through his leather mask, and his eyes are twinkling.

“Yeah haha well – gloves and mask – that just came to my mind. Sorry,” Denny says, with just a hint of uncertainty creeping into his voice.

As he feels Ben pulling another knot tight – the tenth knot? Twentieth? Denny has lost track – he says, “Wow you are a freaking pro. Have you tied anyone before? It doesn’t hurt but it’s impossible to move, and you still haven’t put the gun in my boots? I think I’m going to fail this immediately.”

Ben can already feel Denny’s wrists trying to struggle and the look on Denny’s face shows a realization that this is going to be close to impossible. Denny tries to move his arms around some as Ben continues to tie him but his upper body becomes more restricted.

Ben is now tying the third and final rope of the harness, and he speaks up. “Let’s just say I practice a lot,” he says slyly and quietly from behind the mask. He doesn’t say anything about the gun. Denny notices he’s exchanging glances with Nathan and Chad.

“That he does,” Nathan says. And Denny suddenly notices Nathan’s upper arms, which are huge, and what are those dark marks around his biceps?

“Ari – WAKEY WAKEY,” yells Nathan suddenly, whipping his head around. Ari is driving and has been quiet.

“You missed his exit bro! Where the FUCK are we?”

Denny can hear the skin-tight leather on the wheel as Ari slowly moves the wheel around. He tries to glance into the front and see where they are, and he sees the van has evidently missed the other interstate.

“Um if we go this way I will be like two hours late,” Denny protests.

Ben IMMEDIATELY clamps a tight gloved hand over Denny’s mouth …. “Shhhhh,” he says – more like he would to an errant child than a kidnap victim.

The thin black leather is tight around the mouth. “Mppph?” Denny looks up at him in his black mask.

And after all the talk about Ben’s gloves, now Denny is smelling them. And he has to admit – they are pungent and very sexy, and tantalizingly like Ben, whose scent is now wrapped around his body in the crook of his arm.

Denny begins to moan as he smells the very thin leather over his mouth.  He exhales more and closes his eyes. “Mmm’mphhh.”

“He’ll need …. a GAG,” says Ben slowly (why? Denny thinks) and he pulls his glove away.

Nathan is nodding. Ben is rummaging in his bag.

“Huh wait. Why can’t you all turn around? I need to be at that place! Is there a detour or construction? I always check all that before I leave.  I mean, I wouldn’t mind hanging with you all, but I’ve been waiting for this appointment looking at apartments.”

“Ari here unplugged the fuckin’ GPS to charge his FUCKING watch,” Nathan says, as he backhands Ari lightly on his head with his gloved hand.

Nathan turns back to Ben, who is holding a leather muzzle/gag in one hand and a wedge gag in the other, looking quizzically back at Nathan.

“Huh wait why do I need that? You can just let me out and I can get a taxi. No need to go through all of this since you are close to your destination,” Denny says, exhibiting clear undertones of nervousness even as he’s trying to remain calm.

Nathan looks at Ben and narrows his eyes, sounding all of a sudden less like a frat bro and much more like a soldier – you can now definitely see rope marks on his biceps. “That’s it. No more fucking around,” he tells Ben. “GAG him and make it TIGHT.”

“Wait? What? Oh come on now! You didn’t even do the gun challenge! It’s not MY fault about the GPS,” Denny says.

Ben drops the harness back into the bag and the buckles jingle. Denny glances at it and wonders about how diabolical it looks and feels weirdly relieved that it’s not going on his own head, yet he wonders what it would feel like.

And suddenly Ben has slapped the leather wedge gag onto Denny’s lips and is trying to work the huge silicone cock plug between his teeth. Denny clenches his jaw and refuses to open.

Denny glances around and looks for his phone. “Fuck!” he says through clenched teeth.

“Gremmmmmmphhmmm!” Ben turns his face, “Mpppphhhhnnnnnnp.’

Denny can actually smell the gag – pungent black leather mixed with the smell of Ben’s gloves. As he turns his head it’s buried in Ben’s muscular right arm.

He’s not as pumped as Nathan, but Ben’s arm is strong and unyielding.

The muscular arms and tight gloved hands give Denny a mild erection since he likes muscular men, but he tries to hide it.

Denny’s face is against Ben’s hard muscle, and in addition to the gag and his glove he is getting Ben’s warm scent from his armpit. He’s surprised that it’s not repulsive. Just warm and sexy, and his cock is stirring again. The leather is creaking as Ben works the gag back and forth.

