Tied up in a skimpy speedo

By Speedobound

speedoboundI entered the playroom wearing nothing but a tight skimpy Speedo – and an old sweatshirt. The sweatshirt was small and hung above my waist, so the bulge in the front of my speedo was plainly visible below it. I did this because – in my mind – feeling covered above concentrates the sense of vulnerability I feel onto my Speedo below, and on my bare legs…. it makes me feel naked vulnerable and HORNY. I felt the sensation of near nakedness below my covered torso, and this sense of vulnerability was intense because I knew what was in store for me, especially after seeing a spreader bar with clips on either end, hanging from a chain from the ceiling in the center of the darkish room. I had entered the lair of a leather uniform wearing man I know to be a sadist, to whom I had freely admitted I wanted to experience the sense of complete and utter helplessness with, while indulging in my fetish of wearing a skimpy Speedo. I was walking into a trap of my own making.

He asked me “what’s with the sweatshirt?” and I told him I didn’t like my chest and back to be touched… to which he chuckled and said “That’s quite alright, I have plans for OTHER parts of your body. Move over here” (he pointed at the floor directly underneath the bar), and I complied.

He slowly circled around me as I stood there, pointedly looking down, leering and obviously inspecting me below the sweatshirt, and then with his fingers he reached down and tickled the bulging front my Speedo, and said teasingly, “hootchie cootchie coo.” (I flinched because it was electrifying how his tickling fingernails made me feel so TRULY exposed). Then he said, “Your sweatshirt doesn’t cover this down here – not much left to the imagination, is there? Why don’t you take that sweatshirt off, I promise your top will be off limits.” I complied.

He bent down and grabbed a couple of leather wrist cuffs from a pile of gear on the floor and said “sit down, where you are, underneath that bar” and I complied. He told me to hold out my arms and he tightly clipped cuffs with fastening rings onto each of my wrists. Then he grabbed another pair of cuffs, kneeled down in front of me and said “spread your legs WIDELY, I want to feast my eyes on my prize,” and after I complied he reached in between my legs and, again, brazenly tickled my bulge and said “hootchie cootchie coo” (and chuckled when he did it). He then wrapped the other pair of cuffs around my ankles, secured them and stood up.

He told me to stand up (so I was directly facing him), and he grabbed my left wrist and lifted my arm up towards the end of the spreader bar above my head, which had a hook on it. With a little fiddling he was able to connect the ring on the cuff onto the clip on the spreader bar, and then he repeated the same exercise on the other side, so it was as if I was caught in the middle of jumping jacks. Of course, with my arms stretched above my body, the Speedo (and what it “concealed”) was even more blatantly exposed. He once again tickled my bulge, and once again said “hootchie cootchie coo” (and then he said) “OH I LIKE doing that!”

As I stood there with my arms suspended above my body, he picked up a single tail whip from the pile of gear and furled it into a circle, and then began to lightly rub the leather coil next to my bare thighs, then placed the coil between my legs, and slowly and playfully rubbed his way up the insides of my thighs and then began teasingly rubbing me between the legs through underside of my speedo, then moved on to rubbing the front and back of my swimsuit. I could feel the coarse leather through the tightly pulled material – it was as if nothing was there to “protect” me…  then he slowly unfurled the whip, popped it to his side in the air to make a cracking sound…  then he flicked the whip at my bare thighs several times, front and back, which caused me to turn churn back and forth in an automatic but futile movement to avoid the stinging impact of the whip.. then he stepped back, smiled, and aimed the tip of his whip directly at the Speedo and my crotch. I flinched and he playfully continued to randomly pop either at my Speedo or at my legs.

After I was stung several times, I began raising one or both of my legs in a defensive reaction, lifting the ankle cuffs and my shins, and he immediately said “OH you shouldn’t do that.”  He set down the whip and then he grabbed both of my legs, lifted them up, and bent my knees…. Then he began lifting my left ankle separately, up and out, to the left, while balancing my right leg, and he deftly hooked my left ankle cuff to the same hook on the spreader bar that my left wrist was hooked to.  Then he pulled my other leg up and out towards the other side, spreading my legs apart (which also caused my torso to level off in a more horizontal position, with my shoulders and head almost parallel to the floor), and quickly hooked the other ankle to the right hook on the bar, along with the right wrist. The result was my ankles were now clipped together with my wrists, suspended above my head and shoulders, but spread widely apart, thus exposing my vulnerable underside, which was jutting forward directly into his view, and into his clutches. He stepped back to survey his prey, started laughing, and I could see – no I could FEEL – why he was so amused.

My legs were spread apart widely and provocatively, and my torso was bent (almost folded), and my vulnerable underside was sticking out in front, in the most jarring manner possible. With my legs spread so far apart, this meant the most exposed and vulnerable parts of my body were my underside, the bulge of my balls and my asshole, which were (barely) covered by the insignificant tight nylon of my speedo. The rest of the bulge (and my admittedly throbbing, pre-cumming dick) was also easily visible through the material, and the bare, smooth skin of much of my hind legs, and inner thighs, were also exposed. The position was intentionally humiliating, demeaning, utterly sexually provocative, and placed me in a great deal of peril since he was again picking up his whip.

“You see, every time you tried to mitigate my actions, you forced me to become more devious about how to re-position you.” He again furled the whip and began rubbing the coil around the skimpy material, teasingly rubbing it back and forth against my thighs, on either side of the bulge of my balls through the Speedo, and teasingly rubbing the indentation where my butthole was not very discretely covered… the implication was terrifying, and I began to loudly protest… saying, “You CAN’T seriously be so sadistic as to whip me IN THIS POSITION, when I’m wearing nothing but a Speedo?!?” upon which he quickly bent over, picked up a gag from the pile, and shoved it into my mouth and then wrap-fastened it around my head.. While doing it he said, “you SEE – you keep making things worse for yourself.  Now you can’t even cry out for help, can you?  Go ahead, call out for help!”

Of course he didn’t need to encourage me to do this, as I tried to cry out and then yell, but it only came out as muffled moans. I was silenced and completely at the mercy of a sadist, while bound gagged and suspended in a ruthless way, wearing nothing but a tight skimpy Speedo as “protection.” My helplessness had just become complete. He teasingly began tickling me again, between my legs, tickling my underside, tickling my balls and dick and butthole through the tight material, which proved to a terrifying degree how vulnerable my most sensitive body parts were – and that he KNEW it.  And of course he kept saying “hootchie cootchie coo” and laughing to himself.

“It seems like you might be completely, utterly helpless – just like you wanted!! – with NOTHING but that skimpy little Speedo to come between you and whatever punishments I might come up with… I think we are going to have a little bit of fun for the next few hours.  Or, at least I am, I don’t know about you, however.  You wanted to feel vulnerable in your tight little faggoty bikini, and I think you have gotten what you wanted – in SPADES.  Perhaps you have bitten off more than you can chew?  Only time will tell, my Speedo wearing swimmer friend!  I have always held mixed feelings about hot swimmers and divers in their Speedos:  On the one hand they are so incredibly sexy in their skimpy bikinis, but on the other hand they are, like you, too cocky for your own good. Your kind always like to flaunt your sexy bodies in such skimpy revealing bathing suits. So I am going to pay all the cocky studs I have ever envied back – and YOU are going to be the stand in for them all. Now the fun begins!”

The end

Metal would like to welcome Speedobound to the prison library!

tied in a speedo

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