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Reading for a Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

“Are you the author?”

After hearing the question from a firm, baritone voice, I looked up from my device to see a tall man wearing what had to be his finest leathers. Without thought, I responded quickly. “Yes, Sir. I am.”

As I stood, the Leatherman took one of my books, turning it over to read the back cover. As he read, I took a closer look at his leathers, starting with his boots, a pair of Wesco Boss that went to just below his knees, with thick Vibram soles that I always thought gave a pair of boots more authority. This gentleman wore black Langlitz Competition Breeches with their distinctive quilted design on the knees and hips. A thick leather belt around his waist was slightly covered by the belted waist of his Langlitz Columbia jacket with quilted accents on the shoulders and elbows. While the jacket was zipped up, Leatherman wore a leather shirt with a leather tie knotted at his neck. Black leather gloves were holding and paging through the book’s first chapter.

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Goodbye Leatherman

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage authorIt’s one of those days that feels like a movie. One of those old black and white films that used to be on late at night, as the actors were so dramatic. But their characters had a passion that we don’t see today. Though many never find that passion, I have been blessed to experience a life many would dream about myself for the past year. A passion that fills my heart and my thoughts daily, each morning rising; glad to have him in my life as he displays how much he wants me in his.

Another gray day in the Emerald City of Seattle, I have brought Kane downtown because he and I are faced with a moment we didn’t want to come but was going to happen because one thing we can’t do is to stop time. The damp feeling lays upon my emotions, causing a depressing mood, feeling gray like the clouds outside as they drizzle just enough to fuck up the day’s activities.

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Dore Bound by ty dehner

A NOVELLA – written by ty dehner


ty dehner books about male bondage“Good morning, Sir,” I said as I returned his kiss.

“You are the perfect toy to wake to in the morning.” Noted Rafael.

“I came down several times in the evening to check on you, and I was so excited to see you here, encased and helpless.  It was all I could do to go back to bed.  But you were sleeping so soundly and made me so proud yesterday.”

“I didn’t think I could ever sleep encased like this, Sir. I didn’t expect this at all.”

“I know I have taken some liberties with you, but I hope you know I only do it because I fucking enjoy having a toy to use, and you seem to need this.  You need to be used and controlled, pig, and I am sure you don’t regret anything I’ve used you for.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Speak freely, toy.”

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Eat Dirt

Written by ty dehner

With the rain falling hard on the roof, this lazy Saturday morning brought back a kink moment from many years ago. Laying in bed, I saw my black 5.11 lace-up duty boots, caked with mud on the soles. I was reminded of a Saturday morning when I was horny and ended up going to the woods on a solo hike, planning a little jackoff session. Back then, I really needed to get away from it all. Work was just killing me, never letting me have time to get things done as well as I’d like. And the clients, a bunch of whining babies that could go to hell for all I cared.

So, when the weekend came, I made sure it was mine! Since I couldn’t find any dungeon to play in, I decided the woods would be the next best thing. While Fall is never a great time to go hiking, it is quieter than normal, with unpredictable weather.

Saturday morning, I suited up in my green old-school army camos, including jacket and black all-leather paratrooper boots. Since this would be a solo hike, I filled my backpack with simple bondage things, like rope, handcuffs, and duct tape. Before zipping up my back, I tossed in a couple of issues of Bound & Gagged magazine. It will help inspire me as I sit in the woods and play with my manhood.

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K9 Mobile Groomer

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe summer sun was breaking the horizon as the mourning doves were cooing for their mates. The hummingbirds darted across the clear sky, racing to their next taste of a flower’s nectar. It was morning in the desert. As I left the house, I could feel the slight coolness that would disappear as the mercury moved towards triple digits in the afternoon. I was in my Adidas Superstar Pride shoes, which were nice and white with the rainbow Adidas logo. This is Palm Springs, so being gay is nearly the norm compared to other cities. All the neighbors in my gated community are gay couples, and the city council is all gay. The leather community is just as robust.