And suddenly Denny feels pain on his right side – it’s Ben poking Denny’s bound body just beneath the ribcage, not debilitating but enough to startle him.

He can’t help crying out in alarm. His mouth comes open. He smells the leather and his muscle as Ben jams the cock deep into his mouth and he immediately senses he won’t be able to speak at all. He has never been bound and gagged before, and it’s so overwhelming. Especially since Denny has no idea what’s happening. Is he REALLY being kidnapped? And why?

Ben’s glove is gone, but the inside of the gag is nappa leather, padded and muffling and soft like a glove on Denny’s mouth. He feels Ben tightening the gag strap mercilessly in back.

Denny is pissed about missing his appointment, but Ben’s muscles and leather gloves make his cock hard. Nathan and Ben see the extreme hardon erected inside Denny’s pants and sticking up.

Denny feels the padding on the lips, it’s nearly identical to the gloved hand, he thinks. He moans as he closes his eyes and tries to talk.


And the pressure is tight on his face and cheek. He can hear Ben grunting as he muscles the strap brutally tight through the huge roller buckle. The squeeze on his face tells Denny how hard he’s worked his arm muscles.

He feeds the strap through the keeper and padlocks it shut. Denny is tightly gagged, totally bound, and completely fucked. Nathan is looking at Chad and pointing a gloved hand with two fingers toward Denny’s crotch. You can tell he is smiling. Ben is checking and adjusting all Denny’s ropes and patting his cheek humiliatingly with his gloved hand. Chad’s gloved palm comes down on his groin and suddenly he’s palming Denny’s erect cock, which is completely solid now.

Denny tries to say help, “Mmhmmmmmm.” It’s like very faint humming. No words will come out. He feels the plug with his tongue but it’s pinned down inside. Impossible to move.

Chad looks at Ben as he continues palming at Denny’s crotch and taking his thin black gloved finger and rubbing the outline. They can tell that Denny is angry but also enjoying it.

“Ho ho boys, we got a real hard-on here,” Nathan says. “He’s going to be kept gagged and bound for a good while as he learns what he’s in for. Ben, c’mon, man. Tie up his boots. What is this, amateur hour?”

Den now realizes — he’s being kidnapped! He knows these guys by first name, but of course does he even know if they are using their real names? He knows they aren’t taking him home. He’s in a secure boxtie harness on the upper body. Ben is good with the ropes – they are snug but not tight.  The knots, by contrast, are VERY tight. Ben fucking knows what he’s doing. Den doesn’t know how he got where he is.  One minute he said okay tie my hands, now his whole upper body is bound. He’s got a wedge gag buckled cruelly into his mouth.

Denny tries to say something and moan after it’s been tightened. “Mmmphmm mppph,” but his tongue won’t move and it feels stuck. He wiggles his hands trying to move them, but they are so tight. They can tell he is pissed, but he also trusts them as well. Even in all the online watching of their games, Denny has seen absolutely nothing like this.

His head leans forward as Ben is kneeled down to tie up his feet, and he rests his head on Ben’s shoulder.

“Mpphhhh,” Denny says as he shakes his head no.

Ben feels Denny’s head on his shoulder and comprehends the insubordination. No yelling – Ben doesn’t yell – but he shakes Denny’s head off his shoulder, looks up with menace in his eyes over the leather mask, and for a moment Denny is really frightened.

Denny sits back up and Ben finishes the tight two column tie around Denny’s boots.

“Mmmmmm,” Denny says as he looks all around at the kidnappers beside him. He tries to move his booted feet to stand as he’s being tied, but he falls back on the seat.

Crouching in front of Denny, Ben presses the bound man’s chest against the seatback with one gloved hand, and he grabs Denny’s chin with his other gloved hand.

“MMMMmmmmmmmmhhh!” Denny hears the air escaping through his nose.

Ben is the rigger and the disciplinarian.  Denny has pissed him off.  He seethes. “No?” he says, through clenched teeth, cupping Den’s chin. “NO?” not loud but simmering with authority and a bit of contempt.

“Listen to me carefully.  There’s no ‘no’ left for you. You agreed to a tie up. and I’m not concerned with what you thought, okay? Tie-up means BOUND and GAGGED. We OWN you now.  Are we clear?”

Denny look directly into Ben’s eyes. “MMMMMMGGGRRRMMMMPPPPHHH!”

He desperately tries to make a word, and they can see him trying.


