Troy’s Side of the Story

By Collector2

This story is the sub’s side of “Plans for the Weekend

I’ve been fascinated by the leather lifestyle and bondage for quite some time.  Unfortunately the few guys that I have gone out with have had no interest in it.  So I decided to try going to a leather bar I had heard about.  My first thought was “I don’t want to stick out” so a quick trip to the local B & D store saw me outfitted with leather pants and a harness.  I must confess that, even thought that is a fairly tame outfit, I felt uncomfortable in it.

When I arrive at the bar it feels like every eye in the place is on me.  I wander around for a while but really don’t find anyone that interests me (or more to the point – is interested in me).    Just about the time I decide to give it up as a bad idea and leave, a guy walks up to me and starts to make small talk.  Curious I talk for a while with him, then he says he has a friend that wants to meet me.

I follow him but am completely taken aback when I realize who he is taking me to see.  The guy, who is sitting at a table by himself, has got to be one of the most imposing figures I have ever seen.  Not much taller than myself, he is well built, but it’s his demeanor which takes my breath away.  His very presence seems to project a confidence and strength which go far beyond his physical being.  I am introduced to Master James and, for a moment I can’t even remember my own name, so enthralled am I.  All too quickly I am left alone with him.  I find his presence so intimidating that I am totally speechless.  I sit here uncomfortably, in silence, trying to patiently wait for Master James to say something.  Feeling more nervous all the time I begin to fidget in my chair.  Master James merely sits there, appraising me with calm, cold eyes.

Finally, much to my relief, Master James says “So what are you looking for?”  I stammer “I’m not really sure.”  The conversation goes on like this for at least an hour with Master James asking innumerable questions about my sexual / fetish tastes.  A lot of his questions and suggestions are of thing I have never even heard of before, let alone experienced.  Not wanting to appear totally green though I merely try to reply that I am interested in them but haven’t tried them. A few things, such as scat and piercing totally revolt me and I say so but at the same time I also try to play up my own, meager experiences as much as possible.  Hoping to impress him.  It’s these exaggerations that I will come to deeply regret later.

During the whole time we talk Master James seems to be taking notes then, suddenly, he passes a sheet of paper over to me and says “Read it and sign it”.  I’m quite taken aback by this but, not wanting to appear ignorant, I skim through it and sign it.  It appears to be a list of everything we have been talking about.  It puzzles me a bit when he calls another guy over to the table to sign it as well.  As I am watching him sign I suddenly feel a leather strap pulled tight around my neck.  As I grab for it I hear a lock click.  With shock I realize the strap is a leather collar and my probing hands find a large padlock at the back of my neck holding it in place.  Then I hear Master James’ voice in my ear.  “You’re mine now, till this collar is removed.”  Words fail me as he roughly grabs my arms, pulls them up behind my back, and handcuffs me.  I’m totally in shock as he hooks a lead to the collar and begins to pull me around behind him.  Finding my voice I try to tell him that this is uncomfortable but he immediately silences me, saying “Now you’re going to introduce me to some of your friends and tell them you’re going with me for the weekend.”  The thought of being presented to people I know like this is almost too much and I again try to protest, only to be told that I have the choice of either doing this or cleaning his boots with my tongue – on stage!!!!  Mortified I comply.  Luckily I know very few people in the bar.  We walk around like this for what seems an eternity, followed by the stares, snickers and comments of the other patrons then Master James takes me out to his car.  Without undoing the cuffs he seats me and belts me in.  As I begin to relax into the seat he opens the rear door and produced a thick black leather hood, covered with straps, which appears to have no openings whatsoever in it. For some reason the mere idea of having that hood cut off sight and sound absolutely terrifies me.  I immediately try to say “No I won’t wear it” but suddenly Master James is waving the paper I signed in front of my face, saying “Remember  – you signed a contract agreeing to this”.  With a sinking feeling I realize just what it was that I signed.  Horror creeps into my mind as I realize some of the exaggerations I have told him and are now in that contract.  I want to try to explain but only have time to lock eyes with Master James then my world goes dark and silent as the hood is pulled over my head and tightened into place.  The last thing I hear before the clicking of the locks is Master James saying “I hope you like this hood – because you aren’t getting out of it ‘till Monday morning”.

