Twelve Days of Christmas – Part 05 and 06

By boyinacage

Part 5 – Happy Christmas

Have you ever spent a good evening with heavy play, and exhausted fallen into bed with the other guy’s arms wrapped around you? Having done so have you ever not been able to sleep because he turned out to be the snorer from hell? Well in didn’t seem to happen to these two Berlin guys, they both were heavy snorers. Why should I care? Because the ruddy butt plug seemed to be set to noise activation and so, exhausted as I was, I whiled away the night awake with a butt plug vibrating in sympathy to TWO snorers.

After an eternity I heard one guy get out of bed. It was only to relieve himself. I heard the bed creak and then nothing till a new stream of piss went down my throat. The bed squeaked again, I heard a grunt, and another load went down my throat. The bed squeaked again only to signal the start of more snoring.

Of course all this piss moved me to the point where I ended up involuntarily having to take one myself. I had assumed that there was a bucket to catch it because of an earlier conversation in English. I was wrong, after a 10 second delay, by which time I was in full unstoppable flow, I began drinking my own – disgusting!

Eventually, morning came around. I knew this from the sex I heard coming from the bed – my arse being zapped with every thrust and grunt. When they were satiated I felt the plug being removed and I enjoyed – if that’s the word – a spit roasting. This time though my nipples got a play and the weights hanging from the chain connecting the nipples to my cock got a swing as well. Too many sensations for my tied body to deal with.

Then all quiet, then the shower, then a good paddling with lots of laughter. Then silence. I passed out, exhausted and famished. I was beginning to learn that the hardest thing about being a sex object was the long periods of nothing between uses. I was woken by alpha slapping me around the head. “Wake up you little, good for nothing, useless fucker – I’ve got an hour with you before I have to take you down for Christmas lunch.

It took him at least ten minutes to get me free, and once I was standing, he just pushed me onto the floor and dragged me by the collar. I was put into a squat position with my arms cuffed outwards. The top hood was removed and I was told “you have 15 minutes to take a shit – if you don’t do it now, it’ll be 24 hours before you get another chance.” Not having been for probably 30 hours or so, I did as I was told.

When I was finished the top hood was removed and a bit gag was inserted into my mouth. Told to stand, it took me some little time to get my balance. I took in my surroundings. A small room, probably no more than four feet by four feet. Completely covered in black rubber the only object was a red bucket and the only feature was a variety of shackles on the walls (a head cage was also dangling from the ceiling). I was then forced to walk down a concrete fire stair and through a rabbit warren of doors.

Once into an area that looked like a garage a blindfold was put on me and I was forced back on my knees. The bit gag was removed and I was gruffly told to eat now because I was only going to be fed once a day. I heard a metal plate being put on the ground so tried to find it. As I approached it I heard it slide away. I tried to find it again with laughter in my ears. After a few attempts I finally got my mittens onto it and started eating – I was starving. The final laugh was accompanied by splash of piss.

When I’d finished eating my electric collar was replaced by a thick metal one. I was laid on the ground and the collar was attached to eye-hole in the floor. My rubber suit was then pulled off me, my legs were then chained to points in the floor, and the mitts removed. I was then hosed down with warm, sudsy water, and then scrubbed down. Half-way through my legs were unbolted and I was turned over, the cuffs were replaced and the process was completed along my back. I was given another enema before my cock, balls and arse were roughly cleaned. During the entire operation I was probably sporting the hardest hard on that I’d ever experienced.

As I was unchained alpha said to me that I would never do at Christmas Dinner if I smelt or was dirty. A statement that I considered a little bit weird, as he had me stand to be roughly dried down. The hood with the tube gag was reapplied and I was slowly led away. Once we had arrived at where ever it was we were going – later identified as the dining room – I was manoeuvred onto what I thought at the time was a bed. It was a bit weird because the mattress appeared to be a latex kind of foam that had the shape of a body cut into it.

