Three Slaves – Part 06

By Practicerestraint

Chris led 502 down the hall to another door.  They entered and 502 found himself in a large gym.

“This facility is for the slaves and for the staff.  Patrons visit here when they wish a gym scene with a slave.  Sarge overseas the fitness of the slaves and the staff.”

Chris pulled on the leash and led 502 to the right side of the room.  502 heard something behind him, but he felt a tug on the leash when he started to turn his head.

“Look around on this side and get an idea of how your workouts will be designed.”

As he scanned the equipment, 502 found that there were standard pieces of workout gear, but there were duplicates.  The duplicates had been modified in some fashion.  It took him a moment to register the differences.  His eyes settled on three stationary bikes.

The first was a standard bike, with mobile pedals and handlebars.  The second was similar but was entirely mechanical and had a dildo protruding from the seat.  Chris pulled him over and demonstrated: Chris bent down, turned the pedals, and 502 saw the dildo move up and down with the motion of the pedals.

“We had a recalcitrant slave who unwisely told a patron what he could do with himself.  The slave spent hours on this bike.  He learned to appreciate the irony of the punishment.”

The third bike had a seat with a back and handles on the side of the seat.  However, wrist restraints dangled from the handles.  A long leather strap that could buckle around the chest hung from the seatback.  A good portion of the seat was missing and 502 saw a fuck machine mounted below it.

“This machine offers many options.  The speed of penetration can be directly or inversely proportional to rate of pedaling.  Or the dildo can be fully inserted for the exercise period and the vibrational rate of the dildo determined by the cyclist’s speed.”

Chris smiled and added, “We don’t want the slaves or the patrons to get bored.  Speaking of which, come get an idea of how play works at the Facility.”

Chris led 502 to the other side of the gym facility and saw a group of people surrounding a piece of equipment.  Chris was able to position him so he could get a full view of the scene.

At the center of the scene was a slave on his back, bound to an unusual machine resembling equipment for leg presses.  The fact that the slave was on his back reminded 502 of equipment he had seen in physical therapy facilities.  However, instead of a single plate for the feet, this one had dual plates, one moving away as the leg straightened and the other coming in, causing the opposite leg to contract.  The slave pushed one plate, and then the other.  The dildo going in and out of the slave’s ass seemed to be moving in tandem with the plates.

The group around the slave included four other slaves, identifiable by their collars and lack of clothing.  These were on their knees around the machine.  Two staff members were present: one was running the controls for the machine and the other was observing and directing the slaves.  Around this group, a group of patrons stood observing and talking to each other quietly.  Sarge stood among them, frequently answering questions.

The slaves, 502 saw, were all in chastity and wore black boots.  Their collars were identical to his, but their chastity devices were not identical.  One had a nylon Cobra cage; another had a bona fide chastity belt encircling his waist and going down his backside; and a third had a steel contraption that resembled devices by Steelwerks Extreme.  He could not see the device on the slave nearest him.  After 502 had scanned the scene and began to determine what exactly was happening, Chris provided some commentary.

“Slave 614, bound to the machine, is due for his monthly milking.  Sarge designs the milking experience for each slave.  Patrons are allowed to observe, comment, and ask questions, but they do not direct the scene.

“Slave 614 has not been a responsive bottom and has expressed some distaste for anal sex.  To address that issue, he is exerting effort to fuck himself with the dildo.  If he slows down below a certain pace, electrodes on his testicles will deliver electrical stimulation that will be uncomfortable.  Quite uncomfortable.

“At the same time, the four slaves are providing 614 with multiple erotic sensations.  As you can see, one is sucking his cock, two are working his nipples (which are quite sensitive) and the last is kissing him.  The slaves are coached to provide more stimulation as 614 increases the rate of penetration of the dildo.  He knows he will not be allowed to come until he performs at a certain level.

“Of course, at some point the staff will halt all activities, and 614 will have to beg for the dildo in order to receive further stimulation.

“As he approaches the appropriate level, the dildo will begin to vibrate.  When 614 is on the verge of orgasm, the kissing will cease and a second dildo will be inserted in his mouth.  The electrodes on his testicles will be triggered as well.

“The net result is the milking is used to condition the slave to associate a distasteful activity and submission with the extreme pleasure of orgasm.  The mixture of pleasant and unpleasant sensations at orgasm also causes the slaves to anticipate their milking with both desire and dread.”

When 502 looked at 614, struggling against the wrist restraints and waist belt that held him in place.  The bound slave resembled an animal, making incoherent noises and raising himself up violently to meet the lips of the slave hovering over his head.  He noted the four slaves worked in a coordinated effort to gently tease and then intensely stimulate 614 as he increased his peddling.

“Fiendish,” 502 thought to himself as he looked and saw Chris rubbing his crotch.  Chris met 502 eyes and smiled.  He pulled on the leash.

“Come on.  One more room for you to see.”

To be continued …

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  1. Glad to see an update to this story. Can’t wait to see more of both Chris and hopefully revisit slaves 1 and 2 as well

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