The drive to Master James’s home seems endless with me totally isolated from the outside world except for the vibrations of the car.  I have lots of time to think about what I have done and, quite frankly it scares the hell out of me.  I can only hope that he doesn’t use some of the things I have said.  I pray that I will be given a chance to explain myself.  Finally we pull into an enclosed area and stop.  Hands help me out of the car and I once again attempt to talk.  Hoping to explain but all I can get out is a muffled “mmmpphhh” as the straps prevent my opening my jaw.  I feel myself guided down some stairs then we walk around for quite some time.  The place must be huge.  Finally we stop.  I feel straps being places around my wrists then the handcuffs are released.  I make no attempt to resist as my hands are raised above my head and hooked there.  Next I feel hands removing my harness and then my boots.  I twitch involuntarily as my feet are brushed.  I am very ticklish.  Slowly my belt is removed.  I’m getting very nervous at this point.  Its one thing to have two people undress themselves or each other but its something entirely different to have someone you can’t see slowly stripping you of all your protection.  I feel my pants open and gentle hands slowly slide them off, caressing me as they do so.  I actually begin to relax at the gentle touch when suddenly my legs are spread apart and locked in that position.  Again fear begins to set in as I wonder just what is being done to me and what is going to happen.

Suddenly I’m alone, no sight, no sound, and no touch.  Nothing but the smell of the leather mask.  I try to be calm but time passes and still nothing happens.  I begin to test my bonds, trying to find escape, but I am very well restrained.  I try to call out but the hood prevents me from making much noise.  Finally I go limp – exhausted from my attempts at escape.  I try to relax.  He must be coming back sooner or later I tell myself.  Nothing to do but wait.  Then I feel it.  A gentle tickling sensation that starts on the inside of my thigh.  I jerk away from it and try to scream.  It is almost too much for my heightened senses to take.  Fits of laughter well up inside of me as again and again I feel the gentle touch of what must be a feather.  I’m ticklish at the best of times and, without being able to see and prepare myself for each onslaught I can’t control it at all.  Soon my body is convulsing with fits of laughter which seem to rack my entire being. I try to beg for it to stop but can only make small sounds.   This continues for what seems to be hours with breaks only long enough for me to catch my breath in between sessions.  I can’t even begin to describe what I am feeling.  Exhaustion, elation, fear, nervousness, joy – all rolled into one.  Suddenly my air is cut off.  I panic as I desperately try to draw a breath.  Is he going to kill me, what have I done!!!!!!!!  I thrash around trying wildly to get away from the hand that is cutting off my air but can’t.  Then suddenly I can breathe again.  I collapse from the exertion, totally spent.  I can’t even move as I feel the chains released and my body carried over to a bed.  The sensation is unusual to say the least.  The bed is covered with rubber sheets.

As I lay there my arms and legs are secured to the bed then, much to my surprise, I feel hands opening the locks on the hood.  It takes a few moments for my eyes to be able to focus, even in the low light, as the hood is pulled off me.  I remember Master James saying that I would be wearing the hood till Monday.  Surely it isn’t Monday yet.  Is this all that is to happen this weekend.  Somehow I feel greatly let down.  All I can think of to say is “Is it over already?”  Master James replies “Not by far.  I just don’t want you having any problems over night.  Now get some rest.  But first…..” and he produces what, to my eyes, looks like a huge butt plug.  Certainly larger than I have ever used.  Desperately I try to explain that I haven’t even tried anything that size before but my pleas go unanswered as he slides it home.  Its painful but not excessively so and my butt muscles only spasm for a moment before accepting it.  He straps it in place then bids me good night and retires to a bed on the other side of the room.  Even though uncomfortable exhaustion soon overtakes me and I fall asleep.