“GOT it?  There better be a yes in there.”

Ben notices Denny’s hard on has returned as he looks at his tight gloved hands and feels his tight ropes. Ben knows he’s turned on but also pissed.

Ben’s seethe turns into a smirk – he’s moved the one gloved hand off of Denny’s chest and it’s landed on his lap, right onto a raging hard-on that Denny can’t help.

Ben’s right hand pinches Denny’s chin and forces his head to nod yes. “Yes?  Good. I THOUGHT so.” Ben’s face is close enough to Denny’s that Denny is catching a few drops of Ben’s sweat. He smells Ben’s gloves, and he smells Ben’s manscent, and despite wanting to cry a bit it’s all turning him on as Ben grabs another hank of hemp rope and finishes tying up Denny’s legs, this time without any mercy.

Denny stares at Ben as he’s tying him up with rope, and he’s just amazed at how well Ben can tie. It occurs to him he’s starting to like Ben for some reason. His control and then still not being a total asshole, while still in his game mode.

Denny tests moving his ankles slightly, not to piss him off but just to feel the heft of the rope, and it’s very thick and tight.

The other kidnappers notice Denny moving his jaw and cheeks around trying to dislodge the gag but nothing happens.

Ari keeps darting down the interstate and Nathan is now paying attention to the road. “We have our captive now, men. Just need to get there in time. Masks stay ON now and do not take off your gloves. This is dangerous turf for us, and we cannot have an encounter with law enforcement. So, Ari, watch your speed.  We’re all in now.

“Headgear’s going on next so we’re ready to get strapped up and get opening orders at the venue.  Hope we’re not the only ones with a capture – I don’t want us to win that way.”

Ben is now finishing off his tying, and Denny wiggles a bit trying to see if his hands can feel a knot … nothing.

One at a time, Nathan hands black leather bandannas – they fit like do rags, with laces in the back to tighten. He’s put his on first and he looks almost like a Ninja, his eyes barely visible between the leather skullcap and his leather isolation mask.

As he takes his bandanna, Chad shifts around in his seat, turning 45 degrees to face Denny.

Denny moans lightly as they tie their leather bandanas over and around their heads. They are really serious about this game, Denny thinks.

As Ben stops with the rope it gives Denny time to test the bonds and try to make an escape. Having heard the gloves comment, it hits him all at once how serious this kidnapping game is. It really was meant to not leave fingerprints. Fuck.

Chad sees Denny heaving his body and he knows this will earn tighter and more brutal bondage from Ben, so it’s his turn to intervene.

Without a word, as Ben is arching his back and preparing to come down hard on Denny – Chad puts up his gloved right hand as if to say “Stop, Ben, STOP.”

He gazes into Ben’s eyes and gets his attention. They don’t say anything, but Ben relaxes out of his windup and sits back down. Denny’s legs are now tightly bound along with the rest of him. As Ben ties on his bandanna, Denny notices that the bandannas – which must be brand new – are filling the interior of the van with an even stronger smell of black leather.

Chad can see Denny is freaked out by seeing Ben coiled like a cobra for a moment, failing completely to get any slack or relief from his ropes and gag – much less escape – and by the situation in general, and Chad turns his attention to Denny. “Shhhhhhhhh, man, you must think this is fucked up.  Easy, easy.”

He’s on Denny’s left – he reaches his right arm around Denny’s shoulders and his right glove eases Denny’s head down onto his own shoulder and strokes Denny’s gagged cheek steadily, to calm him.

Denny moans into Chad’s shoulder as Chad feels his cheek. His gloved hands feel amazing, Denny thinks. He knows it’s a game, Denny tries to tell himself, but they make it feel extremely real and Denny feels like he trusts them somewhat.  “Mmmm.”

Denny lightly moans and rubs his head on Chad’s shoulder.

Chad’s left hand lands on Denny’s left pec. “Easy, bro, you’re safe. You’re going to understand soon.  You’re very important to all of this, and keeping you bound and gagged is critical.”

“I know you have a lot of questions, I get it. But trust me bro. The very, VERY safest place you can be right now …. is tied up.”

Denny looks down at his legs. Ben has bound them in a perfectly equal two-column tie above his knees, below his knees, and just below his junk around his thighs.  He is an artisan, Denny thinks. He moans some more into the gag. This feels very real, but they are also somewhat gentle. “They haven’t hurt me, at least,” he thinks.

