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An excerpt from a collection of short stories by ty dehner

SWITCHBACK is a new collection of short stories by ty dehner. Featuring two new stories that have never appeared in print, this group of stories includes men in uniform, friendship and more. Several of these tales have plots where there is a switch in the position of those involved. These gay men explore bondage, power exchange and hot gear!

By ty dehner

The cloudless blue sky filled the horizon as the pine air was broken by the continuous whine of a high-performance Suzuki motorcycle. The rider in red and white one-piece riding leathers was enjoying the twisting road with the skinny pine trees reflecting off the face shield part of his black full-face helmet.

Dan was far from home, needing to escape the pressures of his job for the weekend. After exiting the office building when his shift was over, the banker raced home in his sports car. After parking his Corvette in the garage and climbing out, Dan saw his Suzuki. It was calling him to climb aboard and just get out of town.

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Beguiled – Part 1

By ty dehner

author ty dehnerIn the darkness, anxious breathing echoes in the small space. There is certainly a person in his space, helpless. The echo of breathing is broken with the sound of steel sliding on the edge of more metal as a solid, shiny sword slowly enters this container. At first, it proceeds slowly, then settles into place with a strong shove that makes this captive person sigh with relief that they have not been impaled by this sharp weapon. A muffled crowd sound is heard inside the container as the sword sets.

This person adjusts themselves in the tight confines of this container. A sliver of light comes through a different slot on the other side. The eyes of a man turn towards that slot, hoping to catch a view out of his confinement. But he sees very little, as another sword is inserted slowly, sliding close to his chest. The captive draws in his breath to move his chest out of the way.

A hand in a leather gauntlet holds the sword’s handle that has just been inserted, giving it one hard push to set it in place. There is an auditable gasp as the gloved hand releases the sword. The mysterious figure, all in black, lifts his head to his audience with a mischievous grin curling upon his lips.

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Excerpt From Leather Affection

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorLance is in bed, naked. The bed covers lay across the lower part of Lance’s body, leaving his chest exposed, as he listens to the rain falling on the roof. His uncovered arm moves from his side, sliding over the edge of the bed. On the floor is Sean, laying on his side facing away from the bed. The boy wears a thick two-inch leather collar, a pair of Lance’s lace-up Wesco Jobmaster boots, spiked leather codpiece and leather chest harness. His ankles are bound in leather restraints that are locked together. Leather restraints on Sean’s wrists keep his arms together before him.

The boy is a bit chilly on the floor, but he likes being captive in his Master’s bedroom. Lance reaches down, running his hand on Sean’s arm. As Lance touches the boy, Sean opens his eyes, turning his head toward the Master.

“You awake, Sir?”

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Merry Christmas, boy

By ty dehner

Night has come, but the living room in this Palm Springs home is filled with glowing multicolored lights from the ten-foot Spruce tree that stands in the corner next to the Roman brick fireplace with a few glowing embers behind the glass. There is a typical desert chill outside as the temperature is plummeting to the low forties for the early morning.

The living room in this mid-century modern home is manly in its decor, with a contemporary leather sectional, a set of leather chairs with chrome and glass tables with wrought iron lamps on them, currently turned off. The room seems empty with nary a sound.  But if one paused for a moment there would be the sound of faint breathing that is clearly coming from near the fireplace and lighted tree. As a few of the tree lights start a pattern of turning off and on, the breathing increases in pace as the lights dance to a faster sequence.

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Master Eb’s Spirit

By ty dehner

ty dehner authorThis is a Metalbond exclusive excerpt from ty dehner’s all new holiday novel, Master Eb’s Spirit. This story is set in our current day leather community, based on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. After having spent a portion of Christmas Eve in his local pub, The Regents’ Boot, Master Eb is returning home to spend the remainder of the holiday night alone. Well, at least that is what he had planned…

The Warning

Master Eb exits The Regents’ Boot.

Zipping up his leather jacket, the Master steps into the air that has cooled with the waning night. He pauses as his breath floats before his face before lifting up to the low clouds that cover London town. Putting his gloved hands deep in his jacket pockets, Eb notices a lightness to the surroundings as the snow has covered the cobblestones completely, reflecting the city lights to the low clouds creating a blue glow to the city on this Christmas Eve.

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Enter Reality – Part 04

By ty dehner

Is this the end?

ty dehner gay bondage storiesIt took me a couple of hours to write the story for this leather master. The writing was difficult at times, as my focus would stray from the written word to the pain in my ass as the steel plug would ramp up the electroactivity. But I was able to conclude my writing and provide Chris with the signal that I had completed it and saved the file to the folder that he had instructed me to. Now I had to wait for him to read it. The screen went black and I was alone in the bondage, hearing my breathing as I awaited my fate.

The fresh air filled the space and my nose picked up his scent as I was aware that Chris had read my work and would render my verdict. The light filled the small space that I had been trapped in for several hours. My cock grew a bit as I thought about the results of my writing about the power that Chris has taken over me.

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Enter Reality – Part 03

By ty dehner


ty dehner gay bondage storiesThe ride through the metro area was interesting as Chris controlled the conversation. He had questions about my stories which let me know he had spent a great deal of time keeping up with my imagination. I felt safe during the ride, secured in the leather straitjacket and muzzle, and a bit excited with the unknown of all this. As we exited the freeway, I didn’t know where he lived as he didn’t discuss much about himself when we have talked. During the drive when I responded to his questions I mumbled through the gag, my throat getting dry as it had been a while since I had anything to drink, not even water. But I was glad we weren’t sitting in silence this entire time.

Driving down Riverside Drive, the road was on the edge of the Los Angeles River along the edge of the mountains in Griffith Park.

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Enter Reality – Part 02

By ty dehner

Take a chance

ty dehner gay bondage storiesWalking thought the parking lot I keep a pace behind him, showing him I understand my position to him. We arrive at his flat gray Jeep. He turns to me, reaching for me and hugging me tightly. This is the first time I feel his leathers so completely and I melt in his arms with the warmth he provides. Pushing us apart. he holds on to my shoulders as he looks me in the eyes. “I said I have some gear that I want you to be in when we get to the Eagle.”

“Yes Sir,” I affirm, anxious to see what he would like me in. He opens the back door on his Jeep and pulls out a large piece of leather. Holding it up, it is a heavy, quilted leather straitjacket. I look at the jacket, then at him. “Yes Sir.”

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