The fit was very snug. I later learnt that it had been specially moulded to my body shape. Alpha warned me that I wasn’t to panic as a lid would be placed over me. He confided, in a friendly way for a change that my mouth, nipples and cock would not be enclosed. It was a very weird sensation. I felt my cock and balls being manipulated through the lid as it was bought down. The lid itself must have been pretty heavy as I could hear all five of them groaning as they put it in position.

It was only when I saw the photographs later that I really appreciated what had happened. This was actually the dining room table. The photo shows a table set for 12. Through the table a body can be made out (me) – the covering was a double glazed acrylic designed to stop heat passing through. The centre-piece of the table was my cock and balls sticking up through a cock ring tight hole in the Plexiglas. From the padlock in the top of my cock to my nipples ran two chains with Christmas decorations hanging from them. Resting against the underside of my cock was a candle. Similarly candles were positioned at intervals down the table with one next to each nipple.

Needless to say, at the time, I had no idea what was happening. All I knew was that I was in a box with my mighty, throbbing hard on sticking out of it. Again, later, I learnt this was also due to Viagra in my lunch. The 20 minute delay giving them the chance of getting all the bits and pieces in place – they didn’t want a sagging cock as a centre-piece. Once in nothing happened and being exhausted I fell asleep.

My cock woke me. Wax was dripping on it. A few moments later the same thing was happening to my nipples. I struggled against it but to no avail. Again, all went quiet. Somebody started slapping my cock and I felt the wax cast come off it. The chains began to pull at my cock and nipples and more wax started dripping on my cock. My cock, with a mind of its own, seemed to quiver and get harder. I tried to pull away but was immobile.  And then the air stopped.

You’ll remember two things, one, I had a tube gag in my mouth and two, there was a mouth hole above my mouth. Well some bastard did something to stop the flow of air. I panicked and started to struggle. The air came through again and I caught my breath heavily, only a few minutes later to have it stop again. About the only noise I could hear was laughter.

This went on for hours. Large gaps of time when nothing happened were followed by intense sessions like this. At last it came to a stop altogether and I began to drowse. I awoke to an intense coldness on my cock. It was already drooping and the ice made me shrivel. The top came off the table, the work of many hands. A soft pliable chastity device was put on my cock (turned out to be the punisher) after which I was helped out of the cocoon. Once on the floor I was forced onto my hands and knees. The electric collar was reattached together with a lead. I was lead through an unseen maze, eventually into the warm outdoors.

Outdoors? I was on grass. I could hear many voices. It was a long crawl on that grass. Assisted on my way by boots, gloved hands, crops and the collar. At the end of the crawl I was forced to roll onto my back. My arms and legs were quickly cuffed into a spread-eagle position. The end of the gag was played with.

I spent the rest of the night (day?) being pissed on, having my balls kicked, my nipples tugged. Piss slid down through the gag and some arsehole thought it would be cute to stand on me in their boots. From what I could gather I was spread-eagled in some corner of a yard where a drinks party was being held. It was galling that I was not even a main attraction but a curiosity for entertainment in a corner somewhere.

Merry Christmas!

Part 6 – The Station

Amazing. Yesterday at this time I was spread-eagled out on an inner-city back lawn. Today I’m spread-eagled on the wall of a barn somewhere in the outback. These boys don’t seem to be short of a penny. Huge house in the inner-city and now a cattle station the size of a small European nation. Only in Oz could you have a property that extends more than 100km in either direction.

The up-side of this relocation is that I finally got some serious sleep. The trip out here was so comfortable I think that I slept the whole way. Sure, it was in a neoprene sleep sack and I had the joy of a neoprene hood and muzzle, but it was plug free – at both ends. The sack was laid out in the back of a van of some description. The 40ºC heat and high humidity that could have made the trip unbearable was ameliorated by the van’s air-conditioning. Probably more for the Berlin guys rather than for me. With my lack of sleep, combined with the extreme stress of the past few days, and my complete lack of knowledge of the German language, I dropped off to sleep.

A couple of hours ago I woke up as we started travelling over a dirt road. A road we travelled on for over an hour. That of course meant that I was fully awake when we arrived. When the van door was opened I felt a blast of summer heat. I was carried into the barn where I was unzipped. Still fully hooded I was given a chance to stretch my legs and walk about – tricky to do when you can’t see. Once I stretched the muzzle was removed and I was down on my hands and knees to enjoy some food and water, unblemished by piss for a change.

