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VIDEO: Steelcollar gets locked into his new Steelwerksextreme chastity device

Here is a 20-minute video of Steelcollar getting locked up for the first time in a new chastity device by Steelwerks Extreme. Of course, being the lifestyle leather and bondage fetishist he is, he’s also wearing a metal collar, and he gets put in a leather face muzzle, leather straitjacket and undergoes several hours of cell confinement in the process! This video (shared here with permission) is hot as fuck if you ask me!

You can find steelcollar on Recon and Twitter

Steelwerksextreme is here.

Video interview: Chastity device maker Chris of Steelwerks


Serious Male Bondage presents an in-depth video interview with Chris, the owner of the popular male chastity manufacturer Steelwerks. Located in Montreal, Canada, Steelwerks creates a wide range of custom metal chastity devices.

In a 40-minute video interview, Chris shows various pieces of his gear, discusses sizing and ordering, and shares some stories about special items he has made for his customers. The video provides extreme close-ups and includes a round-table discussion with guests. If you are considering the purchase of a metal chastity device, review this video for valuable points and things to consider before ordering from any manufacturer.

Here is a free preview clip of this video interview:


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Pictures: The Schandmaske male chastity device

Check out these pictures from Dual Drew:


This is The Schandmaske available from Steelwerks

Drew writes:

“Titanium Schandmaske — possibly the best Steelwerks product for pierced casual wearers or newbies as it’s just amazing and relatively inexpensive — without a six-month wait too – though some lock in this device 24/7 since it can go through airport security and is clean and light with just as much security.”

Read Drew’s full report here

Learn much more about this device here

Update: slave dildofag sizequeen is STILL locked in chastity after all these years

The metal device pictured here is the HOTTEST-looking chastity device I have seen! It’s worn by “slave dildofag sizequeen,” who was pictured on the Metalbond site several years back wearing a different metal device (click here to see that previous posting).


“Yes, I am still locked in chastity by Master B,” slave dildofag sizequeen writes. He’s NOW locked in a new device from Steelwerks Extreme. Also check out his new “FAG” crotch tattoo!

Thanks, slave dildofag sizequeen, for the pitures and update! Fucking hot if you ask me!