I wake up thrashing around on the bed.  My sleep fogged mind can’t quite grasp why I can’t move very far.  I only know that I feel like my bowels need to purge themselves desperately.  As the fog clears from my mind the events of the previous night come flooding back and I realize where I am and what my situation is.  I try to relax but the butt plug is a constant annoyance.  I desperately want to get rid of it.  I consider calling out to Master James but think the better of it.  Finally I see him begin to stir.  I wait patiently as he wakes then comes over to me.  “How are you doing?” he asks “A little uncomfortable” I reply.  He then asks if I am ready to start my day.  I eagerly reply in the affirmative.  Anxious to get rid of the plug and get on with more interesting things.  He immediately produces a plug gag and gags me.  It’s not so bad and I begin to relax.  This could be fun.  “By the way, is that butt plug getting uncomfortable?”  He asks.  I nod – eager to be rid of it. He unbuckles the strap and removes it.  The relief is fabulous.  I gratefully look up at him only to be greeted by the site of him holding an even larger plug.  “Guess it’s time for the next step” He says.  I frantically shake my head no and try to plead with him past the gag but he ignores me, lubes the plug, and forces it in.  This time it really hurts.  I try to scream but only get muffled sounds.   “What are you yelling about” he says “This is only the beginning.  By tonight you’ll be taking this.”  And much to my horror he produces a plug that is larger than his fist.  At that point I can’t help myself.  I begin to cry.  All I can think of is “Why…..oh why did I have to try to impress him by telling him I could do more than I have” He holds me as I cry and tries to reassure me that I can do it.  I know I can’t but strangely enough his words have a very calming effect and I find myself trusting him.  I have no idea why but somehow I know that I truly won’t come to any harm at this man’s hands, but I will be pushed to the limit.

I wait for Master James to release me from the bed and get on with things when suddenly he produces a water bag with a tube attached to it.  I don’t understand until Master James connects the tube to the butt plug.  As the warm water begins to flow into me it is a strange sensation like none I have ever felt before.  Actually fairly pleasant.   I can’t help but wonder “Can all that water possibly go into me?”  But I have no way of stopping it.  As the bag drains I can feel my bowels and gut filling.  Soon, and much to my relief, the bag is empty.  Then to my horror Master James connects a full bag.  As the pressure begins to build in my gut he says something about not wanting to make a mess and produces another tube.  I look at it briefly, not understanding what it is, then it dawns on me.  It’s a Catheter.  NO….. NO WAY!!!  I’m not going there.  I thrash about wildly on the bed but can’t escape.  I try to scream but can only make small sounds.  Finally Master James pins me down and begins to insert it.  I can’t even imagine a more creepy feeling.  It feels like a worm is inching its way into my dick.  I scream and scream but to no avail.  It’s finally done and a bulb inflated to keep it in place.  Now I not only have extreme pressure in my bowels and gut, but I also feel like I have to piss uncontrollably.  All I can do is lay there, whimpering in pain.  Finally my gag is removed.  My throat is dry and sore from trying to yell and all I can do is whisper. “It hurts” over and over.  Master James brings me a glass of water and says “Drink this it will help” I do and it feels so good going down my parched throat.  Then with a start I realize what I am doing – adding even more water to my already over filled system.  I try to protest but Master James quickly replaces the gag.  The next half hour is torturous as my guts desperately try to rid themselves of the excess water to no avail.

When Master James returns the first thing he does is press on my stomach.  The pain is incredible.  Then he tells me that he is going to take me to the bathroom but to be careful of making any sudden moves.  I couldn’t make a sudden move at this point if I tried.  When we reach the toilet he removes the clamp blocking the catheter line. The relief as the water flows out of my bladder is incredible but it only serves to highlight the pressure that seems to be building in my bowels.  I don’t know whether to sigh in relief or scream in pain.  Master James then puts on a pair of long rubber gloves, positions me above the toilet, and pulls out the plug.  I scream in pain as it is removed but the pain is immediately followed by relief as my bowels empty themselves.  I’m left sitting there for half an hour as my bowels periodically empty more of the water.  Finally Master James comes back and leads me back to the bed.  Once there he removes my handcuffs and helps me into a full rubber straight jacket.  This is more like it.  The cool rubber feels wonderful as it gently caresses my skin.  The straps are tightened and I am trapped in a cocoon of heavy rubber.  I love it.  The feeling is so sensual and erotic.  I could stay this way for a long time.  My bliss is short lived however.  As he lays me back onto the bed he removes the gag and asks “How are you doing now?”  “Not bad but would you please remove the catheter?”  I reply “It’s driving me nuts.”  Master James just smiles and produces the plug and bags.  “Are you ready for round two?” All I can say is “oh no.”  This time it isn’t as bad as the plug is inserted, still a bit painful but nowhere near what it was the first time.  I’m again gagged and Master James leaves me to squirm on the bed.

