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Long Term Confinement – Part 03

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies recently opened a prison for clients and volunteers seeking incarceration for themselves or others (see our publication Long Term Confinement Part- 01). We quickly realized that we had facilities and personnel that were not being used to full advantage. Our warehouse had a large first floor and shipping facilities that were mostly unused. Our basement was full of prisoners that were sitting idle in their cells. We thought if we could productively employ these prisoners plus obtain additional slaves, we could achieve a win/win for our clients and our company.

We first contacted the clients who consigned inmates to us for safekeeping. We offered to waive the fee for confinement if we could use the prisoner as a slave. A few clients wanted to keep their victims chained in their cages. The majority, however, were happy to save the expense of confinement and let us use the prisoner as we saw fit. We then asked the volunteer prisoners if they wanted to continue to be locked in their cell or work as a slave in the warehouse upstairs. Tired of solitary confinement, most elected in get out of their cages. A few preferred to continue their incarceration.

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Eagle Grove Steelworks – Part 01

By Atlanta Stud

stories by Atlanta studNestled in Iowa, just 25 miles northeast of Fort Dodge, is the small town of Eagle Grove, with a population of just over 3500.  It’s a farming community with solid farmhands who are strong from the endless days working the crops and playing sports.  Two of those men, Seth and Jacob, were close. Their farms were next to each other, and they were the same age, having known each other their whole lives.  Now, aside from farming and sports, there’s not a lot to do in Eagle Grove, and bros being bros, Seth and Jacob found ways to have fun.  The usual playing catch, trying to get the forty-year-old LTD to run again that’s been parked behind the barn all those years and hanging out in the woods were just a few.  Seth and Jacob both had impressive physiques.

They were about 5-foot-11, with muscled arms, defined pecs and definition in the abs region.  Seth sported chest hair with a nice treasure trail going down the abs, while Jacob had a light dusting of hair in the chest region.

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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 09

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

“Before you lock up, one other thing…”

You know what that means. You drop to your knees in front of him while he unbuttons his pants and takes out his cock. You automatically open your mouth; his cock goes in it and in a moment, you taste the bitterness of his piss – he hasn’t hydrated nearly enough today you think. In addition to being leather-clad all weekend, another absolute is you serving as his urinal, whenever he needs to piss.

That might mean being roused from sleep in the middle of the night to drink, or being greeted with a glass of stale piss upon waking if he doesn’t feel like getting up and unlocking the closet to feed you if he’s half-asleep. You let your mouth fill before each swallow. You’ve gotten this down – rarely spilling a drop. Sometimes he’ll make you suck his cock after he finishes pissing. But not this afternoon. He pulls his cock out of your mouth and tucks it back into his pants, zipping and buckling it away ‘til the next time he needs you.

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Event Urinal – Part 06

By Nitro

Event Urinal story by NitroHey everyone – it has been a while since I’ve added to this story, and I have had several people ask me about it. I hope you enjoy the update, and please feel free to send me feedback/ideas etc. Pics of you in gear reading my stories go to the front of the line.

SIR walks over and starts rubbing my sensitive nipples thru the suit making me groan loudly into the gag. He knows that my nipples are hard wired and drive me up the fucking wall. He starts circling both nipples with his finger over and over again. I instinctively clench around the huge plug in my ass, which in turn makes me start to piss again right thru the tube into my gag.

“Good gimp – it’s getting quite the workout today already, but the day is a long way from over. Let’s get you a little more comfortable,” SIR says, still teasing my sensitive nips. He starts tugging at the chain connecting my wrists behind my back, and I start backing up toward the pull. He pulls me back farther until I can feel the edge of the bed behind me. He puts a pillow on the ground (I simultaneously think that is gracious but also means I’m gonna be here a while.) “Sit flat on your ass, gimp.”

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 08: All Too Real


Unical date: unchanged

Sam rolled his eyes.  You have got to be kidding me.

