Viewers choice at Bound Jocks: Tyler Torro


Bound jock Tyler Torro is working out alone in the gym. His mind wanders, and he finds himself bound to the weight bench with his ankles spread and tied to the barbell. He struggles and flexes his tattooed muscles until he is able to escape. Having built up a sweat and a raging boner, he has no other choice but to jerk himself to completion.

Bound_Jocks_Tyler_Torro_MetalbondNYC_03 Bound_Jocks_Tyler_Torro_MetalbondNYC_04 Bound_Jocks_Tyler_Torro_MetalbondNYC_05 Bound_Jocks_Tyler_Torro_MetalbondNYC_06 Bound_Jocks_Tyler_Torro_MetalbondNYC_07


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