This scene is repeated four times before he deems me to be “Clean enough”.  Master James then finally removes the catheter.  I yelp as it is pulled out.  It leaves me feeling like my dick is on fire but the relief far outweighs the pain.

Next I am led, still straight jacketed and gagged, across the room to a high footstool.  Master James straps me to the stool with safety belt like straps across my lap and legs so I am in a semi-kneeling position.  I’m not sure what he has planned but this isn’t bad so far.   Next he moves in another frame that attaches to the stool.   I’m puzzled till he begins to attach another board to the frame then I realize that they are stocks – meant to keep my head, and consequently my body straight.  As they close around my neck my view of what is going on below me is cut off.  Next I can feel the rings of the straight jacket being laced to the uprights.  Totally immobilizing me.  “Comfy?”  Master James asks.  I try to nod but can’t move my head.  Surprisingly it isn’t really that uncomfortable.

From behind me I hear Master James doing something then suddenly the part of the stool under my ass seems to fall away.  With a growing sense of uneasiness I begin to suspect what I am in for.  My fears are confirmed as he again comes into my field of view holding a huge dildo.  “How’s this one?”  He asks.  I try to beg him for something smaller but the gag prevents it. “Good, I thought you’d like it” he says.  As he forces it into my ass I again scream, this time more in frustration than in pain though.  Master James comes back into my field of view, bends down, then straightens up again holding what appears to be a control box.  I’m not certain what this means until he presses a button and the dildo begins a slow, relentless movement further into me.  Just when I think I can take no more it begins to pull back then in again and back.  Over and over.  I try to move away from it but cant.  It speeds up a bit and it hurts so good. I know my dick is now hard as a rock and wish that my hands were free to give it some attention.  As if he were reading my mind Master James again vanishes from my field of vision and I feel something rubbery being forced over my dick.  Then he is back.  Another button is depressed and I feel a rubbery, sucking caress begin on my dick.  I realize that, not only have I been attached to a fucking machine but a milking machine at the same time.  I find myself moaning in ecstasy as the pace increases.  Then suddenly I am pushed over the edge.  I orgasm with more force than I have ever experienced but my bliss is short lived as the machine continues to work my, now overly sensitive, cock.  Every stroke now brings a yelp of pain from me.  Worse yet, the pace of both machines seems to increase.   Thankfully, after a few long minutes the sensitivity subsides. As I’ve already cum this phase should be over right?  Wrong it continues and continues.  With Master James only stopping periodically to increase the size of the dildo.  Surprisingly the increases are becoming less painful.  Things must be getting stretched out.  I cum four more times, finally dry firing before Master James decides I have had enough.  After being released from the machine I collapse into Master James’ arms.  Totally spent.  He guides me back to the bed and I am immediately asleep.

I don’t know how long I sleep but the next thing I know Master James is waking me. “How are you feeling?” he asks. “Wonderful” I reply and, in all truth, I haven’t felt so good in a long time.  We share a light meal then Master James guides me over to a sling he has set up.  Now plain old sex I can understand.  He locks my arms and legs in place on the sling.  A little kinky but no big deal. Then he totally confuses me by pulling up a chair and tray at the bottom of the sling. “What are you going to do?”  I ask nervously.  “Well you said you wanted to try being fisted someday.  No time like the present.” he replies.  My mind is swimming with the possibilities.  Fear and anticipation battle with each other – leaving me speechless.  I feel first one finger then two enter me.  The massaging feels wonderful.  As he goes to three then four fingers I feel no pain, rather I am floating away.  Totally immersed in the sensation.  I can’t believe how good this actually feels.  As Master James begins to push past his thumb pain begins.  I say “Wait – It hurts” but he replies “Only a bit more”.  With that he gives one more push and he is in. I stifle a yelp of pain, then it’s over.  The feeling is incredible.  For the next hour Master James works me, showing me sensations that I never dreamed existed.  At times nearly bringing me to tears.  Alternately I beg him to stop then not to stop.  It gets to the point where there is no pain at all when he enters and I experience orgasms the likes of which I have never known.  All too soon it is over and I find myself wishing that it would never end.  It has been an incredible experience and I really hope I can do it again.

