Trainer’s Bois

By rts

1. It is months now since I agreed to be here. I met Trainer online, a rubber/leather top looking for a boi to help out on his small ranch and looking for some bondage and play time in full gear. This place is a totally isolated 100 acres with a house and large barn. (I have never been allowed into the house, always kept in the barn ) .   When he met me at the airport I saw a well-built man taller than me, head shaved wearing black leather jeans, a tight rubber T-shirt, and red laced 20 hole Rangers.

Following his instructions that he would provide me with gear, I had no baggage, only the clothes I was wearing — 501 bleachers with braces, my Ranger boots, sox, jock, T-shirt and bomber jacket. We didn’t talk much on the way to his panel truck. Opening the rear door he handed me a “work contract” to sign before ordering me inside. Bolted to the floor was a steel cage, which he shoved me into, closing its bared door and locking me in the confining space. It was a long drive over some rough roads to his place, and I got banged around against the metal bars all the way as my jock got damp with pre-cum from my nervous excitement. When we finally arrived he unlocked my cage, and as he pulled me out he placed a metal collar around my neck and handcuffs on my wrists that were also attached to the lead chain locked to it. I was then led into the dark barn and against a wall. He fastened the end of the chain to a metal ring embedded in it, pulling my arms above my head as I kicked my boots on the floor now struggling to stand on my toes.

I kept struggling and cursing him. He replied with a heavy boot to my butt, kicking me again and again, and then he pissed on me — his warm urine soaking my bleachers. That first night he just left me there, scared and helpless.


2. Awake all night, my legs aching, my arms hurting, pissing myself, I was a sorry sight when he returned in the morning, still wearing his boots and leathers.

I was begging and cursing him as he walked up to me taking my head in his hands. He pressed his mouth against mine as he rubbed his crotch against my piss-soaked Levis. As he kissed me I felt his hard cock pressing into mine and as he vigourously slammed against me. The excitement of my helpless situation as I pressed my groin to his overcame me, and we both shot again and again into our jeans.

I hung there exhausted and breathing heavily as he backed away, knelt down and began unlacing my boots, holding each foot firmly with his legs. I protested losing my boots and begged him to keep me booted. Saying nothing, he pulled them off as he began telling me of his plans.

The “contract” I had signed gave my consent to be kept in a custom rubber drysuit 24/6, worked hard all day until I “earned” the suit, this would take several weeks. I would have no other clothing. Then he would put me in a custom-fitted leather motorcycle suit and be kept in it for 24/6 as he physically trained me to pull a “chariot” working to earn this suit too. My boots would be returned once I was in the leathers. If I performed in harness to my Trainer’s satisfaction I was free to leave in the gear earned, any additional I would have to work off. As he was telling me this he began cutting off my bomber jacket, pressing himself against my squirming, protesting body. As I shouted and begged him to stop, he quietly told me that only my boots would be returned. I cursed and spat at him as he dropped the torn pieces of my jacket on the ground, pissed off at having my boots taken and my gear destroyed. He then cut my braces and started working on my bleachers, cutting through the seams and ripping them apart, leaving me hanging there in only my pissed-in and cum-soaked jock, T-shirt & sox. The shirt and sox were quickly removed, leaving me in my jock.

The restraining chain was removed from the wall ring, and taking hold of the end of it with my hands still cuffed to it, Trainer led me barefoot and mostly naked through a steel door into a metalled, cell-like room to a toilet and open shower stall located at one end. He locked the lead chain around one of the pipes, unlocked my cuffs, leaving me chained by my collar with enough slack to reach the shower and toilet. Telling me to clean myself up, my eyes followed him as he crossed the room to one of two metal lockers built into the wall. There were some muffled grunts and pounding coming from it as he began to unlock the door. It swung open as a figure fell out against it and into Trainer’s arms, a naked skinhead about the same size and build as myself! He had a rubber gag strapped into his mouth, cuffs on his wrists joined by chain to a metal collar locked around his neck. He was totally shaved smooth. His cock contained in a stainless steel tube also locked in place. I got an erection at the sight of him.