Chad can tell how much Denny is getting a bit turned on by Ben’s rope tying skills. He tries to lift his knees or move them but they are tight now.  Everything is cinched tight.

Ari hasn’t spoken much – he’s been driving and now he has his leather bandana on – but Denny can see Ari briefly glance over his shoulder in his direction and then make a quiet comment to Nathan that Denny can’t hear.

Chad turns further toward Denny.  One glove is cradling Denny’s gagged face and wiping away a few stray tears of anxiety.  The other goes for his groin, and despite the rope a rigid cock is tenting Denny’s tactical pants above the groin ropes. This time the left hand glove gets wrapped around Denny’s hard-on – not to wank him, more like to HOLD him.

Chad’s gloves take over Denny’s olfactory sense – the are sexy, but the smell different – newer – than Ben’s, and just like leather.  He doesn’t really catch a whiff of scent from Chad. Yet.

Denny tries lifting his feet, but his knees and ankles are tightly tied.

Nathan notices the tenderness between Chad and Denny and chuckles.  “Good that you soothe him now, Chad, keep him calm – the hard part will come soon enough,” he says. “Just don’t fall in love. Ben, is he secured to the seat? There’s a lot of shuffling around when we get there that we’ll have to do fast. So no taking chances.”

“On it, Boss,” Ben says.

“Mmmpph!” Denny tries to bend his legs and push his body forward before Ben can reach him. But he just flips backward.

Chad swivels around and takes the role of positioning Denny so Ben can bind him further.

“Grmmmpph!” Denny’s smiles for Chad have turned into a dirty look.

Chad tries to distract Denny in the process. “Easy, EASY, soldier – you don’t know what you’re dealing with yet. This is the best thing for you. You just don’t know it yet.” His gloved hands are pinching Denny’s nips to divert his attention, as Ben is whipping rope around with precision and securing Denny’s shoulders and torso to the seatback. Denny looks down. His torso is just a continuous stack of rope snugging him up to the seatback, and he truly can no longer move.

Nathan speaks up.

“Ari’s right, you know, man.  It’s just damn luck you asked for a ride today. Spared some other young college stud from getting chloroformed, roped up and whisked away. We’d done the recon and everything, you know.  He owes you a big thank you when you get back there.” A pause. “And we didn’t even have to chloroform you.” He turns his attention back to the road.

He turns back for a second, “…yet.”

They ride for another half hour, with Denny shifting and squirming but making next to no progress, acclimating to this new reality of total rope immobilization since Ben enhanced his bondage.  There are some furtive low tone discussions between Ari and Nathan, but otherwise the ride is strangely quiet. Denny can sense Ben is surveying his bondage continuously, mostly with his eyes, but occasionally with a tug at some part of the tie he has subjected Denny to.  He’s checking that the ropes are snug but he’s also doing things Denny doesn’t quite understand, such as finding a gap in the rope, pressing down on Denny’s skin, and watching it for a half a minute or so. He does this periodically without Denny understanding why.  It must mean something.

Denny’s favorite part of this is when Ben unbuckles his seat belt, crouches a bit, and runs his gloved fingertips around the edges of Denny’s tight, brutal gag. It’s not that the gag loosens any or feels less strenuous, but Denny has come to a real awestruck feeling about Ben – whether it’s his muscles, his manscent, or the smell of his leather gloves and headgear. He doesn’t know what to make of the fact that his bondage – the most fearsome part of his captivity – has been applied by a guy he finds weirdly sexy.

Chad, on the other hand, doesn’t scare him so much as feel like Denny’s protector.  He seems genuinely concerned for Denny’s safety and sanity, and there’s some part of Denny that thinks he can’t really be harmed if he can see Chad.

There’s a distinct change in the atmosphere all of a sudden.  Ari takes an unmarked exit off the freeway, navigating the van a little speedily around a curve to follow the exit, and in a surprising transition, the van is traveling through a guarded gate into a fenced area and down an unpaved pathway.  There are no signs. Civilization seems to have disappeared and there’s an air of secrecy as the van navigates deeper into the compound.

Something is happening, and Denny’s thoughts begin racing. Chad’s hand is no longer on Denny’s cock. Nathan is carrying on a staccato conversation into a two-way radio as they pass through a section of woods, and Ben is preparing for something, arranging hanks of rope and leather items with chrome buckles inside his equipment bag.

Denny has no idea what to expect next.

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Thanks to @JarheadTop for review and edits.

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