Once finished, the daily cleansing routine took place in the milking shed before I was led back into the barn wearing those knee high lace up boots that got me into this whole scene in the beginning. Somewhere, (I forget where) the hood was removed. In the shed I was spread-eagled against the wall. Arms out to the side and legs spread wide, helped by a spreader bar. The Boy Trainer chastity device was removed, which hurt somewhat as the spikes had sort of settled into the skin. Interestingly enough when all was said and done I was the most naked I had been since Christmas Eve. A wide collar with D-rings held my head in place, the padlocks in the nipples and PA but no chains, the spreader bar over the boots, and a small leather parachute stretching my balls to a hook in the ground. Oh, and a bit gag.

My other interesting thought was that I still hadn’t seen anybody’s face. Whenever I was not blindfolded everybody else had their face covered in some way. Having made this observation alpha took my hands and used an enormous amount of duct tape to force my hands into balls – there was no way my hands would become usable in the foreseeable future.

Several hours after I was put up here I heard the sound of trail-bikes. Over the next 20 minutes they came closer and closer. Finally, four bikes came through the shed door, sliding in a half-horseshoe to a stop, covering me in dust and dirt. The riders dismounted and pushed their bikes into the corner. In the distance I could hear more bikes.

When the riders dismounted they left on their helmets and walked over to me. I took each of them in. All four of them were wearing red single piece Dainese suits. Each would have been between 5’ 10” and 6’ 2”. They drank me in. One guy walked up and tweaked my padlocked nipples another took a swipe at my cock with the back of one of his gloved hands and then laughed.  Then one turned to another “ah … wanted to fuck this one over for a long time. Always played hard to get. Little scene queen, too good for the like of me apparently.” To which the other responded “great reason to win then – you’ll get give the little fucker what for – cocky tart.”

I’ve never heard myself referred to in the third person before. It appeared they knew me – but I had no idea who they were. Worse, it appears I had slighted one of them in the past. The guys walked out of the barn, presumably towards a house and I was left dangling on the wall to entertain myself. A little while later another group came through this time in blue Dainese.

These guys followed the same process but this time I heard a complete yelp – “look that little cock-tease from the Oxford, how DID they catch him, I AM going to screw that runt three ways to Christmas!” – I had to admit I had no idea I had been this popular, nor that I had such a disparaging reputation. Just to show he was looking forward to some fun he grabbed me by cock with one hand and the ball stretcher with another. The pain shot through me.

Over the course of the next few hours a couple more groups arrived. Either dressed in red or blue and at least one in each group seemed to know me. Later as it got dark alpha came in wearing his hood. He placed a rubber hood, no eyeholes or mouth hole, over my head. It buckled up at the back and I heard the padlock click in. To make it interesting the hood was put on over the gag. He let me know “that the boys’ll be back soon and it’s a bit warm to expect them to wear their helmets in your presence.”  It was the first time I had heard it stated that there was an intent for me not to see anybody’s face.

I hear the guys come back in, some discussing where I’d given them short shrift. I heard one of my German hosts clear his throat and start a little speech.  “Gentlemen, thank you for coming to our annual hunt. For those of you who haven’t been before, here’s what happens. Alpha will take our prey and drop it somewhere on the property. You have until sunset tomorrow to bring it back here. If it gets back here of its own accord it will get to choose a team. The team chosen will be hooded and chained up in the sump room for the pleasure of the other team – I guarantee it will be a sore ride home for that team.” There was general laughter to that.

Of course it dawned on me that I was “it,” and I was more worried about what happened if I didn’t make it back before sunset …  “Whichever team captures it, needs to have it here by sunset or it reverts to the other team. The team who captures it has hunter’s rights until Sunset; whoever has control after sunset has rights until dawn. The loosing team will get to wear chastity devices back to Sydney on their bikes – effective at sunset. Of course if none of you get it back here you all get to wear the chastity devices back to Sydney and I’ll post the keys to you on New Year’s Day!”

