Up Your Alley – Part 2

By ty dehner

After arriving home, I am led back to the play space and laid down on a bed. Soon Kevin is putting me into a heavy rubber sleep sack. I struggle a little bit, for I thought it was late and I should be returning to my hotel room. I try to remind him through the gag that keeps my mouth open and continue to drool. He shocks me and talks forcefully into my ear.

“Relax, you’re spending the night. It is late and you need to be stored away as a toy. Just think, you’re stewing in that piss of yours made from the gallons of piss you drank. No doubt you are sweaty and tired. I don’t fucking care at this point. You are my toy right now, and in a moment you’re going to feel my full force and ownership of you.”

There was an extremely evil and powerful shock to my cock and balls, and I screamed through the gag.

The sleep sack is laced up, locked, strapped up and I am now in another layer of rubber. Soon I am rolled over on my stomach and I can hear zippers and soon coolness on my ass. The slap of a rubber hand striking my ass fills the room as I can hear my breathing through the hood. I realize I am completely powerless, and soon Kevin will be filling my ass with his cock.

The cold lube shocks me as his rubbered hand works it into and around my asshole. I feel him getting up on me with his weight and he shoves in my tight ass and I yell in the gag. He brings his cock out and shoves it in again in a slow, deliberate motion as if to let me know that he is taking his time with using his new toy.

He begins to increase his tempo and pistons in and out of my ass. I guess my screaming is turning him on more and more. He shoves something into the gag opening and plugs my mouth more. I am just a vulnerable rubber worm for him to shoot his seed in. And without warning he takes his gloved hand and cuts of my breathing, holding it tight. I can feel my cock straining in the rubber prison it is as in he powerfully uses my ass. The bed creaks with the sound of Kevin pounding me over and over. He removes his hand as I get close to passing out, then brings it back again and I start to buck to free myself from this torment.

“Oh fuck, toy, this is amazing,” he said. “When we met I could never that you were such a piece of shit to use and abuse, and you just take it like you’re supposed to. I almost think you need to be used like this hourly and kept and stored to never see the light of day again. Think about it fucker, you’re totally helpless here, no one knows you’re here and no one knew who you were tonight. And, so you know, when you were bound earlier today I found out about your hotel. Tomorrow morning I will release you, sort of, and you’re going to go check out and spend the rest of you time here with me. You, fucker, are mine for Dore tomorrow and until you have to leave. I am going to keep you geared and as helpless as I can make you. And you know what? You’re going to do it because you know that is what you want.”

“Fuck, I am going to explode in your rubber ass, and then I am going to go to bed and let you stew in your piss and sweat,” he said. “You are nothing, you got me toy? Nothing, but here to serve me. Oh fuck, toy, fuck, you are so awesome, yet such a piece of dirt to use and abuse.”

I scream in the gag as he cuts my air off again and again. I can feel him reaching climax, and he shoots his load in my ass.

“Yea toy, no condom. You are a dirty toilet, and that would be too good for you.”

He pulls out and puts a plug in my ass and zips up the layers and turns me over. As he does, I am pretty sure that I shot my load also — or it was a fuck lot of pre-cum.

“Good night, toy. Think about the fun we will have tomorrow.”

Through the sound of my own breathing I heard his boots across the floor and a door close. I am truly spent, somewhat pissed that he is not letting me go. But I am also horny as fuck and wonder if he will do as he says and is the man I’ve been searching for all these years to really take control of me.

It doesn’t take long, and even thought I am totally encased and sweaty and lying in my own piss, I do fall asleep with my mouth held open with a gag.

The night actually passed quickly, as I slept soundly after the use of the night before. I would have never thought I could spend an entire night in encased in rubber, helpless to move, hooded and gagged. But I did. I didn’t wake until Kevin woke me by inserting his cock down my throat and releasing his morning piss into my filled stomach. I can’t even imagine how much piss I had drank in 24 hours. He was really determined to turn me into a toilet and keep me drinking piss.

It was hard to swallow laying flat, but I got it all down. He pulled out and rolled me over on my stomach and decided to add to his seed what was still in my ass. He removed the butt plug and slowly entered again with his hardened cock. He was silent as he was taking advantage of this rubber-encased worm beneath him. When he rolled me over, the piss ran over my body and it relocated to the new location of my stomach and crotch. I couldn’t smell anything much, as the only way for me to breathe was through the gag that remained open. I had been in the layers or rubber for hours now, sweat filling my encasement with the piss that I had added overnight and earlier.