Captain Jack’s voice sounded exactly like the voice of the guard he had replaced… which meant he sounded like all the guards.  “Too corny?” he asked.  “Yeah, I agree.  A pirate might don an ensemble like this at a ball, perhaps, if he wanted to catch the eye of some starry-eyed sailor on shore leave, dazzle him, seduce him and abuse him and rob him blind and ditch him the next morning.  But it’s completely impractical for everyday use.  How can a man swing a lash accurately with all this flooshy fabric getting in the way?”

The figure vanished and then rematerialized, this time wearing only the leather under-suit.  It looked very much like the uniform of the interrogators: flat, smooth, practical, studded with pockets and straps and loops for carrying a variety of equipment.  The fancy green boots were now plain black leather.   These were the clothes of a security agent or a soldier or an assassin.  Without the billowing bustles Sam could clearly see the physique underneath, and it was a fine one.  Despite his situation, he couldn’t help but stare.  Solid, well-defined muscles; broad shoulders tapering to a V at the waist; arms and legs sturdy and strong without being overdeveloped.  This guy’s body was so well-suited to Sam’s taste that it seemed to have been custom-designed to his precise specifica… right, of course.  Now that he thought about it, that was probably exactly the case.  If this was the avatar of the AI that controlled the simspace, Sam had spent the last four days feeding it information on what kind of men appealed to him… information that was now being put to use against him.

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Metal Frame – Part 02

By X363430

Writer’s note: It will be writing this as much as possible over the next 10 days or so, as it will be going into a household as a slave. From there, it will be totally up to Sir as to if this gets added to or not. Please feel free to add ideas in the comments. Thank you for your interest.

It was a very long night, between getting used to my mouth constantly drooling and the ache in my balls and the huge plug in my ass. That all was beginning to be nothing compared to not being able to move an inch due to the way that I was bolted and welded in. Well, I thought it was bad…little did I know that it was going to get worse.

The next morning, Master walks in to check on me with the slave. The slave touches a button and the frame tilts back so that my head is pointing at a 45-degree angle. The slave then pours in some water and some Boost protein drink.

“Hope you like your breakfast, because all you are getting is going to be liquid for a while,” says Master. “Slave, there is a car coming, that should be the good doctor, bring him here when he arrives!”

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10 Days in Detention – Part 30

Socalbd 10 DaysBy socalbd

Matt and I were kneeling hooded and cuffed next to each other in the center of John’s dungeon having been just delivered there after our weekend at Daniel’s property. The chain collars were also still locked around our necks. We talked for a few moments and had agreed on Matt coming home with me to spend the night as it would give us a chance to talk about the weekend. That’s when the door leading from the dungeon into the house opened.

We stopped talking and waited. The door closed and I felt someone walk over to us. The hood was pulled off of my head and John was standing in front of me. He was dressed in what I started to call his trademark look of camo pants, a black tank top, barefoot and looking hot as usual. He leaned in to me and rustled my hair with his hand. He gave me a smile and nodded his head yes up and down several times. I felt like I had his approval.

John stepped to his side to be in front of Matt and he pulled off Matt’s hood.

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Becoming Humble – Part 06

By RotherhamMan

Clint had no trouble entering the men’s quarters. Not only was his own nearby but those who did see him just assumed he was on a booty call and were jealous. He went unchallenged. The quarters were two bunk beds and some draws for clothes and personal effects. The key to Thor’s chastity cage wouldn’t be in there, they would most likely be on their person but Clint wanted to explore this option first. He started with the obvious places and worked quickly but turned up no results just as quickly. He left no sign he had been there, he was too good for that.

Before he could leave he heard people approaching and from their voices he could tell they were the occupants of these quarters. There was no escape and nowhere to hide. The door opened and the three men, Jake, Sean and Eric, entered. They slowed as they saw Clint, stood in the centre of the room he could hardly be missed, but they recovered quickly and closed the door behind them. It wasn’t locked but it might as well have been.

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