Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 02

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…And now it was here and you aren’t sure you’re as ready for it as you thought you were.

You had arrived after a several hour drive and once the two of you got your gear unloaded and up to his apartment, Garrett told you to unpack it and lay it out so he’d know what kind of options he had during your visit. His study was to be the base of operations and he took a seat at his desk and picked up the pipe he was smoking when you arrived. One flick of his pipe lighter was all it took before it easily came back to life for him. You loved the smell of pipe tobacco and that, combined with the scent of all the gear you brought as you organized it, was enough to get your loins stirring.

“I want to get all the heavy lifting out of the way before we start the weekend.”


“You’ll be spending a fair amount of time in the closet, as we discussed, and some of that is going to be spent securely bound. No surprise.”

“No, it’s not.”

“So, I still need to get some eyebolts in the wall – we spoke about this – but I haven’t done it yet, because, while the measurements you gave me will work fine, I want it to be precise so I waited ‘til you got here before I started any drilling.”


Garrett put his pipe in his mouth, stood up from his desk and picked up your straitjacket from the big table in his study. He opened it and held it out in front of you.


“I thought we were going to just chill for a bit after my drive.”

“We are, but like I told you, I want to get this piece out of the way so it’s ready for us when I want it. Nothing kills a mood faster than a lot of dead airtime, so to speak.”

He had a point, and the half hour or so to drill the wall and get the eyebolts in would be time well spent. You put your arms out in front of you and Garrett drew the straitjacket up your arms and over your shoulders. You haven’t been in it for a while and forgot how heavy it is. He stepped behind you and made quick work of buckling the belts across your waist, back, and neck to close it. He then kicked between your legs to make you spread them a bit so he could get the crotch straps between your legs. He reached under and pulled them up and buckled each one at the bottom of the jacket’s back.


You crossed your arms in front of you and Garrett pulled them to your sides so that he could pull the belts around and buckle them behind you.

“Let’s go.”

Garrett turned you around and guided you out of his study, down the hall and stopped you in front of the closet that was going to be your home for part of your visit here. How much exactly you didn’t know. That, of course, was up to Garrett. He snapped on the light and then opened the two doors to reveal a stripped-down space. You’d seen pictures of it with all the shelves still in it loaded with all sorts of things, and on inspection now, it looked bigger than you imagined, fortunately.  On the floor was a drill and several eyebolts.

Garrett picked up the drill, backed you up to the back of the closet and started drilling pilot holes in the paneling for the eyebolts. He put the drill bit through the center of each D ring for as much accuracy as possible. He kicked your feet apart and knelt down to drill holes next to each ankle.

“OK, now don’t move.”

He stood up and brought the drill toward your head and drilled holes into the wall on either side of your neck. It was unsettling to hear and feel the drill that close to your head, and it didn’t take him long to complete that part of the prep. He moved you away from the wall and quickly screwed the eyebolts into the pilot holes he created. Satisfied, he stepped back to admire his handiwork.

“Not bad, if I do say so myself. Ok, now let’s get you out of that straitjacket. Turn around.”

You did as you were told and felt Garrett start to work on the top buckle that held the belts between your shoulders. But instead of unbuckling it, he cinched it tighter. And then did the same to the ones mid-back and waist level. WTF?

“Hey! Wait a minute! You’re supposed to be letting me out of this!”

Garrett said nothing. He just continued tightening things where they needed it. Which was everywhere. He kicked your legs apart again and tightened the crotch straps, effectively cradling your cock and balls and pulling the jacket down against your body more snugly than it already was. He checked the back straps after the crotch straps, and you felt him tighten the one at your waist even more. Then he cinched the strap holding your arms and drew them in even tighter against your body.

“Ok, that’s enough. You can let me out now.”

“Sorry, but I can’t. Stay there a minute.”

Like you were going somewhere else. The sinking feeling in your gut grew as Garrett stepped away. You could hear him moving around in his study, rummaging through things. He returned quickly with belts, restraints, and locks in his hands. He put everything but the belts on the floor and set to work pinioning your arms. The belts went around your biceps and were fastened to D rings toward the back of your straitjacket. He picked up the ankle restraints and fastened them over the tops of your boots and cuffs of your jeans and locked them on with small brass padlocks.

“Against the wall.”

“Wait! This was supposed to be a preliminary. A prep for later.”

“I know. I lied.”

“C’mon, please.”

“It’s not gonna be so bad. I know you like it. I felt the bulge in your crotch when I tightened those straps. Don’t lie. Your cock certainty isn’t.” Smile.

He had a point. Again. It was turning you on. Damn you, Garrett.


Garrett backed you up against the wall – maybe a little too hard, you banged your head against it and it smarted a bit. He reached down without noticing – or maybe he did and just chose to ignore it – and picked up several padlocks and started locking you against the wall, three locks to each side. He took two long straps of leather out of his pocket and used them to tie the D ring on the front of your collar to the eyebolts on either side of your head. Then your ring gag came out of his pocket, and he held it before you. You reflexively opened your mouth while he forced it in behind your teeth and then buckled and locked it behind your head.

“There, that’s better.”

And with that, the closet doors are shut, the light is turned off, and he is gone.

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5 thoughts on “Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 02”

  1. Never have I encountered a porn story that “put me right in the picture” as much as this one does. Every detail, every sound and smell and feeling makes it all so vivid. DAMN! Would love to spend a weekend at Garrett’s. Gonna be re-reading this (as needed ;) ) until the next chapter.

  2. Hum comme on se fait du bien en lisant ça ! Juste envie de le vivre en réel mais c’est une autre histoire !

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