3. Trainer led this boi over to me, ordered me to remove my jock and told the boi to shave my body handing him a razor and soap. As I reach down to touch my cock, Trainer grabbed my wrists and re-cuffed them to my lead chain. The boi began lathering my crotch and as he worked, my penis went to full attention. It was a great sensation having this hot cuffed and collared naked skinhead carefully shaving my body. It was awkward for him, as his cuffs chained to his collar forced his head to rub against me as he slowly carefully worked all over my body. Trainer had me stand and bend over, and he held my butt cheeks spread apart as the boi gently shaved my butt crack. Once he finished, Trainer took my body measurements with a tape and told me that they would be used eventually to make a fitted leather motorcycle suit for me and that from now on my only name would be “boi” and that the other skinhead was “Alpha boi,” both of us a team, but I was subordinate to Alpha in the absence of himself. He now removed Alpha’s gag and ordered him to kneel down and service my horny erect cock, telling me to enjoy it as my cock would be off limits from then on. Alpha took this on with enthusiasm and it was so hot having this handsome skin working away on me that I exploded in a short time with him taking my cum in his mouth, continuing to work my penis driving me wild in painful ecstasy, then suddenly standing up and spitting it all in my face, kneeing me hard in the groin.

As I bent over in the unexpected pain, cum and spit dripping off my face, he whispered in my ear that payback will be a bitch. Trainer was laughing, and he took my now limp cock and forced it into a steel chastity tube, locking it on around my scrotum. This tube was a tight fit now, and the situation excited me but as my erection tried to grow the painful confinement of the device left no room for it.

I stood there collared, cuffed and chained, naked, cum and spit running down my face and dripping on my chest, hairless with my cock now locked in a stainless steel tube. I was scared, tired, aching, thirsty and hungry. Trainer ordered Alpha to give me water. Alpha complied by filling his mouth with water from the shower tap then while holding my head with his cuffed hands he pressed his mouth against mine and spit it into me. He repeated this several times. While he was doing this I saw Trainer removing a black rubber suit from the second locker. Once Alpha was finished giving me the water, Trainer removed his cuffs and his metal collar and ordered him to put the suit on. This was a heavy rubber drysuit with attached boots, gloves and hood and Trainer had to help him get his head through the neck seal and rubber hood, adjusting the eye, nose and mouth holes for him, then pulling the back shoulder zipper closed and locking it in place. Alpha looked so fucking hot now, the suit was snug on him, the attached gloves were thick industrial ones, there was a zipper running through his crotch giving access to his cock and butt, which also was controlled with a lock. The attached boots were thigh high heavy waders, and Alpha’s movements were restricted by the heavy rubber of the entire suit. Trainer now fitted the metal slave collar around his rubber-encased neck.

My confined cock was painfully trying to react to this scene as I watched Trainer place a rubber head harness gag on him, locking the straps closed around Alpha’s hooded head. The gag had a tube to permit drinking liquids. Trainer returned to the locker and removed a second rubber drysuit, this one he brought over to me dropping it at my feet. He ordered Alpha to hold me as he removed my cuffs and collar. I didn’t resist much as I was eager to put this hot looking gear on (not actually realizing that it meant I was going to be confined in it for a long time). The suit was very heavy and snug getting it on, the boots fit my feet and I had to struggle to seat my hands in the thick attached gloves. The two of them helped me work my head through the neck seal and into the hood and then I felt the thrill as the back shoulder zipper pulled the suit snug around my torso and I heard the click of the lock sealing me in it. Alpha handed Trainer the metal collar, and he placed this around my neck, locking it closed. I too was fitted with a locking head harness gag with drinking tube. Finally Trainer took a 6-foot chain and locked each end to our slave collars. The suit was feeling very warm, and movement was clumsy. The thick gloves restricted my hands and the booted legs felt heavy when I walked. My suit also had a locking crotch zipper, but even without the lock I wouldn’t be able to access it with these confining gloves.

Trainer looked us both over now, turning us around as he explored our rubber confined bodies. We both looked so hot in the gear, and Alpha had the same reaction as he embraced me and we rubbed the squeaking rubber together.

Trainer now reminded us that we were sentenced to be confined in our suits and locked in chastity until we worked off their value, the suits would be staying on 24/6, the crotch zipper would be opened once a day for the toilet as no taking a dump in the suit would be permitted, any piss accumulating during the day would just be endured. Every 7th day we would be let out of the suits for 24 hours, they would be cleaned out and our bodies shaved.

We would be doing much physical work 12 hours a day, six days of the week in the heavy suits and once we had “earned enough” we would be able to remove them and get into the custom-fit leather suits for the next phase of our training.

He told us these dry suits were valued at $1000 and the chastity device at $300 and our pay would be about $2 per hour, so we would have to complete about 650 hours of work. We would start working tomorrow and would receive our first meal in the morning, until then we would be kept free in this cell to enjoy each other’s company, and should be able to get enough water through the drinking tubes, we might have to suck it out of the toilet.

