The Wall – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

They walked back to their apartment together. Like most 19-year-olds he was used to feeling confident. Confident about his sexuality, his life choices and his future, but this evening he felt none of those things. He wanted an arm round his shoulder and a protective embrace from his partner for no other reason but to feel him there. He asked for both and got them with no hesitation albeit a question.

“Is something wrong man?”

“No, it’s just, well…. No nothing.”

“Come on, open up, I’ve seen that look before, always when you want me to agree to something you don’t think I’m gonna like.”

“Those marks. The ones on my wrists, I don’t know how they got there. Or rather I do, but I don’t.”

“Well thanks for making sense, you sure you’re feeling ok?”

He pulled away from the comforting arm and faced the other, slightly taller man.

“Yes. I’m fine. I think. Let’s get indoors.”

They had reached the steps leading up to the front door of their building, slid the key in the lock and went into the elevator. Once inside their apartment he fell onto the couch and sighed.


“OK. Just hear me out. I know this will sound strange but go with me for a while here.”

His partner sat opposite him and leaned forward. The story came out in one long unbroken monologue. All the details, the guy, the car, the wall, the fucking and waking up in the bar.

“Phew. You sure?”

“No, I don’t know. That’s the point. I thought I’d dreamed it until you saw those manacle marks on me. Now I’m scared.”

His partner crossed the room and put both arms round the now sobbing boy.”

“Hey, c’mon man, I’m here. Let it out, you know I’ll be here for you.”

“Yeah,” he sniffed and wiped his eyes, “I know you are, I just feel, sort of exposed, wide open. Never felt that before.”

They held each other for several minutes before agreeing to go to bed and seeing how things looked in the morning. They lay naked together, their hands slowly and tenderly exploring the places they each knew the other would enjoy. Eventually a mutual feeling of comfort meant a desire to sleep came easily for both of them as they lay with their arms around each other, one protecting, the other being protected. And morning came all too soon.

As it was now Monday all the usual routines of shower, breakfast, dressing went in whichever order they felt like, certain that they would be out of the building at 7:45 exactly.

“See you this evening, and remember what we agreed. You come straight home and so will I. Then if you feel like it we’ll go to that bar together and see if anyone else remembers seeing anything.” With that his partner turned and walked away.

He felt suddenly alone again, in a street full of people, shook himself, told himself to snap out of it and crossed the street towards the subway station.

They found nothing that evening. No one seemed to remember seeing anyone with him, and no one remembered seeing anyone new in the bar the previous evening. Feeling frustrated, they had a drink and walked back home.

“If you don’t want to report it, then we’ll just have to live with it and eventually let it go. He didn’t harm you, you have no idea who or where. I’m not sure that’s enough for even the best cop to go on.”

“Yeah, I know. Let’s go to bed and forget it.” If only he could, he thought.

He did his best to forget Sunday and enjoy the light bondage games they played. He had his wrists and ankles tied to the rings that ran each side of the bed frame and found himself wide open to the flogger that started to redden his abs. This only went to arouse him further and he moaned with pure bliss when his cock was swallowed whole, his partner’s tongue causing electric pulses of pleasure that generated the feeling in his balls he loved so much. They licked and nibbled each other’s tits and he was edged slowly for what felt like ages until he begged for release. He then sensed a strong hand grab his erection and squeeze it tightly. This was followed by some hard fucking by his partner, who managed to bring them both to a simultaneous climax before collapsing on top of him in a sweating heap. After being untied, he slid into dreams whilst having two strong arms tightly wound round his chest and his ass plugged by a still erect cock.

Over the next few days, things got easier. The memories became fewer and further between, life got very much back to normal. They were a well-suited couple, one nearly twenty the other coming twenty seven. They weren’t in any particular role, not dom/sub or Master/slave. They simply enjoyed each other’s bodies as the mood took them, sometimes as top, sometimes as sub. The evenings and nights were full of bondage games, ropes, leather and rubber but always ended with some energetic sex and two sweating bodies.

Lying with a single sheet over his legs he turned, still full of the energy and virility of his youth, to his partner.

“Do you think I imagined it?”

The other man raised himself and held his body over the boy’s as if he was doing a push up. Looking straight into his eyes he slowly lowered himself onto him and kissed him deeply. They rolled over, the sheets tangling under and around them until both burst out laughing as they almost fell out of the bed.

“Look,” he said. “Just don’t worry about it. We’ve agree there’s nothing more we can do. You’re not going to that place alone again, and nothing else has happened. You’re gym fit, I’m here and ….. well that’s about it’”

He looked at the man.

“You’re right. There’s nothing we can do, apart from this!” He leapt onto the other body, held his arms above his head and quickly slipped the cuffs, which always hung on the bed head, over his wrists.

“Now, where were we?”

Grabbing a leather hood from the bedside table, he pulled it quickly over his partner’s head. Something flashed through his mind but was gone in an instant.

The laughing, panting, rather weak calls for mercy and finally the unmistakable growling bellow of an orgasm went on for a while until the only sound left was heavy, regular breathing as they both slept deeply.

It was two weeks later as he arrived home early that he saw it. Sitting in the parking place outside their building. Shiny, red, expensive and with an engine noise that was unmistakeably Italian. His partner entering the building turned and waved to the driver as the car accelerated away.

He froze.

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Metal would like to thank the author, slavebladeboi, for this story!


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