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True Life Part 4: Next Visit

By ty dehner

Together again! Sir and i are finally together in Chicago. Up to yesterday the three months that past seem to pass very slowly and seemed like a long time to be apart. But after arriving last night and being with him again, i seems like just a day had past.

After a very bumpy flight, Sir met me at the gate with the first of several surprises. He had shaved his head and now had a goatee. He looked awesome! There was a great surprise and was very happy to see. Of course, i was just very happy to see him, period. His smile, his eyes, and with his new look he was even more dominant looking.

Once as his place, i received the stripe command and Sir checked out my progress. When i weight in, my weight was down to 236. As the evening progressed, i think Sir could see some changes in me. i have worked hard at creating these changes and building a better body. There is still a long way to go.

Soon, i gave Sir a bath then a massage. i had never done massage before. So, Sir instructed me as i progressed. Sir’s body looked great. It was firm, tan and strong. i know what he is teaching me will work cause of how he is.

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True Life Part 3: Weekend

By ty dehner

This is going to be a long entry, i believe. Not just because it will cover the events through the weekend, but because of more feelings that are stirring in me. i have been under the guidance of Sir for 5 days now, longer than anyone that i’ve tried to serve. As i’ve written before, Sir is very different than those and our time together is reflecting that.

Friday night at the gym was very exciting. i continued to learn new ways to transform myself into a better person physically. i was lifting weight i had never done before. But instead of lifting the same weight over and over, Sir is showing me to lift heavy and keep lowering the weight until exhaustion. Or one can start lighter and build up. It creates more burn in myself, but the prior way i was working wasn’t progressing as well as i had hoped.

Sir did some lifting also, i was very impressed with his skills, considering he said he hadn’t lifted in a while due to being ill. Once Sir topped his personal best in weight. He was very happy! i tried to encourage him as he was lifting. As we continued working out, i will try to encourage him even more. i know Sir would like to hear his boy cheering him on, supporting him. Even though i am lifting more and working harder, i am not sore the day after. i believe that stretching is helping in that. Sir is showing me a new way to think about working out. i like that!

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True Life Part 2: The Next Day

By ty dehner

After an exciting and long night, i woke around 10am. Sir was gone, i remember he had to be to work by 7.30. i slept right through his morning. Now I was feeling selfish. i should’ve been up to make his coffee (after i learned how he likes it), to put on his shoes and to take my assignments. And i would’ve given him a goodbye hug and kiss for the wonderful things he introduced me to last night.

Last night was great. Sir taught me so many things that i know i will use repeatedly to make myself better. when Sir got home he rested a bit and we talked about his day, family and working out. i removed his shoes and gave them a working over by massaging them. He then had me try on sweats he found and wanted me to wear and I cooked dinner. He let me eat off a plate this time, but i was on the floor at his feet. This was a good moment. i did things correctly, didn’t start eating until Sir did. i enjoyed my position of looking up at him. His conversations were interesting and continues to inspire me to continued growth and change. After dinner we had a moment of affection, hugging and kissing. Sir really makes a boi feel appreciated and loved. He makes me want to more to prove my desire to serve him further.

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True Life Part 1: First Visit

By ty dehner

Flight to Meeting

The quest begins. It is shortly after midnight and i’m on a flight bound non-stop to Chicago. i have to question my sanity for flying to a strange city to meet a man i’ve only talked with on the phone and internet to see if i can release control of my life and even put me into helpless bondage.

i am nuts, but you know what, i am excited with the possibilities of what could be. i have spent the last 2 years trying to figure out who i am, and each adventure takes me closer. Is this the jackpot–who knows– but there are things going on here that i’ve not encountered before.

i am at a point in my life where i can move, change my life and submit myself to a structured loving life. Sir and i have many interests and i believe he has many dreams to see come true. i would be very excited to a part of those dreams, as well as help make them become a reality. And i have hope that he can show me how to make my dreams a reality and will want to see my success as much as his. For only when i am successful will i know how strong our bond is, for i know he will take me to levels i’ve never dreamed. Make me a man unlike any other. For me giving up control to him is truly my decision, and only mine. And i know he will know that. i will challenge him for that release. For i can only respect him when he respects me for what i can do for him and when i have reached who i am.

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In Bronze

By ty dehner

The rope was tight around his wrists as his hands formed into fists while he was struggling. At times his toes would curl with the rope snug around his ankles.

When he entered the front door, I left a note for him to strip naked. I didn’t care what he was wearing when he arrived, but he will be wearing what I want when he leaves. I will decide when he leaves, and it won’t be the same way as he arrived.