We stood there letting his words sink in, each of us trying to say something but our rubber gags just permitting grunts and mumbles. Then he left the room, closing and locking the door behind him. The lights went out, only some daylight from a high small barred window glistening on our rubber suits. We tried to speak, but all we could manage were grunts and mumbles through the gags.

I held out my arms to Alpha, but he suddenly lunged at me, knocking me down hard on the ground, landing his body hard on mine punching and driving his knee hard into my crotch. As I lay there partially stunned he sat up on my chest his legs pinning my arms down. When I tried to struggle he tightly placed a gloved hand over my nose and gagged mouth. I couldn’t breathe. I frantically thrashed about as he kept trying to shout something he eased the pressure on my face, I stopped struggling as he kept trying to say something. He took hold of the chain joining our collars and quickly wound it tight around my face and head while rolling me over face down holding pressure on the chain as he grabbed my arm and pulled it hard up my back.

Alpha next forced me to my feet, painfully pulling the chain tighter and shoving forward toward the metal locker that he had been confined in. As I struggled he put more pressure on my arm and pushed me hard with his body, and I stumbled forward into the open locker, my thick rubber suit wedged tight against the metal sides. He unwrapped the chain as he kneed and booted me tighter into the confining space. When he forced my boots in he pushed the steel door closed, fitting the chain linking our collars under it. I couldn’t move as my body was wedged tight in the claustrophobic space. I heard the door latch click, and I could feel Alpha’s movements pulling tight on my chained collar. I grunted shouts as loud as I could and they were answered by Alpha’s pounding against the door. The chain was keeping him close so he could only stand or sit just against the door. The bastard was getting back at me for being forced to suck my cock, now asserting his dominance over me. I was ready to submit to get out of the fucking locker, but my gag prevented me from speaking.

My cock tried to respond to my helpless situation but was painfully controlled in its steel prison. My position in the locker was becoming very painful, impossible to move, one arm pined behind my back, the other across my chest, my heavy booted legs crammed tight together the toes and heels wedged tight. I was really sweating now, rich hot rubber smells filling the space. I began moaning in frustration. Alpha answered with a loud grunt and a few blows to the door. My eyes stinging with sweat trapped inside my hood, my tears of frustration in my painful helplessness I only wanted out and would gratefully yield to him as “Alpha boi.”

He kept me in that locker for several hours, and when he finally pulled me out I collapsed in a cramped heap at his feet as he vigourously rubbed my arms with his thick-gloved hands. I was then made to kneel and follow him on all fours pup style over to the toilet as he held the chain to my collar. After flushing it he pushed my harnessed head down into it so that I was forced to drink by sucking on my mouth gag’s tube. The rest of that day and night was spent with us on the ground, sometime holding each other tight and whenever Alpha felt the desire to demonstrate his dominance he would punch and kick me, sit on my face cutting off my air and generally slap me around. I fought back and we wrestled and stomped each other until we collapsed sweaty and exhausted in each other’s arms.


4. In the morning Trainer entered the cell and led us over to the toilet, making us both kneel on all fours, our aching mouths still gagged with the head harness. He worked on Alpha boi first, unlocking his crotch zipper while some piss dribbled out he took an enema hose from the shower pipe shoved it slowly into his bung hole and began filling him with warm water. Pulling the hose out he ordered Alpha to hold it while he repeated the process on me. I was compelled to maintain control while Alpha was permitted to use the toilet and then it was my turn. Alpha now lay back on the floor, lifting his legs in an attempt to drain the accumulated piss and sweat out of his suit while the crotch zipper remained opened. I followed his example while Trainer was now locking closed Alpha’s suit.

Trainer then came over to me as I lay on my back, legs lifted trying to drain my pissed-in suit. Reaching inside my unzipped crotch, he grabbed my steel-encased cock, and pulling hard on it he forced me to my feet. Once he had me standing, he reached between my legs and slowly pulled the zipper closed, locking it in place. He led us both from the cell into the main room of the barn. Several stalls were built against the walls. On the floor were two large bowls filled with warm cereal, a duffel bag to one side. We knelt in front of them while Trainer removed our head harness gags, put his hands on our necks and forced our hooded faces down into the cereal, holding them there while we struggled to eat the bowl clean. He poured some warm black coffee in the bowls, and once we finished and tried to speak he silenced us. Telling us we were not allowed to speak to him or each other when he was with us without his permission. He informed us that he had given the keys to our chastity cages to a M8 living miles from us with instructions to keep them for two months and not return them after that time until Trainer requested. He was smiling as he told us there was no way we could get released if we tried anything on him. We were locked in these heavy rubber dry-suits, even if we cut them off with nothing else to wear we’d be naked, miles from a main road with no money and according to the contract we signed still owing for the value of the suit and our chastity cages.