It was my daily morning walk, getting out before the heat of the day set in. It was a cool 91 this morning as my Pride shorts and white long-sleeve cotton shirt felt a touch of the slight breeze. Walking to the community gate, I passed a neighbor walking his dog. We waved, greeting each other on this fine morning. He lives a few houses down from me, and I like to watch when he takes off on the weekend on his Harley. In the winter, he wears a nice set of black leather riding gear that fits him just right. This tough biker walks his Bichon Frise with a pink leash and a diamond collar. I always chuckle as it seems just so gay! But he wears his black Harley Davidson t-shirt with pride.

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Solitary 1888

By ty dehner

The desert sun was brutal on my black riding leathers; while they were constructed with venting, the color just absorbed the heat. Of course, the air temperature was 105 in the shade, so riding my Ducati XDiavel Dark on the highway with no shade meant it was hotter than hell! Crossing the desert near the Mexican border on Interstate 8 is a barren wasteland. Just sand dunes, as far as one can see. Occasionally, an ATV blasts through the golden sand out on the dune. RVs are parked at the base of the dunes, as these ATVers spend the weekend out here working up a sweat on their fun machines.

As I watch the sculptured dunes pass from behind the shield on my full-face helmet, I am reminded of the Star Wars movie where Jabba the Hut’s barge was destroyed. Those scenes were filmed in this desert many years ago. Now, the area is filled with guys wearing space-like helmets and heavy gear on their ATVs.

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The Dirt Bikers

By ty dehner

The sun was nearing the height of the day, as the heat was rising. My hiking boots were making easy work of the gray shale covering this part of the desert trail. Only a short distance from the homes on the edge of the open land of the foothills of the mountains in the center of Phoenix. I had to stop as memories started to fill my mind. Memories from a very long time ago when I was a lot younger. When I was eighteen, I was dealing with feelings that I was the only one to have these desires. But damn if the thoughts didn’t make my dick hard.

As I paused, I looked at the rocky hill I was at the base of and I remember when this area was far from any people, the neighborhoods had not been built. It was an open desert as far as one could see. I spent a great deal of time walking this desert in my teen years, with thoughts that no normal person would have. I would think about being kidnapped, tossed in a van in bondage, gagged and taken to who knows where. As I remembered those thoughts, I realized that I never thought about what happened after being tossed into the van. It was the bondage I was craving and I didn’t care how I ended up in rope and tape, I just wanted to be helpless at the hands of another man.

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Beguiled – Part 2: ‘Bewildered’

Written by ty dehner

ty dehner male bdsm authorThe warmth envelopes Ben, dark and alone; the man is so calm, so safe. There is the natural rhythm of his breathing, which he hears so strongly. That is the only sound in this void that feels like floating in water. But Ben is dry, well, other than the sweat he feels dripping off his head. Gently, Ben’s senses are coming back to him. The feeling is so serene that his body is in no rush to return to any part of a real world.

No, this dark seclusion is the perfect place. But the man’s curiosity isn’t calmed by this safe place. With the sound of his breathing, Ben gets the urge to yawn. As his body and face stretch, Ben finds that his lips cannot open to release the exhaust of air that the yawn draws from his lungs. Lifting his tongue, the man tastes the slight flavor of leather, with his teeth digging into a soft tube that allows him to breathe through but unable to speak. Sighing, a memory creeps back into Ben’s thoughts.

With the memories floating like clouds in his mind, Ben instinctively lifts his right hand to touch his face, but he finds that he cannot move his hand. Sensing more feeling on his skin, Ben realizes his hand is in a glove; no, it’s not a glove as his hand is in a fist. A parting of the fog in his mind allows him the knowledge that he is locked in fist mitts. As hard as he tries, Ben can’t raise his fist as he starts to take in the scent of warm leather through his nose. Slightly moist from his sweat, the leather is strong but mixes with a metal smell. As the man connects with his breathing, he feels pressure on his chest, causing the movement of his lungs to be restricted. There is a weight wrapped about his body.

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