“When alpha returns each team will have the right to ask three questions to help establish where it was left although alpha is forbidden from telling you, so don’t waste your questions asking the direct one. You are not allowed to commence your search until dawn. Good Luck!”

Now, listening carefully it seemed all I had to do was lay low until sunset tomorrow and I was home free. As to the whole hunt thing, it seemed just a bit perverse.  What could be worse than I’d already been through? I could even just hide somewhere and wait it out – that’d teach those bitches to snipe about me!

About 10 minutes later many hands helped me down from my spread-eagled position and between them had me trussed up in rope and in lying in the back of ute before I knew what was happening. To top it off I was now wearing another bloody chastity device from Steelwerks – I was getting to hate those guys. To top it all off the back of the ute smelt like pig dung and I had a sneaking suspicion that I was laying in it.

We must have driven for miles – it seemed like hours in the back of the ute when we pulled up. Alpha started to undo all the ropes and then helped me out of the back of the ute. Once standing he put a leather harness on me and hooked something on the back of it. He gave me some instructions “attached to the back of your harness is about 5 litres of water, if I had my way it would have been piss, but Sir over ruled me. When I take your gag out you’ll be able to reach the tube over your shoulder and suck it. It should be enough to help you in the heat tomorrow.”

Well, that was all well and good but there was more: “in your collar is a location GPS, should you get lost we’ll be able to find you – but we won’t start looking until after sunset tomorrow, the teams won’t have access to this. Finally, there’s still the zapper in the collar” I nearly crumpled to the ground as an electric shock passed through me “so you will do exactly what I tell you now.”

With that he turned me around and forced me to bend over the tailgate, cuffing my hands to either side of the back. Once in position I felt a finger explore my arse with some lube before his cock went in. “They don’t give me many opportunities to fuck around here so I’m not going to waste this opportunity” and then he went for it. With the rhythm of his fuck my heavy, metal encased cock swung backward s and forwards with my cock protesting at its confinement. I have no idea how often I had been fucked since this “service” started but shit I was get horny and needed to cum.

When he had finished his pleasure I was uncuffed, but slightly unsteady on my feet. He removed the hood but left the gag in place. As my eyes adjusted to the moonlight I could see we were in a large paddock with a single tree in the middle – just near the ute. He walked me over to the tree. About four feet off the ground a branch stuck out at a slightly raised angle from the trunk. In the base of the tree was bolt with about six inches of chain attached to it whilst next to the tree was a step ladder.

“Up you go, I want you to straddle the branch. You’ll find there is a convenient hole up there to dangle your balls through.” No fucking way! I shook my head and stepped back, only to be greeted by a shock to my neck that took me to my knees. “up you go boy, last year we had a nice young lad for the hunt and I put him in a comfortable little cave – he just stayed there all day and the whole lot of those bastards had to ride home in chastity, ruined a few New Year’s Eve parties I believe. But, you, you’re older, stronger and very vain and I’m going to enjoy every minute of your humiliation” and with that he laughed.

What had I done to this guy?

Again I backed off. This was insane and this guy was really out to get me. A second shot to the neck was enough to get me straddling the branch – and he was right, there was a spot I could dangle my metal encased cock and balls through. Anyway, it wasn’t that far to the ground, I could get down after he left.

Not so fast. He attached to each of my boots a single cuff, each weighing a couple of kilos by the feel of it. Already I could feel that blue feeling shooting up through my stomach. From each cuff a short heavy chain hung. This wasn’t fair – I’d be a sitting duck and found in no time. I thought this was supposed to be a hunt – not much challenge.

Alpha came back from the ute with a small ice chest and all became clear.  Out of it he pulled a small ice lock “this is the lock you didn’t get to use at the rail yard – I’ve had it sitting in liquid nitrogen on the way here, should take about 4 hours to melt assuming it doesn’t get too cool out here” with that he linked the chains hanging from the cuffs to the one hooked to the tree. He then climbed the ladder and removed the gag. He then took everything else with him and drove off down the track. I felt well and truly fucked.


To be continued …


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