He now started pulling out more rubber gear from the duffel bag. He came up to me holding a pair of large thick rubber gloves. I had to force my already thickly gloved hands into each one and then he secured them on each arm with a hinged metal cuff bolted closed. He did the same for Alpha boi. Next he picked up two gas masks these were fitted with drinking tube gags which were shoved in our mouths as the masks were strapped in place over our hooded heads locks keeping them there. Finally rubber body harnesses with crotch straps were tightly buckled on. Mounted on the back of these was a rubber water bladder with a hose leading from the bottom along the harness strap passing through the crotch up to the drinking tube on the gas mask. The bladder held one gallon of water, adding another 10 lb. to the already heavy gear we were locked in. As we stood there sweating, the breathing flaps on the masks rhythmically beating the lenses slightly fogged, he gave us the days instructions handing us shovels and buckets. We had to walk down a path to a marked location and proceed to dig a pit 8 ft. x 8 ft. x 8 ft. There was a ladder, rope and a water tank waiting on site, when finished another job would be assigned.

Alpha boi was in charge leading the way as we shuffled down the trail chained together, gagged again unable to speak, our hands clumsy in double layers of thick rubber, breathing restricted by the confining gas masks, the heaviness of all the rubber gear, our cocks weighted with the steel chastity tube locked in place and in our sorry condition started us working at the marked site.

And so began weeks of miserable labour.


5. With the two of us chained together only 6 ft apart, the digging was awkward at first then becoming much more difficult once we had to fill buckets to haul the dirt up out of the pit and using the ladder required both of us to keep climbing up and down to dump it. Working in all our gear was tiring, breathing difficult if we exerted too much, so we had to pace ourselves. We were filling our suits with sweat and piss. The water bladder felt heavy when full, and it was easy to suck a drink while working, but the placement of it on the back of the harness meant that water was forced into your mouth if you lay on your back or leaned against anything, and gravity kept it flowing if you lay face down, so this made it impossible to relax in any position other than standing, kneeling or sitting up.

Being gagged all the time was frustrating, as we had to rely on hand gestures while we worked. The double heavy rubber gloves hindered handling the shovel and dealing with the buckets. The lenses of the masks would often get so fogged up that we could hardly see to work and couldn’t follow the trail back to the barn ending up stumbling around in the woods and fields afraid we might fall into the pit we had dug.

That first day of work was hell, and all the days that followed were no better, sometimes worse. It took us two days to finish that first pit, and Trainer wasn’t impressed and immediately set us to work on a second pit in another location If our day’s work displeased him we would be put us in uncomfortable bondage overnight, gagged with either a head harness or the gas masks. If he was really displeased with our work we would be compelled to spend the night still wearing the body harness with water bladder, making it impossible to lay down without choking on the water that would then be forced into our gagged mouths.

Sometimes he was harder with Alpha boi to encourage him to get me to do better. So after those nights Alpha would ride my butt all day. Over the next weeks I spent several punishment nights in the wedged into a locker. I was left hogtied or in suspension on many others, sometimes gagged or gas masked. Some days he would add more restrictive items to our gear, ball weights when he opened our crotch zippers in the morning, left in place for 24 hours, or partially taping closed the air intake on our gas mask further slowing our work pace. Some days we had to work with both our legs and wrists locked in metal fetters and chains. It was hell wearing the dry suit 24 hours a day, always living in your own piss and sweat and such a relief to get out of it once a week for 24 hours. On every seventh day he would unlock our suits and collars, replacing the collars on our bare necks once we had pulled our heads out of the attached hood and neck seal and then we removed them for a clean out.

We would be left naked so we could clean ourselves up and shave all our body hair.  Wearing only our cock cages and collars still chained together, we would spend those nights wrapped in each other’s arms for warmth under a single blanket, frustrated as our caged cocks painfully swelled against their confinement. The other nights we would be encumbered by our heavy rubber full body suits, holding each other, often being compelled to wear the head harness gags or gas masks as punishment only able to grunt and mumble to each other, our suits creaking and squeaking when we move over each other, stinking of rubber, sweat and stale piss trapped inside.

