A prison toilet

Hey fuckers, listen up. This is important. If you are going to keep a prisoner for any length of time, you are going to need a toilet. That’s right, you need a real, functioning toilet that he can piss and shit into. Get him locked with access to a toilet, and you can keep him prisoner for days, weeks — even months! — provided you feed and water him, of course.

prison toiletprison toilet

Anyone who has a toilet like this installed in a cell or a basement is obviously quite serious about keeping a man prisoner. This is hardcore. This makes me hard.

Today’s pictures are from the men at Serious Male Bondage, who know a thing or two about real confinement.

But the INSPIRATION behind today’s posting is from Zerotaf — one of the very few men in the country with an identical toilet (plus something even more serious that Metal has used many times over the years while locked on a hard concrete floor ) .

Keep checking back here to Metalbond for more on keeping a prisoner.

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