After cleaning up Master James releases me from the sling but I’m so spent that I can’t even stand up.  My legs feel like jelly.  He literally carries me back to the bed then says that it’s time to get ready for the night.  I attempt to raise my arms to the position that they were in the night before but he stops me saying “Not that way”.  I watch him curiously as he unrolls what appears to be a leather bag on the bed next to me.  I suddenly realize what it is – a sleep sack.  Panic grips me.  I’ve never been restrained that totally before.  Thoughts whirl through my mind.  I can’t go through with this.  I try to yell “No – I couldn’t take that!” but I am so spent it comes out as only a hoarse whisper.  “I don’t recall asking” is the reply.  As the sleep sack is drawn under me I try feebly to resist but I’m too weak.  My arms are placed in the sleeves and the zipper drawn up.  Trapping me entirely.  As Master James tightens the collar my frustration and fear boils over and I begin to cry.  “What’s wrong?” he asks.  “I’m scared” I reply. “Don’t you trust me?” he asks.  I reply “Yes” realizing that I truly do but I’m still terrified.  “You can do this” he says “But what if something happens?”  I ask. “I’ll be right here on the bed next to you” he answers.  As he has been talking Master James has also been tightening the straps around me.  Suddenly I realize that I can’t move at all.  He stands back to look at me then produces the tight hood again.  That almost sends me over the edge to complete panic.  Being restrained this way is bad enough but to not be able to see or hear as well……..  I manage to collect myself but it takes an enormous amount of will power to keep from panicking as darkness closes in around me.  I only begin to relax as I feel Master James’s body settle into the bed next to me.  As long as I can feel his body next to mine I know I won’t come to any harm.  As I calm a strange sensation comes over me.  Deprived of all stimuli I find myself floating in a place of utter relaxation.  I drift off into an exhausted sleep feeling surprisingly comfortable.  During the night I wake several times but it is with a deep feeling of peace.  I’m totally immobile and cut off from all stimuli yet I am also totally at peace with myself.

Finally, as I begin to wake once more, I am vaguely aware of hands on me. As lips close around my dick, which I realize is now exposed, I jolt wide awake.  I desperately try to move, to thrust my hips or do anything but I can’t.  Master James’ ministrations are exquisite and he soon brings me to orgasm.  I can’t think of a better way to be woken up.  He then seals the bag back up.  Leaving me to revel in the feeling he has left me with.  I lay there calmly till suddenly both legs begin to cramp.  The pain is incredible.  It literally takes my breath away and I can’t move in any way that will relieve it.  Luckily Master James sees me squirming around.  As he removes the hood all I can do is gasp the words “Leg Cramps” He immediately begins to massage my legs.  At first his touch is agony but soon the muscles begin to loosen.  “How did you sleep?”  He asks as he begins to release me.  “It took a bit of time to get used to being so tightly confined but after that I had the best sleep I’ve had in years” I reply.  He smiles at me and says “It was the exhaustion – you had a hard time yesterday”

This time we go upstairs to the kitchen to eat.  The meal is excellent.  After we finish brunch and are cleaning up Master James tells me that he has a new toy and I am to be the first to try it out.  I try to get more information out of him about it but he will only say “You’ll see soon enough”.  Finally he leads me back down to the dungeon and produces a heavy rubber suit.  It looks fantastic, complete with a hood and built in breathing gag. “But it’s too small” I comment.  Master James explains that it is called a pup suit and your arms and legs are bent double in it so that you are walking on your elbows and knees, hence the pads.  This sounds rather awkward to me but I don’t say anything.  I’ve also learned by now that protesting will do me no good.

Master James directs me to get down on my knees then proceeds to strap my forearms to my biceps and my ankles to my thighs.  With difficulty I step into the suit.  Master James zips it up to the middle of my back then he helps me work my arms into the sleeves.  It is then zipped up to my neck but the hood is left down so I can get used to the suit before I am completely sealed up.  Master James attaches a lead to my collar, which by now I have forgotten that I am still wearing, and begins to lead me around the basement.  I find this is a lot of fun and quickly fall into the role of puppy.  I even pounce on Master James and begin to hump his leg.  Damn does that feel good as the heavy rubber caresses my dick.  He keeps telling me “bad dog – down boy” But I am persistent.   Finally I back him right back to a wall.  As I use my weight to keep him there I open his zipper with my teeth and nose his cock out into the open.  Time for payback.  Master James makes no protest as I begin to suck him.  Now this is something that I know and I intend to make a good show of it.  I prolong it as long as possible, feeling Master James’ muscles begin to quiver, as he succumbs to my ministrations.  Finally I bring him to the point where he can’t control himself any further.  With a roar he shoots.  Sweet and thick.  I continue prolonging it as long as possible.  Enjoying the moment.  It takes him a while to compose himself afterward but I can see he is pleased.  It’s about time I got to give something back to this man who has shown me so many things about myself.