Our work schedule remained the same day after grueling day. Trainer would unlock and open our zippered crotches, give us an enema clean out, feed us breakfast in a bowl on the floor, strap on our gas masks and body harnesses, fill the water bladders and send us out to work. We would take a break after 6 hours for our main meal served in a wooden trough back at the barn. He would remove our gas masks for this then refill our water bladders and send us back out re-masked. At the end of our work day, we were given a light meal in our bowls before being locked in the cell for the night.


6. When we had completed digging the second pit we were set to work clearing an oval dirt track in a large field. Trainer now told us that we would be pulling a “chariot” on this track as part of our training and to prepare it with this in mind. We had to load the dirt from the two pits we had dug into a wheelbarrow and haul it to the site using it as fill to even out the surface, building the track as level as possible, digging out any large rocks and making it about 8 feet wide and 1/8 mile around.

This was very slow tedious work, both of us always chained together, the sun heating our black rubber suits, soaked in sweat as we dragged ourselves back and forth hauling and shovelling the dirt. The restrictive breathing in the gas masks we were compelled to wear and the difficulty to see as the lenses fogged forced us to rest frequently to cool down. The mid day round trip to the barn for our meal just added additional punishment to our work day. To “encourage” our efforts Trainer added leg irons tight around our booted legs, the chain linking them just long enough to walk in and adding more weight to our heavy gear.

We struggled each day to complete work on the track, longing for the day when we would have “paid off” the gear we had been kept locked in for weeks, the perpetual chastity a constant torment. I was depressed and tired of being trapped in the heavy rubber gear, living in my smelly sweat and piss, gagged most of the time I just wanted out, or at least to get this fucking chastity cage removed.

Finally at the end of another gruelling week of work the track was finished. Alpha and I were put through the scheduled suit removal and mutual body shaving and clean up. Our naked bodies showing more muscle and firmness after so many weeks of hard labour felt so good as we slept in each other’s arms. It was a pleasure to look at Alpha’s handsome face, and we kissed as our metal-sheathed cocks banged together. The next morning when Trainer entered our cell, booted and in full black leathers, he was carrying an armload of leather gear and our boots that he had taken from us weeks ago.

Our rubber confinement was over, the dry suits now belonged to us. It was time to start earning our new leathers. He handed each of us a one-piece thick black leather motorcycle suit and told us to suit up. We were stilled collared and chained together but free to manage pulling the suits on. These were very tight on us as we had both developed more muscle since we were first measured for them. The thick leather was a struggle to pull on. These suits were entirely made of leather without any fabric stretch panels the leather was not perforated with vent holes and had a front zipper, a hole for the cock and balls to fit through into a removable cod piece, and a large metal grommet lined hole that provided access to our butt holes. There was internal hard plastic armor on the knees, elbows, shoulders, chest, back and hips. It was a struggle fitting our metal cock sheaths through the opening and pulling the suit up over the shoulders. The front zipper pulled the leather tightly closed and Trainer locked this to our collars. Zippers on each forearm were also closed pulling the sleeves tight. He handed us our boots and sox, the 20 hole rangers we had both worn when we arrived here. The boot laces were now yellow. The one piece suits had been made to fit our standing form tight and the thick leather made it difficult to bend over enough to pull the boots on so Alpha and I had to pull and lace up each other’s boots.

It was so hot having Alpha boi kneeling before me tightly lacing my boots while his shave head rubbed against my metal cock sheath. The suit looked fantastic on him, the internal armor exaggerating his muscles and my caged cock tried to react to the stimulating sight. It felt great to be back in my own boots and in the full leathers.

Trainer put leather fist mitts on our hands, locking their wrist straps closed, now making our hands useless. We were now full contained in our leathers and only Trainer could release us. Trainer now made Alpha boi bend over, his tight leathers creaking as he strained against them to comply, his shaved head now sweating as he forced himself to maintain the position. Trainer then held up a pup’s tail butt plug, lubed it and slowly pushed it into Alpha boi’s bung hole, working its base flange inside the grommet hole of the suit and since the base flange was a larger diameter, once in place it could not slip back out by itself. Alpha was gasping and grunting during the process, and when he stood back up had a stiff 8-inch tail sticking out of his butt, and looked humiliated.

It was my turn next, and Trainer repeated the process. The two of us stood there checking out each other’s new tails, any movement or touch transferred to our butt plugs as Trainer demonstrated by pushing and slapping them around. He now made us kneel, Alpha boi in front, myself behind him. Taking out his cock he began face fucking Alpha holding his head tight to his crotch while forcing his leather clad butt into my face ordering me to lick it while he humped away. Both of us had our arms wrapped around Trainer’s legs, I pressed my face tightly against his moving ass as he moved rapidly back and forth until he finally shot grunting and sighing in his pleasure.