As he turned and looked at the door I came up behind him and placed the leather blindfold on him. His mouth opened and left a slight moan as the first of his senses were removed. He placed his hands behind his back and spread his feet slightly to stand at attention. That was impressive, as he wasn’t even ordered to do so. With my leather-gloved hands, I gently stroked his naked body. I could tell he was truthful in our online chat that he was a firefighter. He was firm but not overly built.

While stroking this body in front of me, I could hear his breathing increase and his cock was growing in front of him.

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Montana – Part 07

By ty dehner

I woke suddenly and realized I was still in the room and in the bull suit. I started working the suit with the hooves. My muscles were stiff, and I was between the cool and the steamy inside the leather. It was a struggle and I eventually worked my way out of the suit and got the bull hood off. There were keys for the muzzle and soon I was dropping the leather off me. I tried the keys, but none opened the cock cage I was trapped in. I stood slowly.  It felt great to have the feeling return to my arms and legs and stretch them again. I was alone in a small room and as I stood there was a wooden bench with a note and some clothes on it.

“Boy, here is some clothes for you to put on. Put it all on and we’ll be heading out to the bar after you’re done. I know you’re sweaty and pissed soaked, but I like a boy like that. So, get dressed and let’s head to the bar!”

With my cock still locked in the steel there was no underwear. But there was a pair of black Wranglers with a belt and huge silver buckle on it. The Wranglers were snug and showed the bulge in my crotch. A pair black boots followed. As I slide my feet in each I discovered they were filled with piss. Guess that is how I wear boots these days. As I stood I put on the cowboy shirt followed by a leather vest. There were a pair of black leather work chaps that were also snug and helped to further show off my cock and balls. A black leather jacket was followed by tight leather gloves and a black cowboy hat.

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Montana – Part 06

By ty dehner

Jason’s lasso flies across the stall landing on my horns, tightening as he tugs on the rope with his gloved hands. It was weird I was a bull and he was roping me! While certainly like a human I was incased in heavy black leather with a bull head and horns on my head. I couldn’t speak and was grunting like a bull as I struggled some with the rope around my horns. I look at them and they didn’t seem to concern that eventually I was going to do as they wanted. The suit was warm, and parts were sticking to me as it was lined in leather. He started to pull me closer to him and I could do nothing but move. He led me out of the stall across the barn, my hooved hands clopping on the wood floor. As I walked I could feel the weight of my cock and balls swaying under me. I was taken outside where there was a animal trailer. He pulled me up the ramp and into the dirty stall on the right side of the trailer. He took a chain that was attached to the trailer and locked it to the ring in my nose.

Removing the lasso, he slapped my ass and left after slamming the door shut. Soon I could hear a horse being loaded into the other side. I couldn’t move much so decided to sit down. The chain was short but allowed me to at least sit. It was getting warm in the trailer and the leather suit was like a sauna, creating more sweat. Soon the trailer started to jerk, and we were on our way to what I would think was the rodeo grounds.

As we drove, I was thinking in my head that I was a fucking leather bull. I had limited vision in this hood but here I was riding in an animal trailer after being roped by Jason!

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Montana – Part 05

By ty dehner

I hung there for a while, feeling my cock soften after being so close in one of the hottest sexual times I’ve experienced. I was glad my cock was free from the steel but sure wish Austin would come back and pick up where he left off. The air was getting warm as the sun was rising in the sky. Of course, I was in darkness with the hood locked on my head and my arms were starting to ache.

Austin startled me as I felt his rough leather work gloves start to work on my cock as he was returning it to its prison of steel. I moaned in the hood and I heard him chuckle to himself. I barely hear the lock click as he grabbed my cock and balls and tugged on them to show they were his. As he tugged them I could sense his face next to my leather covered face.

“Boy I really want to fuck you, really want to fuck you. But the time isn’t right and frankly I want you to want me more. We’re going to head into the house and get some breakfast. I’ll remove your hood once your inside.”

He worked the ropes holding my arms above my head, off and let me free. Then he leads me across the dirt. Once in the house he had me sit on the cold wood floor and removed the hood. As my eyes adjusted I found I was the only one naked as Austin and his posse were in their rodeo gear eating breakfast. They looked me over and then returned to their dialog over the food. Austin went in the kitchen and came back with eggs, bacon and some fruit in a couple of dog dishes. There was another with orange juice. He ordered me to eat, which I happily did as I was damn hungry.

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