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Leather Affection: An excerpt

By ty dehner

Saturday arrives, it is late afternoon as Sean is sitting on the sofa watching television in his apartment. He is waiting for the phone call from Lance as to where they are going to meet. Wearing his well-worn Levi’s 501 button fly in blue; he has on a plain black t-shirt under his leather jacket that he wore during their first meeting in the park, with a pair of black ranger style leather boots on his feet. His attention is not with the program on the television screen, his thoughts go to the man he met dressed in leather.

What could he want Sean to do this evening? There was something different about what has happened so far. Sure, Sean had played in the past, light bondage, some spanking and wrestling with a guy or two. Over the past few years, he’d meet a guy, get tied up and even fucked and sucked a guy off, but nothing ever seems to stick. It was more of a one-time event for them to each get their rocks off and then move on to the next scene with the next guy.

With Lance, Sean had a different feeling in his gut. That they are meeting again tonight means things are lasting longer than they normally do. Their conversation in the park was hours long and felt that Lance was seeking something long term. That is how Sean has been feeling as he has been getting older. There is time to be a kid and fuck around, then time to become an adult, getting serious about one’s life, to connect with someone and form a bond that will last.

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ty dehner has published a bondage novel

“Leather Affection” — the first novel by noted Gay kink author ty dehner — is now available from Amazon on Kindle and print. The book tells the story of two gay men as they explore their growing relationship, which includes intense leather and bondage as well as deep love for each other.

ty dehner has published a bondage novel

The book is available here

ty dehner’s author page in the Prison Library is here

Also visit ty dehner’s official website, located here

intense leather and bondage as well as deep love

Bondage Buddha

A real life experience by ty dehner

Through a chain of events, that were totally unexpected, i was asked if i would be interested in playing with a Top that is well known in the community, during his visit to the Seattle area. He was staying with a friend that had a dungeon. As communication continued, i found out that i had met his friend a couple of times and knew he was a great guy that i had enjoyed visiting. We had never played but had gotten along very well when we had met at a couple of local dungeon parties.

The Saturday arrived and i headed down to the Lars home. Larry was going to be late, because of a mix up in his flights. Lars and i had a great visit and talked about many things. He gave me a tour of his complex, a beautiful home, with indoor pool and a wonderful dungeon. The dungeon, which i would get to know intimately, was well laid out with many pieces of furniture that Lars had made himself.

When Larry arrived, we visited some as he rested a bit from the long drive from the airport. Then he wanted to get started. And who was i to disappoint him. We went to the dungeon and laid out the gear that was going to be used on me.

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New work by ty dehner: A Christmas tale with a kinky twist

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT is an original play by Ty Dehner, set in the gay leather community of today. In this play, Master Eb is visited by three Spirits on Christmas Eve in this modern styling of Dickens’ “Christmas Carol.”

ty dehner christmas carol


This will be a staged reading which is a theatre experience without sets or full costumes, with some stage action described. The actors retain their scripts, which they have studied and rehearsed with, as they move around and interact with one another. They make full use of their imaginations to bring the play to life. Members of the audience will be invited to use their imaginations in return.

This event will be in Palm Springs!

Saturday, December 14, LGBT Center of the Desert, 7:30 pm. Free!

For more information, click HERE.

Master Eb’s Spirit: An original play by ty dehner is coming to Palm Springs

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT is an original play by ty dehner, set in the gay leather community of today. In this play Master Eb is visited by three Spirits on Christmas Eve in a modern styling of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” The first Spirit presents him with a younger self already looking for perfection in everything from his choice of a slave to the leather he wears. The second Spirit shows Master Eb how his present selfish lifestyle is driving other men and boys away from him. The last Spirit points out a future that promises to be increasingly dark and lonely. Eb needs to change and to look for the true spirit of a Leather Master within himself. But can he begin to make this change after just one night?

MASTER EB’S SPIRIT also brings new and kinky life to such men as Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Mr. Fezziwig and Tiny Tim. Yet they still retain some of Dickens’ character traits. These are some of the pleasures of this new and fascinating drama.

“God bless us all, SIR!”

play by ty dehner

NOTE: On November 16th there will be auditions for the actors to appear in the reading in December. If you are an actor, or if you know of any actors who live in the Palm Springs, Los Angeles or San Diego area and would like to be in the production, please let ty know! The web site has all the information for the performance and audition.

Official website here.

Weekend With Jonas – Part 4

By ty dehner

The hotel room was dark, which didn’t mean much to me as I had been blindfolded and couldn’t see anything. The room was cooler so I could tell the sun had set. It must be very late, but I truly didn’t know what time it was. I would listen for some sort of sound but heard nothing. Just my breathing and the sound of the leather that encased me. I was slipping into a slumber as I was so relaxed and enjoying the smell of the leather. That is when reality came shocking back and my crotch was heavily shocked. I yelled into the gag and my body jumps in my confinement. It was then I realized that Jonas was in the room and I was safe.

“You’re still here fucker and you’re still trapped.”, it was Bart. Now I was confused.

“You’re mine now. Jonas has left.” There was a shock and I was getting worried. “Don’t worry I’ll take good care of you in the coming days.”

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Weekend With Jonas – Part 3

By ty dehner

We arrive in the neon city and I think about me surrounded by all the people and glitz and I’m wearing a full rubber suit under my cowboy outfit. Will anyone even notice. Jonas knows right where he is going, and we end up parking at one the big casinos. As I get out of the car, I am self-conscious but that doesn’t stop Jonas and he gives me a shock to remind me of his power.

We head into the building and it isn’t long before he is sitting in front of an electronic machine and pressing buttons. I stand behind and to the side so I can see but he knows I am there. Each spin ends with me getting a shock or not. It seems that he is losing more than winning and I am learning quickly how to hide the pain that my cock and ass are experiencing. It’s not like there is lots of time between shocks as each spin last just seconds and Jonas immediately presses the button to start a new game. At the same time, he presses the button on his remote and I am shocked. He pauses after a good half hour of play and looks at me.

“I’m not doing too good boy, but this is the most fun I’ve had losing! I can hear your grunting each time I shock you. I love it!”

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Weekend With Jonas – Part 2

By ty dehner

I woke as someone was working something around my body. Shortly I was being hoisted out of the pool and the weights around my body were heavier now as I was no longer in the water. The guys had used an engine hoist to pull me out and bring me down setting me on a body board that is used by EMTs. They released the belts from the hoist and then started strapping me to the body board. I wasn’t going to be getting out the scuba gear and I think I was going to be going for a ride.

I didn’t hear from anyone, but the board was lifted, and I could feel it moving and no doubt taking a route through my house and into the garage. It was hard to hear but I think I heard the sound of metal and soon I felt myself moving. My movement stopped and I think I heard some latches being secured. Then I know I heard a metal door slam shut. I tried to move but I couldn’t move much. My fingers were able to move, and I was certain I felt a wall very close to my side. The weights pressed me on the board and restricted my movement. I was sure that I was in a box of some sort.

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