He had us stand up, hugged and kissed us both, all of us looking hot in our black leathers.


7. Trainer now told us of his next plans for us. He would remove our steel chastity cages every night, and we were permitted to suck each other’s cock, but forbidden to fuck each other. To insure our compliance we would be wearing our butt plug tails all night. We would remain in our motorcycle suits the same 24/6 schedule that we had been subjected to when in the dry suits. We would get a shower, full body shaving and clean sox once a week. We would remain chained together in our collars at all times. The locked fist mitts would stay in place 24/6. We would not be hooded except for punishment, we would be head harnessed when we worked, sometimes gas masked. We would be wearing a full body harness with butt plug all day.

Any substandard performance or disobedience would earn punishment. We could expect to be fucked or to suck his cock on demand. We would remain in his service until such time that we had “earned” the value of our custom motorcycle suits. We would be training to pull a chariot around the track we had worked on. Every day we would be harnessed to it and we would be working out to build our endurance and speed so that we could proudly serve as Trainer’s “team” in a “Masters and bois” competition to be hosted by Trainer in a few weeks.

He then unlocked our chastity cages and removed the steel sheaths that had confined our cocks for so long. Telling me that Alpha boi would be my ‘top’ every night and to enjoy ourselves, he left the cell locking the door behind him. Alpha and I just stood there looking each other over, our chain rattling as we walked around each other.

The motorcycle suits felt stiff and creaked with every movement, the internal armor making us both look and feel hot. Our balls and cock swinging freely hanging in front of our leathers. The fist mitts frustrated our touch as we slapped at each others tail adding to our stimulation as our erect cocks pressed together when we tightly hugged and kissed. Our suits pulling tight against our movements as we started to wrestle and struggle together, Alpha kneed me in the balls and I cried out dropping to my knees in the unexpected pain as he shoved his erect cock against my face, telling me to start sucking boi, his fist mitts pressed firmly to the sides of my head as he forced his cock into my mouth and face fucked me pressing me further backward my tail pushing against my boots shoving my but plug tight, pumping his hips as I beat my mitts against him.

Finishing up he sat down hard on me forcing me down on my back as I tried to arch it as all my weight was pushing now painfully hard on my tail. Straddling my head, his balls on my face he ordered me to suck on them, desperate to reposition myself I bit at them and he yelped and rolled off, getting to his feet he started stomping me with his boots as I tried to struggle away, movement awkward in the stiff tight suit, the chain joining us wrapping around his legs pulled him down hard on his butt and he grunted in the sudden pain of his tail hitting the floor driving his butt plug tight.

Things calmed down after this when I acquiesced to his demand that I would lick his boots clean then and every time he wished from now on and would respect his dominant position over me. We spent the rest of that night in a 69 position on our sides, sucking each other off a couple of times, and the following ones (whenever we were not in some punishment bondage) like that or in a face to face embrace.


8. Every day from then on, Trainer would remove our butt plug tails, strap us into a body harness with attached butt plug and chastity cup add a head harness with a rubber covered bit gag. We would then be hitched up to a chariot. Our fist mitts were locked to the front push bar and our harnesses were chained to the chariot’s tongue, the chain from our collars hooked to the body of the unit and reins from our head harness were held by Trainer riding in it.

Trainer worked us gradually day after day, getting use to pulling the weight of him and the chariot around the track. The first days we only had to walk the circuit again and again, lap after lap building our stamina. We were always soaked in sweat in the black leather, the stiffness of the suits easing as we broke them in. Our mouths drooling from the bits, enduring the butt plug and being left harnessed to the chariot all day, we had to piss through the chastity cup, the urine running down our leathers and boots. Trainer held a whip and used it occasionally when we lagged. The track was rough and not very level there were some low spots that tended to get muddy whenever it rained. It was exhausting just pulling Trainer at a walking pace. He worked us every day rain or shine, we were either hot and baking in the sun and soaking in our sweat, or rain soaked and struggling in the mud that was churned up getting deeper with each pass we made. As the mud slowed and stopped us we would feel the whip stinging on the unarmored areas of our motorcycle suits.

Gradually we were made to increase our pace from a walk to a slow jog and so we struggled to please Trainer. The hardest day was the first time he made us run a complete circuit. He would give us a rest and we would have to go again and again. The daily workouts built our stamina and we were getting stronger. We were dead tired each night, returning to our cell in our sweat soaked leathers, splattered in mud. I had the additional chore of licking Alpha boi’s boots clean of the crud before going to sleep. He had no qualms about booting me around if I objected.