When he is sufficiently recovered he leads me over to his toy chest.  He presents me with another toy.  A butt plug with a puppy tail attached.  I eagerly present my ass so he can insert it.  After yesterday this plug is nothing and feels very comfortable.   He releases me from the lead and I bounce around experimentally wagging my tail.  This actually feels great.  After a while he comes over, places the inflatable plug in my mouth and zips up the hood. – sealing me off from the world.  It’s actually an incredible feeling.  All I can do is make small “Ufffing” sounds which actually even sound like a dog.  He turns me on my back and begins scratching my belly and tickling me.  I’m really enjoying this when suddenly my air is cut off.  My entire body spasms as I desperately try to draw air. Suddenly I am released.  As I gasp in air I feel a hand begin to stroke my dick, which is now very hard.  As it continues my air is again cut off.  This repeats and repeats till suddenly I erupt in a fantastic orgasm.  I shoot and shoot.  All the time desperately trying to get air.  The feeling is incredible.  Finally I finish and am allowed to again breathe.

As I lay panting on the floor Master James opens the hood and removes the plug from my mouth.  I feel so great that all I can say is “Kiss me”.  He complies and, for what again seems an eternity, we are locked together.  As we finally part he says “Now let’s get you out of that suit and cleaned up” “Oh please – not yet – can’t you put the hood back on and let me enjoy it for a while yet.  I’m just getting used to it.  PLEEEASE?”  I beg.  Actually even surprising myself with the intensity that I really feel the need to further experience this.

Master James finally accedes to my begging and seals me back up.  For the rest of the afternoon I play blindly around the house.  Following Master James on my lead or even just curling up on the rug at his feet.  It feels great.  The heavy rubber is neither too hot nor too cool against my skin and its caress feels like it should always be there.  At supper time Master James again removes the hood and I eat from bowls on the floor.  I even find this a bit of an erotic experience.  Finally as bed time approaches he leads me into the shower and, after stripping himself, helps me to get out of the suit.  As we clean-up we begin to explore each other’s bodies.   I can’t describe what I now feel for this man who has shown me so much in the last two days.   The passion boils over and we soon find ourselves on the bed, frantically making love.   I do everything I can think of to show him how much I feel for him and am rewarded with the same.

As we lay there, totally exhausted I hear the clock in the living room strike 12.  I look at Master James and say “Well? Aren’t you going to get me ready for the night?”  “ I don’t think it’s necessary” he replies “You seem to have already learned your lessons” My heart falls.  For some reason I know I just have to experience that sleep sack one more time.  If this is to be the last night I am to be with him I just can’t waste it.  I beg Master James to allow me to experience it just one more time.  Finally he gives in.  As he again seals me into tight, inescapable bondage a peace falls over me that I have never really known before.  This is where I belong.

When morning comes I am again released from the sleep sack.  This time without cramps.  We eat breakfast then Master James drives me back to my car.  I’m shocked to find that we have only been a few blocks from the club all the time.  After parking he turns and kisses me one last time then reaches to unlock the collar.  Panic suddenly grips me.  I just can’t let this go. I frantically push his hands away sobbing “NO, You can’t…..” as tears begin to flow down my cheeks.  I see the shocked look in his eyes as he tries to say “But the weekend is over.”  “Can’t you see……..I still belong to you?  My heart belongs to you now.” I sob, not knowing what more to say.  He sits there stunned for a moment then gathers me into his arms and begins to cry too.  As we sit there he finally composes himself enough to say “But you can’t wear the collar to work” “Yes I can…..where I work no one will even notice” I reply.  Finally he says “Get an overnight bag together and be at my place by six for supper.  Then we’ll discuss it further”

That whole weekend was done on impulse but it has since turned into a five year relationship that is still going strong.




Note: This story was previously published on Hot4Hogtie


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