As he slowly used his cock as a piston on me, Kevin gently stroked his rubber toy. This only reminded me of how encased and helpless I really was. I had been through so much since we met. I couldn’t have imagined all this when we found each other online! I had been in bondage nearly the entire time, and I could only imagine what he had planned. I hoped that I could return to my room for some rest before we headed out to Dore. But somehow I began to wonder if he had plans for me to be released. And where was his boy? He never showed up last night, that I know of.

A shock brought me back to, Kevin now roughly using my asshole to his delight. He shocked me again and again. This only served to make me buck like a bronco he was riding. I imagined Kevin as a cowboy and I was this bull he was riding to his climax. I found myself getting hard, with the piss and sweat creating a lube against the rubber I was in. Of course I couldn’t reach it, since I was still in the straightjacket and had been for nearly a day.

Then Kevin must have attached a leash to my hood at the top and he started to pull on it, forcing my head up. That was painful and put me in an awkward position. I moaned in the gag, and that turned him on more as he started to plunge in and out of his rubbered toy’s hole faster and faster. The shocks on my cock and balls were increasing, and I felt his weight on my body heavier and heavier as he fucked me faster and faster. Finally I felt him quiver and a large moan came from over me and he pulled the leash even tighter. That made me moan and clinch my ass around his dick, and he was shooting his load in me again. With that he fell on me, shoving my head into the bed.

I felt his hands gently caress me as he lay still upon his rubber worm. Gently he rolled me over and worked the first hood off my head, and once again I could see and speak. He just started to kiss me and held me close to him.

“Good morning, toy,” was all he said as he held me close and kissed me.

“Good morning, Sir,” I said as I returned his kiss.

“You are the perfect toy to wake to in the morning. I came down several times in the evening to check on you, and I was so excited to see you here, encased and helpless. It was all I could do to go back to bed. But you were sleeping so soundly, and you had made me so proud yesterday.”

“I didn’t think I could ever sleep encased like this, Sir. I didn’t expect this at all.”

“I know I have taken some liberties with you, but I hope you know I only do it because I fucking enjoy having a toy to use, and you seem to need this. You need to be used and controlled, pig, and I am pretty sure you don’t regret anything I’ve used you for.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Speak freely, toy.”

“Not sure I was prepared to be used as a toilet last night or for you to shoot your cum in me.”

This seemed to upset him a little bit.

“Bullshit, toy. You never said to stop, and you better look at your fucking cock, as you were hard and I bet you have shot your load at least once since I put you in your place. You are a fucking toy to be used and abused. And face it. I’ve been really gentle with you. Compared to what could have happened, you should be fucking grateful in how you have been used. I don’t give a flying fuck what you think, you committed to me yesterday and I only took you where you’ve dreamed of going. I fucking own you right now. and you are mine to use. You might want out, but you’re too fucking chickenshit to ask for it because you are being used just as you need to be used!”

With that he shocked me with full strength.

“Now, what do you have to say?”

I catch my breath, “Thank you Sir.”

He looks at me as if to know I should be thanking him royally. “You want out, you want to go home?”

He looks at me and I hesitate. Part of me wants out, to rest, shower and get back to normal. But he has shown me things I only dreamed of or wrote about, and he doesn’t seem to want to stop. I go home tomorrow, and I will go back to my normal life, boring as it is.

“Well, fuck toy?”

“I am yours, Sir.” I can’t believe what just came out of my hooded mouth.

He comes to me and kisses me deeply, his tongue slamming my throat. He holds me closer and hugs me tightly. As he lets go just a bit, we lay silently together. He’s the Boss, and I am his helpless rubber toy.   And shit did I want to shoot my load!

“Toy, I am going to let you out in a little bit. You have impressed me with you devotion to your service. You will shower and clean up. We’re going to get dressed and go get some breakfast. Then we’ll go to your hotel and check you out. You’re going to spend the rest of your stay here under my control. Then we are going to take your rental car back. Afterward, we’ll head into the event for the rest of the day. “

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, a couple of rules for when I let you out of your gear. Do not fucking speak unless I ask you a question or give you a command that requires a response from you. And the only acceptable response will be ‘Yes Sir.’ I have taken your wallet and will keep it until I release you. Think about all this and if you have any hesitation at all about anything, then now will be the time to stop and leave. One thing you should know is that from this point, on I will do with you as I want. You are an object for me to use, and you are here for my enjoyment. This is not a story now, toy, this if your fucking life.”

I don’t even think about it.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now let’s get started. We’re going to have a lot of fun today!”


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