We had a week of pure hell, it rained every day and the track was a mud pit. We struggled around it getting the chariot stuck and busting our butts pulling it free. It was impossible to move any quicker than a struggling walk in spite of Trainer’s efforts with his whip. We spent every night that week in gas masks, and Trainer crammed us into the metal lockers twice as punishment for our sorry efforts.

After a few weeks of constant training, the time had come for the competition, arriving now at the ranch were three teams with their chariots. They came with their chariots loaded in the back of pickup trucks, each team a Master and two bois, all of them in black leathers and boots.


9. The bois unloaded the chariots while all the Tops sat around drinking beers. The bois all wore one piece motorcycle leather similar to ours in various states of wear but not nearly as filthy. Two of the teams were physically larger than us. All of the bois were in harness with chastity cups and they all wore slave collars, but none of them were locked in fist mitts like ourselves nor were they chained together like Alpha boi and me. All of the teams were skinheads.

That night all of the bois were locked in our cell with us, Alpha boi and my self were the only ones not locked in chastity cages, our cocks and balls hanging out vulnerable, the only ones wearing butt plug tails and locked fist mitts, and the only ones chained together. We were nervous as they started to play with our balls and cocks, pulling us around by our neck chain pushing and pulling our tails. These were hot bois all in leathers, booted in 20 and 30 hole steel toed Rangers and the attention they were paying to us got us hard. The four larger bois were more aggressive toward us and the other two bois and started slapping us around. Two of them pulled Alpha boi and me down on our knees and made us lick their boots clean while holding tight to our neck chain. The other two forced the two smaller bois to do the same and then dragging them to their feet they frog marched them to the wall lockers forcing them, each inside one as they closed the doors threatening them if they made a sound. Alpha boi and I had to lick clean all their boots, then they took turns sucking us off until we came. They kept pushing us down on our butts enjoying our struggles as we tried to squirm our butt-plugged tails out of the way. They sat on our faces and let the piss drain from their cock cages on our mouths, encouraging us to drink. They were laughing at our helplessness as they stomped on us, shouting that we would be in no condition to beat them in the upcoming races.

They finally left us alone when they went to sleep. I could hear the other two bois stuffed in the lockers whimpering. Our hands locked in mitts made it impossible for us to open the doors to free them. Our bodies ached from the stomping and our energy sapped we didn’t get much rest. We had been effectively handicapped and so had the poor bastards stuffed in the lockers all night.

In the morning our four abusers greeted us with friendly hugging tenderness, and freed the tired and cramped bois from their night’s confinement, holding them in support as they walked them around the cell to get their circulation going. All the tension of the night was replaced with a warm friendly exchange between all of us and they laughingly apologized for their treatment towards us, just screwing with the competition to beat our butts.

The cell was opened and Trainer and the other Tops entered and taking their teams to get ready for the days events. Trainer took a hard look at Alpha boi and myself as he took in our sorry looking condition. Pulling Alpha boi toward him by his chain he told him he didn’t care how fucked up he was, he expected him to perform, no excuses.


10. Each team got their body harness buckled and rigged to a chariot, all the rigging squeaking and rattling. Head harness with mouth bit gags were strapped in place, the reins now held by the Tops as they mounted their chariots. Trainer led us out down the trail to the track, all four teams in a row, worn black leather on the teams, shiny black leather on all the Tops, 8 pair of boots stomping in the dirt and mud puddles.

It was an easy pull, the trail not too muddy, and thankfully Trainer did not use the butt plug when he put us in harness, which was a relief.

Arriving at the track the event schedule was announced. Two teams in two heats of three 1 lap races, best of three wins. Winners of each heat, race for first and second place. The first two teams were the two larger bois against the other smaller bois. Our team were racing against the other big bois in the second heat. Trainer took us out to lead a slow walk around the track to warm us up and to let the other teams see the track conditions. Most of the track was dry or damp, but there were muddy areas in the low spots, my boots splattering through churning the surface. The pulling got heavier in all these soft areas, and it would be getting worse once the teams began racing. Trainer knew where all the firmest routes through the mud were, but on this warm up lap he led us through the worst of it not to give away any advantage.

The races began with the first two teams moving off fast, the bigger bois easily beating the other team, both teams now mud splattered. We raced next and had a difficult time staying with our rivals. The mud holes had been churned up by the first racers, and we had some trouble in the deeper spots, the larger bois pulling stronger through the mud. They easily beat us and Trainer was pissed at us. The first teams followed us next, running their second heat, and again the larger bois won, leaving the other team struggling far behind and would move up to the final. We got beat bad in our second heat, the mud much worse, we sank up to our knees as we struggled to pull the stuck chariot Trainer gave us a work out with his whip. Exhausted, we stumbled in far behind the winning team, gasping and covered in mud and were eliminated. The two teams of larger bois ran the final race for first and second place, that left us one of the two loser teams.

The wining teams led the way back to the barn. They were feeling good in victory and managed a brisk pace while we trudged beaten behind them looking far worse in our muddy sweaty leathers.

Back at the barn the winners were promptly unhitched from their chariots, the harness and chastity cups removed, and immediately put to work cleaning their Tops’ muddy boots, one boi licking each boot. We and the other losing team were left still hitched to our chariots, fully harnessed and gagged enduring the weight of it as we stomped our muddy boots and tiredly stood there. Once the boots were all cleaned Trainer removed our head harness gags but left our body harness still hitched to the chariot. Ordering us to kneel we were turned over to the bois of the winning teams. Two of them approach us with enthusiasm and promptly shoved their cocks and balls in our helpless faces, making us suck and lick them then slowly face fucking us until we got them off. They then forced us face down on their mud clogged boots and we struggled getting mouthfuls of the clinging muck before we even could get our tongues on the leather.

As we worked on them streams of warm piss splashed on our shaved heads, leaving us finally exhausted laying face down in the piss soaked dirt. Trainer gave us bowls of water and food, which we had to eat still harnessed to the chariot face down on the ground while the winners and their Tops all were drinking beer and feasting off a table. The mud had dried on our sweaty leathers, our boots were heavy with it.

I joined Alpha boi in a struggle to get back up on our knees and then to stand on our tired legs as the full weight of the chariot dragged on our harness again. We stood there shuffling our boots hoping to be unharnessed from the chariot.

Eventually Trainer returned and unhitched our fist mitts and body harness from the chariot, freeing us from it. Then he removed the harness and cup from our torsos. My balls and cock hung free but the fist mitts prevented me from handling them. Trainer now pulled my arms behind my back locking the wrist straps together, and then I felt the cold steel as he slid my cock quickly into a chastity cage’s sheath, my heart sinking at the sound of the lock closing it on me. The feel of its weight hanging there began to excite me and my cock did its best to painfully force itself tight in the familiar metal encasement. A Russian gas mask was pulled over my sweaty and pissed-on head, its black rubber hood enclosing my entire skull smelling or rubber, stale piss and cum. There was a long flex hose attached to the air intake which Trainer routed down my chest and through my crotch attaching the open end to the metal grommet of the butt hole in my leathers. This hose had an adjustable secondary intake that could be open or closed. Trainer demonstrated this when he closed it, suddenly my air was restricted now that most of it must come from inside my tight suit and I struggled for a breath finding that I had to adjust my stance, wriggling to get room for some air to seep in through the cod piece hole and down around my crotch. I had to move carefully as I kept sucking the suit tight. Thankfully he reopened it enough that I no longer had to struggle for air. My mask filled with the rich smells of my sweaty crotch and leathers.

Trainer now gave Alpha boy the same treatment then told us that punishment for being losers would begin. The masks are staying on all night and every day we would be training in them, being removed for food and water. Our required work service had been lengthened and once our leathers had been destroyed from the constant sweat and abusive training we would be required to “earn” the replacement gear. The chastity cages would remain in place, the keys were “won” by the first place team and the winning team’s Top will keep them until a rematch race is held in 4 weeks. If we lost again we would become his property. I stood stunned at hearing this while Alpha boi’s shoulders drooped in obvious despair.

Trainer now grabbed our lead chain and took us back to our cell, locking us in for the night, two sorry bois in muddy boots and leathers stinking of sweat and piss, hands restrained in leather mitts locked behind our backs, breathing hoses to our gas masks plugged into the butt holes of our tight leathers the constant sound of our laboured breathing as we inhaled the rank smells of our own bodies, our cocks locked in steel cages for the next month not even able to console each other with a hug or kiss.

We sat down back to back, legs spread apart in an attempt to not obstruct the breathing hose, our restrained hands pressed together. We both were sobbing in the realization that we might never get free from this constant bondage and if we lost the next races we would become the property of another Top and his sadistic bois. We managed to talk with some difficulty in the gas masks cursing ourselves for ever wanting our fantasies to be realized like this and fearful of getting owned by another Top, our only consolation the feeling of contact with each other as our armored backs pressed against each other.




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